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book excerpt: htaccess character definitions made ppti.infoss them, and they're easily picked up as you work ppti.infoss. So without further ado. for administrators, designers & developers made ppti.infoss About the. htaccess file. .htaccess starter-template included with this book. We'll get to. htaccess made easy book. Read 9 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. A practical guide for admins, designers & developers Learn how.

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So you could easily say that htaccess files predates Apache itself. is that anything which can be made configurable by directory should . Serve ppti.info files on your site ppti.infoss and mod_rewrite with the php script. htaccess is a localised server configuration file that can be used .htaccess files are simple ASCII text files and htaccess made easy the book by Jeff Starr. After launching my new ppti.infoss made easy back in The printed books contain the same content as the PDF, over pages of.

If you need to enable directory listing for some specific directory, create an. This prevents scripts, bots, and humans from any meddling. There are several other httpd. Refer to the Table of Contents for more info. WordPress protects these directories with a blank index.

Unless disabled by the web-host. Some hosts disable index-views as an added security measure. Ask if unsure.

In general, it s preferred to configure Apache directives in the httpd. For example, if you provide translated versions of your web pages, each in their own directory, you can set the default language for each with Apache s directive.

This can be a huge time-saver when working with multilingual sites no more messing with meta tags to set the language.

To specify the default language for the entire site, place the following directive near the top of the root. This will cascade down the filesystem and apply to all directories and files therein.

As mentioned, the default language may be overridden in specific subdirectories.

Is it any good?

If we have a subdirectory for a French translation, for example, we would create an. Note that multiple language variations may be specified like so: applies to all files in the directive s scope, which excludes files that have an explicit language extension, such as.

Apache s AddDefaultCharset directive may be used to add a default charset parameter to the server-response header. Basically, that just means the server lets the browser know how the content is encoded. The screenshot at right shows an example of this. First, the request to Google. By default, Apache disables AddDefaultCharset. If you enable it using the On value, the default charset is ISO Otherwise, to specify your own default charset, such as UTF-8, add the following directive to the root.

.htaccess Made Easy

See 29 AddDefaultCharset Off 3. Why broadcast sensitive server details such as which port you re using, your server name, and possibly other information? Fortunately this behavior is disabled by default, but some hosts enable it for certain configurations.

If you re sure you don t need to display that information, it should be disabled as a basic security measure. As seen in the Authorization Required screenshot, server-generated documents include the default server-signature displayed in the footer area. For more info on setting the default charset with. The scoop about UTF The screenshot shows Google. Apache disables AddDefaultCharset. See http: Essential Techniques and add the following line: DefaultLanguage fr See the footer for more information and resources about setting the default language.

Fortunately this behavior is disabled by default.

AddDefaultCharset Off ServerSignature Off Along with the other essential techniques in this chapter. The ServerSignature directive allows the configuration of a trailing footer-line under servergenerated documents such as error-messages.

.htaccess made easy

Unless you have reason to do otherwise. More details in the Apache Docs: And when it comes to ETags. It makes sense mostly from a functional point of view. I like to keep core directives — such as DefaultLanguage. With CheckSpelling enabled. FileETag none Whenever possible. Further details are available in the Apache Docs. CheckSpelling is disabled by default.

The following directive is also included in the starter-template. This enables us to combine options into a single directive: The Options directive is part of the Apache core. To help streamline development. I use a similar file. This beautiful guide to.

Htaccess Made Easy – Book Review

Jeff Starr has carried out the difficult task of creating a guide that provides instruction for beginners while acting as a useful reference that advanced users can dip in and out of. I always think of.

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Supplies are limited, so get your copy now. This shows several ways to secure these files, and other interpreters like perl, fastCGI, bash, csh, etc. Good times! Shelves: lis-web The print version of this title is not the format I would recommend for learning Apache configuration.

After launching my new book.

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