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Akse Khuhsbu a beautiful Urdu poetry book by Parveen Shakir (Late). Akse Khushboo book contains romantic poetry, Urdu ghazals, poems and other poetry of Parveen Shakir. Visit the following link to read online or download Aks e Khushboo book in Pdf format. A selection of Urdu Poetry by the late Parveen Shakir, one of the most famous Urdu poets of the post-partition generation. Most of her poetry is. ghazals in urdu, pakistani poetry, poetry parveen shakir, urdu poetry download, poems about life, poetry in urdu, urdu love poetry, urdu ghazals.

Aks E Khushboo Parveen Shakir Pdf

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Aks e Khushboo Urdu Poetry By Parveen Shakir Pdf -. Akse Khushboo By Parveen Shakir | Free Pdf Books. Waris Shah Zindagi Aur Zamana By Shareef Kunjahi containing the biography and life story of punjabi sofi poet and he is famous for his work on heer ranjha.

In she was appointed the second secretary, Federal Bureau of Revenue in Islamabad. Shakir employed mainly two forms of poetry in her work, one being the prevalent ghazal [plural: The most prominent themes in Shakir's poetry are love, feminism, and social stigmas, though she occasionally wrote on other topics as well.

Her work was often based on romanticism , exploring the concepts of love, beauty and their contradictions, and heavily integrated the use of metaphors, similes and personifications.

Arguably, Shakir can be termed the first female poet to use the word larki girl in her works—the male-dominated Urdu poetry scene seldom employs that word, and uses masculine syntax when talking about the 'lover'.

Similarly, she often made use of the Urdu first-person, feminine pronoun in her verses which, though extremely common in prose, was rarely used in poetry, even by female poets, before her.

Shakir's ghazalyaat are considered "a combination of classical tradition with modern sensitivity", [4] and mainly deal with the feminine perspective on love and romance, and associated themes such as beauty, intimacy, separation, break-ups, distances, distrust and infidelity and disloyalty.

Most of Shakir's ghazalyaat contain five to ten couplets, often — though not always — inter-related. Shakir's ghazalyaat heavily rely on metaphors and similes, which are repeatedly and thought-provokingly used to bring force and lyricism in her work.

Other metaphors Shakir commonly uses are titli [butterfly] for a Romeo, badal [cloud] for one's love, baarish [rain] for affection, and andhi [storm] for difficulties. Some of Shakir's ghazalyaat or, more specifically, couplets, have gained an iconic status in Urdu literature.

One of her most famous couplets if the one given above. As compared to her ghazalyaat Shakir's free verse is much bolder, and explores social issues and taboos, including gender inequality, discrimination, patriotism, deceit, prostitution, the human psyche, and current affairs.

It is also much more modern and up-to-date. Shakir is known for having employed the usage of pop culture references and English words and phrases, that have mixed up with Urdu , in her free verse — a practice that is both generally considered inappropriate, and criticised, in Urdu poetry.

An example is the poem Departmental Store Mein [In a Departmental Store], which is named thus despite the fact that there the term 'departmental store' could easily have been substituted with its Urdu equivalent, and where words like 'natural pink,' 'hand lotion,' 'shade,' 'scent' and 'pack' are brought into use, and references made to cosmetics brands like, Pearl, Revlon , Elizabeth Arden , and Tulip.

Shakir's free verse also contains a few, credited translated or inspired works i. Yeats's Leda and the Swan.

Aks e Khushboo Urdu Poetry By Parveen Shakir Pdf

Shakir's poetry was well-received, and after her untimely death she is now considered one of the best and "most prominent" modern poets Urdu language has ever produced. Hailed as a "great poetess," her poetry has drawn comparisons to that of Iranian poet Forough Farrokhzad , and she is considered among the breed of writers "regarded as pioneers in defying tradition by expressing the "female experience" in Urdu poetry.

A source states, "Parveen Owing to [her] style and range of expressions one will be intrigued and Literary figure Iftikhar Arif has praised Shakir for impressing "the young lot through her thematic variety and realistic poetry," for adding "a new dimension to the traditional theme of love by giving expression to her emotions in a simple and pellucid style," and using a "variety of words to convey different thoughts with varying intensities.

The Delhi Recorder has stated that Shakir "has given the most beautiful female touch to Urdu poetry.

Shakir's first book, Khushboo , was awarded the Adamjee Award in Later, she was awarded the Pride of Performance , one of Pakistan 's highest honours in The first substantial selection of Shakir's work translated into English was made by the poet Rehan Qayoom in In , Pakistan Post Office issued a commemorative postage stamp of Rupees 10 denomination on Parveen Shakir's death anniversary.

Parveen was born on 24 November in Karachi , Sindh , Pakistan. Parveen was highly educated. She was born on 24 November in Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan. She began composing at an early age and spread her first volume of verse, Khushbu [Fragrance], to incredible recognition, in The verse books are gathered in the volume Mah-e-Tamaam except for Kaf-e-Aina.

Parveen passed away in in a car accident while on her approach to work.

Education Parveen Shakir did her matriculation in , intermediate in , B. A Hons in and M. A English from Karachi University in She showed up in CSS in and secured second position in Pakistan.

Parveen Shakir acquired two graduate degrees, one in English Literature and the other one in Linguistics. She additionally held a few degrees and another graduate degree in Bank Administration. She was an instructor for a long time before she joined the Civil Service and functioned in the Customs Department.

In she was delegated as the second secretary, Federal Bureau of Revenue in Islamabad. A remarkable understudy all through, Parveen taught English writing for a long time at Abdullah College in Karachi before joining the civil administrations.

Aks e Khushboo By Parveen Shakir pdf free download

In the course of her administration service, she received studentships and chased studies in the West. Beginning of Career Parveen began composing at a youthful age, writing both composition and verse, and donating segments in Urdu daily papers, and a couple of blogs in English magazines.

Parveen Shakir utilized dual types of poesy in her work generally, one being the customary ghazal and the other as free rhyme. Her work was frequently in light of romance, discovering the ideas of adoration, attractiveness and their flaws, and comprehensively combined the usage of comparisons, allegories and characterizations.

Mujhe Sandal Kar Do- By Wasi Shah

Correspondingly, she regularly made utilization of the Urdu first-individual, ladylike pronoun in her verses which, however to a great degree basic in composition, was once in a while utilized as a part of verse, even by female artists, afore her. Her ghazalyaat vigorously depend on illustrations and analogies, which are more than once and suspected provocatively used to get strength and lyricism in her work.

Some of her ghazalyaat or, more precisely, verses, have increased an iconic position in Urdu literature. One of her most well-known verses if the one specified above.Shakir's poetry was well-received, and after her untimely death she is now considered one of the best and "most prominent" modern poets Urdu language has ever produced.

Parveen Shakir

Apni raat toh woh jo tere saath guzar gayi jana..!! Jzee rated it really liked it Nov 27, The most prominent themes in Shakir's poetry are love, feminism, and social stigmas, though she occasionally wrote on other topics as well.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. She subsequently published other volumes of poetry; all well-received. Amjad Bukhari S.

Raheela Rashid rated it really liked it Nov 10, Some of Shakir's ghazalyaat or, all the more particularly, couplets, have picked up a famous status in Urdu writing.

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