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The title of each book refers to the antagonist that Arthur fights in the novel. Nix, Garth (). Mister Monday. Mister Monday book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Arthur Penhaligon's first days at his new school don't go too well. Book 1. Mister Monday. by Garth Nix. · 33, Ratings · 1, Reviews · published · 46 The second incredible book in The Keys to the Kin More .

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The books in The Keys to the Kingdom Series by award-winning author Garth Nix . Titles include Mister Monday, Grim Tuesday, Drowned Wednesday, Sir Thursday, Lady Friday, Superior Saturday, Lord Mister Monday by Garth Nix ( US). Seven days. Seven keys. Seven virtues - and seven sins. The moment Arthur meets sinister Mister Monday, the world turns inside out. The next seven days will . Mister Monday (Keys to the Kingdom, Book 1) Mass Market Paperback – July 1, by . Sir Thursday (Keys to the Kingdom, Book 4). Garth Nix Lady Friday (Keys to the Kingdom #5) (The Keys to the Kingdom). Garth Nix · out of 5 stars .. This book along with Grim Tuesday will hook readers on this series. I can't.

Shelves: reviewed , favoritereads It's Garth Nix. Was there ever a chance I wouldn't like it?

And so here's a big thank-you to her, because while my mind wasn't quite blown, I am glad not to have missed out on what seems a fantastic series. My primary reservation about the Keys to the Kingdom series is its target age group - and yes, I know that's silly, because how could the man who wrot It's Garth Nix.

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My primary reservation about the Keys to the Kingdom series is its target age group - and yes, I know that's silly, because how could the man who wrote Sabriel ever create something puerile and immature? And rest assured, fellow readers, that he has not. While on the surface a simple if rather bizarre adventure story, Mister Monday has a great distinction in that it is the only book i have ever read where one of the things that compels me to read the sequels was the symbolism and allegories.

BUT, I mostly enjoyed the book.

I felt it was a little slow to get started, and some of the writing a tad clunky, but once it grabbed me, it didn't let go. Following are the highlights of my reactions to this book. Wow, they nuked the hospital. I, uh, really didn't think they'd nuke the hospital.

The Keys to the Kingdom

Where were Leaf's family when this happened again? Arthur's transformation is pretty neat.

This is one of those excellent plot twists that jars you when you first read it, but then you go, "Of course! I like Elephant in this book, but I do think it's a slight faltering that when it appears a couple of books back, there's kind of a, "whuh?

So the Architect. Oh, wait, no it doesn't. Seriously, though: she had to do all that just to free the Old One? Wouldn't it maybe make more sense for Nix to have just said that the Architect couldn't destroy herself without destroying all her creation, and leave it at that? It's really kind of weird that she had to destroy all of everything to break bonds that, um, she created. And all.

Mister Monday

Nothing[ edit ] Nothing is the mythical substance used in the series. From it the entire Universe formed through a concentration -based process. It appears as oily black smoke, or a black liquid, and contains the properties of being able to dissolve with the exception of Immaterial objects or create anything.

When enough Nothing comes together, it can form a Nithling. Nithlings are creatures not created by the Architect, but self-made from uncontained or uncontrolled Nothing. The Nithlings have this autonomy in common with both the Architect and the Old One, but apparently lack the power and creative impulses demonstrated by those elder beings. Nothing is likely based on Aether.

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For more information on the various types of Nithling, see below. Nithlings[ edit ] Nithlings are entities formed from Nothing.

They are feared by most of the House due to their ability to kill even an immortal Denizen with a festering bite. Nithlings take a variety of shapes and are incorporated into every book in some form. They appear to lack complex intelligence , although some types can be used as servants notably the Fetchers, sent to retrieve the Key in Book One.

The Keys to the Kingdom: Lord Sunday

Most lower forms of Nithling can be dispatched with silver or salt , though this has little effect on higher or more substantially Made Nithlings. Nithlings dissolve into Nothing when killed. They are employed by many Denizens and the Morrow Days for menial tasks, especially when someone is needed to venture into the Secondary Realms.

Nithling species usually are named ; this implies that they are usually made in regular forms. The Nithlings seen so far in the books are: Fetchers Mister Monday, Lady Friday — resembling men with the faces of bloodhounds , sent to retrieve objects. Fetchers cannot cross thresholds uninvited. They can be banished with salt, which causes them to dissolve, and are forbidden to wear wings or carry weapons.

Bibliophages Mister Monday — a snake -like Nithling, expelling a venom that reduces any kind of writing to Nothing. They are attracted to writing, which they then try to destroy. Spirit-Eater Grim Tuesday, Drowned Wednesday, Sir Thursday — a creature made by sorceries and a seed item belonging to the person whose physical form it assumes, being designed to imitate them.

It requires a year of House Time to grow from Nothing. It can grow mentally conducive mold on people and can only be destroyed if its seed item is plunged into Nothing.

The mold originates from the fictional planet called Avraxyn; its mutant form, present in Spirit-Eaters, is transmitted by skin-to-skin contact between and only between the Spirit-Eater and natural beings, wherein after it communicates knowledge of its model to the former.

A Spirit-Eater's true form varies and can only be seen through a veil of raindrops on a sunny day. At all other times, it resembles its model.

Its technical name is 'Cocigrue', which it shares with a legendary monster called Cocquigrue or Coquecigrue. Scoucher Grim Tuesday — a Nithling originating from small, semi-enclosed spaces. Can take any form, but always has long, sharp, ribbon-like tentacles , with which it causes mortals or Denizens to bleed uncontrollably.They are employed by many Denizens and the Morrow Days for menial tasks, especially when someone is needed to venture into the Secondary Realms.

It's not good when certain death and fast-paced action is simply boring. I admit, I got a little wary when the Old One - enemy of the Architect - was first mentioned. See all 4 questions about Mister Monday…. I liked it but I didn't really understand how it worked.

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