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Motherboards. Overview. • In this chapter, you will learn to. – Explain how motherboards work. – Identify the types of motherboards. – Explain chipset varieties. The motherboard is the main part of a PC. Get the insight about various types of motherboards and the motherboard components and their role. MOTHERBOARD TYPES AND FEATURES. A motherboard is the most complicated component in a computer. When you put together a computer from parts.

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Oldest type of motherboard, still used in some systems Table Types of motherboards What manuals (most likely in PDF format) are found on the CD ?. For example, Figure shows a server motherboard with three types of slots. The two long .. This guide can be a PDF file stored on the CD or DVD that came . Motherboards come in different sizes, known as form factors. The most common motherboard form factor is ATX. The different types of ATX are.

Most of the olden motherboards were non-integrated. Integrated: Assemblies are integrated or built right onto the board. This tends to free some space inside case and better accessibility to the components.

Motherboard explained

Cheaper to produce but are expensive to repair. Fast, powerful, feature rich motherboard at reasonable price.

Motherboard form factors: Determines general layout, size and feature placement on the motherboard. Form factors such as physical size, shape, component placement, power supply connectors etc. Capable of using processor.

Motherboard (PDF format)

CPU socket is placed in such a way that it can interfere with longer bus cards. Limitation over peripheral card installation.

Accelerated graphics port AGP is specifically used to install a latest graphics card. SIMM slots.

The full form is a single in-line memory module. These slots were found in older motherboards, up to boards.

The SIMM supports bit bus. DIMM slots.

These are the latest RAM slots which run on a faster bit bus. Another vital motherboard component is the CPU socket which is used to install the processor on the motherboard. Some important sockets are explained below. It is a pin socket that supports Celeron processors and Pentium-3 processors. Socket Found on latest types of motherboards, it is an pin socket that supports latest Intel i-3, i-5 and i-7 processors.

It is a motherboard component in the form of a Integrated chip.

This chip contains all the information and settings of the motherboard which you can modify by entering the BIOS mode from your computer. The battery or a cell is a 3.

In order to receive power from SMPS , there are connectors mounted on the motherboards. AT connector.

It consists of 2 number of 6 pin male connectors and is found on old types of motherboards. ATX connector.


During the s it became economical to move an increasing number of peripheral function into the motherboard. By the late s the main personal computers motherboard supported a full range of audio, video, storage and networking functions without the need for any expansion card all The most popular computers such as the Apple and IBM PC had published schematic diagrams and other documentation which permitted rapid reverse engineering and third party replacement motherboards.

Usually intended for building new computers compatible with exemplars , many motherboards offers additional performances or features and were used to upgrade the manufacturer original equipment. There are basically two types of motherboard. This type of motherboard has an advantage and also a drawback, it main advantage is its simplicity as much space is conserved, portable and perhaps cheaper to manufacture.

The major drawback is when the board component is faulty the entire system board has to be replaced.

However, such faulty component in some motherboard can be disable and replaced by an expansion card. But this have to be done by a highly experienced technician. Sometimes the cost of doing so many outweigh its benefits. It has the same functionality with AT but with lesser expansion slots. An example of a non integrated motherboard with its expansion slot placed side ways via a riser card.If something goes wrong such as bend or broken pin or defective controller can be repaired with minor cost.

A "real-time clock," also called the "system clock," keeps track of the time of day and makes this data available to the software.

Motherboard:Types and Components Explained

Motherboards with High End Graphics. While limited in storage capacity when compared with DRAM modules used on personal computers, embedded memory plays a crucial role in many electronic devices due to its small size.

The term "bridge" is generally used to designate a component which connects two buses. Show More. Expansion slots come in different varieties on systems today, and it is extremely important to understand the benefits of each type.

The pin male connector is used to connect IDE hard disk drives and the pin male connector connects to Floppy Disk Drive.

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