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This article intends to cover the answers to the questions which a BizTalk developer can face at an Interview. The article focuses on artifacts. Following Biztalk Schema job interview questions and answers are framed for your interview reference. Have a look at them on ppti.info If you're looking for BizTalk Server Interview Questions for Experienced or Freshers, you are at right place. There are lot of opportunities from many reputed .

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BizTalk interview questions Latest 47, You can crack the interview to achieve your ppti.info Provide Tutorial Videos Scenario based interview. Most frequently asked top Basic And Advanced BizTalk interview questions and answers pdf with detailed explanation for competitive examination and entrance . BizTalk Interview Preparation Guide. Download PDF. Add New Question. BizTalk frequently Asked Questions in various BizTalk job Interviews by interviewer.

You could enable continuation and relate the PO number and the order fulfillment number, so that both parts of the process could add information to the same activity. From a BizTalk perspective, these are numeric values, which can be configured on your Hosts and host instances, and lead to Throttling situations once they are crossed.

BizTalk Admin Interview Questions and Answers Why do you have automatic throttling states and what can it be used for? BizTalk can be configured in that it uses a Failover- or Load Balanced cluster.

By doing so, BizTalk uses several physical or virtual machines to spread the workload. In case one of the machines goes down, BizTalk is still able to process workload on the other machine s. This stands for Network Load Balancing. BizTalk itself however has its own load balacing.

An adapter is a software component COM or. As Microsoft BizTalk Server has evolved, the need for adapters that quickly enable connectivity with commonly used applications and technologies has increased.

Adapters Interview Questions and Answers What is required for a developer to create a custom adapter? A developer can receive requirements for building a custom adapter in case there are no out-of the box or commercial available to fulfill certain functionality. Adapters are the components that enable the BizTalk to interface with the external communications protocol. They mediate between the protocol and the messaging pipeline in use. Adapters Interview Questions and Answers Does an adapter write to content of the message?

The adapter only writes data in the context of the message which is further interrogated by another component of BizTalk.

MessageBox is a SQL server database along with messaging agent. The message is suspended when there are no subscribers found for it. Receive port can have any number of receive location. When the new host is created it results in a new entry in the Host table in the Management database and also a new Host queue in the MessageBox.

Messaging objects viz. Receive Ports, Receive Locations, Send ports, etc. BizTalk Database Interview Questions and Answers Is there any change in the database when the filter is added to Send port or when Activate property of Receive shape is set to true? An entry is added in subscription table.

It is the component that encapsulates and abstracts the database component and is the interface used by BizTalk Server to interact with the MessageBox.

The Message Agent is a Component Object Model COM component that provides interfaces for publishing messages, subscribing to messages, retrieving messages, and so on. This interface is the only mechanism used by other BizTalk Server components, including the adapter framework and orchestrations, to interact with the MessageBox.

BizTalk Server Interview Questions

A map file basically is the XML file that defines the correspondence between the records and fields in one schema and the records and fields in another schema. You create a map when you want to transform or translate data that you receive or send from one schema to another. But to do so custom XSLT is to be provided to the map. Choosing inline code allows us to declare global variables outside the method declaration. These are accessible throughout the map from within all inline code scripting functoids.

A run-time inference engine that can link highly readable, declarative, semantically rich rules to any business objects. It can evaluate rules against facts and initiate actions based on the results of that evaluation. You need to use the Business Rules Composer. This is a graphical tool used for authoring, versioning, and deploying policies and vocabularies.

It is a rule markup language in XML format for declarative rule definitions. Using the Call Rules Shape. The Vocabulary Definition Wizard is used to create vocabulary definitions.

Biztalk Schema Interview Questions & Answers

Functoid Interview Questions and Answers What is functoid? The term functoids refers to predefined functions within the BizTalk Mapper tool set. Functoids support a number of useful translations and transformations. Functoid Interview Questions and Answers What is required for a developer to create a custom functoid?

Basically you need to Create a new class library project using the. NET language of your choice and create a class derived from Microsoft.

Functoid Interview Questions and Answers Why would a developer create a custom functoid? Below scenarios can tempt developer to create custom functoid: When there is no out of box functoids which can be used to complete the logic. When the number of functoids used to implement the logic goes on increasing and becomes difficult to follow and manage. Value Mapping: When both the source and the destination schemas define parallel repeating structures between which the relevant data is mapped.

Value Mapping Flattening : When the source schema defines a repeating structure and the destination schema defines a flat structure, such that different instances of the repeating structure in the source schema are intended to be mapped into the unique elements in the flat structure in the destination schema. Functoid Interview Questions and Answers How can you build an if-then-else construction with functoids?

To build if-then-else it will need any of the Logical functoid depending upon the requirements, e. NET helper classes can be used inside an orchestration. Helper Class Interview Questions and Answers A helper class which is not marked serializable , can it be used in Orchestration? Yes, it can used in orchestration but in an atomic scope only.

When creating an assembly that will be used by BizTalk, it is appropriate to mark all classes as serializable. Therefore non-serializable Classes or Types cannot be used directly in Orchestrations.

What is the default mapping for Auto Mapping?

The default mapping for Auto Mapping is is mapping by structure. This can be changed to by node name in the map properties. What is Biztalk Orchestrations Dehydration and Rehydration? When an orchestration has been idle for a while, the orchestration engine will save the state information of the instance and free up memory resources.

When a message is received, or else when a timeout has expired, the orchestration engine can be automatically triggered to rehydrate the instance — it is at this point that the orchestration engine loads the saved instance of the orchestration into memory, restores the state, and runs its from the point it left off. List out some Artifacts of BizTalk Server?

Role Links. Send Ports and Send Port Groups. Receive Ports.

Receive Locations. What is the difference between a Document Schema and a Property Schema? A document schema is used to define a message. It is a definition on an Xml message with optional extensions for flat files, EDI file, etc that enable the parsers to convert the native format into Xml. A property schema is used to define message context properties.

BizTalk Server Interview Questions

If you wish to promote a field from a message into the message context then you need to define a document schema and property schema. In the document schema you promote the required field using the property schema to define the property type that will be used in the message context.

What is Correlation in context of BizTalk Server? An Orchestration can have more than one instance running simultaneously.

Even though each of those multiple instances perform the same action, it does it on different data contained within a message.

BizTalk Server Interview Questions and Answers (10) - Page 1

Correlation is a process of associating an incoming message with the appropriate instance of an orchestration. For Example: If your orchestration issues a purchase order, receives an invoice, and sends a payment, the developer must make certain that the invoice message is received by the orchestration instance which corresponds to the orchestration that sent the Purchase Order.

Without correlation, it would be possible to send out an invoice for thousands of items even though the purchase order is for one. And each correlation is based on a set of properties known as correlation types.

What is the difference between Distinguished field and Promoted Property? Promoted properties can be accessed in Orchestrations, ports, pipelines, schemas. They Use server resources. Distingished fields are light weight and can be accessed only in Orchestrations.

For more details, please go through http: What is the latest version of BizTalk Server? NET Framework 3.

Biztalk Server Related Tutorials

What is the difference between a "Message Assignment" shape and an "Expression" shape? A "Message Assignment" shape is used to create a new message and assign values to it. A Expression shape is used to assign values to variables and also write 'if' conditions.These rules are created by using a tool called the Business Rule Composer, and then executed directly by the engine.

Another advantage of using a canonical schema is that it reduces the number of transformations you need. It can evaluate rules against facts and initiate actions based on the results of that evaluation. If you wish to promote a field from a message into the context then you need to define a document schema and property schema. This is a graphical tool used for authoring, versioning, and deploying policies and vocabularies.

Distinguished fields are light weight and can only be used inside an Orchestration. This process is done by using adapters those are tailored for communicating among various software systems in an enterprise.

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