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Atomic Highway - Post Apocalyptic Roleplaying - Civilization came crashing down. Billions PDF + Hardcover Color Book (Premium). $ Atomic Highway - Core Rules - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. core rule book for atomic highway, post apocalyptic rpg. Atomic highway is a lovely lightweight Post Apocalypse setting that is perfect for Mad Max style I thought the pdf had been free for years.

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Atomic Highway always seemed promising. ppti.info download/hr4ecdxxd4evuxp/Atomic+Highway+-+Core+ppti.info The Atomic Highway pdf is now free to download! Atomic Highway and its fans have been really good to me these two years since its release. From the product description: "Civilization came crashing down. Billions died. A new Dark Age has begun. The descendants of the apocalypse's survivors.

Vehicles are also built with points and can be upgraded to be better than stock. If you are interested in playing in the game please reply to this thread, so I can PM you with my email to add you to my contacts or head over to Mad Max: Beyond Australia to request to join.

The Roll20 campaign page has a summarized timeline of the original Mad Max trilogy, but with more fleshed out information that is suited for the US. You can join the game directly by clicking the link. Lore Keeper, Roadwarrior, and Sentinel pursuits can select Law 1 as part of their skills under the Choose from list. Roadwarrior and Sentinel pursuit characters with the skill Law 1 are former police and state patrol officers.

Lore Keeper Pursuit characters with the skill Law 1 were former lawyers and judges. Physical Mutations: Senses 2 All characters have Natural Skills. Mutie Unless modified by Mutations or Flaws. Understanding 3. All characters start with the following Skills at Novice level 1: If the optional Psychic Powers in the appendices are being used.

Dan records the Natural Skills on the character sheet. Trog Mutants If you are a member of the Trog Rearing and want to be a mutant.

If you roll opposing Mutations and Flaws. Tech 2. Melee 2. Shoot 2. He also decides that his character has a steely gaze and can seem frightening to many folks.

Stealth 2. Lore 2. Persuade 1. Customize Yer Gear! The descriptions of equipment are basic and brief. Dan names his character Iron Ghost formerly Marcus Lanner.

Dan selects Drive 1 from his options. Iron Ghost eschews his past. Pick the most appropriate Pursuit template. Drive 1. Dan decides that Marcus left his remnant community in disgust at their over-reliance on technology.

They might have left their home willingly or not. Some humanoid animals have no Skill points with which to customize. No starting Skill can exceed 4! You can improve Skills to level 5 in-game.

Survive 2. Notice 2. The final Skills look like this: Athletics 2. Iron Ghost is convinced that returning to a more primitive existence is less destructive and far more honest.

Dan decides that although he grew up with knowledge of technology. Stealth 1. He also records the gas mask and Geiger counter from the Gear. A little color and detail goes a long way toward stoking the imaginations of all involved. What sort of upbringing did your character have? What kind of environment did they come from? Where they live now might not be where they were born and raised.

Zoofinity 1. Dan describes him as athletic and deeply tanned. Brawl 2. Give your character a name. His character now has the Athletics 2. Ride 1. Shoot 3. Having selected the Brave Pursuit. Notice 1. Melee 1. Pick the most appropriate Rearing template. You can add a visual impact and element of personality to your character by describing their clothing and equipment in a little more detail.

Intimidate 2. Brawl 1. Selecting the Remnant Rearing. Dan sees his character as being a skilled mounted warrior. You have 4 points to buy new Skills for your character or improve existing ones. Is their medium handgun a scratched and faded Glock 19 semi-auto with tape around the handle. Bear in mind precious little is remotely close to pristine anymore.

Dan selects Ride 1 from his options. Ride 3. What are they most experienced or proficient at doing? Although they can develop in any way once the game starts. Nearly everything is stained. Marcus left his remnant community in disgust at their over-reliance on technology. Players earn Experience for their characters.

Chapter 4 Character Improvement As in the real world. Zoofinity 1 Health: Convinced that returning to a more primitive existence is less destructive and far more honest.

Experience is collected.

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Dan Race: Human Rearing: Remnant Pursuit: Brave Description: Athletic and deeply tanned. Horse with saddle blanket and harness. Hide pants. Geiger counter. Senses 2 Skills Athletics 2. Gas mask. Attributes Muscle 3.

To reflect this. Even you are wary of the more vicious packs. Lore 1. Athletics 1. Many things of civilization and technology are still objects of wonder to you. Feral Orphaned or abandoned in the wilderness. Growing up in a trade hub. Bartertowner You were born and raised in a bartertown. Knife or chain of choice or bludgeon of choice.

Atomic Highway

Roll once on any one of the Scavenging tables pages except Military. Tech 1. You came late to language and all but the most crude of tools. With basic schooling also being common in bartertowns.

Nomad Large packs of nomads wander the wilderness and waters between bartertowns. As part of such a pack you raided. Scavenge 1. Survive 1. Necklace of teeth and claws. A rare few have even taken to the skies on powered hang-gliders and autogyros. You have your share of accidents and close encounters with airborne mutants. You grew up in such a self-sufficient tribe. Airman In the years following the Final War. In far-flung research stations. Chapter 5 Remnant Here and there. Light roughly padded garments or a fur-lined leather jacket.

Boomerang or knife or short spear. You are one such individual. What they all have in common. Your world was one of failing ancient lamps. Tribal craft necklace made of carved beads. If you want to create a mutant Trog. Torch wooden or battery powered or lantern candle or oil fueled. Shoot 1. Sky pirate or explorer. Crossbow of choice and 12 bolts or handgun of choice fully loaded.

Worse yet. Growing up in such a settlement. No Trog community emerged unchanged Beastmaster As technology failed. While the glory lies in the dust. Binoculars or collapsing telescope. Tribal During the Years of Dark Ice. As a beastmaster. Pilot 2. Leather or fur tunic. Pet beast of choice. Greaser Tech is only as reliable as the people who fix it.

You repair. You bear adornments as befit your tribe. As often as not you bring them back dead. Ride 2.

Large Deer. Large Canine. Large Bird of Prey. Mounts and Pets The follow choices are available for mounts: Scavenge 2. Medium Feline. Battered and oil-stained coveralls or denim pants and ragged shirt. Small Feline Roll for mounts and pets using the table under Natural Animals page to see if they are mutated.

Axe of choice or bludgeon of choice. Bounty Hunter Justice in the ruined world is a lot harsher than in the Before Time. As a bounty hunter. Zoofinity 2. Hide pants or loincloth. Medium Deer The following choices are available for pets: Flint and steel or box of matches 20 or lighter fully fueled.

Mount of choice and saddle blanket and harness or canoe or kayak. As parts become scarcer you scavenge and improvise. Medium Canine. Internal combustion engines. Mount of choice and saddle blanket and harness. You undertook the grueling initiation. Criminal 1. Brave One of the proudest moments of your life was your acceptance by your tribe as a brave. Heal 1. Chapter 5 Gear: Durable work goggles or welding mask. Small metal toolbox. Healer Medicine is a far cry from the miracle days of the Before Time.

Mount of choice with saddle blanket and harness or canoe or kayak or dinghy. Bludgeon of choice. Without high-tech medical facilities. Pants or skirt. With the chemicals and medicines of before gone. Small pouch of assorted dried herbs and Greaser Drive 2. Lore Keeper So much knowledge has been lost in such a short time. Intimidate 1.

Not everyone was so lucky. Hauler With the wastelands and wilderness between settlements being so fraught with peril. You know that if humankind is to learn anything from the past. In your eyes it is survival of the fittest. Handgun of choice fully loaded or pistol crossbow and 12 bolts. Pistol crossbow and 12 bolts or wrist crossbow and 12 bolts or handgun of choice fully loaded. Perhaps he finally developed a conscience and remorse?

Maybe a revelation about his pack has set him on the path of revenge against them?

The Raider Pursuit allows Players to create such a character. How you use such knowledge. Light motorcycle leathers. Sleight 1. Pants or loincloth. Outrider While the road warrior sticks to four wheels.

Sometimes you ranged slightly ahead of the hauler convoys and their battlecar escorts. Whether you were sold into slavery. Sandals or boots. As a raider. Light a sparse selection of leather straps. Raider Might makes right. In fact. Pit Fighter The roar of the crowd. Other times you operated on your own.

Crossbow of choice and 12 bolts or firearm of choice fully loaded. They do make excellent villains. You take what you want when the opportunity presents itself. As an outrider. Handgun of choice fully loaded.

It is a position of great responsibility and power. Sentinel Militiaman. Chapter 5 Road Warrior When you turn the ignition on your battlecar and the powerful engine rumbles to life. Boat 1. If anything bothered you.

When a course is not clear. Scavenger Many people wisely shun the twisted ruins of the cities of the Before Time. Where needed. Pouch of assorted dried herbs and dubious ingredients. Shirt or vest. Shaman As a shaman. Even after all this time. Skulk A scoundrel. Criminal 2. You may have stolen from the tyrannical or greedy to aid the downtrodden.

Some people might find it a lonely calling. You may have even hired yourself out as a troubleshooter — as the proverb goes. Mount of choice and saddle blanket and harness or canoe or kayak or dinghy.

- Daniel Turing, Lore Keeper of Redtown

Few care who they hurt with their actions. Most steal to benefit themselves. Most kill for profit. Bludgeon of choice or chain of choice.

As familiar with the lands surrounding your home as you are. Sleight 2. In Atomic Highway we define each Attribute like this: How Strong Am I? Actual weights are not really in the spirit of Atomic Highway.

It is used: To lift. Attributes are part of the core of the V6 Engine. Usual Attributes: Example 4: Jane is trying to sneak past an inattentive thug nearby.

Because a long distance is involved. Skills are presented along with the names of the Attributes most commonly used with them. It specifically includes the use of thrown weapons such as rocks and spears. Toughness Boat Operating water-going and submersible vehicles from canoes to sailing boats. Example 5: Jane uses local brush and dirt to try and camouflage her motorcycle from view.

Because Skills can be used with any appropriate Attribute depending on the situation and use. Athletics Athletics is used for climbing. Skills are rated on a scale of Example 2: Rex is running cross-country.

Atomic Highway - Core Rules

Toughness Brawl Striking someone with an unarmed attack such as a kick. The table at the bottom of the page provides handy descriptors for each level of each Attribute. Rex sprints for a closing door. Example 3: Rex is trying to swim across a raging river.

Like Attributes. Characters without the Lore Skill cannot read or write. It also limits how many Reactions you receive each Round. Understanding Melee Blades. Understanding Intimidate Intimidate is used to frighten. Chapter 6 Criminal Criminal covers techniques for breaking and entering premises. Understanding Lore Knowledge of the Before Times such as historical events. Nimbleness Heal Patching up wounds.

Understanding Drive Any land vehicle can be driven using Drive. Understanding What About Common Knowledge? There is no specific Skill to cover what the character knows about their general life and world around them.

Muscle Notice Notice is useful for detecting the faint aroma of poison in a drink. Nimbleness Zoofinity Breeding. Nimbleness Scavenge Scavenge covers knowing where to look for certain useful materials and items in Before Times locations such as ruined cities. Senses Shoot Bows. Understanding Sleight Sleight encompasses quick-fingered deception and deftness. Tenacity So. Any new Skills suggested should be suitably broad and avoid overlap with existing Skills. Understanding Ride Riding a living beast such as a horse.

Understanding Pilot Pilot is used to fly any airborne vehicles including hang-gliders. Other Skills exist. Understanding Survive Keeping alive and healthy in a wilderness environment uses Survive. Nimbleness Stealth Remaining unseen. See page 54 for the scavenging rules. If you want to know who reaches a certain point first.

How Fast Can I Run? Senses Tech Tech is used to operate obscure or complex Before Times machinery and electronics.

Among those humans disgusted by mutants. Rolling for his restricted diet. Tom rolls 1. He can keep that result or switch the numbers to 3. He selects Enhanced Sense. This gives him a choice of the Echolocation 1. Going with the theme he elects to have long. Mutations The Final War was a holocaust of mass death and suffering. In Atomic Highway. He selects Leaping and decides that his character has furless vaguely rabbit-like legs!

Pleased with the result. He rolls for the Mutation first and gets 2. Now he has to roll for his new Flaw. A second Mutation. He chuckles at the coincidences. In the Real World. Determining Flaws Roll two dice.

All mutant characters possess the following Flaw: Flaw — Mutie Dealing with most humans. The mutant can also expect to be subject to some bigotry.

Enhanced Sense Benefits: The character has Senses 6 when it comes to using a specific sense. Any accompanying natural Flaws the Mutation has. If the entry is None. This Mutation does not improve their ability to see in conditions of dim or no light. Possible Traits: Beast-like ears. Animal-like nose. Echolocation Benefits: Using echolocation the character can form an effective three-dimensional mental picture of their surroundings and so can operate in even absolute darkness.

Roll a die: Most Mutations have distinct physical traits. Enduring Benefits: Bizarrely broad. Mutations Mutations Mutations are described in the following format: Name of the Mutation.

Armored Benefits: The character has some form of natural armor with Protection 2. Leaping Benefits: The character has Athletics 6 for jumping and leaping. What benefits the Mutation provides. Pangolin-like scutes.

Hypermobile Benefits: Bat-like ears and nose leaf. This mental image is simple and cannot pick up any light frequency differences such as hue.

Animal-like eyes. Bestial legs. They can contort their limbs in unnatural directions. Unless special measures are taken to constrain them.

Cetacean-like blowhole. Amphibious Benefits: The character can hold their breath for Toughness x 50 rounds. Chapter 7 Natural Weapon Benefits: Bone spurs; claws; fangs; horns; tusks.

Toughness in boxes per hour if Non-Lethal. Night Vision Benefits: The character can see as well in conditions of low light as they can in daylight, but vision in darkness is monochrome, and provides no benefit in pitch blackness. Animal eyes; bulging eyes. Stealthy Benefits: The character has Stealth 6 for purposes of moving quietly. Digitigrade legs and paw pads. Any idea on how to fix this? I've tried different apps.

Aside from not liking them, the pages take multiple seconds to turn. Any word yet on what's coming next? I bought the PDF a while ago, is there a coupon or code for us to get the book at a reduced cost?

Also, the books are shown as "color". The PDF has exactly two pages that are color, the cover, and another page towards the end which has the company logo in color on another essentially black and white page. What is color on these?

Unfortunately there won't be.Light Flail. Black Powder Nail Gun Rifle. Billions died. With basic schooling also being common in bartertowns.

Opulence and comfort are not great, and even the overflowing dens of the elite are ramshackle, tattered, and faded. Hellboy Sourcebook and Roleplaying Game. When they do trade with the surface world, foodstuffs are some of the things they most eagerly barter for.

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