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Click to view categories for Marathi Books Shala (शाळा). - Shala . This is really a very nice book, which give us chance to memorise our school days. Shala is a Marathi novel set in the s in India, during the time of the Emergency. It is narrated by the protagonist, Mukund Joshi. The plot revolves around. Reaches you in 4 to 5 weeks. We do not carry inventory. Availability status of Marathi books is always fluid. We promptly post refund for OutOfPrint books.

Shala was first published in the year In January , a Marathi film based on the novel was also released.

About Milind Bokil Milind Bokil is an Indian writer and sociologist, known for his tremendous contribution to Marathi literature. He writes in Marathi as well as English.

He has written short stories, novels, travelogues, and other books, with a focus on social issues.

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Bokil has written extensively about social development and its related issues. A quest for meaning and direction in life is a consistent underlying theme in his writing. With his artistic flair for writing, he subtly explores the nuances of social relationships and human emotions. Bokil was born in His initial education was in the field of electronics and radio engineering.

Like many other youth of his time, he was influenced by the Sampoorna Kranti movement and was drawn towards social reconstruction and development. He quit his job and volunteered for a tribal development project in coastal Maharashtra. After a very successful career in Homeopathy, I relocated to the United States.

While pursuing my degree, I became involved in Maharashtra Mandal of Chicago.

This committee facilitated the smooth production of the convention and ensured that engaging programs from North America would be acquired to entertain guests for up to three days. In addition, this committee ensured that convention could comfortably provide for all the guests attending the event.

While working on this committee, I also became involved in the opening ceremony for the convention. For a full year, I attended countless practices for the dances performed in the opening ceremony and actively became involved in the production of the ceremony.

On opening night, I performed with my other fellow MMC members in front of 3, people. For the duration of the year, I helped plan events to engage the community and help strength the bonds within our community.

Some of the special programs that year include nataks from India, community empowerment activities, and festival programs throughout the year. After that amazing year as Vice President, I was given the opportunity to become the President myself in My goal was to strengthen our bonds with our heritage and bring the people together, the elderly and the children. I worked to create special programs that would engage people of all ages, allowing them to interact and network with each other.

For the betterment of MMC, my committee and I worked tremendously hard for the entire year. In order to raise awareness of our community and organization, we became involved in the larger community even more.

We attended Feed My Starving Children events to become closer as a team and community. Throughout the year, we received an astonishing amount of help from volunteers who would be willing to come early to help set up and help tear down.

After my presidency in , I became the trustee for MMC for the next three years.

Mazi Katemundharichi Shala

While making strides in the MMC community, I began a new project to bring the community even closer together. In , I founded Chicago Marathi Shala.

Currently, I have established two branches in Illinois. These two locations are in Naperville and another in Schaumburg.

The current admission of children is 96 with over 38 volunteers in both locations. With the help of these volunteers, we teach and test students at various levels in the Marathi Language.

The reason for my decision to start the school began from my own home.

I realized that throughout the years my children were beginning to forget their own language. Then, I realized that numerous other parents in my community are facing this very same problem. As the co-coordinator of the school, I am responsible for the smooth functioning of the school and its students. I help the volunteers plan the school curriculum and help create engaging activities that involve children of all ages.

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In , I helped Chicago Marathi Shala reach its greatest accomplishment yet! This paves the path for our students to earn high school credit under the seal of literacy.

This is an unprecedented feat! Chicago Marathi Shala is the first school in history to receive this type of credentials.Return to Book Page.


I will never forget any of the characters of the book. My Social Work Founder of Rang Tarang, which is focused on hosting unique programs from different places in Chicago Associated with Pratham as marketing manager Supported Ekjut organization for women empowerment Performed at YKB, reciting an original monologue about woman empowerment My Community Work Summary My involvement in the community was sparked from a very early age. Set in the suburbs of Mumbai during the Emerg I wish I could give 'Shala' six stars because this is easily the best novel I will read this year, and of that I am bloody certain.

Nishikesh Ghorpade 1 2 3 4 5. And definitely find out your own character too.

Sandip Deshmukh 1 2 3 4 5.

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