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Several manuscripts and rejections later, her first book, Irish Thoroughbred, was published by Silhouette in as Nora Roberts, a shortened. This is Nora's second gift hardcover release; The Gift was released in October Five of Nora Roberts' trade paperbacks have averaged over M gross. ppti.info On Becoming Baby Nora Roberts - The Donovan Legacy The Donovan Legacy - book 1.

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Nora Roberts is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of more than novels, Book 2. Nora Roberts Author (). cover image of Shelter in Place. The Quinns Christmasby Nora Roberts. A short story originally published as a Waldenbooks Report Exclusive. He'd never had Christmas before. Not a real one . You can read them by clicking the links below. Christmas at Ardmore by Nora Roberts (short story opens as a PDF) The Quinns Christmas by Nora Roberts.

It's not identical to Montana Sky or any other book, but it's far too similar for its own good.

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To be fair, though, the writing style was pretty good, even if the story crafted in that style was crap. We were largely left to assume the tone implied, and sometimes I had to stop and puzzle over the nuances within a conversation.

Could not finish By Amazon Customer Nora Roberts is my favorite author and I am shocked to find I just could not get through this book. The only character I could really connect with was Alice and her story is so dark it is overwhelming.

Once More With Feeling

I know very bad things happen every day, but I read to get away from everyday life for a while, I do not expect to end up sicken and depressed especially from a Nora book. This is my last Nora pre-purchase, I will read a sample before buying from now on. The positive: as she always does, she created an intricately detailed world, with well-developed characters.

Unfortunately it's one she's created before. The negative: it dragged on and on and on. And the predictable ending was Too many subplots not resolved, And, I'm sorry, but this is the last time I'm paying It's the last time I automatically pre-order a Nora Roberts book.

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She writes trilogies and stand alone romantic suspense. This felt like a trilogy that didn't quite gel. If I didn't think it was unethical to return a book I actually did read, I would have returned this one.

I love Nora Roberts' books. I read and re-read them.

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In , her first "In Death" serial novel was published under the pseudonym J. Robb, the initials "J.

She has since changed publishers. Eleanor has been plagiarized by another best-selling romance writer, Janet Dailey.

Nora Roberts

The practice came to light after a reader read Nora Roberts' "Sweet Revenge" and Janet Dailey's "Notorious" back-to-back; she noticed several similarities and posted the comparable passages on the Internet. Calling the plagiarism "mind rape," Eleanor sued Janet Daily. In , Janet, admitted to repeatedly plagiarizing from Nora Roberts' work, and that both "Aspen Gold" and "Notorious" lifted heavily from Nora Roberts's work.

Both of those novels were pulled from print after Janet's admission. She acknowledged the plagiarism and blamed it on a psychological disorder. A founding member of the Romance Writers of America R. She also is a member of several writers groups and has won countless awards from her colleagues and the publishing industry.

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Eleanor wrote under the pseudonym Jill March a story for a magazine titled "Melodies of Love". Website http: Location Boonsboro, Maryland, U. Nora Roberts Close.

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Estado , Nueva York N. Time s , s , , , , , , Current times , s or so , their is a killer in Agels Fist. Add to List. Are you sure you want to remove Nora Roberts from your list? Q Wikipedia. Robb Jill March.

History Created April 1, 19 revisions Download catalog record: November 24, In August 17, , as soon as she had graduated from High School, Eleanor married, against her parents' wishes. While, she worked briefly as a legal secretary. Inspired by Your Browsing History.

This felt like a trilogy that didn't quite gel. Stay in Touch Sign up.

She took a step back, then two, as the urge to run fell over her. It's not identical to Montana Sky or any other book, but it's far too similar for its own good.

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