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Hayy Ibn Yaqzan would probably have never seen the light had its author not been the special prottgt of this same prince. The historical records that survive tell . VI (2): 77–90 UDC: Ибн Туфејл DoI: /komB Original scientiic paper The Process of Civilization in Ibn Tufayl's Hayy Ibn Yaqzan. After [t]his introduction, Ibn Tufayl proceeds to narrate the experiences of Hayy the son of Yaqzan. Starting with his birth, he offers the reader a choice between.

Hayy Ibn Yaqzan Pdf

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THE HISTORY OF HAYY IBN YAQZAN b y m - ABU BAKR IBN TUFAIL — A ' Translated from the Arabic by SIMON OCKLEY Revised, with an Introduction by. philosophical novel Hayy ibn Yaqzan (or Alive, Son of Awake, as the Arabic title of this book can be rendered into English), written in Islamic. Request PDF on ResearchGate | Ibn Tufayl's Hayy Ibn Yaqzan: A Philosophical Tale | The Arabic philosophical fable Hayy Ibn Yaqzan is a classic of medieval.

Considering the differences and similarities of inanimate beings, plants, and animals, he comes to see both the diversity and unity of being. Seeking a cause of being, he looks first to water, earth, and air, but finds that they are subject to at least partial destruction, and that even heavenly bodies have extension and motion. He comes to realize that the cause of the world's existence and motion must be a perfect, non-corporeal, uncaused, eternal Being whose essence is necessary existence, and that since the only way to apprehend such a being is by a non-physical means, his own true self is incorporeal.

He draws up for himself a systematic program by which he hopes to achieve a state of continuous awareness of the Necessarily Existent Being and comes to experience a mystical vision.

With an abrupt turn of events the story next tells of the arrival of Absal, who had come from an inhabited island seeking solitude for contemplation. After the two men meet and Absal teaches Hayy to speak, they discover that they hold the same doctrines: that the religious traditions which Absal had learned about God, his angels, prophets, Judgment Day, Heaven and Hell were symbolic representations of what Hayy had seen for himself.

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Hearing of the people on Absal's island who contented themselves with relying upon symbols and performing ritual duties, Hayy wished to teach them to seek the Truth.

Though warned by Absal that his mission might fail, the men go to the inhabited island ruled by Salaman, who lived in society and practised traditional religion.

Though Hayy was at first well received, men turned away from his teaching. He saw that he was attempting an impossible task and that for the masses of people all that could help them was already contained in the words of the prophets and religious traditions. There are also similarities between Hayy Ibn Yaqzan and the cosmogony of the first book of the Metamorphoses, the Latin epic poem written by Ovid, the celebrated Roman poet of the late 1st century B. From Lucretius, Ovid could easily have got all he knew about the Pre-Socratics.

I would suggest that there might have been a common Greek source, read by Ovid, Lucretius, and Ibn Tufayl.

Although, in a way, Hayy Ibn Yaqzan was a direct consequence of Greek thought translated into Arabic, yet Ibn Tufayl pursued his own Islamic way of reconciling philosophy with religion.

On the other hand it is crucially important to be aware of the Arabic philosophical production current at the time. Flows from Islamic culture brought key figures in Spain, in philosophy in particular, in the intellectual center of southern Spain.

Ibn Tufayl followed in the footsteps of his 11th century predecessor, Ibn Sina. The hero of the novel, Hayy, is a solitary child, grown up in a deserted equatorial island in the Indian Ocean. There were two stories about his birth: The first story relates that he was spontaneously generated on the island, in a way similar to Ovid's description of the spontaneous generation in the cosmogony of his Metamorphoses, mentioned above.

Having been suckled and raised up by a doe, he began to learn about everything, unaided.

Ibn Tufayl’s Philosophical Novel Hayy ibn Yaqzan and the Quest for Enlightenment in Classical Islam

Although Hayy was a feral child, cut off from any human society, he was an autodidactic who elaborated a culture of his own, in his relation to the surroundings, through inquiry and self-discovery. Hayy was also capable of profound thought.

The novel features discoveries by Hayy about man, nature, and ultimately God. Contemplation and speculation are the hallmark of the novel in visioning the world.

Hayy practiced philosophy, and reached the highest degree in his thinking of metaphysics.

He even underwent mystical experiences. By his own natural or primitive reason, Hayy realized the necessary existence of God. He even achieved Sophie enlightenment through communion with God. Absal, a man who devoted himself to contemplativeness in religion, came from a neighbouring island, in quest for solitude, seeking retreat from people in the deserted island of Hayy.


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Hayy Ibn Yaqzān

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Harlan Coben's Book: When these elements are not in balance, the Body decays Ibid: Rauer Trail - 9 Western Romane: Is Hayy just an abandoned child who was saved by the providence of God or by mere accident; or was he created on the island by the perfect mixture of the elements and the most balanced Temperature in the World? This proves to be a holy man named Asal who has just arrived from the neighbouring island of civilisation where the good king Salaman reigns, and where life is regulated by a conventional religion of rewards and punish- ments.

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