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Estimation and costing by dutta pdf free download estimation and costing civil engineering book. B N Datta Estimation and costing Book free. Dutta, B.N., “Estimating and Costing in Civil Engineering”, UBS Publishers & Distributors Pvt. Ltd., 2. Kohli, D.D and Kohli, R.C., “A Text Book of Estimating. estimates and construction contract modification estimates. construction cost estimating from planning phases through modification estimates.

Estimation And Costing Pdf

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Downlaod Estimation and Costing Book By B.N. Dutta – The book is complete in all respects in theory and practice, and covers the syllabi of degree, diploma. PDF | ESTIMATION Estimation is the scientific way of working out the approximate cost of an engineering project before execution of the work. (A) ESTIMATING AND COSTING. UNIT -T. General items of work in Building - Standard Units Principles of working out quantities for detailed and abstract.

Selection of right construction material is required for successful completion of the construction project.

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Estimate is majorly required to plan and to choose the right construction materials and also for deciding the right technology. The plus or minus of each cost will help you to choose between alternate materials of varying cost i. As the total cost will ultimately depend on the cost of selected materials, which are available in a wide range in the market. Courtesy - fdyhafriyat c Required Quantity of Materials Estimate is useful for estimating the quantity of materials which are required for the proposed construction work.

So, materials can be bought and will be arranged as per estimated quantity during the given time limit, during the proposal of work depending upon their lead time. Estimate is also used for calculating the wages of labour, carpenter, Mazdoor, bhisti, skilled, unskilled mason etc.

It may also include maintenance cost of various equipments, machinery and plants. Estimate also includes the lump sum and unit costs for loading, unloading and transportation cost of construction materials.

Courtesy - medspeed f To Plan Time At this stage, the estimate can become very useful for finding out or calculating the completion time for the project, based on quantity or volume of work of different items, and also funds needed for each item. For completion of work, it is important to schedule time for each work items so as to complete work within the stipulated time limit. Courtesy - nkcontabilidade h Project Sanction Estimate is used to accord final sanction and approve any construction project.

The estimated cost is worked out so that the necessary funds can be arranged in a given time by the competent authority for efficient and successful completion. In case of private owner, one can plan for housing loan, if needed.

The owner can take a decision whether to go for a project and also to decide whether to restrict or to change the size of project. This is normally done after completion of all basic drawings and designs.

The material quantities and material schedules are worked out. Arrangements for the labour force can be made after considering the specified work period. Bar charts and cash flow combinations can be prepared for smooth progress of the project.

Once the estimation is ready, funds can be made available. It helps to source the plants and machinery required at the project site. In detailed estimates, cost is worked out considering all the quantities in detail along with other factors.

Therefore, this estimate is reliable and accurate. The materials required for the project can be obtained using the material consumption constants based on the earlier projects. It gives a rough idea of the probable expenditure. Specifications of the various items.Same specification as perpara 3.

Standard of construction can be achieved by careful supervision and selecting proper specifications whereas for Economy, planning is a must.

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RSMeans refers to this as, "Scope out the project," and, "Quantify. Similarly quick lime should be converted into putty.

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