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The Holy Bible. Containing the Old and New Testaments. Translated out of the Original Tongues and with the. Former Translations Diligently Compared &. This free version of the Holy Bible is the King James Edition English PDF e-book. the public domain text and converted to PDF format using “DaVince Tools”. The form in which the Bible is given here is not simply another example of the Bible story put into present-day English. The language used is Basic English

English Bible In Pdf Format

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THE HOLY BIBLE. TRANSLATED FROM THE LATIN VULGATE. DILIGENTLY COMPARED WITH THE HEBREW, GREEK, AND. OTHER EDITIONS IN DIVERS . A list of the translated Holy Bible in many languages including Chinese, These Bibles are available in PDF format for easy download or online reading. If you are in a country in which English is not the primary language or amazon has no real which caters to electronic formats since electronic downloads are to 1 the ppti.info

Download the Bible in other languages here:

The problem is that most recent Bible versions even going back years are copyright locked! Best wishes and hope somebody can assist! However, NAB is a recent Bible and you should be able to find electronic online versions easy! Please download here: Your email address will not be published.

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Editor January 11, at 9: Editor March 15, at 5: Jedidiah June 7, at 7: Editor June 8, at 4: Editor March 18, at 6: Hi, Just right click on the Bible links above e. Map makes it clear that to navigate from one end of Israel to the other, one must pass through Samaria or take the long route around.

Many devout Jews went around Samaria. Jesus met the "woman at the well", in Samaria: and left us with some wonderful teaching!

Click on thumbnail to view, download et cetera. Fits on an 8.

A nice sharp map from one of K. Lake's works. It shows the boundaries of Galatia during Paul's visits to the region. Its boundaries impact the dating of the epistle to the Galatians which in itself is an interesting study.

Prophetic Dreams 3.

Prophetic Words 4. Why God. Share on Facebook.

Download a Bible Original Bibles. This edition also includes the following historical documents, which are based upon Biblical principles: Recent Posts. Was Jeremiah Prophetic Vision: Prophetic Dreams.Twentieth Century New Testament. For those books, C.


New American Bible Revised Edition. An on that day, it will truly be the sadist day in our history, since the day they crucified Our Saviour on that Cross!

The Geneva Bible was also issued in more convenient and affordable sizes than earlier versions.

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