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Read Breathe read free novels online from your Mobile, Pc. Breathe is a Romance novel by Kristen Ashley. Lady Luck. Colorado Mountain (Series). Book 3. Kristen Ashley Author Emma Taylor Narrator (). cover image of Breathe. Kristen Ashley grew up in Brownsburg, Indiana but has lived in Denver, Colorado Breathe. Colorado Mountain (Series). Book 4. Kristen Ashley Author ().

I have been reduced to a hyperventilating, tear-streaked, deliriously happy puddle of goo. An absolute GEM. Its going on the top-fav pile! I read a large portion of this book with a huge meg "It was wild. I read a large portion of this book with a huge mega-grin plastered on my face, my heart fluttering uncontrollably and barely able to contain my squees! It was KA at her absolute best.

I wouldn't change one single thing about it. It left me breathless and in happy tears! Regardless of the fact that theirs was a loveless marriage that he was forced into, the thought of what was done to her still makes him sick. And that is his general feeling towards life at this point. Everyone in it has screwed him over and dumped necessary cruelty on both him and the people around him. Then, he crosses paths with Faye, the town's virgin librarian who has had a crush on him since he first came to town when she was She loves her books, her stories and their worlds and is holding out for a hero of her own.

Over the years, she has seen all the pain and heart-ache that Chase has gone through and wants to help him move on. Faye is totally one of us. She is not afraid to be herself. She loves to read and isn't afraid of showing that.

She is shy and yet incredibly strong, talks back, is quick, witty and has a huge heart. She chats on forums with friends she is very close to but as never met sound familiar anyone?? Definitely one of my top favorite heroines EVER! D Chase!!! What a gorgeous character! He was absolutely, heart-stoppingly incredible. Open, tortured, honest, forward, totally Alpha and swoony as all hell with a tender, gentle that that just melted my heart.

But at the same time with a lot of demons, a lot of anger underneath a hugely strong sense of duty, protectiveness and caring. He bent his head towards hers and whispered, "Breathe, Faye. He's totally enamored with her but also feels like his life was too screwed up and that he lost his shot at true happiness. And at the same time, he can't help himself being drawn to her and how quickly she is stealing his heart. You know whats happening.

The Three Series by Kristen Ashley

I just loved that the book starts out from his POV. This is a first from any of the 17 KA books I've read. Getting into the hero's head right from the start and being able to understand him and see Faye the way he saw her was incredible. And its clear very early on that they are perfect for each other and they don't really waste time with their relationship. They fight it a little at first, but its pretty evident its a battle they are both gonna lose. Watching them come together, work together, be together, deal with stuff together, balance each other out was so funtional, beautiful, swoony and HOT!!

I mean really hot. Their sex is off-the-freaking-charts hot! Everything is very 'new' and extra uber passionate. Faye was inexperienced in physical love, and Chase was inexperienced in emotional love and watching them help each other learn and never give up on each other left me breathless. He is so careful with her. He knows she's never been with anyone, never been in a relationship before, and he does everything in his power to make her feel safe, comfortable and loved.

With me, anytime, anywhere, you're safe. But of the anytime and anyplace you're with me, the place you're safest is right here, in my bed You can react how you want. You can be who you are.

If I'm doin' something you don't like, you can stop me. Nothin' will ever happen in this bed that you'll be uncomfortable with. I swear to you, baby. You're safe here and you always will be. When I read it, it gave me chills, had me hyperventilating, crying, shaking, grinning, squeeing I was a mess!

Not to mention that this book was chock full of cameos!

Kristen Ashley

Seeing characters from the previous books all coming together and working, living, helping each other out has me in swoon and squee overload! Definitely be sure to start your reading with the first book of this series: The Gamble. Chase and Faye's journey was beautiful. One of the best I've read. I don't have the words to express properly express how much I loved this book.

He just drags himself back on his steed and keeps right on battling Utterly beautiful and long. The perfect HEA. A perfect book. View all 37 comments.

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Oct 24, Debra rated it it was amazing Shelves: Each time I've finished one of her books, I think I've found my new favorite and that the rest of them won't be able to live up to the ones I've read already; and almost each time I'm proven wrong. Breathe was different from most of her other books in the sense that the heroine was much different from most other KA heroines, and that's exactly why I loved this book so much. Other than that, the story consisted of the typical KA elements to make it a memorable read: Faye Goodknight is such a refreshing heroine.

She's shy, introvert, kindhearted and a little nerdy okay, maybe more than a little. She's the town's quiet, pretty librarian. She loves to read, listen to music and watch her favorite shows on TV.

Ever since she first laid eyes on Chace Keaton when she was sixteen years old, she's been in love with him. But, with her being the shy person she is, she's never worked up the courage to approaching him.

So, when he finally notices her and strikes up a conversation, it seems as if her "holding out for a hero" has finally paid off. Chace Keaton has had a rough couple of years. In order to keep his father's secrets safe from his mother, he had to sacrifice a lot in his life. He had to become a dirty cop and was forced to marry Misty, a woman he despises. Now, he's finally freed from his loveless marriage, but he's still determined to find out who killed his wife. At the same time, his father and his associates still pester him about turning back to becoming a dirty cop.

So, with a lot of darkness in his past and current life, the presence of the town's sweet librarian who he's had his eyes on for a long time feels like a breath of fresh air; and he's determined to do whatever it takes to keep her in his life. Chace is a genuinely "good man", who still possesses the right amount of KA alpha male hotness.

At first he's kind of a jerk to Faye, but that's only because of his past and because of the fact that he doesn't want her to get hurt. Still, he proved his true kindness by taking care of Malachi and by doing anything in his power to make Faye breathe easily and make her happy. Kristen Ashley's books have become my "go to"-comfort books.

So far, I've never been disappointed with any of the one's I've read and although each series has it's perks, I think the Colorado Mountain series is one of my favorites. After the amazing previous books of the series, Sweet Dreams and Lady Luck , I wasn't sure Breathe would be able to live up to this two, and even though I still loved those slightly more, safe to say Breathe was a worthy follow-up! View all 65 comments. Sep 17, Choko rated it really liked it Shelves: She did it again!

And every time I finish one of her books I am still stumped as to how do books so over the top and full of flaws keep on stealing all my attention for hours at a time, completely oblivious to the world around me It gets so bad that I forget all things real, forget about food or loved ones, the food thing is actually a positive side effect! These books are so distracting, that we have to plan on times of the week void of other responsibilities so we don't screw them up And it leaves me wander, what is it about KA that emersed us so fully in her stories???

There is no other reasonable explanation. How can such crazy stories with crazy situations, crazier characters in insane relationships and most irrational happily ever afters, formulaic but lovable, make us so addicted and jonezing for the next hit otherwise????

Magic, no other explanation In this book we are still in the mountains of Colorado and within the boundaries of the crooked police department which targeted Chase, his dad, his lait wife, and many more innocent people in the small town This town has a small library and it has one full time employee - Faye, the redheaded, shy, introverted and sweet librarian. She has had a crush on the hero of taking down the corrupted Police Department, the brooding boy in blue, Chase, since she was Her hopes had been diverted since Chase had gotten married 7 years ago, but close to an year ago he had lots his wife to a brutal murder and now Faye felt freer to watch and admire him, albeit from afar But their first encounter is disastrous and the second convinces Faye Chase is not the Knight in shining armor she thought he was Chase was a total jack ass and a big jerk to one of the sweetest, most beautiful women in the county, and definitely the purest of any he had met.

Yes, his life in the last 10 years has been full of disasters, betrayals, he has been set up for a lifetime of misery, and it is only by chance that he finds himself free at the moment A horrible, gruesome chance As with all KA stories this is a romance.

A crazy, making no sense at least in the beginning romance, a close to a caveman alpha with a woman who has issues romance, a "just because you know me your life will be in danger" type of romance, but I will promise you a happy ending kind of romance We always have to suffer, put up with ridiculously pushy and dirty minded alphas, take kidnapping as a way to achieve a point for a given, and work through a multitude of spats and shootouts, all for the promise of that happy epilogue at the end.

And it is worth it!!! Because she delivered on every point! I have to say that I absolutely fell in love with Faye - she lives in her books and loves all the geeky shows on TV! She had me at Firefly and Battle Star Galactica!!!! I would love to get in the middle of one of her tantrums when she invokes Darth Vader and the Skywalker relatives: The other favorite part, the side story of the two abused kids Heartbreaking and inspiring at the same time She had me ugly crying three times!!!

That is just cruel!!! I will recommend this series to KA fans and those who like contemporary romance in a bit of a lower, earthier type of writing style But I will be awaiting the next buddy read of her books with the craving of an addict More brains!

Ops, wrong addiction, More books!!!!

Happy reading, y'all!!! Sep 12, NMmomof4 rated it really liked it Shelves: This was a lot better than I thought it'd be! I had written it off before, because lots of readers didn't like the fact that Chace slept around while Faye was crushing on him. While I understand where they're coming from, it really didn't bother me. I still felt like Faye was a strong character, and she never crossed that line into doormat status for me which is what I was really worried about.

To clarify -- we don't experience any this sleeping around happening, but i 4 Stars Overall Opinion: To clarify -- we don't experience any this sleeping around happening, but it is mentioned towards the beginning. I was not expecting the side story with the kid at all. I really loved how they worked to get him help, and how we got to see him in the epilogue as a happy young man!

It was fun to see all of our Carnal and Gnaw Bone characters again, and it just makes me want to read about them all over again. She has to be one of my absolute favorite KA heroines! I am so happy that I followed my gut and gave this one a shot, because if I didn't I'd miss out on Faye ; Brief Summary of the Storyline: This is Faye and Chace's story.

Chace's is still struggling with his guilt over his wife's murder that happened in Lady Luck , so when he bumps into Faye he isn't expecting it. Faye has been crushing hard on Chace for many years. She knows that something wasn't right about his marriage but never knew the exact details view spoiler [he was blackmailed into marrying the OW hide spoiler ] , so she knows that he didn't care for his wife but needs some help in getting out of his guilt. So when she bumps into him a few times, she decides to take the leap and expose her attraction towards him.

Faye finds out that there is a child that is stealing books from her library and looks as if he is severely malnourished and has been beaten, so she takes it to policeman Chace because she is concerned. They work together to try to help the boy, and end up getting together and falling in love. There is a good bit of drama left over from Chace's past, some sexy times, some sweet and sad moments I really liked that we got Chace's pov at times, as not all KA books give us that!

Overall Pace of Story: Good for the most part. I never skimmed, but it did feel a little too long at times. No, but they had been crushing on each other for years.

H rating: I liked him. He was a typical KA alpha hero, so I'm not complaining! I appreciated that he listened to her and snapped out of his little funk the 1 time he was ticking me off , and he acknowledged his mess up and apologized. I had hesitated to read this one, because I had seen people saying that she is a doormat type h -- I didn't get that at all!! She was a total nerd, she was sweet, and she had a backbone!

I loved her: Sadness level: The kid killed me! The only times I teared up were with the kid, but I never needed any tissues. Yes view spoiler [ The H pushes the h away at first because he is still messed it about the murder of his wife the actual murder and not because he loved her. It doesn't last long, and once he snaps out of it he strongly pursues the relationship.

They have some hot chemistry and scenes, but not so much it takes away from the story. Descriptive sex: Yes Safe sex: Condoms are used until a birth control talk happens. I don't remember any mention of the H's past practices. Mild view spoiler [The H carries a lot of guilt about his wife being murdered, but it is mainly about how he didn't prevent it and not at all because he loved her.

No Cheating: No Separation: No Possible Triggers: Yes view spoiler [ Homelessness, child neglect and physical abuse, mentions of rape and a few murders, kidnapping, widower H, and a virgin h.

This had great closure with many jump ahead moments in a HEA ending. How I got it: I'd say that this should be Safe for most readers. View all 23 comments. Reasons I loved her from the beginning…. She loves to read and read to others. And yes, I do it a lot. And yes, I did it before you because life can suck and living in a fantasy world is a lot more fun than living in the real world sometimes.

This was not a weak choice, it was an informed one. And, if you delay, I might even have time to get into why I think Joss Whedon should be recommended for sainthood. I loved Battlestar Galactica but Firefly was by far and away the best television show ever, which made its midseason cancellation an act I thought of sacrilege. Fortunately, they made a movie about it. And also fortunately, Nathan Fillion moved on to another awesome show, Castle.


Chace on the other hand…. I normally read KA books for the uber alpha males that are great on paper, but seriously if my man said half of the stuff that they say to their women I would just giggle and walk the other way because who could take that seriously…. I totally struggled with him as he kept digging his hole deeper and deeper and after Ty in the prior book being so awesome it was difficult to ever click with Chace.

Really for the most part I tried to figure out why he deserved a girl as kickass as Faye totally was. The rest of the story was pretty interesting though. Faye and Chace are trying to help a kid who looks like he keeps getting beat up and is probably underfed. As they try to work out who he is and how they can help him the story between the two of them starts to grow.

The towns bad cops might be cleaned up but someone is still trying to pull a few strings in this small town and someone definitely wants those sex tapes that are being held in the town back and will go through some serious trouble to get them. But that said I did like most of the other stuff happening in the story. As always there are some great side characters and we even get a cameo from one of the Rock Chicks…YAY. But Twyla by far stole the show for a minute when she was giving advice to our girl on how to let Chace know she was read for him to take her virginity because yes of coarse she is a 29 year old virgin…because those are everywhere.

I totally love her books but she is a love it or hate it author and so I almost never recommend her to friends and family for this reason. View all 9 comments. HUH, try eighteen in the past three months. I think I am addicted to Kristen Ashely's super dramatic and over-the-top series, a guilty pleasure that I can't seem to stop. I'm a little late into reviewing this book as I have gone on to read three more from this series and two more from Kristen Ashley and adored them all.

But in saying that, I feel like Breathe will forever be my favourite. This a romance centered around Faye Goodknight who is as pure and kindhearted as her name suggests, the local librarian in a small town situated in Colorado where this whole particular series revolves with her head stuck permanently in a book. The only times she pops back into reality is to ogle and continue to crush on Detective Chace Keaton, a crush that has lasted thirteen years.

They run into each other in the middle of the night when Faye is attempting to figure out the local murder mystery, the murder victim also being Chace's ex-wife, a woman who he had no affection for and let everybody know. Slowly, their relationship begins to bloom but Chace hasn't lived an all that charmed life and is hell bent on keeping those secrets from Faye.

As the two begin to be together, they also happen along a homeless child who shows signs of abuse and together they begin their mission to find and care for the young boy. This story had everything I love in a novel; dimensional characters, a community feel, drama, angst and a whole boat load of romance and passion.

This story and series is one of complete dramatics but the plot is woven together spectacularly and it's impossible not to relate to the characters, even if you have nothing in common. View all 5 comments.

Jan 22, Sana rated it really liked it Shelves: Jul 23, Splage rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Kristen Ashley Fans. So true, so true I had big anticipation for Breathe because the Colorado Mountain series is what really started me on my Kristen Ashley crazy reading obsession. I had read Rock Chick years ago when it first came out. It see Review posted at: It seems now I can hardly get through a week with out reading or rereading a KA story to get my fix.

Her typical elements were all there. It started with a bang, Chace had his share of A-hole moments to get my juices flowing and it had a hot, stirring romance between a virgin and a broken cop. I still blush occasionally when KA writes her sex descriptions and dialog. Faye has to be one of my favorite KA heroines. She was innocent, vulnerable and sweet; family oriented, dedicated and such a big, fat LIAR!

I loved her backbone! Faye had a brand of quiet that was strong and fierce and boy, could she grandstand when she got pissed. A couple of scenes I was cheering her on, thinking you go girl! All the girls were back from the previous stories helping Faye get her man. Also the best was a lesbian giving man dating advice, how profound. There was a murder mystery to solve which was introduce in Lady Luck.

I think mainly it lacked my interest because there was another side story that overshadowed it so greatly. His story had me holding my breath with anticipation.

His life was harsh and brutal and I was so into finding out about this fierce, broken boy that my focus was completely surrounding his circumstances. He brought out my emotions several times. It was heartbreaking, but yet beautiful in how Chace, Faye and her family took care of him. He had a lot to overcome from the ending in Lady Luck , going from bad cop, worse husband to hero. I knew eventually all those wonderful attributes I have to have in my heroes; possessive, confident, protective, as well as, gorgeous, sexy, and all alpha, would reveal themselves in Chace.

KA did a great job in tying everything together so perfectly from beginning to end. The epilogue was so precious and just how I like my endings. It was like the energizer bunny…it kept going and going and giving and giving until my satisfaction was guaranteed. View all 17 comments. KA never fails to amaze me with her—albeit long as heck—stories, the admirable characters or the soulful, irrevocably beautiful love between them. Loved every word of this, and I really loved all the previous characters making an appearance.

Fave Quotes: Led to different kinda dances with you. A real love for a good man who teases me and makes me laugh and makes me feel safe and holds me close at night and watches way too much sports and not enough geek TV That hair.

Those eyes. That smile. Definitely worth it. I held out for Chase. I held out for a hero. June 10, Re-read for the 3rd time. Breathe kept me company during my first half-marathon! I loved Faye! She was a cute and funny librarian, science fiction aficionado, with a little bit of a temper to match her red hair. I cracked up every time she used that backbone and said "frak", even if she felt a little guilty saying it, like it was an actual curse word.

I swooned hard for Chace! What a complete and total sweetheart! He melted my heart with the way he treat Re-read for the 3rd time. He melted my heart with the way he treated Faye as the most precious thing ever to grace his life. Favorite quotes: So, my advice, don't catch it from Faye. View all 14 comments. KA fangirls. This is one of my favourite plot lines — the tough, protective alpha hero with the sweet and really rather geeky heroine. So, Chace.

Enter stage left — Faye Goodknight. Never was a heroine more aptly named. She may be the heroine of the novel but she is the good knight in shining armour come to rescue Chace from his lack of self-worth and show him what he means to her and everyone else in Carnal. Rather surprisingly painless, but deeply romantic and tender. Every girl should have a guy like Chace as her first!

Chace and Faye take a fabulous journey together — each of them growing with their love, becoming the person they always should have been. They complete each other.

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There is an absolutely thrilling and suspenseful climax to their story during which I could hardly breathe and, as always, a really great epilogue. Kristen Ashley really does give good epilogue! Things I loved Faye reading a hot sex scene and wanting to try it out with Chace afterwards. Sound familiar girls?? All those mountain men together. The promise of a Graham Reece novel. So, why 4 stars and not 5?

This may be an unpopular opinion, but I felt I'd met Chace before - he's extremely similar and possibly interchangeable with several other KA heroes we've read before. Also, some of the sentences are overlong, especially speeches given by the central characters and I think some more stringent editing would probably improve these books. But, it's still a fabulous KA romance, very much in her usual style.

View all 30 comments. For full review please go to: To find love and happiness and redemption. I slowly fell in love with Chase Yes he is a hot alpha, but I didn't get him as a person In the end I felt for him how I feel for Lawson Protecting what's his what he sees as important. He doesn't see himself in the right light, he has had a lonely life, dictated by others but not in a positive way which means he paints himself with the same brush.

He can't take himself out of the equation, believing he is like them not by actions but by default. In Faye it's almost like he sees redemption. He sees her as innocent, vulnerable and adorable and his attraction has been there years but it's almost like he is scared to taint her with his ugliness! To him she truly is an Angel; unspoilt. Thank you, honey, for giving that to me. A happy home.. Chace is in awe of Faye's family.. He realises what he could have had, the regrets, the wasted years.

I loved this sentence it says it ALL!! He is so loving, and has this vulnerable side to him. He values Faye for who she is and what she has become to him and it shows when he safe guards Faye's 'innocence' and guides her with this amazing protective hand. At the same time he revels in the fact that this is a gift for him, one that has never been given to anyone else one he knows it is his alone. But you know that since you know I already did it thirteen years ago.

I held out for a hero" - Faye He isn't scared to show Faye his emotions a testament to how he feels about her and how she acts towards him When she gave him her, he knew what this meant! The touch of an angel. A trace of a miracle" - Chase Chace is beyond a hero, although he doesn't see himself this way. His protection of Malachi, his fight for what's right. My heart melted The true amazing trait of any man He thinks he is lost, changed He has no clue how amazing he is.

He is given a test to save Faye and it was heart stopping. To him, I think this moment, he found his own salvation from the sins of others. Now Faye. I absolutely loved Faye. I identified with so many aspects of her character.

The quiet shy girl with her nose in a book. But really underneath the 'superficial' is a woman who knows who she is, she is fierce, strong, grounded, extremely funny, adorable and vulnerable. She knows life can deal you bad situation and she is not naive or ignorant to the fact of real life.

She reads to escape for moments of dreams and fantasy. Yet she knows all that goes on and she is fully aware of Chace and his situation. She has been in love with Chase for 13 years, solid in her belief that he is the one for her. Such conviction, such perseverance. Her unwavering loyalty, devotion and love for this man means that she is adamant she will set him free, heal what is broken, seek justice for her man,.

This despite the fact that he isn't so yet. And despite knowing he maybe never be she shows her true selflessness through pure emotion and adoration.

She is in awe of him, truly devoted, yet she does not stand down or let him intimidate her into a situation she does not agree with. I admired her for not letting him go. She stood firm, she didn't let the wanting of him overshadow what was ultimately right for her.

This is also despite knowing that Chase has NEVER had anyone look out for him before with such love and protection, she took a gamble, a risk for him to understand what he was being given; what he has never had!! Be prepared for some pretty special surprises too ; View all 15 comments. Jul 17, KatLynne rated it really liked it Shelves: Faye Goodknight held out for a hero and what a remarkable one she got!

When Natalie, Bosley and Alex notice her letter, they read her reasons for leaving them. While Alex is upset by this, Natalie understands why Dylan fled to protect them. When she asks about O'Grady's break out from jail, Charlie reveals someone had him released on good behavior. While in Mexico keeping a low profile, Dylan is convinced to return after seeing an apparition of former Angel Kelly Garrett Jaclyn Smith.

Natalie and Alex deduce that Carter is a part of O'Grady's scheme after seeing him return Bosley's keys without any pain, since he had earlier claimed to have broken his ribs, which is now proved to have been a lie. Following him, the two witness him being shot to death by Madison, the true mastermind behind all of this. Though Dylan arrives to back the group, the Angels are shot by Madison, who takes the rings, though they survive by having worn Kevlar vests beforehand.

At the base, Charlie through the speakers reprimands Madison for what she's done. Motorcycle Man. For You. A Christmas to Remember. Hope Ramsay. Own the Wind. Bundle Fourteen. Rock Chick Reckoning. Fairytale Come Alive. Hold On. The Golden Dynasty. Fire Inside. Loose Ends. Rock Chick Redemption. Mystery Man. Rock Chick Renegade. Wild and Free. Wild Man. The Fantasyland Series Box Set. Rock Chick Revenge.

Wildest Dreams. Games of the Heart. Ride Steady. Law Man. With Everything I Am. Walk Through Fire. Midnight Soul. Broken Dove.

The Promise. The Honey Series. The Farthest Edge. The Three Series Box Set. The Greatest Risk. Ghosts and Reincarnation Complete Series.

Golden Trail. The Time in Between. Lucky Stars. The Deep End. Until the Sun Falls from the Sky. Sommersgate House. Penmort Castle. Lacybourne Manor. How to write a great review. The review must be at least 50 characters long. The title should be at least 4 characters long.

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I adored them together. No Possible Triggers: But, no matter what he does, she puts up with it and looks at him like he's the last piece of pizza.

These two burn so hot for each other Sweet, sexy, sassy, suspenseful, emotional and comical He's convinced he's sullied by everything that went down, being a dirty cop and forced to marry a woman he despised. This despite the fact that he isn't so yet.

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