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Hector and the Search for Happiness book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Once upon a time there was a young psychiatr. Hector and the Search for Happiness [Francois Lelord] on ppti.info Though the book is an international bestseller, it is far less a novel than a maudlin. Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. This trite debut follows a psychiatrist named Hector.

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Buy Hector and the Search for Happiness (Hector's Journeys) by François Lelord, Lorenza Garcia from Amazon's Fiction Books Store. Everyday low prices on a. This trite debut follows a psychiatrist named Hector as he attempts to understand what made people happy. At a crossroads professionally and. Author Q&A. Hector and the Search for Happiness was inspired by your own search for happiness in some measure. Can you explain how the book came to be?.

For example "happiness is to have a house and a garden" is a simple truth, a plus in Quality of Life indexes, but a reference to Epicure, too.

And later the Professor tells Hector more about real theories of happiness. But one can enjoy Hector's lessons without knowing anything about philosophy and psychology and I am happy about that!

Was this a challenge for you as the author? Not really, I must be very superficial!

Maybe not so, I hope, but at the level of a philosophical tale you don't have to explore systematically all the issues, but just to show them in a way to make the reader think. I didn't invent that genre: Voltaire, Montesquieu, Swift…;. One of the most intriguing lines in the book is: Because in our Western culture, and maybe specially in the United States, we are supposed to be free beings and so responsible for our own happiness, which at the same time has become a supreme value.

Opposite to some times ago when you had to accept that your life was determined by social order, untreatable plagues, and God, and when duty was more valued than happiness.

So today, not being happy is not far from acknowledging a kind of personal failure. Most of Hector's lessons on happiness go beyond the realm of traditional psychiatry.

Hector And The Search For Happiness

How has writing this book and its sequels affected your relationship to modern medicine? Not much I think, because modern medicine, and of course psychiatry, is more and more concerned about happiness and well-being or the patients, I have seen that evolution since I was a medical student, and for the first time in my UCLA-Veteran hospital year, where my mentors' teams were concerned about the well-being of chronic mental patients, not only reducing their symptoms.

Hector has struck a chord in your native Europe. What is it about this story that speaks to readers? As an author, you never really know. But I got some letters.

Some people were sensitive to the humor of the book, and told me it made them smile and cheered them up. Other ones told me it made them cry, but still they liked it for that. Many told me that it helped them to put their worries in perspective at some difficult times.

As you can imagine, all of those comments made me happy.

Hector and the Search for Happiness by Francois Lelord

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He was on a trip to Hong Kong, questioning his personal and professional life, when the Hector character popped into his mind, and he wrote Hector and the Search for Happiness not quite knowing what kind of book he was writing.

The huge success of Hector, first in France, then in Germany and other countries, led him to spend more time writing and traveling, and at the height of the SARS epidemic he found himself in Vietnam, where he practiced psychiatry for a French NGO whose profits go toward heart surgery for poor Vietnamese children.

While in Vietnam he also met his future wife, Phuong; today they live in Thailand.

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Francois Lelord has created a 21st-century hero. His search takes him all over the globe where he discovers that there may be more to being happy than he ever realized and what happiness means to different people, different cultures. I loved this book, I loved Hector and I found myself wondering aloud what happiness meant to me.

It made me ask friends and family what happiness meant to them.

Read the book and think about that question. It was completely silent; dusk was approaching. I heard my breathing and the squeak of snow as I balanced on one foot at a time to remove my shoes.

Had he been there the whole time? He was sitting cross-legged, his red robe billowing out around him. He looked like a big cushion. All I could hear was silence.

After half a minute or so, I heard a very faint buzzing. I stood very still, trying to guess what it was.

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I shrugged at the monk, wondering if the gesture had the same meaning in Japanese. He was still smiling and from his smile, I understood that he had all the time in the world.Hector starts his journey in China where he has an old friend who works very hard and has a lot of money.

Not really, I must be very superficial! He explains his own research, that of his colleagues, and the way Happiness Studies has progressed over the last several years since it has begun being studied.

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For example, sometimes it was Clara who wanted to get married and have a baby and sometimes it was Hector, but they almost never wanted it at the same time. Literary Fiction Category: I wrote Hector's Journey with jubilation in a few weeks, not knowing exactly what kind of book I was writing, and why I had chosen at first this fairy-tale style.

Upon returning to his home country, Hector is renewed and refreshed. I looked for the bell but all I could see were slippers outside the sliding paper doors.

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