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The focus of the book, Indian Summer, is mainly on five persons, namely, Lord Mountbatten, Edwina Mountbatten, Jawaharlal Nehru,. Mohandas Karamchand. Indian Summer- The Secret History of the End of an Empire. Home · Indian Summer- The Secret History of the End of an Empire. Indian summer Borrow this book to access EPUB and PDF files. IN COLLECTIONS. Books to Borrow · Books for People with Print Disabilities.

Indian Summer Book Pdf

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Free kindle book and epub digitized and proofread by Project Gutenberg. Indian Summer by William Dean Howells. No cover available. (DOWNLOAD) Indian Summer The Secret History of the End of an Empire By Alex A fascinating book that may well change how we look on the Indian Summer_ The Secret History of the - Tunzelmann, Alex ppti.info M. ppti.info - Buy Indian Summer: The Secret History Of The End Of An Empire book online at best prices in India on ppti.info Read Indian Summer: The.

This is a lively, engaging, narrative history that concentrates on the several years around It is full of detail from the Mountbattens increasingly left-wing political views to Jinnah being turned down as a candidate for a safe Labour seat in Yorkshire during the inter-war period on the grounds of coming across as too much of a toff view spoiler [ ie too upper class and not the kind of man who'd wear a flat cap hide spoiler ]. What I learnt was the difficult relationship between Jinnah and Nehru was not the product of deep and irreconcilable differences between Hindu and Muslim communities but rather the close and incestuous perhaps surprisingly given Gandhi's habit of sleeping naked with some of his own youthful female relatives to test his own celibacy, not literally but figuratively speaking nature of In dian politics in the first half of the twentieth century view spoiler [to my surprise I also found out that Indira Gandhi wasn't the Gandhi's daughter-in-law as I had imagined, but rather her husband changed his similar surname to the one familiar to us today, so Indian politics turned out in at least one relationship to be less incestuous than I had imagined hide spoiler ].

The two men were rivals; too similar in outlook, education and ambition, and far too interconnected in their personal relationships, to be able to work together.

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Tragically the only difference that could be fallen back on, to perhaps legitimise their personal rivalry, as something which others could crystallise around was the religious background - had those two been able to sit down, perhaps at dinner in a fashionable restaurant and agreed on a division of power in a post-Empire situation with one, for instance, becoming Prime Minister the other Chancellor of the Exchequer with a wide ranging brief over Economic development, then even without the good offices of Edwina Mountbatten events would have played out very differently.

As it was their position in deeply entangled networks of friends and family meant that a disparaging remark made by one over dinner would be heard by the other over their breakfast.

Then there were the likes of Gandhi - a man at all costs to avoid having as your father or husband - who for all his stated rejection of the British legal system was one of the more terrifying negotiators to emerge ever from the Temple, and Winston Churchill, who to preserve British sovereignty over the sub-continent apparently would have intrigued with the Devil and in his absence found Jinnah entirely congenial, and if he could not preserve sovereignty and the glamour of Empire he was happy to settle for the hope of lasting influence naturally completely irrespective of any bloodshed that might cause on the ground.

Churchill really was a bit of a Boris Johnson. It was against this background that Mountbatten, or Battenberg as he was before the First World War, a cousin of the British Royal Family, was dropped in as Viceroy with a brief from the Atlee government to end the British Empire's dominion over India. Partly on ideological grounds, partly because due to the expense of World War Two, it was completely unaffordable.

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They are ranked in order of reader review rankings. And if this book has a hero or heroine, it is Edwina Mountbatten. Edwina comes across as the People's Princess, rising almost Dianalike above a troubled marriage.

She is an immediate hit with the Mahatma, visits 'untouchables', and pursues innumerable charitable works.

She tones down the outdated formalities of the viceregal palace and saves her husband's career more than once, notably when she persuades Nehru to accept dominion status for India.

Critics abroad have already hailed Tunzelmann as a wonderful historian with a wit and eye for character, and her book as even-handed and authoritative. There is no doubt that she writes brilliantly and the battery of footnotes bear witness to her research.

She has remarkable command of her subject but her focus on the Mountbattens makes it impossible for this book to be a truly authoritative record of the era. And, despite the title, there are few secrets This period of history has received so much attention that secrets are hard to come by.

Denied access to the private correspondence of Edwina and Nehru, Tunzelmann has to recreate their love affair by drawing on other evidence.On either side of Old Europe, two new powers were rising to world superiority--and both took a close interest in the new dominions of India and Pakistan.

Indian Summer by William Dean Howells

They are ranked in order of reader review rankings. Quotes from Indian Summer: Finally, I wish Tunzelmann had written more about Pakistan as well. Critics abroad have already hailed Tunzelmann as a wonderful historian with a wit and eye for character, and her book as even-handed and authoritative.

Yes, Gandhi did find a political heir in Nehru Jr.

That Indian Summer doesn't delve into this aspect of Pakistan is, perhaps, its only real shortcoming. Even Jinnah and Patel and Churchill - if only he had met Nehru or Gandhi in person a bit earlier than when he did! In those days the debate was shaped partly by legal rights established by history or myth and partly by the rather one-dimensional discourse of anti-colonialism, with very little reference to the actual wishes and needs of people on the ground.

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