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Wednesday, June 5, 2019

10 Books Every Product Designer Needs To Read and why you should take the time to actually read them. Go to the profile of Jamie Heuze. A comprehensive guide on designing digital products people will love. This book gives you an overall idea about current product design and research methods. We researched and asked some of the best product designers what books they would recommend to other product people. These books are must reads!.

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The best product design books recommended by Nir Eyal, Ron Conway, Ken Norton, Marty Cagan and Bill Gurley. A list of the best-selling product design books of all time, such as Jony Ive, Gamestorming, Louis Vuitton and Monetizing Innovation. One of the most common questions at any student Q&A with a master of design is : Where do you get your inspiration from? And the only answer.

What should be your main focus when designing for a mobile a platform?

What should be emphasized, and what should rather be hidden? Design user flows by discovering how people use an interface: How does the use of an application become a daily habit?

Learn more about onboarding, and how you can make your users understand your product more easily. What are the best ways to observe human behaviour? What are the 9 most important research methods?

How should you manage design tasks? How can you achieve better business results in a shorter time?

As human beings, we enjoy staying in our comfort zone, occasionally, we even protect it and hang onto it. However, there are times where change is necessary. The book is not very thick, and the fonts are pretty big in size, it took me about 1—1.

We all know how hard it is to cultivate a good habit and make it sticks.

In this book, Doctor Robert Maurer will show you how to harness the power of Kaizen — using small steps to achieve large goals. If you have read The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg before, then this book will serve as a practical guide on developing good habits.

Zero to one may seemed thin and small, but the book contains a deep thesis about the relationship between business, technology and the world.

Reference Manual on Scientific Evidence: Third Edition

This book will not teach you how to start a successful business or startup, but its underlying theory and concept are definitely worth knowing. Every moment in business happens only once.

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The next Bill Gates will not build an operating system. It can be applied for good or bad, but I leave that decision to you. If it is too big, you can get the concise edition , which focuses more on the Laws rather than the historical context they were derived from.

A great resource that shows you how products are developed from a sketch idea all the way to the final product, however, there seems to be a little more emphasis on the Industrial Design phases and how they turned an idea in to a final product, rather than the down stream development work. Unlike Design Secrets which focus on the creation process, this book is all about getting to the finishing line, something many design stories miss out.


I find that innovation and inspiration can be found in every aspect of the product development process, this book shows you how these 50 products found theirs during the manufacturing stage. Suitably inspired by the last book?

Well, this book gets you into more detail. By the clever use of pictures, technical illustrations and descriptions, design opportunities and considerations, over seventy manufacturing processes are explained.

This book intends to give designers a greater understanding of what actually happens during a manufacturing process.

For more details on Biomimicry, check out our extensive article on this revolutionary design process. Ulrich and Steven D. Now into its 4th edition, this is one of the few supplemental books that I bought that focused on Industrial Design as part of a bigger process.

While a little textbook-ish at times, it still is a great reference guide for designers finding that they have to wear many hats.

Do you need more good stuff on product and project management?

Industrial Design Books

I believe this became an instant classic as it was probably the first of its kind in the sketching or presentation category. This all-rounder book covers all presentation techniques in general, starting from sketch, to marker rendering, and finally to the presentation boards.

I actually got a chance to speak to Dick about his iconic book, and after his long groan, he told me that every Industrial Designers he has met has read it. You should too. If I recall, it also brings into the equation techniques using computer programs. The reality is rendering in Photoshop or Illustrator is no different from old schools markers.

Product Design and Development

This book houses a great collection of sketching and drawings contributed by Industrial Design professionals from all over the world.Smart Product Design looks at the latest innovations in smart home, health and wellbeing, sports and fitness, business, travel and more. Happy reading, have a wonderful and fruitful year ahead! If you often find yourself consuming more blog posts and status updates than books, this list might be a great place to start and try something different.

Screen design What do people most expect to see on a screen? Getting to know the user How to find out more about your users? Books can offer insight and perspective that can change lives.

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