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Yes, this is the real chapter written by the Author of Sword Art Online. This is the literal fanfiction that he wrote himself. Hope you all enjoy ;). Download as TXT, PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd. Flag for Chapter Asuna plopped down na ed on the sofa and glared defiantly at me. " Kirito. “ Kirito, hurry up and take your clothes off,” she said in an authoritative tone. Knowledge as a Double Edged Sword in the novels Oryx and Crake as well as A Canticle for Leibowitz. Analysis: Web Analytics The Art Of Online Accountability And Science Of Customer.

Sao Chapter 16.5 Pdf

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Watch This Video ppti.info 22 hours ago Sword Art Online Volume 1 - Aincrad + Chapter 1. i|Page; 2. I do have volumes in pdf if anyone needs it or wants to you looking for? If you mean chapter , it was never part of the light novels. 17 Nov Sao chapter download pdf. Gmail is email that's intuitive, efficient, and useful. 15 GB Sword art online chapter from the.

The anime actually did place it there though. The content of This places some credibility to the chapter making the sex act canon, but the details not canon. Chapter 16 from LN 15? I haven't read it yet since I'm waiting for Tap to translate it, but that sounds pretty interesting.

That's a different argument entirely. The strong majority of fans only see the anime and it ultimately becomes the most canon in the eyes of the viewers. When Reki gave it the ok it became canon to the strong majority of his fans as only the small minority read the books. I finally found a copy of all the ainclad parts combined into the correct chronological order.

It does include What I am referring to is the chapter I can find a copy of Figured I would check here before I started that. Although It's not an offical SAO story as far as I know. From what I was reading was that It was in the link http: To explain: SAO was originally written on Kawahara's website, with the first volume posted on in You could easily argue that And stuff like that.

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Its reality. Everything in this world is real. Theres no virtual reality or any fakes of any kind.

The lizardman moved the buckler in his left hand forward and pulled the scimitar to his right back. A chill breeze blew into the shadowed dungeon and the flame on the torch shook. The wet floor softly reflected the flickering torch-light.

With a tremendous scream, the lizardman leapt. The scimitar drew a sharp arc as it flew towards me. A blinding orange light lit its trajectory; a high-class one-hit sword skill of the curved sword Fell Crescent. It was a formidable charge-type sword skill that covered a distance of 4 meters in 0. But, I was already expecting the attack. I had slowly increased the distance in order to induce the AI to create this situation. I closed in on the lizardman, my mind registering the burning smell that the scimitar left behind as it sliced through the air centimeters in front of my nose.

With a short shout, I swung the sword horizontally. The sword, now covered with a sky-blue light effect, cut through the thinly protected stomach and bright red light was scattered instead of blood.

There was a low scream. However, my sword didnt stop. The system assisted me through the programmed movements and chained the next slash with a speed that would have normally been impossible.

This is the most important element in battles in this world: Sword Skill. The sword sped off right from left and cut into the lizardmans chest.

In this state, I spun my body in a full circle and the third strike stuck the enemy more deeply than before. As soon as the lizardman recovered from the brief stun-state, after failing to hit with a big skill, it screamed with rage or perhaps fear, and raised its scimitar high up into the air.

But my chain had not ended. The sword that had been swinging right suddenly sprang, as if forced by a spring, left and up and hit its hearta critical point. The sky-blue rhombus drawn by my four consecutive hits flashed then scattered A horizontal consecutive 4 hit skill, Horizontal Square. At the same time, the HP bar above the Lizardmans head disappeared without even a single dot left. The huge body fell, leaving a long trail, then suddenly stopped awkwardly With a sound similar to breaking glass, it broke down into infinite polygons and disappeared.

This is the Death of this world. It is instantaneous and short, a perfect destruction, not leaving even a single trace. I glanced at the virtual experience points and drop items I received that appeared in purple font in the center of my vision and swung my sword right and left before sheathing it in the scabbard on my back.

I walked backward a few steps and slid slowly down with my back against the dungeon wall. I spat out the breath I was holding and closed my eyes. My temple started throbbing, perhaps from the fatigue from the long fight. I shook my head a couple of times to get rid of the pain and opened my eyes. The shining clock at the bottom right of my field of vision showed that it was already past 3PM.

I should get out of the labyrinth or I wont make it to the city before dark. There was nobody here to listen, but I just said that and slowly got up. I was done with making progress for the day. I somehow escaped the hand of death again today. But after a brief rest, tomorrow will come with more battles.

The problem is if this game will be cleared or not, before I draw the ace of spades. If you value your life above all else, staying in a village and waiting for somebody else to clear the game is the wisest route to take. But I go to the front lines every day solo.

Am I just simply an addict of VRMMO who keeps increasing his stats through countless battles, or Am I an idiot who insolently believes that he can win the freedom of everyone in this world with his sword? As I started walking towards the labyrinth entrance with a slight smile of self-scorn, I thought back to that day.

Two years ago. The moment that everything ended, and began. The sword, swinging to these strange shouts, swished around cutting nothing but air. Right afterwards, the blue boar, which moved surprisingly quick considering its bulk, charged fiercely at its assailant.

I burst into laughter after watching him fly through the air after getting hit by the boars flat nose and roll on the hill. Hahahanot like that. The first movement is important, Cline. Arghthat bastard. The complaining assailant, a party member called Cline, got up and glanced at me while answering plaintively. But Kirito, even if you say that I cant do anything about the fact that its moving.

I met this person, who had reddish hair held up by a bandana and simple leather armor worn over his thin body, a few hours ago.

If he had revealed his real name, it would have been hard to omit the honorifics, but his name Cline and mine Kirito were both names we had made up for our characters. Putting -san or -kun at the end of them would sound comical more than anything.

The legs of the person in question started shaking. Seems like hes a little dizzy. I picked up a pebble from the undergrowth at my feet and raised it above my shoulder. As soon as the system detected the first motion of a sword skill, the pebble started giving off a slight green light.

After that, my left hand almost moved by itself and the pebble went flying, drawing a straight line of light and hitting the boar between its eyebrows. The boar squealed in fury and turned towards me. Of course they move. Theyre not training dummies. But if you start the right motion, the system will put your sword skill into motion and hit the target for you.

Motionmotion While muttering this like some spell, Cline raised the cutlass that he had in his right hand. Although the blue boar, officially named Frenzy Boar was a level one monster, Cline had had almost half of his HP reduced while getting hit by counterattacks due to his wild swings. Well, even if he died hed just respawn at the Starting City near here, but coming all the way out to this hunting ground again was somewhat annoying. I cocked my head as I blocked the boars charge with the sword in my right hand.

Hmm, how should I explain Its not like one, two, three then strike, but more like gathering a bit of energy and then. Clines roughly handsome face grimaced itself into an unsightly image as he leveled his sword with the middle of his body. Breathe in, and out; after taking a deep breath, he lowered his pose and raised his sword as if he was going to shoulder it.

This time, the system sensed the pose correctly and the arcing sword slowly started shining orange. With his low yell, he jumped off the ground with a movement that was completely different to the ones before.

With this crisp sound, the sword drew its flame red trajectory through the air. The Reaver, a basic skill of the one handed curved sword, struck the boar right in its neck as it was about to charge and got rid of the rest of its HP, which, like Clines, was about half full. Guekk it screamed a pitiful cry and its large body shattered like glass and purple numbers appeared, showing how much virtual experience points I gained. Cline took an overstated pose of victory with a huge smile on his face and raised his left hand.

I high-fived him and smiled again. Congrats on your first victorybut that boar its about as hard as slimes from other games. Eh, really? I thought it was some sort of semi-boss or something! No chance of that. My smile became a little forced as I sheathed my sword on my back. Even though I was teasing him, I understood what he was feeling right now.

Since I had two more months of experience than him, it was only now that he could feel the exhilarating feeling of destroying his enemy by his own hand. Cline started to use the same sword skill over and over again yelling as he did so, perhaps as a way of practicing.

I left him alone and looked around. Way up north, there was the silhouette of a forest, a sparkling lake down south, and I could just about make out the walls that surrounded the city to the east. To the west, there was a limitless sky going on forever with bunches of golden clouds drifting by.

We were at the plains that stretched to the west of the Starting City, which was situated at the north end of the first floor of the colossal floating castleAincrad. There should be numerous players fighting monsters around here; but because of the enormous size, none of them were visible. Seeming finally satisfied, Cline sheathed his sword and walked over while observing the area as well. But reallyhowever many times I look around like this, I still cant believe that this is inside the game.

Well even if you say inside its not like our souls were sucked in or anything.

Our brains just seeing and listening instead of our eyes and earswith the signals that the Nerve Gear is sending. I said while shrugging. Cline pouted his lips like a kid.

You might be used to it now, but for me its the first time doing a FullDive! Isnt it awesome? Reallyits a relief that I was born in this era! Youre exaggerating. But as I laughed, I totally agreed with him. Nerve Gear. The basic structure of this machine is totally different from the older ones.

Unlike the old-style man-machine interface hardware like flat screen monitors or controllers that you used with your hands, Nerve Gear only had a single interface, a streamlined interface that covered the whole of your head and face. Inside, there were numerous signal components, and by using the numerous electronic signals these sent, the gear accessed the user's brain itself.

The user didnt use their eyes or ears to see and listen, but took in the signals that were sent directly to their brain. In addition, the machine could access not only sight and sound, but also touch, taste, and smell as wellthat is to say, all five senses.

After slipping the Nerve Gear on and locking the strap on your chin in place and saying the initiation command Link Start, all noise fades away and youre swathed in darkness. As soon as you pass the rainbow colored circle in the middle, youre in another world made entirely out of data.

The electronics company which created the Nerve Gear called the actual act of linking to the virtual reality FullDive. It was a total seclusion from reality, fitting of the word full. The reason for this is that the Nerve Gear not only sent fake signals to the five sensesbut also blocked and rerouted the orders that the brain sent to the body. This can be called the most basic requirement for moving freely in a virtual reality. If the body received the brain's signals when the user was in FullDive, the moment the user decided they wanted to run their actual body would run into a wall.

Because the Nerve Gear could reroute the commands the brain sent through the spinal cord, Cline and I could both move our avatars around freely and swing our swords around. We've completely leapt into the game.

The effect of this experience captivated me and many gamers such as myself to the point where we were sure that we could never go back to the old touch-pens or motion sensors. Cline was staring at the wind passing through the plains and the castle walls off in the distance with actual tears in his eyes.

I asked.

Cline, looking like a calmly handsome warrior from the Sengoku period, turned his head my way and nodded. If he put a serious expression on his face, he had an impressive bearing about him worthy of an actor from a historical play.

Of course, this was different from his actual body in the real world. It was an avatar made out of nothing from adjusting a bunch of options. Of course, I looked like some ridiculously handsome protagonist from some fantasy animation as well.

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Cline continued in his low vigorous voice, which, of course, was different from his real voice as well. There was only ten thousand in the first batch. So I suppose I was really lucky. They only picked a thousand!

An, yeah, I suppose. Cline kept staring at me. I unconsciously scratched my head. I remembered the excitement and enthusiasm that Sword Art Online created when it was announced through the media like it was yesterday.

Nerve Gear had realized the future setting for gaming with FullDive. However, due to the innovation of the actual machine, only unremarkable titles came forth for the all-important software.

Can someone give me a link to SAO Chapter 16.5?

They were all puzzles, education related or environmental type games, calling forth discontent from game addicts such as myself.

Nerve Gear can truthfully render a virtual reality. But you could only walk meters before you hit a wall in that world; it was really a huge letdown. That hardcore gamers such as myself, who had been deeply absorbed with the experience of being within the game, had started waiting for a certain game genre was almost unavoidable. We had started waiting for a network response gamea sort that let millions of players log in and raise, fight with and live as a character of their own, that is to saya MMORPG.

The stage for the game is a floating castle consisting of floors. The players lived in a world with forests and lakes, relying on only their sword and drive to discover the route to the upper floors and defeat countless monsters and make their way endlessly to the top. Magic which was considered to be an indispensable part of fantasy MMORPGs had been boldly cut out and an almost endless number of skills called Sword Skills were made. It was part of a plan to let players actually feel the experience of fighting with their own bodies through FullDive as much as possible.

Skills were varied including productive skills such as smithery, leather working and sewing, and everyday skills such as fishing, cooking and playing music, allowing the player to not only adventure the huge game but also actually live in it.

If they so wanted, and if their skill levels were high enough, they could buy a house and live as shepherds. As the information steadily kept being revealed, the gamers enthusiasm only got higher.

The beta test only recruited a thousand testers; it's said that one hundred thousand people, the number of half the Nerve Gear sold at that time, volunteered to be a tester.

Luck was the only reason that I got through the narrow gap and was picked. Also, beta testers received the additional benefit of being given the priority when the game officially came out. At school, I thought endlessly of my skill set, equipment and items, and ran all the way to my house as soon as school ended and dived till dawn.

The beta test ended in the blink of an eye, and on the day my character was reset, I felt a sense of loss as if half of my actual self had been cut away. And nowNovember 6, , Sunday.

Party of Three

Sword Art Online after all the preparations had been finished and at 1PM officially started its server service. Of course, I had been waiting for 30 minutes and then logged on without even a second delay, but when I checked the state of the server over ninety-five hundred people had already logged on. It seemed as if all of the people who had been lucky enough to get their hands on the game had felt the same as I did.

All the online shopping sites announced that the game was sold out seconds after it had gone on sale and the offline sales, which had started yesterday, had created lines of people who had queued up for four days, creating enough of a racket to go on the news.

That meant that all the people who had been able to buy a copy of the game were almost all serious game addicts. The actions of Cline showed this clearly as well.

Realizing that I was a beta tester after seeing me start and dashing without any hesitation, Cline ran over. Hey, teach me a few things! I wondered how he could be so shameless and demanding to a person he hadn't met before. Being so lost for words that it was almost amazement. Ah, er, thenwhy dont we go to the weapon shop? I answered like some NPC; we then ended up making a party, and I began teaching him some basics of fightingand thats how we ended up in this current situation.

To tell the truth, I didnt get along with people in real life or in games, perhaps even less so than in real life. During beta testing, I came to know a couple of people, but I didnt get close enough to anyone to actually call them a friend. But Cline had a side to him that grows on you, and I didnt find this uncomfortable either. Thinking that I might be able to get along with him, I opened my mouth. Sowhat do you want to do? Do you want to keep hunting till you get used to it?

He must have been checking the time. I ordered some pizza for I said at a loss for words, Cline spread his chest. Of course! I promised to meet some mates at the Starting City in a bit. I could introduce you to some of them and you could register them as friends. That way you would always send messages. How about it? Errr Hmmm, I mumbled subconsciously. I got along with Cline pretty well, but there was no guarantee that itd be the same for his friends.

I felt like that there would be a higher chance of not getting along with them and as a result, fall out with Cline as well. Should I? Seemingly understanding the reason for my not-so-confident answer, Cline shook his head. Ah, I dont mean to force you.

Therell be a chance to introduce them sometime anyway. Sorry, and thanks. As soon as I thanked him, Cline shook his head vigorously. Hey, hey! I should be the one thanking you. I received a lot of help from you. Ill pay you back sometime soon.

Cline smiled and took another look at the clock. Thanks a lot, Kirito. Be seeing ya.

With that, he put his hand forward. At that moment, I thought this person would have been a great leader in another game and shook his hand. Yeah, see you around.

We let go of each others hand. That was the point where Aincrad, or Sword Art Online, stopped being just some fun game for me. Cline stepped back a bit and put his right index finger and thumb together and pulled downwards.

This was the action that was done to call the main menu window. Straight afterwards, there was a ringing sound and a shining purple rectangle appeared. I moved a bit and sat on a rock and opened my menu too. I started to move my fingers to organize the items that Id gotten after fighting with the boar.

Cline said in a strange tone. Whats this? At that, I stopped moving my fingers and raised my head. No button? No way, look a bit closer. I said a bit confused. The swordsman opened his eyes wide beneath the bandana and pushed his head closer to the menu. The rectangle, which was longer sideways than high, had a bunch of buttons on the left and a silhouette showing what equipment you had on on the right.

As I was turning my head to the item list that listed the items that I had gained over hours of fighting, Cline started speaking in an unusually high voice.

Its really not there. You take a look Kirito. I told you that theres no way that its not there I muttered with a sigh as I clicked on the button on the top left to go back to the menu screen.

The inventory window on the right closed and it went back to the main screen. At the left of the silhouette, which still had quite a lot of empty spaces, there was a long row of buttons.

I moved my hand down in a movement that had almost become a habit and My body froze. It wasnt here. As Cline had said, the button that had been there during the beta testno, even right after Id logged onhad disappeared. I stared at the empty space for a couple of seconds, then looked through the menu, making sure that it hadnt just changed its position. Taking a look at the family pedigree, presidents and bureaucrats were everywhere. Thats why this was her first new years greeting in the last 4 years.

In the Kyoto-styled mansion at the head house, Asuna wore a long-sleeved kimono and repeatedly greeted her many relatives starting with her grandparents.

In the end, she felt like she had become a reception NPC. Even so, meeting the cousins she hadnt seen for a long time shouldve been a happy event, even though they were joyful about Asunas return as though it was a matter of their own, Asuna saw something she hated in their eyes. Of course, the current Asuna had a completely different personality from that time. In that world, there was a boy who inexplicably changed Asuna. Therefore her cousins, uncles and aunts pity only lightly swept against Asunas heart.

Above all, she was a swordswoman, a person who fought using her own power. That belief always supported Asunas heart, and didnt change even after that world disappeared. Her cousins all pitied Asuna. They felt sympathetic, sad that Asuna prematurely dropped out of the competition that had been going on since they were born.

It was not that she was thinking too much. Asuna could easily tell, having read peoples expressions since she was young. The same went for her mother who was always slightly unhappy when she was with the main family. The obsession to go to a good university and find a good job didnt exist anymore. Asuna really liked her current school and in 19 Sword Art Online Volume 7 Mothers Rosario Chapter 1 As a man whos sole duty is assisting the main familys bank, he talked vigorously about how he was professional, how he had already decided what position to take in the business and how outstanding he was going to be.

In the beginning Asuna just put up a smile of admiration, but suspiciously everyone had gone and left the two of them alone, causing her to wonder whether the adults had any dubious intentions Getting kicked by Lisbeth under the table, Asuna returned to herself. What is it? A meeting for marriage in Kyoto? Ah, sorry. I remembered something I hated. Hey Asuna, are you listening? Asuna thought about that on one side, and continued to answer her relatives various question with a smile on the other.

The most unbearable thing was being alone in a room with a cousin two years older than her on the last night in Kyoto. Of course, forming a family with a boy slightly younger than her in the real world was her final goal. Why did you freeze Could it be Asuna rapidly shook her head, tapped the side of her now empty mug and gulped down the strange purple tea. She looked up and forcefully changed the subject. Very strong Then is that person a PKer?

Its nothing! Slightly to the North of the 24th floors main street, isnt there a tourist attracting island with a large tree? Under that tree at 3pm every day, Absolute Sword fights any player who wishes for a challenge.

No, it seems like a completely new face. However Absolute Swords skill levels seem rather high, so its possible that Absolute Sword transferred over from another game. In the beginning, a notice was put up on MMO Tomorrow recruiting challengers. Around 30 people went thinking that it was just an overconfident novice whod immediately lose, but All of them, beautifully. Silica, who has been eating fruit pie until then, suddenly interrupted.

Its slightly unbelievable. Instead they got defeated? It could preserve the players strength in general, but all money and items are lost and certain skills would be redistributed. It took me around half a year before I could really fight in mid-air. But even though that person only transferred over recently, that person can fly so well! I was convinced that its impossible for me just from spectating Absolute Swords duel.

Ah, but Liz-san and Lyfa-san still fought Absolute Sword. Theyre quite bold stepping up for a challenge.

Shut up. Anything can be a good experience, you know. In response to Asunas question, Silica immediately widened her eyes and shook her head. Has Silica also fought Absolute Sword before? Lisbeth, whos race didnt tend to fight and prioritized forging was out of question, but there werent many players who could defeat Lyfa, who could be considered the Sylphs top player, in an aerial fight.

Moreover, Absolute Sword just transferred over, that type of thing was unheard of. Haha, I knew Asuna would say that. Even though there are lords and generals who rank high in the monthly competition like Sakuya and Eugene, its hard for people in their position to participate in street fights. But if people see that Absolute Swords so strong, wont there be no challengers? Its different from large competitions, isnt there a hefty experience penalty if you lose in a street fight?

Silica once again chimed in. That sounds like the real thing. Hmm, Im slightly interested. Smiling as she listened to Lisbeth and Lyfa pout, Asuna was slightly shocked.

Not at all. Everyone enthusiastically participated in this gamble. Let me think, it seems like its usable by one-handed swords in general. Its a shocking hit combo.

This time she really reflexively let out a cry. So its an OSS. What type? How many hits? Its not an item. Absolute Sword actually gambled an Original Sword Skill. One which is a super strong, finishing move level. Is a super powerful rare item being gambled? In Alfheim, in the large scale updates surrounding Aincrads implementation, the new company made a bold decision to reimplement sword skills as they were. There were skills set for the innumerable weapons, there were many skills ranging from strong single-hit attacks to flurries of continuous attacks.

The difference from normal attacks was that from the moment you assume the starting position, your body would automatically move at the systems highest speed until the skill was complete. The gorgeous light and sound effects accompanying hits let the user savor the joy of becoming a super warrior.

That was, in the new ALO, there was a huge revolution starting from the very roots of the battle system. This obviously caused a mighty uproar from some players, but dissenters pretty much became slaves to the thrill as soon as theyve experienced sword skills once.

Thats why it could be said that the appearance of sword skills balanced things out. These sword skills borrowed from their predecessors werent enough to satisfy the audacious organizers. So they developed and included a new element, the Original Sword Skill system. Like the name implied, that was a personal sword skill. It was not an already existing sword skill which had all of its actions set from the start, those were sword skills which players could compile themselves.

When this feature was announced, in order to get a gorgeous finishing move of their own, a lot of players scrambled onto the streets and wilderness and brandished various weapons. And they all tasted deep frustration. First you open the menu, move to the OSS panel, enter the sword skill recording mode and press Start. After that you just swung your weapon as you wanted and press Finish.

That was it. However, theres a harsh requirement for the system to approve of the finishing move you thought up. Single hit slashes and thrusts are almost all registered as preexisting sword skills.

Therefore if you want to compile an OSS, it had to be a combo. However, as a series of actions, there couldnt be 24 Sword Art Online Volume 7 Mothers Rosario Chapter 1 any flaws in the various aspects like the center of gravity and trajectory. In addition, the speed must be almost as fast as the completed sword skill. Almost all the players couldnt stand that type of boring assignment and easily gave up their dream of having a personal finishing move.

However, a portion of the hard workers successfully managed to create and register their OSS, receiving an honor equivalent to that of the head of a sword style in the middle ages. Actually, some players started guilds named [00ryuu] and some even opened dojos in town. There was only one way to overcome that barrier, and that was repeatedly practicing innumerable times. Until your nerves completely remembered the series of actions.

Anyone Sao 16.5

That was saying, You must execute a combo which should be impossible without system support, without the systems assistance. A harsh requirement which could be considered contradictory. Thats why everyone wanted it. According to the trend, the skills inheritance fetched a huge price. Skill manuals for finishing moves over 5 hits were currently the most expensive thing in ALO.

It was general knowledge that the strongest OSS up till now was the 8-hit Volcanic Blazer compiled by the Salamander General Eugene, which hadnt been passed on to anyone as he wasnt short on money. Asuna herself managed to create a 5-hit one after several months of hard work, but 25 Sword Art Online Volume 7 Mothers Rosario Chapter 1 that had already exhausted her strength, and she wasnt thinking of starting a new one. Appearing in that situation wasAbsolute Sword, the mysterious swordmaster with an exceptional hit combo.

Well, if thats the case then its understandable that thered be plenty of challengers. Has everyone personally witnessed that sword skill?

The three of them immediately shook their heads in response to Asunas question. Representing them, Lisbeth responded. Hmm, it seems like it was shown on the very first day of the street fights, but it hasnt been used in actual combat In response, Lyfas shoulders dropped and shook her head.

Even Lyfa cant? In the end I got defeated by a normal skill. Speaking of which, the important things still havent been asked. Absolute Swords race, weapon? What are they? Oh, Absolute Swords an Imp. The weapon used was a onehanded sword, but its almost as thin as Asuna-sans rapier Overall, Absolute Swords very fast. The normal attacks were almost as fast as sword skills So fast that my eyes almost couldnt follow Absolute Swords actions.

That was the first time I encountered such a thing, I was really shocked. A speed type, eh? If even Lyfa cant follow Absolute Swords movements, then I probably have no chance either Wha, What is it?

Talking about speed, theres another player who feels like a cheater sleeping over there. What about Kirito-kun? It seems like hed be interested in this sort of thing. At this point, Asuna remembered something important. Looking at the shocked Asuna, Lyfa giggled and said something shocking. My brother has already fought Absolute Sword before. Moreover, he also beautifully lost. That Kirito. In Asunas heart, Kirito as a swordsman was already synonymous with absolutely strongest.

This was before they understood each other, back when Asuna commanded the front lines as KoBs sub-leader. Even though she hadnt mentioned it to Lisbeth and the others, Asuna herself actually seriously fought Kirito once back in SAO.

Asuna was frozen, agape for several seconds. While they were discussing the method to defeat the strong boss of a certain floor, there was an opposition between guilds led by KoB 27 Sword Art Online Volume 7 Mothers Rosario Chapter 1 At that time, Asuna was already interested in Kirito, but she also wanted to purge that thought. At that time she believed that putting personal emotions before clearing the game should not be tolerated. Both sides couldnt find a compromise, so in the end they decided to let the representatives of both sides duel.

Then Asuna lost. Kirito did an overly realistic feint the reason was understood later of pulling a second sword from behind his back and attacking, Asuna reflexively blocked and was beautifully hit in the resulting opening. In the end, after experiencing that fight, Asunas feelings instead became something which she couldnt give up, and at the same time, a deep impression of Kiritos sword was left in Asunas heart.

That duel was really heated. As their swords crossed, all the unnecessary thoughts in Asunas head were blown away, only the pleasure of fighting a good opponent filled her body. She felt as though she was directly fighting with her nerve impulses, something which she had never felt before. It lasted around 10 minutes, but Asuna didnt notice the length of the time. But Asuna didnt know about the strength hidden behind Kiritos unreliable-looking face.

Asuna felt that the duel was a good chance to defeat the weakness in her heart. Defeat Kirito, efficiently defeat the boss and once again return to her cold self. The strongest swordsman. Kirito-kun, he Are you serious? Lisbeth frowned and shrugged. Asuna shifted her gaze from Lyfa to Lisbeth and shakingly asked.

This is what I think. Probably, in a normal game, Kirito wont fight seriously anymore. On the other hand, Kirito only fights seriously when the game isnt a game anymore, when the virtual world becomes real Thats why its better if situations which force him to fight seriously dont appear.

From the beginning, he was the type to easily get wrapped into troublesome things. Asuna also looked at the black-haired swordsmans sleeping face for a while, and nodded at Lisbeth.

On either side, Lyfa and Silica slowly nodded with various emotions. Thats true. Lisbeth paused, her eyes reflecting the light from the fireplace, and took a look at the sleeping Kirito. His mouth displaying a constant smile. Even if you ask me, for that level of fighting, someone like me cant determine whether theyre serious But Kirito wasnt dualwielding, so in that aspect he wasnt going all out. Moreover, that But I think my brother was serious. At least, I feel like he didnt go easy.

The one who broke the temporary silence is Kiritos sister in the real world, Lyfa. Even though Im not sure, but shortly before the duel was concluded, when their blades are locked together, my brother seemed to have said something to Absolute Sword Immediately after that, the distance between the two widened and my brother wasnt able to avoid Absolute Swords charge and lost Thing is, even if I ask him he wont tell me.

However, it feels like Asuna looked down at her hand and muttered. Hearing this, Lisbeth raised her eyebrows. So you really want to fight?

Then it probably wouldnt work even if I asked him. So what did he say? All thats left is directly ask Absolute Sword, then. Ah, I also think so.

However, to know that, you must be on the same level as Kirito. What about your character? Which are you going with? Im talking about something other than street fights. Other than the Undine rapier user Asuna which was transferred over from SAO, she also made a new account and trained a new character from scratch: the Sylph Erika. The reason she created a new character was extremely simple: Sometimes she wanted to change her appearance too.

Erika specialized in melee and had most of its ability points devoted to dagger skills, so it was more suited for duels than Asuna which was half a healer.

However, Asuna shrugged and immediately replied. Looking around, Lisbeth, Silica and Lyfa nodded at the same time. Silica happily waved her tail and said. I dont really know whether or not it can be called a match Well, then its decided.

Absolute Sword appears on the island on the 24th floor around 3pm, right? Then lets meet here at Clapping her hands, Asuna called out the menu and looked at the time in reality. Then lets part here for today. Not good, its already 6, Im almost late for dinner. Of course! Theres no way Id skip this match. Ill go with this one, which Im more used to. Since the opponent is a speed type, victory would probably be decided in an instant rather than by DPS.

Is everyone coming? Lyfa saved the window in front of her and quickly packed up. After saying goodbye to the 3 people, the Sylph swordswoman quietly approached the rocking chair, held the back of the chair and suddenly shook it wildly.

Hey, Liz. Brother, wake up! Its time to go! I suspected that. But when I asked Kirito what he thought after his fight with Absolute Sword His reason being He said that if Absolute Sword existed in that world, Dual Blades wouldve been given to that person instead. What did Kirito-kun say? In response to the whispered question, Lisbeth nodded with a serious expression on her face.

Just now, you mentioned that Absolute Sword transferred over Since Absolute Swords so strong, is it possible that Although she set the air conditioner to weak heating mode, it seems like she forgot to disable the timer and it ended up turning off during FullDive. The temperature in her 10 tatami room is almost the same as the temperature outside. Noticing a small sound, she turned towards the large window and noticed numerous water droplets on the black glass.

Asuna slowly opened her eyes.

Even before her eyes focused on the ceiling of the dark room, Asuna felt the cold, humid air sticking to her skin. The AmuSphere shut down with that short electronic sound.

The room was renovated while she was in hospital, but for some reason Asuna couldnt like this convenient system.

Everything in the room being controlled with a window was a matter of course in the virtual world, but for some reason it feels a little cold when it appears in the real world. It felt like she was always Asuna shivered as she slowly got out of bed. She stretched her finger toward the controls on the buried control panel and tapped the touch sensor.

With just that motion, following a short motor sound, the curtains closed, hot air blew out of the air conditioner and the LED lights on the ceiling released a pale orange light. The warmth of the traditional Japanese house contrasted her owns coldness. The house of her grandparents on her mothers side felt the same way.

When she went there to play during the summer, she always sat on the sunny porch and swung her legs while eating the shaved ice her grandmother made. However, her grandparents on her mothers side had passed away a long time ago and that house had also been torn down quite a while ago Sighing softly, Asuna put on her slippers and stood up.

She suddenly felt slightly dizzy, so she looked down for a while, strongly aware of the heavy weight pulling at her body in reality. Of course, a sense of weight is also simulated inside the fantasy world. However in that world, Asunas body and soul could soar in the sky with just a light stomp on the floor.The voice had come from close behind her. I have seen SAO, but I haven't. The leader of it was the admin of the largest online game info site. Ma e me. I knew I didn't have much time left,so I violently pulled all the way back to the opening of her vagina before pushing in all the way in one thrust.

Sri Lanka. Her bouncing breasts also sent large amounts of sweat flying about.

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