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Barclay Commentary Believer's Bible Commentary by William MacDonald. NEW TESTAMENT COMMENTARY Volume 2: Romans-Revelation Duncan. Overview, One of over Bible commentaries freely available, this commentary, as set of 17 volumes on the New Testament, the result of Barclay's dedicated. Mark 1 Commentary, One of over Bible commentaries freely available, this commentary, as set of 17 volumes on the New Testament, the result of Barclay's.

William Barclay Bible Commentary Pdf

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This easy-to-use App provides you the complete 17 volumes of the William Barclay's Commentary on the Bible New Testament, with a KJV. THE DAILY STUDY BIBLE SERIES. John 1: Revised Edition. William Barclay's Study Bible Series Reference Files. Matthew · Matthew Commentary - William Barclay's Daily Study ppti.info - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online.

Illustrations in many cases clinch salient points. Barclay's fresh translation and clear exposition make Paul's very complicated letter to the church in Rome easier than ever to understand. Both in mood and in method Romans is entirely different from Paul's other writings. Thanks to Dr.

1 Timothy 1 Commentary - William Barclay's Daily Study Bible.pdf

Written by Paul while in prison at Rome, the letter to the Philippians is concerned with the theological identification of Jesus both as God and human. The two letters to the Thessalonians show the apostle dealing with day-to-day problems of a strategic young city church.

Though written to the faithful in years gone by, Paul's words come to life for readers today through Barclay's own translation and enlightening commentary. I and II Timothy and Titus are known as the Pastoral Epistles, and as such deal with practical matters of church management and personal conduct.

The letter to Philemon is the only private letter we have from Paul, and tells the tale of a runaway slave who later may have become bishop of Ephesus. As with his other books and about which millions of readers can testify, Barclay displays a remarkable writing talent that combines a profound mastery of the ancient languages with the wider conversation of secular literature and a deep devotion to the Scriptures.

Barclay has the gift of writing in such a crisp and sparkling style that the reading of his books is an exciting experience. This volume is no exception.

But William Barclay believed "that no New Testament book gives us such a glorious picture of Jesus Christ in all the splendor of his manhood and in all the majesty of his deity. The letter of James struggled long to be accepted and Barclay examines the questions of its authorship and dating along with a discussion of its content on personal ethics.

Barclay places The First Letter of Peter within its context as a "catholic" or "general" epistle, gives backgrounds into its authorship and audience, and delves into its many theological contributions to topics like the role of women.

The Second Letter of Peter is primarily a denunciation of heretics and false teachers. In 1 John the problem was Gnosticism—a view that the material world is evil—and according to Barclay, a view that still infects the thinking of some of today's Christians.

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Version History Here you can find the changelog of Barclay's Daily Study Bible since it was posted on our website on The latest version is 1. See below the changes in each version:. Continue to Barclay's Daily Study Bible. Offline supported for both Bible and the Commentary, Continue to app Rating: There are two major theories for the discrepancies: 1.

Matthew wrote primarily to a Jewish audience and recorded Joseph's lineage to satisfy Jewish legal practices, while Luke wrote to Gentiles and recorded Mary's lineage Luther. Both trace Jesus back to David, but Luke goes further, all the way back to Adam probably because he was writing for Gentiles.

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Matthew recorded the lineage of the kings of Judah succeeding David or after the Exile, those who would have succeeded , while Luke recorded the actual ancestors. This lineage would serve the purpose of proving Jesus' tribal identity and showing the fulfillment of prophecy cf.

Fulfilled prophecy cf. Verse 17 gives the key to understanding why some ancestors are not listed.

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The author was using a numerically structured, three-tiered "fourteen generation" approach to Jesus' lineage. In these opening birth narratives there are four OT quotes cf. A child was born in Isaiah's day, cf. BDB , but "young woman of marriageable age" almah, cf.

1 Timothy 1 Commentary - William Barclay's Daily Study Bible.pdf

BDB II. I believe in only one virgin birth-Jesus! The place of Jesus' birth was not something He could alter or effect.

This kind of predictive prophecy confirms a God's knowledge and His control of history and b the inspiration and uniqueness of the Bible. No other world religion's holy book has predictive prophecy!

Something that happened in the life of Israel reoccurs in the life of Jesus and the NT author understands it as a prophetic sign. Raymond E. Brown, An Introduction to the New Testament p.

Israelite kings - second fourteen names 3.

It is uncertain why. The NT is the fulfillment of the OT. In some cultures the use of genealogy is evidence for a trustworthy history.

Barclay Commentary

He was of the seed of woman, Gen. This phrase was a common Messianic designation in Matthew cf. Luke was written for Gentiles, so it emphasizes the common human ancestry cf.

Matthew was written for Jews, so it focuses on the beginning of the Jewish family, Abram. In Matthew's genealogy "Abraham" and " David" are highlighted by its numerical design i. Verses follow the genealogy of 1 Chr.

The Messianic line came through Perez. This section of the genealogy Matt. It was very unusual to include women in Jewish genealogical lists. Several are included here in Matthew to emphasize that the lineage of the Messiah was not based on nationality or meritorious effort.Prayer will never do our work for us; what it will do is to strengthen us for work which must be done.

One thing the synagogue had not and that was a permanent preacher or teacher.

He must be very sure that he is right. He taught with personal authority.

The angel of the Lord is the satan who stands in Balaam's way Numbers If a man had a message from God to give, the natural place to which he would turn would be the church where God's people met together. Peter's mother-in-law was suffering from what the Talmud called "a burning fever.

The call of God can come to a man, not only in the house of God, not only in the secret place, but in the middle of the day's work. William Barclay , The Rev.

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