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Dr. Alex Loyd, best-selling author & creator of The Healing Code that heals the source of virtually any physical, emotional, success, or relational issue. world telling people about The Healing Codes.” — Dr. Ben Johnson, author of Women's. Breast Health. Discover the revolutionary formula that heals the source . Thank you for ordering The Master Key. This bonus is offered for anyone who gets The. Master Key through my affiliate link. Because I get a commission from.

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The Healing Codes were previously referred to as The Healing Generator. This mistakenly caused some people to think we were talking about a type of machine . A Healing Code is one set of easy hand positions that activate one or more of four One Code can be one hand position, but it is usually made of several. How to use The Healing Code. The hand position. Bring all your fingertips on both hands together and aim them at the specific healing centre and hold them 5- 7.

Before I get into the scriptures that I believe form the spiritual basis for practicing The Healing Codes without reservation, let me emphasize first that this is a healing mode that applies quantum physics to healing.

It is not a drug that deals with issues at a molecular level, but an approach that addresses issues at the level of energy. It is also a healing mode that works for anyone, no matter what they believe.

Because its based on how God created our bodies and how he created the universe to work, it works Dr. Alex Loyd All rights reserved. No matter what you believe, if you jump from a three-story building, you will get hurt! Yet quantum mechanics is a valid science that shapes our lives in numerous ways. According to Wikipedia. Quantum mechanics has had enormous success in explaining many of the features of our world. The individual behaviour of the subatomic particles that make up all forms of matterelectrons, protons, neutrons, photons and otherscan often only be satisfactorily described using quantum mechanics.

Much of modern technology operates at a scale where quantum effects are significant. Examples include the laser, the transistor and thus the microchip , the electron microscope, and magnetic resonance imaging.

The study of semiconductors led to the invention of the diode and the transistor, which are indispensable for modern electronics. Quantum tunneling is vital in many devices, even in the simple light switch, as otherwise the electrons in the electric current could not penetrate the potential barrier made up of a layer of oxide. Flash memory chips found in USB drives use quantum tunneling to erase their memory cells. The Healing Codes system applies quantum mechanics to the realm of healthphysical and emotional.

I go into all this because it is important to realize that The Healing Codes system is based on the way God created the world. In Genesis 1, it says God created all that is. He created energy. He set in motion the laws of physics, including quantum physics, the way DNA codes our cells, the way the planets move in their orbitseverything. And God made it all very good Genesis Energy is the basis of The Healing Codes, and energy, as something God created, is in itself good.

Some people believe that energy itself is God. We reject that. God made energy, and is apart from and over above his creation. What about Mysticism? So if we believe energy exists, and that it is good, the next question is, Is it spiritually okay for me to use it?

Genesis says that God gave human beings the authority to rule over creation. God has given us the right to use the things he has madeincluding energy. Of course, anything in creation can be used by human beings for good and bad ends.

Anything, including energy, can be used to destroy as the atom bomb proves or to heal. The Healing Codes use energy to heal. We do not believe there is a necessary correlation between a quantum physics-based healing approach and Eastern mysticism.

Nor do quantum physicists. These physicists started to interpret quantum theory from an idealist philosophical perspective, that is to say, the concept that mind produces matter.

The physics of consciousness is now a major and respected branch of quantum theory. Using energy to heal is based on quantum mechanics, on the way God put together the universe. The fact that some use it and come from different philosophical perspectives does not have to invalidate the use of energy healing itself. As in most things in life, there can be more than one interpretation of an observable reality.

Eastern mysticism has offered one interpretations of the observations of quantum mechanics. We believe there can be a biblical interpretation as well.

The best biblical example I can find for how to approach this is found in the example of the Corinthian church. One of the big issues in the Corinthian church was whether it was okay to eat meat that was sacrificed to idols.

Some people realized the meat was just meat, because idols were not real. Others believed that it would be wrong to eat meat that was sacrificed to an idol, because its somehow participating in idol worship, or at the least giving the impression that you dont have a problem with that belief system.

Akin to saying that if you use energy medicine that is also used by those who hold a different belief system, you must subscribe to that belief system.

How did the Apostle Paul address this issue? His answer is brilliant in its simplicity and shows the loving nature of God. He did not play into the anger or fear of the Corinthians, but addressed the real issue. And he did it in truth and love. In 1 Corinthians 8, Paul says, in effect, Remember first who God is: the one who made everything in heaven and earth.

You know that, and youre living for him. You believe in the one Father and the one Lord, Jesus Christ, through whom God made everything and through whom we have been given life. So he reminds them what they believe, and that they know the truth.

Then he tells them, basically, that meat is just meat. It was created by God, and it is in itself good for food. When used for a God-given purpose to nourish the body , there is absolutely nothing wrong with it, even though it has been sacrificed to idols, because when the Christian who knows the truth about God eats it, hes using it as God intended, for nourishment.

The additional baggage of false worship does not apply to the Christian who knows its just meat, and that idols are not real. Everything should be done out of love. But other than that caveat, Paul says the meat is just meat. Its not been made evil in itself because it was used in pagan worship. He makes a clear separation between the meat, and the meaning attached to it by those who used it in the worship of idols. In a similar way, if we use energy, which God has created, to heal, based on the science of quantum physics which is the study of how God set things up to work in the universe , that is perfectly biblical.

When we use what God has made for a godly purpose, then we sanctify it. What a sad thing to avoid something out of fear that God intends to bless us. If we say we cannot use energy medicine to heal because those who hold other views of God use it, isnt that buying into the lie they believe, and depriving ourselves of a blessing?

Remember, Jesus said the thief Satan has one purpose: to steal and kill and destroy. Jesus, on the other hand, came to give us a rich and satisfying life, an abundant life. John Is healing the issues of the heart Gods intention? The whole Bible says yes. Satan, however, desires to steal our peace and destroy our health and relationships.

Jesus also says one way to discern what is of God is to look at the fruit. Testimonials of healing of all kinds can be found at www. This includes spiritual healing. Many people, believers or not, have heart issues concerning false views of God and bad religious experiences. As these are healed, they are open to the truth about God and are able to experience him in new ways. As mentioned, it took me 10 years to get over some of the false views of God from my own religious upbringing.

We all come to the true God with distortions of who he really is. The Healing Codes allow God to correct those distortions, and I believe this is part of the healing process and what makes The Healing Codes so powerful.

Does God Heal Now? Does God want to heal people? Consider that one of the purposes of Jesus sacrifice on the cross was to bring us healing. It was our sicknesses he carried, it was our diseases that weighed him down. He was beaten so we could be made whole.

He was whipped so we could be healed Isaiah , 5b. Jesus healed many sick people of all kinds of ailments when he was on earth. In John 5, Jesus asked a lame man at the pool of Bethesda a haunting question, Would you like to get well? The man said, I cant, but Jesus told him to do what he thought Dr. He didnt believe at first, but something about Jesus made him do what he said.

Somehow he believed that Jesus wanted to make him welland he was healed. Perhaps the only thing standing between you and the healing God wants for you is the faith that in fact, he desires to heal you. The Bibles Stance on New Ideas I find it fascinating that scripture has many examples of people who were faced with something new and balked at using it. One example that concerns healing specifically is the story of Naaman the leper. A little girl, a Jew who had been carried off to Syria during a raid on Israel, was the servant of Naamans wife.

She told her mistress about a prophet in Israel who could cure him. No doubt desperate for healing, Naaman approached the king and asked for permission to go see this prophet. The king let him go with a letter to the King of Israel. Naaman brought along all kinds of gifts. But he went first to the king of Israel, who cried out that he wasnt God and couldnt cure anyone of leprosy. But Elisha the prophet heard about it, and told King Ahab to send Naaman to him. So Naaman went to see Elisha, bringing all his gifts.

My wife had done The Healing Codes work with Dr. Loyd and successfully healed an issue she had struggled with for years, so I asked Alex if he could help me lose a few pounds. The best part is that I did not exercise more and I did not change my diet — all I did was find and heal a destructive memory from a trauma that happened to my family when I was a young child. I now know that this memory was broadcasting a fear signal to my cells, causing them to close, and my body to retain fat and other toxins.

When the memory was healed through doing the Codes, the cells opened and my body was able to release the fat. I have used the Codes for immediate and for long-term health issues. In one stunning instance, doing a Code twice corrected an acute problem. Optimizing the immune system against infections has proven very effective. For the last several years, I have been plagued with colds, especially through holidays, at times of high stress, or when traveling.

I have not experienced colds or flu for the last 7 months, even though I have been under pressures from all these conditions. The simple 3-minute Code for my immunity has been done once or twice per day. She has been free of infections. I have begun to recommend The Healing Codes to my patients. They have been equally impressed. I had no energy, no desire for life, and everything seemed like a mountainous chore. My husband is an M. In less than two weeks my depression was completely gone.

Not only could I not believe it — no one around me could either. Now my entire family and a number of friends do the Codes — some do them everyday, some when a need arises. The Healing Codes has truly been a gift from God. The heartburn and acid reflux are almost nonexistent now. I have had only had one episode of difficulty with swallowing when I start to eat in about a month. I have used The Healing Codes for toothaches successfully. I used The Healing Codes for a tearing problem in my right eye.

Before The Healing Codes, it took weeks to months to heal this problem when it occurred. I did one Healing Code in the evening and one in the morning. The problem disappeared before the day was over. It's fun exploring its many uses, and I no longer worry about my health. I work on healing myself from the inside out with Healing Codes. I have been working with the program for just 2 weeks and the results have been dramatic.

Spiritual Underpinnings of The Healing Codes-FINAL.pdf

I chose, as my first issue to work on, "food sensitivity. It made eating a very tedious, boring and stressful activity. Every once in a while I would make a mistake and eat something containing one of the aforementioned ingredients and my eyes would go haywire on me, with tearing, itching, burning and swelling for a week or two at a time.

It was extremely taxing on my energy, productivity and mood. However, within just 2 or 3 days after beginning my Healing Codes, I began to experience a noticeable change. My eyes started to clear up and my vision began to improve. My energy level greatly improved and I began to feel more upbeat and ambitious. However, there were also some incredible ancillary effects taking place, as well. I am 69 years old and the wear and tear of old sports injuries, such as a dislocated shoulder and damaged knees, hip ankles, and elbow had taken their toll.

Chronic pain was just a normal part of my day. My joints gave me fits when I worked out or walked up and down stairs. But now my shoulders, hip and elbow pain have literally disappeared, my knees still pop and make a lot of noise when I walk up and down stairs but the pain has diminished every day and has been virtually extinguished. I have been able to return to my normal heavy intense workouts of nearly 30 years ago and I feel great and energized.

As well, I feel that my brain is working much more efficiently and effectively. I thrive on generating new ideas for my business, and my life in general, and now ideas are flowing like running water. Wow, it feels Great! I have even lost about 5 pounds without even trying or thinking about it. The bottom line is that anyone who takes themselves, their life, their health and their wellbeing seriously will, without question, want access to this program.

It's simple, easy, powerful, and far outweighs in value and results the modest investment. It is without doubt the best system I have seen for one's current and future well-being.

It has been one of those rare, but gigantic turning points in my life! And, yet that still feels like an understatement. I started the work because of chronic illness. My symptoms included chronic fatigue, vaginitis, chronic bladder infections, and severe pain with periods, hypothyroidism and depression.

After the first session I was amazed at how changed I felt! Now I feel like a different person. I no longer struggle with food addiction issues, I'm not depressed and I have an overall sense of well being which is profound. I have been so impressed with the healing I have experienced; both inside and out, that I decided to become a coach myself.

Last summer I started working with my mother, and have been giving her Codes ever since. My mother has suffered from depression all of her life. She is now completely off of Lithium for bi-polar disorder and has even received some healing in her ear which had been constantly full of fluid. She is happier now than I have seen her in my life. I'm so grateful to Alex, for his vision and for this work.

It really works!! It is simply amazing the way it works. During my first Code I literally felt the stress lifting away from me. The steps are simple to follow. The results are incredible. I am an RN, and I know this information will truly change the way medicine is performed. Thank you again for sharing this amazing work. No picture needed to be found and the Code was given.

She came into my office and said she wanted to talk to me. She went on about how she had searched for years both alternative and allopathic parishioners only to finally give up. But because of her recent successes with other issues with The Healing Codes she had decide to work on a 22 year issue of embarrassing gas and poor digestion.

She said it was absolutely amazing, she had done the Code for four days and she had none of the symptoms since the first day. She stated that she would do The Healing Codes work every day of her life if she needed to.

Alex Loyd several years ago. Like so many people I had many stresses in my life, and like so many others I did not have the time for stress, or so I thought. I kept a very busy schedule, but thought that I was taking pretty good care of myself.

I am a Naturopathic physician and advise others in health matters. The day came when I could no longer manage my own problems. Thankfully I was introduced to Dr. You see, to completely heal and enjoy life the way God intended for us, it takes more that just vitamins and minerals. For me it took a lot more, I needed to understand why a problem exists and what it would take to eliminate the problem, not just cover it up. Alex Loyd began helping me with his Healing Codes. My family did not understand, but were thankful that this "something " was working.

You see I would come home from work and go straight to bed, I literally could do nothing else, and no one until Dr. Alex Loyd was able to help me. I will be forever grateful to Dr.

Loyd and the pioneering work he is doing. To this day whenever a health issue comes up, my first call is to Dr. I encourage you to take care of your body, provide the basic building blocks it needs to function, but be aware that disease can be traced in your body to stress and that the source of stress comes from the pictures of your heart.

In your search for health, find the root cause; don't simply settle for covering up the symptoms. I believe The Healing Codes heals the root cause! Since I believe in The Healing Codes system, and experienced dramatic healing personally, as well as witnessed healings in others, I discipline myself daily to be healthy and ready to work, market and provide a high quality service to people. My immune system is stronger! I have more energy!

I set healthier boundaries! I relate to people with a deeper sense of wholeness in my mind, body and spirit! Before The Healing Codes, I only used my mind and spirit.

The Healing Codes system has changed my life for the better, and I live more abundantly. As my folks say, what a bless'n! I rarely get sick and find that if I do, it is generally pretty mild. The Codes are also working extremely well in helping a family member handle fear.

The Healing Codes

I am a witness to how powerful this new work is. I am seeing incredible results in my life. After 2 years I was mostly bedfast, in constant pain, on 17 medications, and without hope. After doing The Healing Codes for 6 months, I am: Although I have sought both medical and alternative solutions, my symptoms increasingly became more difficult.

I had particular difficulties with my mood swings. It got to the point that last summer I felt completely at the end of my rope! Alex Loyd at a business convention in October, I can't describe the hope I felt. I was impressed with the money-back guarantee--something that is unheard in the world of medicine. I purchased the self-treatment package to work on Menopause. I found the staff very helpful in getting me started.

The results have been miraculous! In less than a week, I started feeling better. Life looked good, I was smiling again, and I was waking up refreshed. I have diligently adhered to my Code, and in three short months, my symptoms have completely disappeared. I am very grateful to The Healing Codes and so is everyone around me!

I have recommended it to many of my friends and family. I know I want to continue with this work. It works and is so easy. He would wake up most nights screaming with nightmares — we would try to comfort him but he was not awake and would not wake up.

Sometimes the episodes would go on for a long time — it was exhausting and very traumatic for the whole family. We tried everything from changing sleep habits, to taking special herbs, to prayer, to doctors.

Nothing helped! After one Healing Code the night terrors were healed and never returned — that was more than a year ago. I have told everyone who will listen to me to try The Healing Codes — it works! It has been gradually getting worse over the past 6—10 months. I had resigned to the belief that when a person gets older that is what their lot is.

I have a high pain threshold and found it more annoying than painful.

I read through the Manual and found it to be clear and helpful and began doing the Codes immediately. The intensity I was experiencing was at an 8 out of Nothing changed for about three days. Then I began to notice less pain, as I would raise my arms above my head. It continued to gradually get easier to lift my arms and do things in a raised position that had been either difficult or downright impossible before.

After three weeks the intensity is down to about a 2 and at times a zero. This gives me a new lease on life — especially around my beliefs about getting older. Thank you. This list included chronic fatigue syndrome, seasonal affective disorder, anxiety, childhood sexual abuse, PMS, irritability, low self-esteem, etc, etc, etc!!

They have all healed!!! And some of those unhealed pictures healed in a day or less when they had not done so in well over 10 years of therapy.

I didn't think there WAS healing for some of that stuff! But I'm happier than I've ever been! And I'm thrilled whenever I can share this with someone else. During the first 3 minutes while doing the Code, my left ear cleared. Other sensations that I felt were on the left side of my body. The 4th day I felt stomach cramps and sensations along the left side of my spine. I am also working with a good chiropractor who practices seven methods of healing including chiropractic methods so I think with all this help I am making good progress in getting my body out of stress.

My allergies are vastly improved as well. I am very pleased with this Code and have noticed just this week, that I presented a program on my travel to Ghana and did it much more relaxed than any presentation that I have ever made and I have been presenting over 27 years! I also even left my bed unmade one day this week and it was okay!!!!

In no time I had gone from a very successful business owner to bedfast and bankrupt. I was told by my naturopathic physician that one of the major causes was heavy metals in my body. This did not surprise me since I knew of some exposure through my life to heavy metals and I had read that this could cause a variety of illnesses and diseases.

My physician ran a diagnostic test and personally wrote on the printout that I had the highest concentration of heavy metals in my body that he had ever tested. I tried everything to get rid of them but nothing seemed to make much of a difference.

I knew that some experts believed heavy metals could not be removed from the body by anything. I did The Healing Codes with Dr.

Loyd for about three months and was feeling much better. I went back to my physician and had the test for heavy metals run again. The physician wrote on the printout that I had the least concentration of heavy metals in my body of anyone he had ever tested. Shortly after that my disease was completely healed. The Healing Codes is the most effective treatment of any kind I have ever seen — and I have the test results to prove it!

It looked much like a freckle and would bleed occasionally. For nine years, I monitored it always noting any changes. After three months of Healing Codes it fell off. I now have pink healthy scar tissue. Thanks from the bottom of my heart. I was able to get in touch with some pictures from my very early childhood and work with the pictures to bring love to them.

In my opinion The Healing Codes is a I know of nothing like it. I am still limited to the amount of time that I can stand and walk so I use my walker when I have to go distances over feet or so -- I experienced re-injury by pushing myself too fast. I usually experience nagging pain, which can be very distracting.

Using the different Codes has lessened the pain, the swelling in my knees is completely gone, and my left ankle still swells but recovers much more quickly and the sharp pain has gone. Before, a full day at a conference would lead to sleepless night because of the pain in my joints. I haven't experienced that since I started using The Healing Codes on myself.

I pay close attention to anything that I react to that doesn't seem appropriate for the circumstances. I work at finding the picture that is the root cause, and then do a Code to heal the picture so my body stops physically reacting.

In doing this work over the past year, I have watched colds and flu disappear within minutes of doing a Code, have given up wearing wrist braces for carpal tunnel syndrome and a belt for lower back pain and have discontinued taking medication for constant headaches.

I work through challenges that I would have run from a year ago, and I have an overall sense of well-being that I never thought was possible. I also have hope, which is the greatest gift of all. I know my life will continue to get better when not too long ago, I wondered how I could go on another day. I did not have a MAJOR stress issue, but I did have headaches, neck stress and some occasional dizziness, and osteopenia. After four months of doing the Codes my headaches, neck stress, and dizziness were gone.

My chiropractor commented that for the first time, she did not have to adjust my neck. After six months of using The Healing Codes self-treatments, I had a bone density test. My bone mass had increased 0. He commented that the stress level in my neck was way down from previous appointments. Perhaps the most beautiful success is that I see people and the world more positively. Seeing without stress and pain shows how the world can be changed for the better one person at a time, beginning with oneself.

I am so pleased with my successes with The Healing Codes that I am sharing it with anyone who will listen. I found the phobia would return whenever I was in very heavy traffic, especially at night. I would go into a panic attack while driving, which is very frightening.

On the way home I had to drive 10 hours in heavy rain through the mountains with no visibility. I made it home without any bit of anxiety. Since then I have realized that this was not only affecting my driving, but also was a part of my life in many other areas as performance anxiety. I now find that I am very relaxed in every area of my life. The picture relating to this issue involves a neurotic nun who humiliated me in grammar school.

Bless her heart! I am not completely healed yet, but I have full faith that if I continue with The Healing Codes, I will be completely well in the next several months.

Now, instead of living with constant 'what ifs' in my mind, I flow with life and deal with things as they happen; as they require thought or action. That might sound insignificant for some, but for me it is a big step. Healing this belief makes a big difference in my daily life. Everything I said was sprinkled with disclaimers. I worried that people were always judging me.

After finding a picture related to my perfectionism, I used the Codes to heal that belief. What a difference.

I am not afraid to speak out and say what I believe. Last July she had a very bad episode. I worked with her after the episode on her pictures. She was going through a divorce at the time and it was almost final. She was concerned that the next month would be even worse.

She did the Code for several days. She did the Code at the time and the cramps disappear fairly quickly. She mentioned to me the other day that she is not suffering from seasonal allergies this spring and thinks it is because she did Codes for her allergies last year. We did a Peak Performance Code and the interview went well.

She was offered the position and took it. She also used the Code before writing an article that she had been putting off and she completed it promptly and was very happy with it. She is now working on weight loss Codes. After one session with the Codes she was able to complete several papers and is now working on her dissertation. After our lunch, I came back home, did the Code again, took a nap - and fell into a very deep sleep for about six hours some nap!

The sleep was so deep and refreshing as it was close to pain-free, and I woke up with no rib pain. This was a day-and-night change from the previous weeks.

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I almost couldn't believe it. I've discovered that as long as I keep up with the Codes, the pain remains remarkably low. Thank you so much for this help. Several people spontaneously volunteered that I was walking and standing much more normally the next day. This is an outstanding result, but makes so much sense, since I know illness and injury with me tends to get emotionally-charged, probably because I was sick a lot as a kid with respiratory and throat infections, and learned to do this then.

She says: I did The Healing Codes and physical therapy for four days and the pain was gone. Once the pain stopped, I quit my physical therapy and continued the Codes. Two weeks later, my doctor told me I no longer needed surgery. I still do Codes, and anytime I have an ache or pain, a Code takes care of it immediately. I have had a number of them removed but they seem to always either come back or new ones pop up somewhere else — it has been frustrating, painful, expensive, and a little scary at times.

I am middle aged and weigh a few more pounds than I would like — I was sure I had a heart problem. After doing The Healing Codes for about 10 days, all of the pain went away. The thing that impressed me about this system is that it not only heals but seems to do it permanently. Almost two years later I still have no discomfort. I called Dr. I was not willing to go through chemo.

While doing the Codes my melanoma got consistently smaller until it finally fell off — after only 6 weeks. When I straightened up, I felt a sharp, excruciating jolt in my lower back. I immediately dropped the board and fell to my knees.

Eventually, I managed to rise to a crouch and begin a long, painful journey upstairs to my bedroom. When I finally made it into my bed, I was able to find a lying position where the pain was tolerable. I remained in this position for about a half hour when I began feeling another urgent sensation — the need to urinate.

Much to my dismay, I could not sit up without knife-like back pain. Finally, I managed to roll over on my stomach and inch down off the end of the bed with movements that reminded me of a caterpillar. On my knees now at the foot of the bed, with my upper torso still resting on the bed, I found that this new position was not a solution; in fact, I had increased the threshold of pain, through which I would have to go, in order to stand up.

With nature demanding my immediate attention elsewhere, I had no choice but to lift up through the back pain and crouch into the bathroom. The pain was so bad when I made the upward move that I remember seeing a flash before my eyes. When my wife returned home, she called our doctor and he prescribed several prescription painkillers and muscle relaxers.

After two days on the medication, I was only marginally better. Skeptical though I was about an unconventional treatment, I was also beginning to despair. My friend arranged a conference call during which Dr. Loyd gave me three Codes along with advice on how to use them.

Since then I have not had a relapse and have continued to lead a normal active life. I have had intense and wonderful study of the scriptures. As a child of the King, when God told me " to rid myself of all such things as these: Alex appeared, and you know the rest of the story. After doing the Healing Codes for anxiety and panic issues, I immediately started to: This list will be obsolete after I mail this, so much has changed over the past year. The Healing Codes had really done me a lot of good.

I felt differently in general, even euphoric a lot of the time. I felt so much love for everyone. I felt differently about everyone I was visiting. I saw them in a new light. For a long time I have had unforgiveness issues with my husband. As going home to him approached, this issue was hung over me. I decided to refocus myself on unforgiveness with this issue in mind.

When I arrived home, my husband and I sat down to talk and my negative emotions were gone! I was amazed since I had years of thinking that it couldn't change. This issue is now a 0! It is rare that a day goes by that The Healing Codes do not make my day better in a very tangible way, unless I don't do them. I have now begun a brand new chapter in my life. My mission in life now, besides taking care of my family, is to learn all I can about this modern day miracle so that I in turn can use this tool to help all who will listen and all of those that I know God will direct to me as I pursue this new calling.

One of the discouraging symptoms was that I became very susceptible to virus and bacterial infections. I was sick quite often with the "virus of the month". Because of The Healing Codes, the frequency of my illnesses has been dramatically reduced. An exciting discovery occurred when I recently felt the onset of viral symptoms.

After talking to Dr. Absolutely amazing! In the past I would have suffered for days. Thank you, Alex!!! No rest, peace, rapid heart rate. I wanted to go into self-protect mode. I wanted to run like a deer after water. Not recalling a picture, I did a custom healing Code and in 15 seconds my heart rate dropped 25 points, and 30 seconds into The Healing Codes I was back to my normal heart rate.

I was out of the flight mode and on to the abundant life mode. Ever since I can remember K. Always needing much attention and basically very clingy.

It has become unbearable over the last 5 or 6 months. My husband and I were at our wits end and did not know what to do. My sister-in-law introduced me to The Healing Codes. I was a little skeptical at first but was still open. She did the Healing Codes on me for an issue I had with my son and it helped me a great deal. However, the real testimony is with my daughter Kelsey. Kelsey has been obsessed with death for a long time. She has had nightmares, sleepless nights, days of crying, unable to go to school and an overall terrible experience because she thought either my husband or I was going to die.

My sister-in-law encouraged us to try The Healing Codes on her. She seemed very open so I asked her to picture one of the pictures that have been bothering her. She did, started crying and rated it a She picked her truth statements and I started the Healing Codes for peace on her. She started deep breathing and relaxing immediately. She just sat there relaxed. When we were finished she was already very different.

I was so excited. She said her picture was almost a 0 and she seemed very happy. She kept asking me to do them with her. The next time she picked a different picture and also rated it a She is a different little girl.

Praise God for the Healing Codes. I have witnessed a miracle in my daughter. With the first of the holidays approaching since her death, I became even more depressed, with uncontrollable crying many, many times a day.

I was living in seclusion, overeating, smoking more cigarettes than I would normally do, and the thought of suicide sat in the back of my mind. The first Code rated a 10 and the next two did as well. But from that point on, life changed! I found myself looking at my neighbors differently. Our interactions with each other changed instantly. I have been given such a great gift with the discovery of The Healing Codes.

If I were to rate my feelings today, they would be a zero! What a turn around! He never really told me why he spanked me even though I knew I had been playing with matches. I was so hurt that I went upstairs and threw myself on the bed and told God I did not want to live anymore. When I was six, I had to have an appendectomy for acute appendicitis. Years later, my ileocecal valve began to give me discomfort so I would talk to my body and ask it what I did to create this discomfort.

My sense was that I created the appendicitis by holding the stress of that experience since I was four. My father was killed when I was 15 I could not cry but about three tears and that was a week or so after the funeral. Even though I used forgiveness affirmations to forgive my Dad and this situation for 38 years, that love feeling was not there.

Finally, after doing the Healing Codes for four weeks, I was able to allow myself to go back into that experience enough to release the trauma, and, for the first time in my life, I felt a sense of love and respect for my Dad. Finally, I would admit to myself that my best interest was the basis for his action. The Healing Codes seemed to dislodge the stress that I had been holding all these years so that transformation could occur.

The next day, after some processing and the prayer, I was again letting my truth statements about Joy flow while doing the Codes. They went something like this: I choose that the dentist be gentle and respect me, etc. Yes, I actually felt JOY when he so gently took his time with the injection. When he finished, he told me about the five crowns he would need to replace and the cost of five gold crowns.

I even went so far as to tell him that I wanted to do something that he probably never had happen before in his life and I said, "I want to tip you, not much, but I just want to take this opportunity to share and let myself really feel the joy inside.

Loyd for going into the pits of Hell so that these Codes could eventually be received from the Universe via Dr. The Healing Codes allows those of us who choose it to move stagnant energy out of our bodies and ultimately experience Transformation. Some of the conversation was foreign to me. I physically started to have rapid heart beats, shortness of breath and fragmented sentences. The person I was talking with paused and asked me if I was okay.

I sat back in my chair, took a drink of water and a deep breath and commented that I had had a cellular memory surface. This happened two more times during the conversation, and each time I could certainly tell that it was a cellular memory occurring.

Without the Healing Codes, I would never have been aware of what was taking place. I am so thankful to have at my finger tips a way to handle 'fight or flight. One example is when I started noticing I had a pain across the top of my foot simultaneously with a pain in a muscle that extends from where you sit on the sit bones and down my leg a bit, and also into the buttock and a bit into the sciatica.

It took a couple of days while I was going through the Healing Codes process to remember that those were the identical symptoms from a time that my shoe caught in a small hole in the pavement as I was trying to run across the street before the light turned red. The rest of my body had continued to move forward and I was wrenched backward with my legs really wide apart because I was taking large strides. Those identical symptoms…I had them for a really long time, and they recurred over and over again if I got active or did stuff that was quite athletic.

When I went through the Healing Codes process, it clicked that this old injury was finally resolving. I had had a concussion to my inner ear from a car accident. It was so deep my car almost flipped on its side. As the car righted, my head hit the very hard Volvo headrest at a point right behind my ear called the mastoid process , and I immediately had a concussion to my inner ear. For two years following I had severe vertigo until I found a treatment that resolved it.

Just recently, I started getting a really strange headache in that same area over a period of about three days. At the end of several days doing the Healing Codes, I just felt something was clearer and lighter in that area, and it was identical to where my head hit the hard Volvo headrest. So I feel that whatever trauma was incurred — and I felt trauma not just in the bone in the muscular area, but inside my head -- was resolving. I know this trauma has now been released from my energetic body.

It was a very painful swelling and lumpiness, to the point that during the middle of the night I would actually wake up and cry out loud. I was afraid of waking my landlady who lives upstairs from me since my crying out was so loud because the pain was just so unbelievable.

I had all kinds of special mammograms, ultrasounds, and mammograms of the armpit. It was completely gone. We are noticing some differences in our family from doing the Codes. The atmosphere at home is more peaceful. Our sons, 4 and 6, are not arguing and fighting as much with each other. That, in itself is a blessing! They were driving me crazy with their almost constant bickerings. I'm aware that my emotions and wrong beliefs are being healed. And I have hope now in some areas of our life that I had considered hopeless.

Nobody knew why. Parts of bones dying. Heart murmurs. But then growing up and getting older, I developed some uncommon things. At age sixteen I somehow got scarlet fever or rheumatic fever, which came very close to killing me. It took a heavy toll on me.

All the while, I had had terrible migraines ever since a early age. When I was 9, I became unable to sleep without some kind of aid. At age nineteen I was diagnosed with vaso depressor syncope, which means I cannot stay standing for more than fifteen minutes, or sometimes even sitting, without passing out. I also developed, somehow, fluttering and regurgitation or backflow in my heart. I had constant chest pain which hurt really badly if I was doing anything.

At 24, I could handle it. During that time I developed the heart problem. My migraines worsened daily…constant pain. I was throwing up at work frequently for no reason. The migraines were terrible…I was losing vision in one eye and both eyes. I was falling over a lot, almost blacking out. I could not keep up like I could two years ago and I wanted to know why. I went through a lot of tests. They also found that because of overworking myself my heart muscle was weakened.

After a lot more testing, they realized that all they could do was give me drugs to try and ease the pain a little bit. I found that it was making things worse for me. For the first time in the past couple of years I actually wanted to live. I wanted to make an effort with this life, which was something new to me. Loyd and The Healing Codes. I also believe in natural ways over doctors, anyway.

A week later the package arrived in the mail. When I first spoke with Dr. Loyd, he told me to go ahead and start trying some of the Codes right away because of the condition I was in and the pain. After the first two Codes — I did one for my migraines and one for my heart that evening — I could feel a significant difference. The magnitude of the pain dropped significantly. I thought this just might be it.

I was pretty sure by then, actually. That was the first time in years. I could not believe it. I kept on with the Codes. I have not had any migraines. I have not had any heart problems or chest pain. I stopped throwing up. Since three weeks after starting the Codes, I have not had any dizziness, I have not fallen over. Loyd, friends of mine had to take their dog to the vet because he was basically dying. The vet told the family they were going to have to put him to sleep.

His gums were bleach-white and his skin was really tight because he was so dehydrated. I started telling him about The Healing Codes. I did a Code for him that morning and at lunchtime. Completely different from before when they were bleached white. She jumped up and gave me this big hug.

Whatever you did made that happen. He asked them what they were doing. This does not happen. God has been merciful and patient with me. All my head knowledge of the Word had not gotten into my heart because of all the blocks.

When the feelings that accompany the issues of trust, faith, unforgiveness, patience, etc. A pill won't correct this, or surgery and so forth. But when the heart lines up with the head knowledge, WOW! I thank God for what he has given you to help us walk in the steps of the Savior. I had a number of seborrheic keratosis on my forehead and on my head and a large number of them on my back.

I noticed that after about four days, the one on my forehead began to dry up and flake off. Within about ten days it was totally gone. On my head, the ones there had all been the size of pencil erasers and they were all gone.

All of those that were on my back have shrunk tremendously. They itched and caused me some problems. As I was doing the Codes for my endocrine system, I was not sure what truth focus statement felt right. We had recently been to a Kenneth Copeland Believers Convention where Kenneth taught us to "speak" the anointing that we desired over ourselves.

I thought that was so perfect, and felt really good about it. It was very powerful. Throughout the day while doing other things, if I just repeat the phrase it seems to reactivate the effect of the Codes. God is awesome! It's incredible. I was already using the Codes for myself, my husband, my pastor and my ferret so I was already in awe. Now I'm almost overwhelmed at how much more it can do. Speaking of which, my ferret had a mast cell tumor under her front leg which was almost the size of a marble.

In one week, it is now the size of a pea. Thank you so much for this! This is a big improvement over taking them out daily although taking them out is not a big problem.

For me the big issue has been putting them in. There have been times when I would try and try and eventually have to give up and try again later. Of course until I succeeded I couldn't see to read. There were many times when I would spend half a day trying to get my contacts in and one terrible day that I spent eight hours trying without success.

I wasn't willing to give up on contacts, but every week putting them back in was an experience I dreaded.

A short time after starting to do The Healing Codes I was astonished when both contacts went in on the first try. I realized immediately that it had to be a result of doing the Codes although it was not something I had consciously worked on and probably would not have thought of The Healing Codes as being something that would fix this problem. It was a total surprise and what a relief! I realize that is the way contacts are supposed to work, but for me they always stuck to my finger rather than the eye.

I was aware of possible problems but when in pain I simply shut my mind to the possibility. Pain was my major presenting problem. I cannot say yet that I am pain free although I have had several pain-free days.

There has been one major and unexpected change. I'm not sure how long I had been doing the Codes when I realized that I had stopped taking all pain medication. I had not given any thought nor intended to do that. Somehow it just happened and had been that way for some time before I even consciously noticed. Taking something for pain just doesn't occur to me any more. It's as if that decision has been made and does not need to be reconsidered.

I have effortlessly eliminated the ingestion of toxic substances which I feel sure will speed up xxvii Testimonials from Our Clients my healing. It makes total sense although not something I would have thought of without The Healing Codes doing it for me. I'm sure my original thinking was more like I'll take something for pain until the pain stops. The unbearable result of any bite was always the itching. No matter what bit me the itching would start immediately and would continue unless I went to get shots.

Some time ago I discovered a homeopathic remedy that really did alleviate this. However recently I contracted a bite on the top of my foot that caused a welt and itching as bad or worse than anything I had previously encountered.

My homeopathic remedy was not working; I could not stop scratching; I was desperate and frantic to make it stop. I decided to do the Codes from the Immune category requesting in my prayer that all the healing energy from the treatment be focused on stopping the itching from that bite. Within a few minutes I suddenly realized that it had stopped although I could not say exactly when that happened. It was strange that it had stopped so completely that I almost could not remember that there had been itching.

One other unusual effect was that although bites on me at least itch off and on for a long time; even if I could stop it, something would set it off again - this particular bite never itched again! I remember the 1st week of January that my brother who lived there said, "Dad is doing better than ever. It was truly a miracle!! I received a decrease in my stress levels that was dramatic. I have grown as a person from the process and the affirmations.

My perspective on myself has changed and I believe in my abilities as a person with less stress. I am working on my ethical issues little by little and when that conscious conflict is resolved my life will be different. I will be a more effective and functioning person. I look forward to accepting my power that I have been reluctant to accept. I am starting to understand my life and myself better. I can't tell you how much I appreciate what you are doing for myself and others, and the hope you have given me for clearing my cell memories etc.

I am standing in more appreciation than I have stood in and that is different than my expectations. The mental clarity and seeing a larger perspective is life changing also. The blood sugar has not changed all that much, but what I have noticed is I tend to be more loving! Loyd when you were interviewed on the Passion Series. I was very, very touched at that time, so the whole time, I was just having a very quiet cry. I had energy moving in my legs immediately from hearing you on that interview.

Well, from the moment that I heard about The Healing Codes, I had a conscious conflict in my own environment where it was cluttered and was no longer suiting the way I wanted it to be.

I live on two acres in a very small place and it was just over the top. Immediately, without me saying anything to my husband, he sold antiques that were too big for the bedroom. By the time FedEx was delivering the package the following week, I had completely redecorated our bedroom.

I talk about feng shui, I feel a lovely vibration.

Beauty is coming into our inner environment.I found that it was making things worse for me. We were working on high blood sugar, high blood pressure, and the irregular heart beat.

So Naaman went to see Elisha, bringing all his gifts. So one thing I noticed was that I was able to lie on my back and stretch and sleep. He was beaten so we could be made whole.

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