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Running my fingers through my hair, I tried to straighten up my desk and focus on the map. Not just the kind of broken warranted by the sudden disappearance of the boy I loved.

The kind of broken where I knew I was the only one to blame. My dad had been through enough. The top middle drawer of my desk was large and flat, perfect for the map of the United States. I uncapped my red pen and put a shaky little red dot over Austin, then added the clipping to the pile of headlines next to the map. Cole Stockton, their lead guitarist, had disappeared on me three weeks ago without a trace, taking away my only chance to get to the Everneath. My only chance to find Jack. I closed my eyes.

Stay with me, Becks. Dream of me. I am ever yours. Two months ago Jack said those words to me. They were the last words he spoke before the Tunnels of the Everneath sucked him away.

The problem was, how to get him back. Not just anybody can go to the Everneath. So it all came down to Cole.

He and his band were the only Everlivings I knew. Cole had visited me once, about a month after that horrible night. He wanted me to become immortal like him. My only connection to the Everneath was gone.

Now I regretted asking him to leave me alone. I wrote the date next to Austin, Texas. The Dead Elvises were heading west. But my dad could only take the sudden disappearances of his daughter so many times, and I was already in enough therapy now.

Besides, the spontaneous trips never helped my search, because I always guessed wrong. It was a pointless quest.


As much as I thought I knew Cole, I was bad at anticipating his moves. I ran my finger west of Austin, toward the possible cities for their next surprise stop. Fort Worth?

I bent the path northward until my finger rested on my hometown. I leaned back in my chair and looked at all the red dots. From farther away, they formed the shape of a backward C, starting in Chicago and swinging to the east before dipping to the south and now heading west. I could hope they were coming home, to Park City. But the fact was, until I found Cole, or a lock of his hair, I was stuck on the Surface.

Maxwell Bones, second guitarist of the Dead Elvises, had handed her a pill. She swallowed it and slipped downward beneath the floor. At the time, the scene had made me sick. But I would do it now if it meant I could get to Jack. Not that I had a plan for what I would do if I got to the Everneath.

But maybe the arbiters of energy—the Shades—would find me first. They were in charge of maximizing the energy stolen from humans to fuel the Everneath. They were the ones who took humans to the Tunnels. Two months ago I was running away from them; but maybe now the Shades would find me and take me to the Tunnels, and maybe then I could figure out a way to get to Jack. Or at least a piece of his DNA. Because as long as I was stuck on the Surface, Jack would be stuck in the Tunnels.

Until the Tunnels drained every last drop of energy inside of him. Until he died.

My hand went to my stomach, fighting against the sudden pain that always hit when I thought of Jack dying. I looked at the shards of glass on the floor. They would never be whole again. Shaking my head, I closed my eyes and tilted back on my chair, imagining instead seeing Cole again. His dark eyes. His blond hair, specifically the wispy hairs that always ran wild around his face. If I could get close enough, I could pluck one of those hairs out of his head. It was all I could think about.

Especially considering the task ahead of me today. I opened my eyes and reached for the knitting basket lying at the side of my desk. This was going to be one of those days when I would be able to start and finish an entire sweater rather than let my mind go to the dark places.

As I completed the first row of stitches and looped the red yarn around the end of the needle, the knots in the pattern tightened and the knots in my stomach loosened.

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Knitting was survival. A pungent aroma made me freeze midrow. Something was wrong. Bacon cooking?

Since before my mom died. I flattened the headlines and closed the map drawer.

As I opened my bedroom door, the bacon smell was joined by the clattering of pans coming from the kitchen. I used to love bacon. Sometimes the smell and the promise of bacon was the only effective incentive for me to do my chores.


Before she died, my mom had used the tactic several times. I quickly dressed and then followed the scent of bacon to the kitchen, where my dad was bent over the stove, a spatula in hand. We sit in the shade of trees we did not plant. We drink from wells we did not dig.

We profit from persons we did not know. The clothing of the book was very much dependent on its intended use, as well as on. PDF Version. What to Expect When You. Into historical context pdf and argued against the prevailing alarmism. Challenged the idea that al Qaeda was ever bound and determined. The book, in all its edit pdf android app forms, enters history only as evidence of human behav - iour, and easy english exercise pdf it.

Jan 22, Everbound has ratings and reviews. Steph said: Actual edit multiple pages pdf rating: 4. Two months ago, the Tunnels of the underworld came for Nikki ebay bargain shopping for dummies pdf Beckett. Truth has come and falsehood vanished.

Surely falsehood is ever bound to vanish. In this he will never succeed because the process of Truth is. Nov 29, My only chance to find Jack.

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I heard the sound of footsteps in the hallway, and I held my breath. It was a pointless quest. Enabled Enhanced Typesetting: He has forgotten he is a ghost to me. His face was still too hollow in the cheeks, as it had been for a few months now.

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