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Indy Savage, cop's daughter, rock chick and used bookstore owner, has been in love with Lee 5-Rock Chick Revenge - Kristen ppti.info Ashley, Kristen-Rock Chick ppti.info KB. Ashley, Kristen-Rock Chick ppti.info KB. Rock Chick Redux by Kristen Ashley. Ashley, Kristen-Rock Chick ppti.info KB. Ashley, Kristen-Rock Chick ppti.info KB. Ashley, Kristen-Rock Chick ppti.info KB.

Rock Chick Regret Epub

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Actions. Report. Rock Chick Reborn (Rock Chick #9) by Kristen Ashley ppti.info KB. Rock Chick has 10 entries in the series. Chick Renegade. Rock Chick (Series). Book 4. Kristen Ashley Author (). cover image of Rock Chick Revenge. Issuu is a digital publishing platform that makes it simple to publish magazines, catalogs, newspapers, books, and more online. Easily share.

The Great Liam Chase ended right then and there, at least for me. Ally still has very high hopes. Not to mention Kitty Sue, who I think has always wanted me to fall for one of her sons and it's been pretty clear that her druthers would put me with Lee. Probably because she thinks we deserve each other. I resigned myself to seeing Lee at Christmas, Thanksgiving, Fourth of July, every birthday celebration, most family parties and barbeques, over at Hank's when we're watching a game and the like unfortunately, this means I see Lee a lot.

Usually, there are always enough other people around to run interference. If, on the odd occasion that he's at his parents' house for dinner these days it's less odd and more like Kitty Sue is getting a bit desperate and becoming far more obvious at playing matchmaker and I'm also invited, I make my excuses mostly lies and leave as fast as my boots will take me.

This usually pisses off Ally and Kitty Sue but they hadn't thrown themselves at the guy for over a decade and been rebuffed repeatedly and then had to live the rest of their lives seeing that guy at dinner and on holidays. It's mortifying, let me tell you.

Not to mention, Lee went from Bad Boy to Badass in half a decade. By the end of that decade he was Badass Extraordinaire. You didn't mess with Lee. I may have been a bit of a wild child, but I knew enough about playing with fire and getting burned and Lee Nightingale had gone from a bonfire to a towering fucking inferno in ten years. Don't get me wrong, Liam Nightingale still has killer good looks only slightly marred by a small, crescent moon scar under his left eye. He also still has a killer bod that looks great in jeans, great in sweats, great in suits, great in anything.

He also still has a killer smile on the odd occasions he flashes it. But he's also dangerous. I don't know how to explain this, he just is, trust me. I still listen to music way too loud. I still wear my red hair long and wild in a tangle of waves that fall in a deep V down my back. Let's just say, my body is my gift and my curse. A body like mine isn't difficult to maintain, just feed it loads of crap to keep the curves but keep in shape because you've got to lug it around everywhere. These days, though, my parties have real, home cooked hors d'oeuvres and bowls of cashews and nobody passes out in my bed or pukes in the backyard anymore.

My grandmother left me the store when she died. It would seem a rather staid profession, owning a bookstore. You'd think I wore tortoise-shell glasses and had my hair back in a bun. This isn't true about my bookstore or me, by any stretch of the imagination. You see, my grandmother was a hellion, she'd raised a hellion in my Mom, Katherine, and she and Dad carefully oversaw raising the third-generation hellion that was me.

My bookstore is on the southeast corner of Broadway and Bayaud. Not the greatest neighborhood, not the worst.

Rock Chick Regret

In the times of my grandmother, the 'hood had been in decline, now it's on an upswing. My inheritance came with half a duplex one block down on Bayaud in the Baker Historical District. I live in the east side of the duplex, a gay couple live in a west side, another gay couple live east of me and another behind me. When I, a single white female who looks like and is a rock 'n' roll groupie of the highest order, moved in, they all called each other and said "there goes the neighborhood".

My bookstore is named Fortnum's. There was no reason for this except Gram had gone to Fortnum and Mason's in London the year before she opened it and she thought it sounded high brow.

There's nothing high brow about Fortnum's. In the day that was Gram's day , it was a hippie hang out and still, in a way, is.

Harley boys often came there too, don't ask me why. Now, it's also filled with preppies, yuppies and DINKS trying to be trendy and boarders and goths because it is trendy. It has a bunch of mismatched shelves, stuffed full of all sorts of used books and tables piled high with vinyl records. No, that wasn't true, hamsters were kind of cute. But I could not pull up any affection for a dog Cooter loved. It wasn't that she wasn't cute, cuddly and sweet, even to me.

It was just that, anytime Memphis showed me any affection, it pissed Cooter off.

So I guessed that was it. I did what I could not to piss Cooter off, including holding myself distant from our dog, even when he was not around. Memphis, of course, had no idea what her being sweet to me meant.

Memphis only knew Cooter's devotion and did not get why she didn't get the same from me. I had to give it to the dog, she never gave up. No matter how much I ignored her, she just got cuter, cuddlier and sweeter.

I admired her for that. I'd given up years ago. I looked through the peephole and blinked. Then my heart started racing. Then, in the expanse of about three seconds, my mind flew in a million different directions finally settling on one.

It was after six o'clock.

See a Problem?

Cooter was usually home by five fifteen. That said, if he wanted to have a beer with the guys or whatever he did, when he didn't come home, he did it and didn't bother to phone, text or pop home to let me know.

Lately, this happened more often than not. And the lately that included most recently, Cooter didn't come home until almost nine o'clock. I wanted to enjoy these moments of reprieve but I couldn't. Mostly because the time he was away and I was home I spent worrying about what mood he'd be in when he got home.

He could be drunk and pissed, which did not bode well or he could be sober and pissed, which also did not bode well, or he could be either and horny, which was worst of all. Lately, he came back smelling of beer but not drunk and always horny but in a way that made my skin crawl even more than it normally did at the thought of him touching me and that was saying something.

Nothing had really changed with our sex life except he got more into it which also was not fun for me and he lasted longer again with the no fun part and it seemed he was getting off on it more, was more excited and I did nothing not one thing differently to cause that.

But right then, Ozzie was standing outside my door.

Barney "Ozzie" Oswald had been Sheriff for as long as I could remember. He had to be older than dirt but he still looked fit, spritely and alert.

He always looked fit, spritely and alert. And now, with him on my doorstep, he looked all those things but something else too. I opened the door, smiled and whispered, "Hey, Ozzie. I had known Ozzie as Sheriff for years and Ozzie knew everyone in that town for years too, including me and he knew me pretty well considering he was a hunting buddy of my Dad's. He'd known me since I was a little girl. He knew, ten years ago, I didn't whisper. And I suspected he knew why I did it now.

And it was gentle. Then again, it was always a form of gentle. That was Ozzie. He was Sheriff but he was a gentle man. I loved Ozzie.

Rock Chick

The whole town did. This was because Memphis's world was golden. She loved her Daddy. Her Daddy got her the best food money could buy.

Her Daddy gave her table scraps.

Her Daddy showered her with affection. Her Daddy bought her new toys and chews all the time. Her Daddy liberally gave her treats.

Her Daddy let her sleep in our bed, right in the middle, stretched sideways so I was nearly falling off my side. Her Daddy let her poo anywhere in the yard, knowing I'd clean it up.

Her Daddy often had his buds over and let them shower her with affection. Memphis loved company as much as she generally loved life. So now Memphis was in throes of delight.

I thought this as my heart kept racing, faster and faster. Soon, my body would need to move, sprint through town to keep up or it'd fly out of my chest.

Then I nodded and moved, leading the way to the living room. So the truth is that I'm sad to let them go but at the same time just so incredibly happy to see them so settled and content. Kristen Ashley has one of my most favorite writing styles. It's completely unique to her. I swear, if you showed me a random pieces of text, I promise you I could immediately point out which one was hers. It's totally brilliant. It's like she has her own language and writes by her own rules in a way that exactly reflects the Rock Chick world.

I love it! There are parts of my book which aren't just excessively highlighted, they're honestly just all yellow for pages on end and there are some scenes where just EVERY. Just gold. Sometimes I'd just stop, backtrack a few pages and re-read a scene because it was that good.

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I'm not going to say much about the plot here because honestly, if you haven't read the first books, you shouldn't be reading this one and if you have read the first books then you already know the set up and probably are willing to read this book even if the whole thing was everyone just sitting in a room staring at each other.

But suffice it to say that we get both current day events and Rock Chick Rewinds that go back and fill in the blanks with what was up in Ally-world during the time of the previous books because while Ally had been an integral part of the Rock Chick gang, she'd always been in the background so we never fully knew what was going on in her life.

I loved Ren!

In Ally's words he was like "a rock star without the guitar and in a suit" But he was different from the Hot Bunch and has his own way of being - it was still Alpha and it was still badass but in a way that was uniquely his. Ally had her reasons for holding back, keeping them at "fuck buddy" status and Ren had his reasons for believing they were more. We're fuck buddies, Zano.

I've had fuck buddies, Ally. And not one of them looked like you look when I slide inside you, every fucking time I slide inside you. Like a piece of you has been lost and now it's found.

As the sister of two professional badasses, being brave and fearless was in her blood.Katherine Allred. She doesn't realize he knows she is trying to help her and one night they have an intense make-out encounter that shows them how attracted they really are. Lee does refer her to someone else but turns out he isn't available. He did. Really enjoyed this one - seeing the Ice Princess thaw out made for an interesting story.

Let me explain.

The Honey Series. Hector makes one huge mistake; he waits for Sadie to come to him.

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