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ath thariq ilal quluub abbas al siisiy bagaimana menyentuh hati ath pdf [ali bin hasan bin abdul hamid al atsari] tasfiyah dan tarbiyah bagaimana menyentuh hati. abbas al siisiy [free download] bagaimana menyentuh hati ath thariq ilal quluub abbas al siisiy. book file pdf easily for everyone and every device. bagaimana. We have Menyentuh Hati Pdf to review, not just read, but likewise download bagaimana menyentuh hati ath thariq ilal quluub abbas al siisiy edoc bagaimana .

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menyentuh hati ath thariq ilal quluub abbas al siisiy pdf live, where i can download bagaimana menyentuh hati ath thariq ilal quluub abbas al siisiy pdf, mobi. Thank you very much for reading bagaimana menyentuh hati ath thariq ilal quluub abbas al siisiy. As you may know, people have look numerous times for their. ilal quluub abbas al siisiy bikemonash bagaimana menyentuh hati ath pdf pendek cerita, semalam, anak perempuan aku umur 9 tahun, joint mesyurat kami laki.

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Therefore, humans have two important substances that can differentiate them from animals. They use brain to process cognitive and empirical information.

In addition, they also have heart important to consider whether the activities or things are appropriate to do, or it involves spiritual activities which are related to the value of each activity. Thus, humans become more perfect creatures because of these two substances. Many philosophers suppose that heart intelligence is similar with emotional intelligence.

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De Sousa who argues that emotion has motives or reasons. They may be more or less rational. In his hypothesis, it is stated that emotion can frame our decisions in many ways and enable us to choose among options from the point of view of practical and theoretical rationality, superior to the others.

Descartes describes emotion as a static state, while Hume describes it as passion. Then the a few elementary passions make up all the others and divided them into two main categories, the calm and the violent passions. Emotional intelligence has relation to social intelligence, which includes interpersonal and intrapersonal competences.

The focus is the human individual life and his or her relationship in social life or human mutual relationship. On the other hand, the heart intelligence is more perfect that manages human individual life, social life, and his relationship to God. In addition such intelligence is very important to succeed in living in the world and in the hereafter.

He focuses on understanding heart before teaching the students. The statement shows us his confidence of the function of heart in education. Furthermore, in guiding the students, the teacher must use the language to communicate. Dan siapakah yang lebih baik perkataannya daripada orang yang menyeru kepada Allah, mengerjakan amal shalih dan berkata, 'Sesungguhnya aku termasuk orang-orang yang berserab diri?

Tolaklah kejahatan itu dengan cara yang lebih baik, sehingga orang yang di antaramu yang punya permusuhan seolah-olah telah menjadi teman yang setia.

What they do is valuable if they do it because of Allah. In addition, they must use the language better in any situation, including when the students behave rudely. Becoming angry can add our enemy, but choosing the best utterance can change enemy to be friend. Thus, considering what to talk is a wise decision rather than easily becoming upset.

In education, the teachers who can bear their emotion by considering the words to use and act more wisely are more respectful for the students.

Types of Emotion and Heart Naturally emotions are the feelings which can be divided into two categories, positive or pleasant feeling and negative emotions or unpleasant feelings. People are motivated to maintain positive emotions and avoid or eliminate negative emotions Barret and Sallovey, They clarify more that negative emotions include fear, sadness, shame, anger, contempt, guilt, disgust, anxiety, disappointment, embarrassment, loneliness, envy, and hatred.

They also include appraisals that something is wrong, his or her well being is threatened, the goals have to be abandoned, he or she lacks what he or she desires, or he or she views himself or herself as doing wrong. On the other hand, positive emotions involve happiness, gratitude, pride, love, relief, hope. Furthermore, the emotion spreads from one person to the other.

If someone has more positive emotions, he will be a strong person, and vice versa, if he or she has more negative emotions, he or she will be a weak person.

Therefore, everyone wants to have positive emotions and eliminate negative emotions. The emotions possessed by a person can change depending on the situation and condition that may influence the emotions. A person who is initially brave can be frightened if she has got a frightening experience. On the other hand, a person who is usually frightened and not confident, but in a certain situation because of under pressure, he or she can be a brave and confident person.

Therefore, the teacher as educator needs to respect the students for their performance, either good or bad. If the teacher does not respect the students for their performance, they may not maintain the positive performance or do not eliminate or correct the negative performance.

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Respect then can be given in positive and negative forms. The positive forms can be given when the students can perform learning activities well, for example, by praising, or giving a prize.

However, the negative respect can be given by reminding, motivating, advising, and so on. Both positive and negative respects are useful for the students in learning.

Strickberger's Evolution, Brian K. Hall, Benedikt Hallgrímsson, eBook - caite.info

In relation to the heart, Al-Jauziyah divides heart into three kinds, the healthy heart, ill heart, and the dead heart. The healthy heart is reflected through any activities done just because of Allah and following the way of the prophet, Muhammad. Therefore, those who has a healthy heart does not have desire to break the rules governed by Allah and His messenger and also obey everything He asks. This is the more intelligent heart. The heart can recognize which one is good and which one is bad, so the heart is easily induced with something good.

He or she is afraid of the other creatures rather than Allah and does not work because of Allah. Finally, the ill heart is the combination of the two less intelligent heart.

Sometimes the heart is healthy and sometimes it is dead. Those who have got such kind of heart sometimes can be good or bad. Fortunately, it can be recovered by returning to the teaching from Allah and His messenger, and removing the illness.

Bukhari dan Muslim. This statement convinces readers that when they want to be good, they should keep their hearts good, because the hearts will determine what and how they want to be. The second type is a damaged heart. Those who have got this kind of heart generally have gone to the wrong way, so that their hearts have been damaged.

Fortunately, the hearts can be cured if they want by learning Islamic teaching and coming back to Islamic teaching. They must go far away from the wrong direction and come back to the way pointed by Messenger. The third type of heart is a locked heart. Those who have this type of heart generally reject the truth. They suppose the truth as the guilt but accept the guilt as the truth. The fourth type is a doubtful heart which is affected by the opposition among the component of heart, for example, the opposition between heart and emotion.

In their hearts, until their hearts are cut to pieces, and God is all Knowing, Wise. It is affected by the increasing of the thinking process which continually happens so it causes the head to be hot, blood pressure becomes quicker and higher. As the effect, the rhythm of breathing is not regular. The sixth type is a peaceful heart. It is caused by a decrease of thinking about some complicated problems, but an increase of adjustment in thinking.

The seventh type is the fixed heart. This is because it has been fixed for a long time, so to change what has been supposed correct previously is difficult. It happens when all thinking processes are based on what have been commanded and prohibited by Allah. Finally, the heart embedded with faith, is a strong heart, which cannot be influenced by whatever, whoever, and wherever. Teachers as educators need to have a healthy heart or the heart embedded faith in order to generate the truth to young generations.

When they have such the heart, their character is very perfect because they always obey any good rules eventhough no one can look at them.

They do everything because they are sure that they are always witnessed by Allah, so that they keep true every time and everywhere. However, the characters are not taught verbally, but through the models which are implemented in their daily live.

What they implement in their lives can be seen directly by the students so that the students can learn from them directly. Language, Thought, and Heart Language is a symbol which refers to an object, that the speaker uses in delivering what is in his or her mind. In language philosophy, the symbol is a word which refers to an object which is called referent.

Furthermore, the relationship between the words and the reference and the relation between the object and the reference is called concept. Concept then is the meaning that one can understand after listening to the words and what comes to his or her mind or after watching an object and what comes to his or her mind. Many philosophers view that language and thought are interrelationship.

The language that one uses is the reflection of his or her thought. When there is someone using bad words in talking, his thought is also bad at that time and vice versa. Therefore, it is impossible that someone who has used bad words in talking says that it is not what he or she means.

What he or she means is good, not as bad as the words he or she utters. Lock states that the function of language is to communicate and what language is meant to communicate is thought Morris, It is true that language and thought cannot be separated. When someone communicates, he certainly will use the language and when he or she uses the language, he or she must communicate his thought to the others.

In addition, we can know the other thought through the language he or she uses in communication.

He or she cannot manage the language used, because his or her thought does not work well. The language he or she utters is not related to what he thinks and if we ask him or her about what is meant by the language, he or she cannot tell it.

Furthermore, the above idea raises the question, whether the thought involves the activity of brain or the heart.

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However, no one of the philosophers above discusses about it. They do not introduce the term of heart for the thought and most of them use the term brain, meaning that thought is synonymous with activity of brain. In short, thought includes the two crucial substances, so it can be appropriate viewed from the brain and true viewed from the heart. A talk which begins from common utterances or normal ones can be directed to the taboo.

Most people who have got such kind of heart feel proud of talking something forbidden by the religious and society norms. They do not feel that they have broken the rules, and moreover, they feel that they consider themselves primitive if they cannot follow what people surrounding them do. Furthermore, they also suppose that talking by using bad words can make them closed. In other words, the term modern is usually used inappropriately, for example, when they cannot be involved in a certain situation, though the situation cannot support them to be good people.

It is certainly not an easy work to do, especially if they are not ready to do such a useful and meaningful activity. Therefore, they should realize that they have become public figures for their students and the society around them.

In speaking, there are many statements of Prophet, Muhammad guiding his followers to talk well. One of the sayings is: Furthermore, it is also revealed that one of the ways to avoid the hell is by talking something well. Al-Usyan The norms of speaking as listed by the Islamic scholars can be used as the guidance for the teachers if they want to make students intelligent.

As explained before, the high level of intelligence is heart intelligence, because it can be gained by the combination of using brain and heart. The teachers with heart intelligence will talk something very well.Umar bin Khattab dibunuh oleh Abu Lukluk Fairuz , seorang budak yang fanatik pada saat ia akan memimpin salat Subuh.

Learn more about Amazon Prime. A talk which begins from common utterances or normal ones can be directed to the taboo. Kebajikan yang ringan adalah menunjukkan muka berseri-seri dan mengucapkan kata-kata lemah-lembut Umar bin Khattab. Tapi menurut saya, Mahfuzhot bukan hanya sekedar kata-kata mutiara atau kata-kata bijak saja.

Not available online. If someone has more positive emotions, he will be a strong person, and vice versa, if he or she has more negative emotions, he or she will be a weak person. Bersambung nanti. Pernah berhubungan seksual dengan lawan pasangan yang terinfeksi hepatitis B, atau tinggal dengan seseorang yang terinfeksi hepatitis B kronis.

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