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Srikrishna Committee on Telangana or the Committee for Consultations on the Situation in The Sri Krishna Committee submitted a comprehensive page report after their detailed .. Create a book · Download as PDF · Printable version . for a separate State of Telangana as well as for maintaining the present status of a united Andhra Pradesh: (1) Shri Justice B.N. Srikrishna. Unity is in the "best interest" of all three regions of Andhra: Justice Srikrishna Committee Report (Full text, summary and appendices - PDF.

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SRIKRISHNA COMMITTEE REPORT IN TELENGANA - DOWNLOAD. 6 OPTIONS. TELANGANA REPORT BY SRIKRISHNA COMMITTEE. HYDERABAD . Justice B.N. Srikrishna,.. sri krishna committee report pdf free download. shri krishna report pdf Srikrishna Committee full report on Telangana. Full Text of Leaked Srikrishna Committee Secret 8th Chapter (Download a PDF file here: Full Text of Leaked Srikrishna Committee 8th Chapter SUPPLEMENTARY NOTE (OF JUSTICE SRIKRISHNA COMMITTEE ON TELANGANA) (ii) Further, on receipt of the Committee's Report by the Government.

The Committee has, thereafter, prepared the Report and submitted the same to the Government. The Committee has the satisfaction of having completed its task competently and professionally in a most desirable manner and in making the Report as exhaustive as possible within the given timeframe.

Its achievement would not have been possible without the collaborative assistance, untiring efforts and dedicated service of various individuals and institutions. The list of those who supported the Committee in its efforts in efficiently completing the task of preparing the Report is so large that it would be well-nigh impossible to record separate acknowledgements for each and every one. At the very outset, the Committee has great pleasure in acknowledging the help and assistance received from its administrative Ministry, the Ministry of Home Affairs, from time to time.

Chidambaram, the Home Secretary, Shri G.

Pillai and the other concerned officers in the Ministry for providing timely and unstinted administrative and logistical support which greatly facilitated the completion of the task in the stipulated time. The first task before the Committee was to decide its approach and methodology to fulfil the mandate given by the Government. After exhaustive internal discussions, and going by the significance of the subject, the Committee decided to adopt a participatory and consultative approach for the completion of its task.

A second Public Notice was issued on March 22, The Committee expresses its gratitude and appreciation to the leaders and representatives of the political parties, organisations and groups as also to the various sections of the society, which interacted with the Committee and gave their well-considered views and suggestions.

It was particularly heartening to receive practical advice from the general public on several topics having bearing on the issue. These valuable inputs helped the Committee a great deal in formulating its recommendations.

The Committee awarded four research studies on certain key topics relevant to the issue, to eminent subject matter experts and academic and research institutes of repute. The Committee has greatly benefitted from the studies which were based on exhaustive research of the relevant material and its in-depth analysis. The Committee sincerely thanks the institutes and the individuals involved in conducting these studies.

The Committee Committee most of its or its Members districts of the districts to held meetings individually undertook field as well as the State of Andhra Pradesh get a first hand at Hyderabad. Besides, the visits to all the 23 villages in these feel at the ground level. MCR Institute of Public Administration for providing full assistance in the successful organization xiii of these meetings and visits.

The Committee is particularly grateful to Excellency Shri E. Rosaiah, the previous Chief Minister, Shri N. Prasad, Chief Secretary, Shri R.

Gonela, Principal Secretary GAD , other senior officers, district civil and police officials, support staff and civil society in general in this regard. The Committee is particularly appreciative of the tremendous help and high quality assistance provided by Dr. Patnaik, at different periods, also provided full support and unstinted cooperation to the Committee. Besides administrative support, the valuable inputs of senior officers in the meetings of the Committee and in the meetings with the various groups are also greatly appreciated.

The fact that the ISCS had to support the Committee in addition to their normal duties has also to be recognized. The following persons were appointed against these positions xiv Sharma, a retired IAS officer, appointed as Sr. Consequent upon his appointment as State Election Commissioner, Government of Jharkhand, he was relieved w. Consultant; Dr. Consultant; Shri V. The Sr. Meghna Sharma, attached to the Members, for their help in preparing the Report.

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Shri Pasha, an officer of the Government of Karnataka, who worked in the Committee on deputation basis, proved to be an asset to the Committee. Like-wise, Ms. Sharma also put in a splendid effort in ensuring that the tasks assigned to her were completed on time. In addition, Prof. Bhalla and Dr. Veerpal Kaur and Ms. Jaya Koti of the National Council of Applied Economic Research, also contributed a great deal in their respective fields. Specific mention may be made here to the efforts put in by the xv Jana, K.

Mishra, J. Vaidyanathan, A. Sharma and Sushil Kumar. Besides, the Committee is also highly appreciative of other officers, such as the Under Secretaries, the Section Officers and the support staff of both the ISCS and the Committee in contributing a great deal to the smooth functioning of the Committee. The list of the officials, who did a commendable job, however, does not end here. The Committee is particularly happy to commend Shri Sudarshan Kumar who, in addition to his normal duties, also performed the tedious job of Protocol Assistant in the Committee.

The Committee is happy to acknowledge the dedicated and painstaking work put in by all the officers and staff of the ISCS and the Committee. As mentioned in the beginning itself, it would be almost impossible to acknowledge the contribution of each and every individual by name. While the Committee has taken care to acknowledge the contribution made by various institutions and individuals, it is possible that some names may have been left out inadvertently.

As such, the Committee would like to record its sincere thanks for the help and support provided to the Committee by all such institutions and individuals. Title Page No. Sector Shares for 6. P as on December 2.

Degree Colleges Average for the Years xxii Polytechnics Average for the years to Regional Distribution of Dispensaries per Lakh Population 3. Change in Structure of GDP: Hyderabad and Rest of Andhra Pradesh 6. Andhra Pradesh and Hyderabad 6. Volume II Acknowledgements A. May 4, regarding constitution of the Committee 14 AM. Polytechnics 3. Abbreviations Addl. It was constituted with the merger of the large and predominantly Telugu-speaking residuary part of the erstwhile state of Hyderabad with the state of Andhra that had come into existence earlier after its separation from the then Madras state.

In addition, Alur, Adoni and Rayadurg talukas of the Bellary district were also added to Andhra state. The first two talukas were included in Kurnool district and the last mentioned was added to Anantapur district. Prakasham Ongole district came into existence on February 2, , by carving out portions of Nellore, Kurnool and Guntur districts.

Sri Krishna Committee Report in Telugu- Download

Similarly, in 80, a new district Vijayanagaram now Vizianagaram was created out of Srikakulam and Visakhapatnam districts. Kurnool, which was the district headquarters, was selected and developed as the capital of Andhra state. The Legislative Assembly functioned from Kurnool and consisted of members. The Andhra High Court 1 Accordingly, it is agreed that while the University may continue to be where it is, the High Court and the metropolis be located in suitable places in the coastal districts and the Rayalaseema, the choice being given to Rayalaseema.

The details of the Sri Bagh Pact are given at Appendix 1. The state of Hyderabad was kept under the rule of a military governor till the end of In January, a senior administrator M. After general elections of , the first popular ministry, headed by Burgula Ramakrishna Rao, took charge of the state. The state of Hyderabad, during , consisted of the primarily Telugu-speaking districts of Mahabubnagar, Nalgonda, Warangal, Karimnagar, Adilabad, Nizamabad, Khammam, Medak and the city of Hyderabad including Ranga Reddy district , the predominantly Marathi-speaking northern districts of Aurangabad, Bir, Pharbani, Osmanabad and Nanded and the Kannada-speaking southern districts of Gulbarga, Raichur and Bidar.

The 1 Khan, Md Abdul Waheed ed. State Archives Research Institute, Govt. On December 22, , the then Prime Minister, Pt. Fazal Ali with H. Kunzru and K. Panikkar as members, to examine and suggest a rational solution for the reorganization of states, based on language.

The Commission submitted its report to the Government of India in The rationale was that language being the most faithful reflection of the culture of an ethnic group, ethno-lingual boundaries would be considered the most stable and suitable arrangement for the effective working of democratic entities and institutions.

Likewise, a regional consciousness, not merely the sense of a negative awareness of absence of repression of exploitation but also in the sense of scope of positive expression of the collective personality of a people inhabiting a state or a region may be conducive to the contentment and well being of the community. Indeed, in a democracy, the people can legitimately claim and the government has a duty to ensure that the administration is conducted in a language which the people can understand.

Based on the recommendations, the States Reorganization Act was passed by the Parliament and came into effect on November 1, Even in the detailed discussion on the subject, the Commission expressed different viewpoints in its report, giving several pros and cons of the two possibilities, such as: The Krishna and Godavari projects rank amongst the most ambitious in India.

They have been formulated after prolonged period of inactivity,…. Since Telangana as part of Vishalandhra will benefit both directly and indirectly from this development, there is a great deal to be said for its amalgamation with the Andhra State. The considerations which have been urged in favour of a separate Telangana State are, however, not such as may be lightly brushed aside. Para In the Telangana district outside the city of Hyderabad education is woefully backward……the real fear of the people of Telangana is that if they join Andhra they will be unequally placed in relation to the people of Andhra and in this partnership the major partner will derive all the advantages immediately while Telangana itself may be converted into a colony by the enterprising coastal Andhra.

The full text of the debate on this issue in the Report of the States Reorganisation Commission Paras to is given at Appendix 1. Even stronger expressions were in favour of Hyderabad to be considered and made the capital in place of Kurnool.

Fortunately, in Hyderabad, we have got a readymade capital, one of the best cities in the whole of India, very good cement roads, many buildings and all the amenities of city life.

Therefore, if a decision about Hyderabad city could have been taken, Hyderabad city would have been a very easy and ready capital and so many difficulties and hurdles would have been easily overcome………. If Hyderabad is going to be the future capital of Vishal Andhra, why not create those links; why not develop those links which are 6 Krishna, MP from Karimnagar, talking on the same Bill on August 19, , mentioned on similar lines: Therefore, I would say that instead of locating the temporary capital outside Hyderabad, Hyderabad should be immediately disintegrated and the capital should be located in Hyderabad.

While these views had been expressed in the Parliament in , in the Telangana convention held in November, , at Secunderabad, Harishchandra Heda, MP, changed his earlier position and strongly supported the formation of a separate Telangana state on a permanent basis. In the resolution so passed at this convention after a long debate, besides the known Telangana protagonists K. Ranga Reddy and M. Hanumantha Rao and the like. This also had the support of a sizeable section of Teluguspeaking people of the Hyderabad state.

In fact, the idea of Vishalandhra had originated in Circar districts as early as in The advent of Independence and accession of Hyderabad to the Indian Union in gave an impetus to the demand of Vishalandhra.

The editorial opinions, the banner headlines, the Regional content, the District editions need to be managed to be realistic and should give only due coverage to the separate Telangana agitations. The print media is hugely dependent on the Government for advertisement revenue and if carefully handled can be an effective tool to achieve this goal.

However, the RTI Act may prove to be an impediment for the Government to deny due share of ads to publications supporting the Telangana demand. For this purpose necessary prohibitory orders under appropriate provisions of law can be issued in advance. Advance preparedness in this regard would go a long way in containing the law and order situation and minimize destruction of lives and property.

It would also be necessary to have a mechanism for monitoring the situation and collection of real time intelligence with a view to ensure taking up of effective advance action to preempt any break of violence in the potentially troubled spots. The likely troubled spots e. Osmania, Kakatia, Krishna Devraya Universities etc.

Srikrishna Committee on Telangana

At around pm a student of Osmania university attempted suicide by consuming poison. But he survived from the attemt. Later protesters demanded that the police release all the leaders they arrested and bring them to Tank bund. Several patients in critical condition were locked out of the emergency ward of the Gandhi hospital for over two hours from 2.

On 14 and 15 September, nearly movie Theaters in Telangana were closed at the call given by Telangana film chamber.

Starting September 16, government teachers joined the strike. Private school managements declared one day holiday in support of the strike. On September 19, state road transport corporation employees and state electricity board employees in Telangana joined the indefinite strike. Virtually all sections of people joined this strike.

On September 30, as the strike entered the 18th day, even while Congress central leadership met several Telangana congress leaders, JAC called a bundh in Hyderabad city.

The strike has resulted in an unprecedented power crisis in the state with only MU of power generated against the demand of MU impacting both the industry and agriculture.

On October 9, some workers of the Youth Congress agitated and threw chairs at each other at the Gandhi Bhavan in Hyderabad demanding post-ponement of a membership drive till an official announcement on Telangana. They also demanded that a separate Telangana Youth Congress be formed for the youth from Telangana.

Meanwhile, worried parents of some children protested outside the college demanding that schools and colleges be excluded from the strikes and conflicts as the students have missed classes for a month already.

The majority of colleges and schools remained shut in the twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad. There is no need to continue the strike as their opinion over Telangana is received already by Congress high command and the Centre. After being criticised by both the Congress high command as well as the Centre over how he has been handling the issue, CM N. Kiran Kumar Reddy said that his government would adopt a zero-tolerance system and will initiate stern action against anyone trying to create law and order problem or cause any inconvenience to the people.

He cautioned them saying that the stir is spoiling the prospects of the youth. This led to split in the union and Telangana union leaders floated a separate body and decided to continue the strike. Due to this, only few buses returned to service. Eight Congress MPs from Telangana, who resigned in July demanding a separate state of Telangana, insisted the speaker to accept their res-ignations on 12 October.

They also demanded that the Group-II exams, screening test for thousands of state government jobs, be postponed until the strike is over. People of Telangana are facing several hardships due to the strike. Many Telangana youths have sacrificed their lives for the cause of Telangana. Despite all this, the Congress high command is unwilling to spell out its stand on the issue.

She further said the strike should continue until the formation of Telangana state. TDP did not field a candidate. After his victory in Banswada bypoll, which was far lesser margin than he anticipated, he warned Andhra settlers in the region with dire consequences for not voting for him. He had hoped for one lakh majority in the byelection in view of the ongoing high voltage Telangana movement.

Efforts to end Strike With the agitation for statehood to Telangana intensifying, the congress has decided to speed up all the discussions and quickly solve the problem. After 42 days, on 24 October, government employees unions called off the strike. Kodandaram said that the strike had impacted the overall thinking of the Centre towards creation of separate State and the movement will continue with other protest activities.

Government refused permission to the march as they had information that anti-social elements might participate in the event and cause violence like in previous events of Sagara Haram and Million March where violence erupted despite promises made by the T-JAC. Police made preventive arrests of activists through the region which led do stalling of the assembly proceedings by opposition parties.

The chief minister directed the Director-General of Police at a high-level review meeting not to use even rubber bullets in their efforts and observe utmost restraint in maintaining law and order. Amid fear of violence by Naxalites after an open letter claimed to have been written by them on the rally, police sounded a high alert across the state and almost sealed all the arterial roads leading to the Assembly.

Over 25, policemen belonging to both central and state security forces were deployed. The TJAC leaders alleged that the government used repressive measures to prevent them from representing the aspirations of Telangana people in a peaceful manner. Educational institutions declared a holiday and public transport went off the roads and shops and establishments shut as a precautionary measure. On the day of the event in spite of the restrictions placed, police could not totally prevent Telangana activists from sneaking into prime locations and making a vain bid to rush towards the Assembly.

Hundreds of people including state legislators, JAC Chairman and other leaders were arrested across the city. Osmania University campus witnessed pitched battles as police closed the campus gate to stop students leaving campus in a rally then resorted to tear gas shelling when students started stone pelting.

After the march, the T-JAC Chairman remarked that their goal to reach Assembly complex and highlight their demand was fulfiled. This survey was reportedly being considered to arrive at a decision on the statehood issue.

One lakh support On June 30, Congress leaders belonging to Telangana region organised a public meeting in Hyderabad with a turn out of over , to show their support to Telangana state. It was attended by Damodara Raja Narasimha, Deputy Chief minister of the state, central ministers, state ministers, MPs and MLAs who expressed the confidence that their party leadership would create the separate state soon and said that Congress would perform well in next elections in such a situation.About The Author devika.

Considering all aspects, the committee feels that while creation of separate Telangana would satisfy a large majority of people from the region, it will also throw up several other serious problems. The Standing Committee of Vishalandhra Mahasabha met at Warangal in February and demanded the immediate formation of a separate Andhra state, the disintegration of Hyderabad state and the constitution of Vishalandhra state with Hyderabad as capital.

Duggal, IAS Retd. The other combination of regions — coastal Andhra and Rayalaseema together can also sustain themselves as a State; in fact, they can also sustain themselves separately" p. Those from Telangana want Hyderabad as the capital of a new state.

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