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Free kindle book and epub digitized and proofread by Project Gutenberg. The Grand Babylon Hôtel by Arnold Bennett. No cover available. Download Gran Hotel Babylon free in PDF & EPUB format. Download Arnold Bennett's Gran Hotel Babylon for your kindle, tablet, IPAD, PC or. Epub source for the Standard Ebooks edition of The Grand Babylon Hotel, by Arnold Bennett - standardebooks/arnold-bennett_the-grand-babylon-hotel.

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Hotel Babylon by Imogen Edwards-Jones. Read online, or download in secure EPUB format. Užijte si jedinečný pobyt v Liberci v zábavním komplexu Centra Babylon. ebook Hotel Babylon epub download BEST Hotel Babylon PDF A dreamy view and. 30 nov. Hotel babylon as soon as they spin through the revolving hotel doors the normal rules of behaviour no longer seem to apply. ebook (ePub).

A faint odour of flowers came from the conservatory, and the tinkle of a fountain.

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The waiters, commanded by Jules, moved softly across the thick Oriental rugs, balancing their trays with the dexterity of jugglers, and receiving and executing orders with that air of profound importance of which only really first-class waiters have the secret. The atmosphere was an atmosphere of serenity and repose, characteristic of the Grand Babylon.

It seemed impossible that anything could occur to mar the peaceful, aristocratic monotony of existence in that perfectly-managed establishment. Yet on that night was to happen the mightiest upheaval that the Grand Babylon had ever known.

Beautifully ignorant of the identity of the great Jules, he allowed his grey eyes to twinkle as he caught sight of the expression on the waiter's face. The alert, middle-aged man sat up straight, and gazed placidly at Jules, who was pulling his famous red side-whiskers. Don't stir it; don't shake it.

The Grand Babylon Hotel

Bring it to me. And, I say, tell the bar-tender—' 'Bar-tender, sir?

That was his parting shot, by which he indicated that he was not as other waiters are, and that any person who treated him with disrespect did so at his own peril.

A few minutes later, while the alert, middle-aged man was tasting the Angel Kiss, Jules sat in conclave with Miss Spencer, who had charge of the bureau of the Grand Babylon. This bureau was a fairly large chamber, with two sliding glass partitions which overlooked the entrance-hall and the smoking-room.

The place served chiefly as the lair of Miss Spencer, who was as well known and as important as Jules himself. But the Grand Babylon went its own way. Always admirably dressed in plain black silk, with a small diamond brooch, immaculate wrist-bands, and frizzed yellow hair, she looked now just as she had looked an indefinite number of years ago.

Her age—none knew it, save herself and perhaps one other, and none cared. Her knowledge of Bradshaw, of steamship services, and the programmes of theatres and music-halls was unrivalled; yet she never travelled, she never went to a theatre or a music-hall.

She seemed to spend the whole of her life in that official lair of hers, imparting information to guests, telephoning to the various departments, or engaged in intimate conversations with her special friends on the staff, as at present.

Miss Spencer examined her ledgers. Says he wants an "Angel Kiss"—maraschino and cream, if you please—every night. Why is it green one year, and blue the next?

Why is one little black dress worth three thousand pounds and another thirty quid? Is the catwalk that catty?

The Grand Babylon Hôtel by Arnold Bennett

Is everyone high on drugs and full of champagne? What makes a supermodel so super?

And a designer too hot to touch? Who is making the money?

Who owns who? Who hates who? And whos in each others pocket?Says he wants an "Angel Kiss"—maraschino and cream, if you please—every night. Investments - we are looking to invest in ambitious companies in every field, Monetization - We are monetizing desktop apps since for billions of downloads. Starting at the end of one catwalk show, it will expl… What is fashion?

Is everyone high on drugs and full of champagne?

The Grand Babylon was managed accordingly. It has a fruit and vegetable garden of beauty and diversity, unique accommodation, fine food and wine, and a … Hotel faciliteiten. At the conclusion of your stay a bill was presented, brief and void of dry details, and you paid it without a word.

And, I say, tell the bar-tender—' 'Bar-tender, sir?

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