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Introduction Greetings, and welcome to Twitter Marketing For Dummies. You have officially entered into the joyous world of marketing on Twitter. If you want to . So stop twiddling your thumbs and start tweeting today with the Twitter marketing advice shared within the pages of Twitter Marketing For Dummies, 2nd Edition. With social media and digital marketers in mind, we've compiled our favorite best practices for creating a Twitter strategy and measuring impact on the platform.

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1 | The Everything Guide to Twitter Success Twitter Tips for Beginners We do a twice-daily ritual here on the Buffer marketing team where we schedule a. Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter rank high on web searches Social Media. Marketing. FOR. DUMmIES‰ by Shiv Singh. John Wiley & Sons Canada, Ltd. Chapter (PDF) · Index (PDF) · Table of Contents (PDF) Twitter Marketing For Dummies, 2nd Edition helps you build a following, promote your product, and.

Twitter is a perfect place to communicate with your readers and reach out to other bloggers. But of course as you become more popular and every new article gets a few hundred tweets it becomes impossible to thank everyone. So this will be quite effective for you. When I was running Photodoto we were saving people who tweeted our articles into a spreadsheet.

Not everyone of course, but those who had over 5k followers. And once we had a really stunning article published — we reached out to these people on Twitter. And guess what? Some of them tweeted the article! This strategy works even better if you actually make friends with people who tweet your stuff and not only bother them when you need a tweet. Keep this in mind.

What you should be tweeting The last point I have for you today. Actually I wrote quite a solid post on what people tweet and why but just to make some practical advice out of it: Click to tweet Just be authentic and do your best to serve people who are following you. To make sure you get the best results: Tweet at least once a day to maintain a high level of engagement with your followers. Remember to experiment with posting more frequently too. Use Twitter Analytics data to adjust your timing as you learn more about your audience and their preferences.

Schedule your Tweets with Sprout Social to be sure you consistently engage at the best times — or use Sprout ViralPost to determine those times for you. However, the truth is that the most important thing to track on Twitter is your engagement levels. Without engagement, all you have is a number, not a real follower list. Respond fast: People expect brands to be responsive on Twitter. Let your customers know you care by getting back to them fast.

Retweet, interact and follow: Show your audience you value them by retweeting their content, following them on Twitter and more.

Twitter Marketing For Dummies That Don’t Even Know They Are Dummies

Ask questions and get interactive: Have conversations with your audience. Host polls and ask for their opinions on relevant topics to do with your brand. Hold a competition to get people excited about your company. Use mentions to tag people: Get involved with your network of followers and influencers by mentioning them and tagging them in your posts.

Just make sure your tagging strategies are appropriate. Check out how DiGiornio interacts with their followers by asking for their advice for who to follow on Twitch: 6.

In simple terms, social media is all about encouraging conversations between people. Humanizing your brand means bringing your personality into the things you Tweet. Think about the kind of personality you want your business to have. Would you rather be informal and upbeat, or informative and sophisticated? Whatever you choose, make sure you keep your personality consistent. For instance, Innocent maintains a fun and quirky identity online: As well as working on your brand voice, make sure you naturally converse with people on Twitter.

Use multimedia to boost engagement Multimedia continues to be a valuable and useful way to engage on social media. To drive engagement from your followers, you could: Share a behind-the-scenes video of your organization to help build your credibility and authenticity as a brand. Make sure the images you share are designed to spark a conversation and relevant to your brand.

This idea of communicating on the Internet is continually evolving, and with Twitter, you have the opportunity to reach millions of people in a matter of seconds. The future of online communication is rendering business owners lifeless because of how slow they are to adopt new technology for communication. What if your customers stopped using the phone and moved somewhere else? Would you be ready? Would you read about Twitter if your competitors bought this book?

Guess what — they already did.

How to Use Twitter for Business and Marketing

This book is full of ideas created by the masses about how to communicate through Twitter. Success is the only option, and Twitter can help you with your business goals and aspirations. So, is Twitter life, and the rest just details? Not exactly, but Twitter can help you create a sustainable communication model to drive more leads, revenue, and customer evangelists to your product. I did it for you! It gives an in-depth look into the world of marketing on Twitter.

The majority of the concepts discussed deal with combining Twitter with your traditional marketing plan, creating your following of brand evangelists, and finding the best tools for productivity on Twitter. Most of all, you discover how Twitter can transform the way your business communicates with clients both current and potential and increase your sales. Twitter offers a fun way to communicate with your followers, but it also has huge business potential. This book deals with Twitter as a business tool.

I wrote this book to help you gain traction on Twitter and to drive revenue to your business. If you can successfully market through Twitter, you can drive more leads and potentially more business to your door!

Do you have a specific topic that you want to find out about, such as building your followers? Jump to the chapter that discusses assembling your Twitter posse Chapter 7, if you want to go there now.

Avoid blinding yourself with the light bulb that bursts above your head when you read this book. In fact, flag and highlight as many pages as you want. Consider this book a reference guide to help you define and improve your 25 marketing concepts, goals, and communication strategies on Twitter.

Use it! Foolish Assumptions Every author has to assume a few things about his or her audience when writing a book. You either already have a Twitter account or are planning to create one soon.

You own a small business, or you work in marketing or sales for a large business. You are sending out tweets but have no idea what type of return you are getting on your time investment. I also assume you have some basic Web-fu skills, such as knowing how to surf the Web.

Conventions Used in This Book I know that doing something the same way over and over again can get boring, but sometimes consistency is a good thing. For one thing, consistency makes stuff easier to understand. In this book, those consistent elements are conventions: I use italics to identify and define new terms.

Whenever you have to type something, I put the stuff you need to type in bold so that you can easily tell what you need to enter. When I type URLs Web addresses , code, or e-mail addresses within a paragraph, they look like this: www. How This Book Is Organized The idea of marketing on Twitter has a wide variety of subject matter and ideas, which is part of the reason why this book is broken down into parts, chapters, and sections.

The whole point of organizing the book in the For Dummies way is for quick reviewing and reading. If you want to know about creating one or two accounts, you can go directly to the section that discusses that topic in Chapter 2. If you want to 27 know about creating a Twitter marketing plan, head to Chapter 4. The following sections describe how the book is organized. Part I: The Future of Twitter in Business If you need to understand the concepts and future trends of Twitter as a business tool, this part is for you.

I discuss the ideas of business development, the growing number of Twitter users, and what Twitter means to your business. This part also describes ideas about how to use Twitter effectively for newbies people who are new to a given situation or technology. You absolutely must plan your Twitter marketing strategy before you dive directly into the churning waters of Twitter marketing.

Twitter can be a powerful marketing tool if you plan your roadmap to success. Read and reread Part II to gain the knowledge that you need to successfully implement the rest of the ideas in this book. Does it matter whether you have quantity over quality in your followers? Should you use the auto-direct-messaging feature? This part provides many answers for you. You need to successfully devise an online strategy before you try to implement that strategy which Part IV covers.

Mastering the online use of Twitter is your key to success.

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Nothing can help you market your business more than the combination of an offline and online strategy. Twitter can become much more powerful when you use it to push offline marketing strategies as well as online strategies. If you want to use Twitter to execute a live event, add spice to your brochure, or strengthen your offline network, you can.

This part shows you how to integrate and strengthen all your marketing endeavors by using Twitter, online and off. Plain and simple. The Part of Tens caters to a couple of traditions. First, the For Dummies books all have a Part of Tens, which in this case sums up the more important information to help you on your Twitter journey.

2. Create your Twitter profile

Second, Internet communication lends itself to placing things in numbered lists, so the chapters in the Part of Tens are concise and to the point. Twitter users from around the world gave their opinion on how to use Twitter for marketing. You can find more than of their ideas near the back of this book for your perusing enjoyment. You can really make the most of driving business and ideas through Twitter by implementing some of these ideas. Applications and support sites are what drive productivity and time management in the world of Twitter.

Appendix B has exhaustive lists of sites and applications that can help you make the most of your time on Twitter. From prescheduling content to developing content calendars, the following applications revolutionize your usage time.

Icons Used in This Book I use the following icons throughout the book to highlight paragraphs that you should pay particular attention to. A Tip is kind of self-explanatory, right? The Tip icon points out information that can help you use or implement your ideas differently. You may find these simple suggestions very useful. I look at Remember icons as massive tips to remember.

These icons mark information that you really 30 should commit to memory when you use Twitter for marketing purposes. The Technical Stuff icon marks information of a highly technical nature that you can normally skip over. I hardly ever read the technical stuff! So why should you? Honestly, who reads the directions?

The Warning icon is the equivalent of the warning label on a lawn mower that tells you not to stick your foot underneath the blades. The Case Study icon points out real-life examples of how companies have used the Twitter marketing concepts and techniques discussed in this book. Go forth into the world of Twitter and dominate your efforts in marketing and driving business through the Internet.

But where should you start? If you already know the basic Twitter ropes, you can skip Part I. But I strongly suggest that you read Part II before you start 31 trying to use Twitter as a marketing tool.

You must have a plan in place that measures your Twitter marketing success rate and indicates how you use the tool. Part II describes how to plan and develop a strategy.

If you have a specific topic in mind that you want to know more about, check the Index or the Table of Contents, and then flip to that chapter, section, or page and start reading. And, of course, you can always just start your Twitter marketing adventure at Chapter 1. If you have any questions regarding marketing on Twitter, feel free to check out my blog at www.

If you have trouble determining any symbol, please call Wiley Product Technical Support at Outside of the United States, please call You can also contact Wiley Product Technical Support at www.

You know that Twitter is one of the most popular social-media 33 sites on the Internet, but how can you use it to drive business? I answer these questions in this part.

In Chapter 1, you get a glimpse into the world of using Twitter for business. So, get a cup of coffee or tea or a hour energy drink and jump into Twitter marketing. This online platform has blasted through traditional marketing and communication concepts and created a world in which collaboration and customers are king. This world exists as Twitter www.

All those Twitter users are potentially waiting for you to communicate with them.

Twitter has disrupted the traditional marketing process and placed the customer in control of the marketing message. The future of marketing is bright — never before have you had such possibilities for growing your business.

Twitter enables you to find potential customers quickly and easily and communicate with them with only a few keystrokes. This chapter introduces you to the key concepts of marketing your business and products by using Twitter.

For help signing up with Twitter, see Chapter 2. Understanding How Twitter Works Twitter is a social network that gives you the ability to post messages of characters or less. Twitter is a network with members throughout the world, and when you send out a message, Charles in London and Mary in California can read it at the same time. Imagine the possibilities for your business!

If you understand the concept of sending a text message from phone to phone, you can pick up Twitter easily. Those character posts are known as tweets. Figure shows a few tweets from several Twitter users. Tweets are a form of micro-blogging that have enabled users to share massive amounts of content in the form of short text messages that they send to unique sets of people or entire groups.

Twitter is one of the original platforms for micro-blogging, and it has ruled this space since its creation in Micro-blogging has increased the speed of information ten-fold, in contrast to writing a blog post or writing an in-depth consumer report. Blogging is a more elaborate approach to information sharing and marketing on the Web.

Blogging and micro-blogging should work hand-in-hand to create a platform that you can use to spread your business ideas to your customers and potential market. Figure You want to follow many people, but you also need to be sure that you follow the right kind of people.

Every time you post a tweet, it appears on the Twitter timeline of all the people who are following you. Twitter also gives you the ability to have conversations with current and potential clients using the promotional tweets system. So, you just need to follow as many people as possible and start tweeting about your products like there is no tomorrow, right?

Not so fast. The information that your followers are interested in may vary depending on their focus and interests. Along with all these elements, you also need to share useful tweets that others post on Twitter. You can see an example of a retweet in Figure For a more in-depth look at using retweeting in your marketing plan, check out Chapter 8. More importantly, the majority of Twitter users are your customers and peers.

A popular myth is that Twitter is made up predominately of Generation Y Internet users ages 18 to What does this statistic mean for your business?

It gives you insight into the kind of people who are using Twitter. Figure Retweeting what others post on Twitter shows respect and helps extend their messages.

The following sections describe several ways that you can use Twitter for your business. Sharing news and stories Because Twitter gives you the ability to share character thoughts in a split second, you can easily share links to PR releases and stories about your business, service, or product. But in order to make your tweets interesting and diverse so that you can hold on to and increase your followers, consider 42 sharing news and stories about the industry that you serve.

You can become a reference for people who are looking for information about the topic, and that status can ultimately gain you more followers who may become your customers. You can also branch out into general news stories, keeping an eye on trending topics on Twitter, as described in Chapter Tweeting about more than just your business and industry can help show the human side of your company; however, depending on what your Twitter marketing strategy is, keep your brand in mind when you use Twitter and consider what your tweets say about your brand as a whole.

Your evangelists can help you get your message out, but you must first find out who they are and remember to give to them by retweeting their interesting messages before you ask for their support. You can spot your fans and evangelists by keeping an eye on who retweets your posts most often. Chapter 8 introduces some tools that can help you track that information. Also, 44 monitor Twitter trends in your industry so that you can spot the people you need to be listening to; see Chapter 10 for details.

Through a disciplined balance between listening to others and retweeting their useful contributions, eventually you earn the right to ask for their support in return. The reward may be as big as having your brand story go viral and getting picked up by thousands or millions of potential customers, as described in Chapter 9. You can see an example of how Comcast offers customer service through Twitter in Figure If you involve the right people in your company on Twitter — and train them in time management and empower them to talk openly to customers — you can save both your customers and yourself time, money, and frustration: a true win-win situation.

Finding a fit for your business Examples of businesses that use Twitter can help you see how Twitter might fit with your business model.

The 45 following list describes just a few of the companies that have revolutionized the way businesses use Twitter customer service, business-to-consumer marketing, business-to-business marketing, and public relations: Customer service: Zappos. Unsurprisingly, it adopted Twitter as a channel to communicate with its customers and offer customer service. Business-to-consumer marketing: Ford Motor Company is getting the word out about its new Fiesta model through the Fiesta Movement. If you visit www.

Business-to-business marketing: Duct Tape Marketing www. Today, it uses Twitter as part of its toolkit to deliver valuable information to its audience. Public relations: Old Spice oldspice embraced Twitter as part of its social-media-centric PR strategy that was born by allowing Twitter users to ask questions of their Old Spice shirtless mascot guy, which in turn created huge amounts of traffic and positive brand awareness.

Figure ComcastCares offers Comcast users customer service via Twitter. Because of this idea, marketing departments of many companies ran much like machines. Yes, some creative thought was involved, but the communication model was more machine-like than most marketing professionals would care to admit. More often than not, this approach worked because there was a more limited number of products and a more limited number of channels through which companies could market those products.

The 6 Basics of Twitter Marketing For Dummies

So, 47 you could more easily reach your audience. It was the age of broadcast, in which you sent the message in only one direction, and everyone on the receiving end consumed it. In this age of social media which Twitter is a part of , the machine is slowly morphing and giving way to a more sophisticated school of thought. The customer is now crafting brand messages. People are talking to other people.

Millions of products compete for a slice of attention on a gazillion channels and Web sites, making it nearly impossible and unreasonable for a company to broadcast effectively anymore. Instead of selling a message to a group of consumers, on Twitter you rely on your customers to talk about your product and help you reach others through word of mouth. Twitter is now at the forefront of the customer experience, where customers sell to customers.

Companies no longer craft the thoughts and ideas of brands in the board room. Consumers create personal representations of brands in their living rooms, restaurants, and gathering places, and on their keyboards. Marketing on Twitter works in a very different way than traditional marketing.

Of course, you can help shape the dialogue: You certainly can and should participate in the conversations about your company, products, and services. Where do you start? Where do you jump into the massive world of the direct message and the tweet?

It all starts with your profile. Creating a Twitter profile is a little bit different than signing up for MySpace or Facebook, where you list your favorite bands, books, movies, and funny photos of you and your family. The information you include in your Twitter profile introduces you to others on Twitter and may be the reason why others choose to follow you or not.As seen in Figure , this logo is seen on a twitter profile of well known celebrities, artists, athletes, actors, public officials, and public agencies.

Enter the information Twitter is asking, nay, begging you for, as shown in Figure However, it is encouraging to see Twitter at least working towards giving businesses the upper hand when using their site. You only get characters to tell people who you are and what you do. HootChat pic. Select an e-mail platform you have an account with Twitter supports Gmail, Yahoo!

This chapter introduces you to the key concepts of marketing your business and products by using Twitter. But now they have some new tools in the marketing toolbox. Start mopping up after a PR disaster?

You must have a plan in place that measures your Twitter marketing success rate and indicates how you use the tool.

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