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there has been four short comics of Avatar: The Last Airbender or The Legend of Korra at Free Comic Book Day. Characters from Avatar: The Last Airbender were featured on the cover of the issue of Free Comic Book Day. Avatar: The Last Airbender comics are visual. Since its debut in , Avatar: The Last Airbender has remained one of Nickelodeon's most talked about and Specials Free Comic Book Day

Avatar Comic Book

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Gene Luen Yang began drawing comic books in the fifth grade. In , he received a Xeric Grant for Gordon Yamamoto and the King of the Geeks, his first. Read Avatar The Last Airbender Online. Select a Book. - Avatar The Last Airbender - The Promise Top Comics Of All Time. Popular Comic Series. Read Nickelodeon Avatar: The Last Airbender - The Promise comic online free and high quality. Fast loading speed, unique reading type: All pages - just need.

Hero with an F in Good : Azula's plan against the New Ozai Society was to financially bankrupt them to prevent them from hurting Zuko as well as to round up all potential members that could risk attacking or hurting him.

However, her plan also required mass child abduction and to strike fear into the hearts of the people to expose the members which nearly caused a revolt. Girl's heart is somewhat in the right place at least, but the brain's still half-out to lunch.

Heel Realization : Ukano, once he realizes that Azula was using him. As a result, he's willing to accept going to prison for a long time as punishment for his actions. Honey Trap : Mai pretends to be in love with Kei Lo in order to pump information from him.

At first. Ty Lee however, did question if what Mai did was ethical. Mai develops genuine feelings for him later on and is heartbroken when he dumps her. Subverted, as it turns out he is in league with the Kemurikage. In the Blood : Discussed in Azula's fight with Zuko. Azula: In the last twenty-four hours, I've shown just how ruthless you can be. Deep down inside, you're still one of us. You can deny it for a little while, but eventually you will become just like me Jurisdiction Friction : The Fire Nation Captial is supposedly under attack by the Kemurikage while the New Ozai insurgency is also involved, the former of which warrants the Avatar's attention, and Aang has some difficulty cooperating with Zuko's government over the whole issue.

Once it's revealed that the Kemurikage that were abducting children were humans and not the real deal, it's no longer the Avatar's problem. Despite that, Aang refused to sit idly by and let these kidnappings happen.

Ty Lee had to clear all that up.

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Given that Mai was out of it for two and a half trilogies, this is not surprising. Maybe Ever After : Zuko and Mai. They don't get together in these comics but it is very likely they will eventually.

Meaningful Appearance : Azula's new look as the Kemurikage manages this on two levels. Azula takes on the form of the ghosts of the past in an attempt to swindle the New Ozai society out of money while trying to get Zuko to become a more decisive and efficient as well as tyrannical Fire Lord.

Avatar: The Last Airbender

At face value, it's a ruse and a spook tactic. However, her Motive Rant reveals that she wants Zuko to rule like she did, which she modeled off of Ozai: One of fear, power, and tyranny. A clever case of Stealth Pun , Azula also symbolically represents the ghosts of the past Fire Nation, and Azula herself is currently one of them: An old mentality that is best left forgotten to the pages of history.

This also puts her in direct conflict again with Zuko who desires none of the past bloodshed; desiring a new age of love, peace and prosperity for not just the Fire Nation, but for the world as a whole. Out of Focus : Much of the main cast has a reduced role in the first part. Team Avatar left for Yu Dao and Zuko only has a supporting role. Mai serves as the main protagonist for Part One. Aang comes back to a major role in Part Two, but Sokka and Katara head back home instead after learning about the problems there in The Rift and into the next comic story, North and South.

Pet the Dog : One genuine and one subversion from Azula. The genuine one is when she stops one of her cohorts from assaulting Kiyi, adding that Kiyi's a fighter since it's in her blood. Despite the resentment toward her mother and the circumstances behind Kiyi's birth, Azula still seems to accept Kiyi as a sister.


The subversion is when she pressures Ukano to spend a lot of money to accommodate the kidnapped children and make sure they're well fed and comfortable. It seems like a nice gesture, but it turns out her motive is to financially break Ukano and the New Ozai Society, and the condition of the children themselves is something she couldn't care less about. Playing with Fire : Kiyi is revealed to be a firebender just like her brother and sister. Plot Tailored to the Party : Zuko summons Aang at the last minute, because he knows only the Avatar knows how to handle spirits.

Poisonous Friend : The big reveal at the end is that Azula has become one; she's accepted that Zuko has the throne and now wants to make him the best Fire Lord he can be — for her warped definition of "best". She's practically gone non-sexual Yandere for him. A Library Edition, which collects all three graphic novels together, will be available on October 25th Are you a fan of Avatar: The Last Airbender?

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Hi, my daughter Sophia just got the first book in the Smoke and Shadow series. She really enjoyed the book, but wants to read all the books as each trilogy was written.

I think she needs to read the Airbender, the promise, the search, the rife, the next two smoke and shadows, and north and south? The Last Airbender" to "The Rift " ". News article. Comic Book Resources. Retrieved 25 July Retrieved 5 May Retrieved 2 December The Last Airbender comics".

Retrieved 15 March Retrieved 24 February The Last Airbender—The Rift". The Last Airbender—Smoke and Shadow".

Penguin Random House. Retrieved 19 February The Last Airbender—North and South". Retrieved 28 September Book 1: Water Book 2: Earth Book 3: Fire " Sozin's Comet ". Lego Roller coaster ride Trading card game.

New 'Avatar: The Last Airbender' Live-Action Series Reveals Initial Crew

Air " Welcome to Republic City " Book 2:Dressed in full costume, this live-action peek proves the short has some dedicated talent backing its Avatar ambitions. Retrieved 15 March Team Aang gets a chilly reception in Avatar: Retrieved on October 6, Shop now.

Amazon Business Service for business customers. Maybe Ever After : Zuko and Mai. Recently, it was announced a young adult novel focusing on Avatar Kyoshi would be coming to the canon, leaving fans eager to learn more about the infamous warrior's tenure. Despite that, Aang refused to sit idly by and let these kidnappings happen.

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