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books based on votes: Wicca: A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner by Scott Cunningham, The Spiral Dance: A Rebirth of the Ancient Religion of th. Books shelved as pagan: Wicca: A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner by Scott Cunningham, Drawing Down the Moon: Witches, Druids, Goddess-Worshippers, . Recently HuffPost Religion put a call out to our community about books on Paganism that every Pagan and those interested in the varied.

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THE CHILLING ADVENTURES OF SABRINA is a fun series, but lets get a few things straight about witchcraft with these books about Wicca and. Now that you've decided you want to learn about contemporary Wicca or another modern Pagan path, what should you read? After all, there. Get now the Best books about Paganism, including Paganism, Pagan Portals: Irish Paganism, Magical Herbalism and 33 other top solutions suggested and.

Living Wicca: Earth Power: Techniques of Natural Magic by Scott Cunningham 4.

What Sabrina Got Wrong: Additional Reading on Paganism and Witchcraft

Demons of the Flesh: The Earth Path: Magical Herbalism: The Deep Heart of Witchcraft: The Magical Household: Grimoire of a Kitchen Witch: The Druids by Ronald Hutton 4. The Iliad by Homer 3. Evans-Wentz 4.

Wicca for Beginners: Through the Mists of Faerie: A Modern Celt: Web of Life: Meditation by Rachel Patterson Goodreads Author 4. To Ride a Silver Broomstick: Archaic Techniques of Ecstasy by Mircea Eliade 4. Moon Magick: Conway 4. The Holy Book of Women's Mysteries: Budapest 3.

The Handbook of Urban Druidry: The Poetic Edda by Anonymous 4. Diary of a Witch by Sybil Leek 3. The Elven Way: Shaman Pathways - Trees of the Goddess: Natural Witchery: Pagan Portals - Celtic Witchcraft: Power of the Witch: Pagan Portals - Your Faery Magic: Mythology by Edith Hamilton 3. The Odyssey by Homer 3.

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Elf Magic Mail: Ariadne's Thread: Living the Personal Myth: Mother Wit: Pagan Paths: Pagan Portals - Nature Mystics: Mrs Darley's Pagan Whispers: The Circle Within: The Grandmother of Time: Priestess of Avalon Priestess of the Goddess: A Renewed Spiritual Path for the 21st Century: Spirituality Without Structure: Pagan Planet: Everyday Sun Magic: Starcat's Corner: The Witch in Every Woman: Mastering Witchcraft: Circle Round: This Ancient Heart: A Witch Alone: To Stir a Magick Cauldron: Mrs Darley's Moon Mysteries: Wheel of the Year: Living the Magical Life by Pauline Campanelli 4.

When a Pagan Prays: Mrs Darley's Pagan Elements: Pagan Portals: Dancing with Nemetona: The Age of Fable by Thomas Bulfinch 4. Solitary Witch by Silver RavenWolf 3. Journey to the Dark Goddess: Witchcraft is a positive, life uplifting and nature-based religion with roots that stretch deep across ancient times as well as into modern times. We first vote from our Book Cauldron's collection of titles we have gathered. Then, we begin each book on the New Moon or thereabouts and host a group chat once per month in addition to other ongoing discussions here.

For more details such as when a book begins, chat times, etc. We will not vote on these or discuss them formally, it will just be for fun.

Who reads with us? Please be sure to add an email address to your Goodreads profile or let us know where you wish to receive group messages and updates. Arcane Academy Book Club. The Arcane Academy Book Club will provide an excellent opportunity to expand your occult knowledge. Each month, we will explore a classic of occult literature or a groundbreaking new release.

From Crowley to Fortune, queer witchcraft to Krampus, we're covering a wide range of topics to help you build your skills in all things witchy.

The 13 Best Books About Witchcraft of 2019

Follow our discussions here on Goodreads as well as once a month on the podcast. Cyndi Brannen.


Encyclopedia of Superstitions. The Orishas Mojo's African Magic. The Writings of Aleister Crowley Annotated: Aleister Crowley.

Coloring Book of Shadows: Witch Life. Amy Cesari. The Second Coming of the New Age: Lucya Starza.

Drawing Down the Moon: What We Knew in the Night: Reawakening the Heart of Witchcraft. Wicca Herbal Magic: Nordic Runes: Paul Rhys Mountfort. Celtic Mythology: Tales of Gods, Goddesses, and Heroes.

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Tarot for Beginners: The Door to Witchcraft: Tonya A. An Introduction to Earth- Centered Religions.

Matt Clayton. Book of Spells.

Pocket Havamal. Saemund Sigfusson.

What Sabrina Got Wrong: Additional Reading on Paganism and Witchcraft

Wicca Moon Magic: Working with the Magic of Lunar Cycles. The Magic of Crystals and Gems: Unlocking the Supernatural Power of Stones. Cerridwen Greenleaf. To Walk a Pagan Path: Practical Spirituality for Every Day. Everyday Witchcraft: Planner for a Magical Taylor is a Christian, and she writes from a that perspective. She then drew on her experience as an attorney to write Pagans and the Law: Get to Know Us. Edain McCoy.

Elf Magic Mail: Ancestral Hoodoo. Nikolas Schreck.

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