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See letter dated October 7, , to all bodies of elders regarding spiral binding of “Shepherd the Flock of God”—1 Peter English (ksE). Made in the. View or download Shepherd the Flock of God and older Handbooks, Manuals and Documents are available in PDF, ePUB, or JWPUB (the format used. WATCH TOWER BIBLE A:'\iD TRACT SOCIETY OF PENNSYLVAN1A. All Righ ts Reserved "Shepherd the Flock o(God"-l Peter English (kslO-E).

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Shepherd the Flock of God has been released with great secrecy, re- enforcing a boys club mentality amongst elders. traveling overseers to use in caring for responsibilities as shepherds of the flock of. God.‹Acts ; I Pet. As appointed elders and Christian overseers, you. Secret Elders book LEAK | version Shepherd the Flock of God (ppti.info) .. In the edition the copyright belongs to WTBTS of Pennsylvania and the Makes sense, the flock book can be updated on the fly now.

I hate to use the word cult but a high control hierarchy of men have perfected their mind control tactics. Hopefully your congregation will at least make her think deeply.

Jehovah's Rules.

Thanks for keeping us informed. Happy New Year to you. I have my grand and son with me for one more day. We Co exist together well. But they get a break now since his parents have left the religion.

Hopefully not matter what she decides, you and her can beclose and you will welcome her when she sees the real organization and its worship of 6 very wealthy men. Take Care. Terri Thank you Jacqueline, Unfortunately, her father has been telling her that there is no God. Now hopefully she will get to see the truth and be happy in home life once again.

Happy New Year! And enjoy every minute of the grand kids! That will turn her off if she has studied with the witnesses, because that is a doctrine she might not accept, the soul being with Jesus. Doctrine will get in the way of keeping her close to her family but an appeal to always think for yourself and not destroy your family for 7 men in New York might be the way. Her teacher says they believe in family and stuff, but then they teach how to hate, and to shun people, along with the dividing of people and judging others.

I have made it clear that you do not do that to people. What if Jesus walked into the congregation in disguise looking ragged and smelly… would you turn your back on Him for the way he looks and smells? Or would you embrace Him and do whatever you could to comfort Him.


The shunning and the disfellowshipping that goes on this cult is revolting. I have read her junk phamplets where the true rules are telling people it will stain the congregation.

Thank God she is thinking on her own. God gave us all free will and we are all encouraging her to use it. We appreciate you keeping us and our audience up to date. I wish you well and also your daughter and her family. Feel free to comment or ask questions whenever you desire. I am still doing research on the cult. It still amazes me how this group of people cannot see it.

Two witnesses came to my door yesterday so I invited them in. Attempted suicide. Porneia is not allowed. Brazen and loose conduct is not allowed. This includes but is not limited to unbridled lust, outrageousness, shamelessness, insolence, something that violates conduct that is socially acceptable, disrespect, disregard, contempt for 'divine' standards, laws, and authority.

Willful, continued, and unnecessary association with disfellowshipped non relatives is said to be brazen conduct.

Child sexual abuse is considered brazen conduct. Cannot date a person who is not legally or scriptural free to marry.

Gross uncleanness may include heavy petting and sexually arousing activities between unmarried persons. Casual dating without the intention of getting married is said to be gross uncleanness. Immoral conversations by telephone, internet, email, chat rooms, etc is considered 'unclean'.

Viewing pornography that is sexually degrading is unclean. Misuse of tobacco.

Extreme physical uncleanness brings 'reproach upon Jehovah's name and his people'. This can lead to disfellowshipping. Misuse of addictive drugs. Apostasy, defection, falling away, rebellion, Celebrating 'false religious holidays', participating in interfaith activities, saying things 'contrary to Bible truth as taught by Jehovah's Witnesses', Association with disfellowshipped or disassociated relatives is not allowed.

If a person does not listen to the Elders, they might not qualify for 'congregation privileges'. Judicial committees would not be involved unless 'there is persistent spiritual association' or if persons openly criticize the disfellowshipping decision. Persons who display a flagrant disregard for theocratic order are 'marked'. If the behavior is generally unknown and poses no threat to the spiritual well being of others, Elders should talk with the individual.

If the person continues to be an 'unwholesome influence', a warning talk may be given to the congregation. Dating an unbeliever or an unbaptized JW can lead to a person being 'marked' by the entire congregation.

NEW 2012 Elders book with 2015 Amendments

An Elder should not marry people who are not 'seriously involved in the activities of Jehovah's Witnesses'. An Elder should not marry a baptized JW to an unbaptized, disassociated, or disfellowshipped person.

An Elder should not remarry a couple who was married years ago as this would imply the first wedding was not valid. Before performing a marriage an Elder should inquire about the couple's conduct during courtship.

Your creeping me out - I left 20 years ago and this is just getting weirder and weirder - I think whoever has a copy should post it here for all to see.

Village girl, posting a copy here would get the site in trouble, breach of Copyright Law. Big Mamas offer will not. This is a licence to make up any rules and regulations you like, you can then find a scripture that fits, especially by "extending the principle" found in the scripture, if you can't be bothered to do this for all rules, just slip in a scripture that vaguely mentions the subject in hand.

It doesn't matter if it is an O. T scripture with only a very oblique connection to the subject, it'll do.

Secret Elder's Book

If only the WT had been prepared to learn from Jesus and his simple Golden Rule they could have saved an Amazon Basin full of trees, but the problem is that their Nazi Gestapo like Elders need guidance on every matter as they have had their brains taken over and their conscience stolen. There is absolutely no biblical reason for any "Christian" religion to have any secret guidelines.

The astonishing thing is that the Society has duped generations of publishers into thinking otherwise. Jesus was simply repeating Leviticus.I have read her junk phamplets where the true rules are telling people it will stain the congregation.

List of Watch Tower Society publications

The rules are written in such a way that any inactive Jehovah's Witness who has a negative influence on the organization can become a target for excommunication. Many churches and denominations publish manuals for church organization and ministry, and in most of them, church discipline takes up a chapter or less. This book also instructs them on the appointment of new elders, what to do in case of a natural disaster, and so on.

Elders can cover their own serious sins. If a person does not listen to the Elders, they might not qualify for 'congregation privileges'. And it does make me madder still that people, even my own daughter does not see this as dangerous. JW's are required to believe that their religious leaders at Watchtower headquarters are chosen by God as his prophet.

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