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Saturday, May 25, 2019

ppti.info: Burmese (Myanmar): An Introduction to the Spoken Language, Book 1 (Southeast Asian Language Text) (): John Okell, U Saw. The Burmese language made easy! It teaches all four language skills - speaking. Burmese (Myanmar): An Introduction to the Spoken Language, Book 1. Find Burmese language books online. Get the best Burmese language books at our marketplace.

Burmese Language Book

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It is generally admitted that the Burmese language is difficult to study, and when there are few suitahle text-books and very few competent teachers, the difficulty. South East Asia Section, School of Languages, Cultures & Linguistics. Burmese Language Study Materials. 1 Course books. The script. The spoken. Burmese: An Introduction to the Spoken Language, Books 1 and 2 focus on early encounters with Burmese speakers in Burma and abroad. Book 1 lays the.

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It ends with a set of dialogues, again with plenty of oral practice, covering 12 situations, including survival shops, taxis and so on and social Where are you from?

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Shall we meet again? Book 2 extends your competence in the 12 situations.

An Introduction to the Script enables students with no previous knowledge of Burmese to become competent in reading and writing Burmese script. In particular, it offers:. With Burmese I have to start all over again as I am a newborn baby.

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Finding a written guide I wanted a book that could guide me in this process. What a search. There are almost none to find.

Dictionaries yes, but a guide to help you from the start, nope. It really helps me getting to understand and learn the language from zero.

The audio-CD that accompanies the book is the thing I love the most. Burmese for Beginners helps you understand, speak and write Burmese in several lessons. It teaches you words and sentences that are really good use for a beginner in Myanmar.

I really love it. And I checked with my native Burmese speaker, the book is quite right. Share this post.

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Hey guys, I would like to learn some Burmese and I was wondering what book do you guys use. And where to find it? Thanks for suggestions. Did you try Burmese for Beginners from Paiboon publishing?

Basic Burmese on your phone

You can find it in Myanmar quite easily normally, I saw it in several book shops already, not sure that they will necessarily have the audio though. I think the book is well constructed, with list of vocal in the beginning of each lesson, useful conversations and sentences and simple, clear grammatical explanations.

I also like the phonetic system they use, I hate to learn with IPA and I think theirs is pretty ok and systematic. We teach new Burmese words or expressions everyday, we have also a few videos teaching Burmese, please check it out.

Nice page Burmese Lesson, would be great if we could have the sounds wav or mp3 when clicking on the text or words, but thanks for having a page to help us to catch a few words in Burmese, quite a difficult language for a newbie like me.You must be logged in to reply to this topic.

Parts 1 and 2 contain passages relating to life at home and at school, while the texts selected for Part 3 deal with themes of Burmese nationalism and independence. Strong partners We only work with major actors of the tourism industry.

If you are learning Burmese at Cornell, you will be learning both styles of the language — colloquial as well as literary styles. Big range of options ready for you to book.

Shall we meet again? Culture of the target language, as it is embedded in the language use will be given a special attention in the language instructions, but students will be referred to various resources such as books and web sites for information on cultural events and notions.

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