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Date A Live vol [LN][EPUB]. Date A Live vol [LN]. Novel Updates. Translation to FacebookShare to Pinterest. Labels: Light Novel. Date A Live [LN]. Date A Live [LN]. Novel Updates. Translation Group: Baka-Tsuki Fal'cie & Vizard David Miu. DDL: Vol Trollo Status: Dropped. Download Date A Live Volume 18 Light Novel epub/pdf Now──let's commence the beginning of the end of the war (date).“Long time no see.

Date A Live Light Novel Epub

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Genre:Politics & Laws
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Download Date A Live All Volumes Epub . check here to see how to download ppti.info Autogenerated Baka-Tsuki/Date A Live - Volume 03 - Killer Kurumi . I like these type of novel rather than isekai another world novel.. still there. Meme submissions featuring no Light Novel content will be removed. . PDFs only up to volume 14 and some side stories, epub up to volume.

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Date A Live

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