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All the previous TIME Aimcats - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online for free. Uploading all the previous AIMCATS of TIME. Uploading all the previous AIMCATS of TIME .Hope it helps. From where you took TIME AIMCAT papers in a pdf format? I can help you for AIMCAT papers if you tell how to download them in pdf.

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Can someone upload the pdfs of solved AIMCATS of ? One pdf of questions and I have not bought time mock series but I can do it for CL mocks. 2 likes 4. This thread is to post scores andpercentiles and discuss test-taking strategies, doubts, and queries for TIME AIMCAT []. Can anyone share PDFs of TIME mocks? Share link if you have or if you could upload a couple of mocks in pdf form I will be grateful. Thanks. 5 comments .

Students can get all their doubts cleared in the class, thanks to a conscious decision to e-mail. We will also help you track down institutes to apply to, based on your preferences and keep batch strengths low. In addition, they can discuss their performance and preparation plans academic inclination. You can also log on to our website and get your queries on form-filling for with the faculty on an individual basis at our offices. You are given a thorough understanding of the fundamental concepts, aided by plenty of The colour scheme used in the Snapshot is as follows: handouts and test papers.

With Sec - I 1 0 0 1 1 1 12 4 4 6 3 1 0 0 0 Total around Sectional Tests across Verbal, Logical Reasoning, DI 36 39 40 41 35 37 43 44 38 63 64 65 and Quantitative areas, you can be trained in a better and more Section 42 47 48 49 45 46 51 52 66 50 59 60 61 53 54 55 56 focused manner.

A certain number of tests are uploaded every II 57 58 62 month with the suggestion that you complete these tests as soon as they are uploaded. Total Total This is a great tool to help you identify your strengths and areas of improvement for your CAT. This is provided in two modules. Cutoff Marks 31 30 28 - Highest Score 90 84 70 Module I: This includes foundation and practice sessions with individual and group feedback. You also get the benefit of thorough Percentile Score Percentage Score What criteria should you seek to find a trusted and effective CAT training institute?

We encourage you to dig deep into the claims of the organisations that you are considering. The An institute is best judged from the quality of its output. We advise our results constantly set us apart.

Each year, we have an ever- students to ask questions, find out the details and get to really know an institution's reputation. We always had a rigorous internal system that keeps us up-to-date.

Our results are validated by an independent third party firm. What does this mean? A large number of students get final selections into more than one IIM. What is the selection process of the IIMs? A shortlist of candidates is done after the T. The standard government norms of reservation shall be applicable. The institutes would also have a minimum criteria for candidature. However, with a sincere effort, this is not difficult to clear.

The final list of selected candidates is prepared taking into account the performance in the written exam, the GWPI stage, academic background, work experience, etc. What is the pattern of CAT? In case of multiple choice questions, the candidates are awarded 3 marks for a right answer, penalized 1 mark for a wrong attempt. What kind of salary can I expect if I graduate from a top B-School? If he has prepared earlier, he can definitely find time to brush up profile. So, it's not as much of an edge as it is made out to be.

The most important thing to not much in monetary terms. All you need to do is gain admission into the right B-School. Is it necessary to choose MBA Specialisation s at the time of application itself? No, in most cases, it is not required. As per the syllabi, most management institutes offer General Q.

What is the weightage given to the factors still within your control i. Management courses. In this kind of a course a student learns the basics of all functional areas, viz. Academics are not as critical. During the first year and second possessing work experience is certainly not a cause for worry. Is it really better to first get a few years of work experience and then prepare for CAT? Sample a scenario: Ram is an engineering student in the final year of college who has been placed with a leading IT firm in the country.

Choice 4 is the authors vi: Choice 1 and 4. Choice 2 is incorrect because'whicll have' after the blank implies that it should be societies plural.

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In choice. The definite article should precede these words because the sentence refers to 'the imagination' of a particular artist or a writer. In 3, the words 'clothing with' is incorrect The appropriate preposition is 'clothing it in'. Only choice 4 is.

Choioe 2 is incorrect because 'that' makes it incorrect. In choice 3 the time adverbial 'daily' is incorrectly positioned. Refer to para 7, the last 4 lines. Refer to para 3. The rest of the para and the beqinninq of the. Read para 6 , which precedes the sentence provldeo in the question. The para provides examples of how economists looked at their subject. Option 1 clearly mentions what. Henoe Ihe. C-OIll website: The eighth and ninth paras discuss Prince's comment and its implication.

Note that tihe comment was made three weeks before the crisis broke, The only possible conclusion that could be arrived at is that there was liquidity flow and the company wanted to put it to best use. The remark 'you have got to ge't up and dance' in the context means one has 10 try to use the flow of liquidity till it lasts, 'Celebrating' in choice' 1 is not tihe suggestion provided in the passage.

Missing tihe Writing on the wall choice 1 is to miss clear signs of an impending problem or unpleasant situation. In this case, there were no clear signs. Choice 3 is inapt because mereliy making claims wouldn't have got us into a mess.

We assumed that we knew. Choice 3 is distorted. Reading Wordsworth will not help us to. Ohoiee 4 is ,generalised and vague. Cho'ice 1 is preferred. We arrive at the answer based 'on the views discussed in. Re'fer to the fifth sentence of the third para Choice 4 is inaptlbecause the rsvolutlon is not in the sttudy of economics, but in how we do economics.

From the given table, '13 halts at 85 at 7: To reach 83 from any of the main stations, it takes at least 2 hou rs. As T, does not pass through 84, G is its destination main station [:. G is the originating city for TJ. Therefore its destination is eitther A or E.

T5 must have started at As, it reaches S, at As, at: As each of T2 and T4 does not pass through at least one of the sub-station, neiither of these two trains can travel for the maximum possibl'e trne,. If Tl starts from D, to reach S2 by 4: T4 starts at 1: The Destination of T6 cannot be C. It it travels tnrouqh 84, it must have reached 85 by If the destination of Ti is H, then it must: Triumphant Institute of Management Education Pvt.

From the bar graph we can conclude that in both and the decreasing order of the companies according to thslr operating income is E, A, B,. C, F and D. By observing the graph between prolitabilities and operating incomes for the year for different companies, we can understand that prolaability Company Operating inoome Profitalbility Operating profit in Rs.

Cr in Rs. Cr A 35G 15 Operating profit Profitability Operating income Company in As. Tilis is the highest percentage change in operating. To minimize the number of students who scored in tha given ranqe in at least two subjects, we have to maximize the number of students who scored in the given range in exactly one subject.

To maximize the number of students who scored in the given range in exactly one subject, we have to maximize the number of students who scorec in the given range in each ofthe six subjects and minimize the number of students who scored in the given range in exactly two, three, 'fOUIf ano five subjects.

Let 8 and b be the number of students who scored in the ,given ranlge in exactly one subject and all the six subjects respectively. To get the required number, we have to add the least number in eEich column i. Hence, in this r. The sum of the least numbers in each column is. In administration, even though a person aged 60 retired at the end of the third year, the average age remains the same. This is possible only iI the number of employees was ten initially.

Assume there are x employees in the Ulird. Similarly in the accounts department, the average age of 39' years in the third year became 35 years in the next year after a person aged 60 retires. For this to happen tthe number of peopleinitiaJly should have been 5. III sales department, at the end ofthe third year the average age of should have become 47 i. But it is only 40 i. It is due to the joining of new employee and retirement of the aiel employee.

Assume the minimum number of people 5 were there in the sales department. Their total age in the second year", 46 x 5 '" Even if a person aged 60 retires, the total. Since avera. It is given that the year in which he was born and the present year would become Ileap years under the new convention. That is the year in which he was born is an even numbered year. Of these 20 multiples, every second multiple is a multiple of 2 also.

It is given that Boy is tailer and heavier than Das. If Roy is heavier than Das, Ailhishek is taller than Roy.

If Abhishek is taller than Roy, Vivekiis heavier than Ranjan.. From the above information, i"l can be deduced that:. Height Weight Vive. The two females in the groUJp are not blood relatives. Hence, the actor cannot be a female. Hence, Mr. Trevor Of his son is the actor. In view of condition 2 , Trevor's son cannot: Hence, Mr, Trevor is the. Triumphant Instilute of Management Education Pvt. The tlrst ballot was a tie-ott, implies that all of them!

From the above table we can draw the following conclusions. Tables A and B are the possible voting patterns which would ensure a tie-of in tthe first round of voting. This sltuation is possible, if Table A were to be the initial voting pattern but it would not work, if table B were to be the. Hence table B cannot.

Only Table A is possible. As per lable A, the person voting for B is O. Answer the questions the basis of the information given below.

Oautam gave to his brother Uttam, a chain comprising N closed links numbered from 1 to N in that order, from one end to the other and asked him to cut tlhem into sets of one or more linlks such that he can return to Gautam any number of links that Gautam may ask for i.

Cutting a link. For example if there is a chain comprising 4 Closed links, numbered trorn 1 to 4, we can cut exacfly one link and obtain th: II it is known that Uttam needed a minimum of 7 cuts i. Find th: Answer the questions on the basis of the information given below. Six teams A through F participated in an inter-college football tournament. The tourname: In the first stage.

In the second stage. In each match, for a. If a match ended in a draw, then sach team gets 1 point each.

The fo. Whal is the total number of goals scored in the. All rights reserved. Answer the questions on tlhe basis of the information given below. Students from five schools viz. Mary's Convent School, S1. Ann's H. School, S1. At most a total of ten students of any school participated in alii the five competitions put tog: No student participated in more man one competition.

Further the fOllowing information is known:. Francis School participated in Si'ngingl, while in each competition other than Singing, at least one student of SI.


Francis School participated,. Francis School who participated in dlfferent competitions, the maximum number of students participated in Debate and at least one student from each school participated in each of Debate and Dancing. S School, which, in turn, is one more than that of SI. Mary's Convent Sdhool, which in tum. Is one more than that of In which competition did the maximum number of students of Mary's Convent Schoolpartcipata? Francis School who participated in Debate and that of SI.

Mary's Convent School who participated in Essay Writiirilg? Twenty students participated in an online test. In case two students have the same total score, the student who answered more num'ber of Arithmetic questions correctly will get the better rank.

Some of the values have intentionally been removed from the table. The total number of questions in each area is Band all questions carry equal marks, There is no negative marking for wrong answers or unattempted questions.

What is tine least possible score that Jyothi coulo have got in Section 2, if it is known that she got the fifth rank?

How many students among the top 12 rankers answered at most six questions correctily in [ I and OS put together? Each question is followed by two statements, A and B. Indicate your responses based on the following directives:. Mark 1 iif the question can be answered using one of the statements alone, but cannot be answered using the other statement alone.

No two of them got the same rank in any subject and none of them got the same rank in any two subjects. Further, Ajay got the second rank in G, and Chanchal got the fourth rank in P. Whiat are their' respective ranks in each of the three subjects? The sum of the ranks, in all tile three subjects put together, of no two persons is the same and the sum of the ranks of Oeepak is the highest.

The rank of Deepak in P is 'the same as the rank of Bhuvan in O. There are tour rooms Rl, R2, Rs and R4.

II is known that for arty room Ra, the lock. Tel; Fax; email: Choose the pair of words that best expresses a relationship similar to that expressed by the capitalized pair. As for suburban railways, which carry almost B lakh passengers a day, the less said the better..

If your child has deliberately harmed an animal, try to find out why he behaved in that manner. Fashion designers Anil and Aa rth i unveiled their latest collection titled 'fusion line' recently. Fllarnboyant in design and sleek in'l silhouette, the collection comprises of a wide variety of Indian fabrics with rich embmidery. The man dodged the blow when his attacker swung his fist. He is the most suitable man to carry out this dodgytask.

When it comes to dodging, no uootballm will never match Maradona. Triumphant lnstlune of Management Education Pvt. Ltd, T,t. In a very short period she found her niche as part in a hill a successful model. The Japanese, with their flexible production you methods, are able to supply niche markets. A unique veiled. Ganesha sat in a niche in the wa. He- was thrown out of the- team for using foul language in the las!

The new tenant lets her pet foullhelawn. Players do not hesitate to use foul means to material win a game. The pilot had to use all his skills to stay aloft in the foul weather. The film 'Private Ryan' had a great impact on rather than by ths state me. We wanted to have a reasonabliy private place than your work or business in the countryside.

My private aftairs do not interfere in my professional life. D, a soldier of the lowest rank in an army H. A private hospital in India can provide you the treatment and care vou reuuire. Each question has a main statement followed by five question statements - A, S, C, D and Eo Head the main statement and identify each question statement: IE The minister observed Una!

The non-life insurance industryis bearing the brunt of cost-Gutting as both corporates and individuals look at ways to reduce insurance expenses. Ic Mr. ID Traditionally, small businesses without bank finance have not been buyingl insurance because there is no compulsion from lenders.

Keen to arrest the ascalatlon in left-wing extremist violence that has killed over security personnel this year alone, the Centre is giving final touches to its action plan for a major post-monsoon offensive against the Maoists in. Jharkband, ChaUisgarh and Orissa. A The three states, apart from Maharashttra and Bihar, have been witness to a.

Read the passage given below and answer the questions that follow it. The premise of Kishors Manbubani's latest book is simple: If representative democracy is the best known form.

Witih "The New Asian Hemisphere: The Irresistible Shift of Global P. We like your rules; please play by them. The book is a stern message to the West from a man who has mastered its practices.

Overall, the book's tone is mme professoriall than diplomatic. He takes the ru: The West has two sides, he suggests. The philosophical West has made enormous contributions to humanity, offering ideals such as the equality of people and the dignity off the individual, wl1ile the material West places self-interest above values, regularly choosing leaders who cling to power and wealth. His list of complaints aboullhe U. The West urges free trade until otner countries start to do beUer, demands democracy but frets when enemies win elections, panics about global warming while guzzlin'lg energy and ignorirng science, criticizing developing nations Ior nuclear research while hoarding weapons that could destroy the worldl many times over.

Any loopholes in global rules are dangerous 'for the entire world, but particularly, for the minority communiities of Europe and the U.

Mahbubani repeatedly reminds that by any measure, one small part of the world has devised rules and standards for tihe rest: ASia, Africa and South America outrank Europe and North America when it comes to population about 85 percent to 15 percent or global gross domestic product 52 perce-nt to 48 percent. Neither the U. The leaders who balk at orderly re-distrjbution or refuse to delegate or consult show that they lack trust in their own system.

An imbalanced distribution of power in global institutions - the World Bank, the Intemational Monetary Fund or the lJnited Naflons - that does not rellect the modem world only weakens tihose organizations.

II intemational organizations do not allow for shifts in power based on changIng circumstances, then the emerging powers will establish their own systems and set their own rules. The book's examples andl statistics showing the rise of Asia wi: Changil1lg course for world organizations, making room for new players, requires political courage of national leaders. But the leaders who eventually convince cifizens of the West that they are part of a global constituency, that there are other stakeholders, willi lay foundations for stability and peace.

New checks and balances can save the most powerful nations as well as the powerless, "We need to develop both institutions and rules to manage the world as a whole, instiitutions andl rules that rellect the wishes and interests of 6. The world can 'benefit by striving for the ideals of the West, 'but also by adopting tihe pragmatism, patience and cooperation practised by leaders such as Deng Xiaoping, whom Mahbubani describes as the "greatest pragmatist in Asia's history.

If China's citizens could handle their truth during the early , then Europeans and Americans should have lillie problem wiilh a modern sel of facts thai are much less harsh. The pace of social change [has picked up since the s and, in confronting adversity, those who [practise fle: Nleither Western nor Asian readers will be thrilled with the book's leading metaphor - describing Asia and the rest of the world ona "March 'to Modernity.

Too many people prefer setting their own pace for globalisation - rnarw run, but others stroll or take meanderi'ng turns tthat can lead to discoveries and iinnovattion.

Of course" another definition for "march" is a steady advance wllh direct purpose. Likewise, Mahbubanii's definition of "modernity' is broad, sometimes retsrrinq to prosperity and at other times referring to virtues like intellectual freedom, fairness or willingness to help others.

Mahbubani urg: Individuals and societies alike have the luxury of selecting a purpose: Anyone can be like the executives who aspire to be the richest person on earth. Or they can be like Phuc Than, who fled Saigon as a boy, fell in love witthcapilalism, sludied electrical enqineering and worked with Inleil. MahblLIbani's book focuses more on processes and outcomes rather than motivation and their many resources, And perhaps he's correct, The worild agrees about many global problems, but is in dire need of finding a fair and common process before nations cantruly set an agenda.

True optimism is recognizing that higher forms of civilization and governance may yet be available and Ihat: Read the passage given bellow and answer the questions that follow it. The complex nature of our existenoe demands explanation; and in seeking to find it man has been led to investigate both the physical and spiritual realms, for the study of llife is the most interesting of all study.

The very fact that we exist makes us want to understand the process of life - how and whence we have come into exlstence and what happens after death. The discovery of the theory of evolution by modern science led many to believe that it wOUJld solve the whole problem of Ilife. But the theory as presented in the West does not offer the explanation we require.

TIME Aimcat 2018

Western scientists say that the natural struggle for existence must lead every germ of life to progress and that it cannot stop evolving until it has developed the power to resist all difficulties; that by thel! They also attempt to show how the body evolves through the lower stages and oontinuesto evolve until it is perfected. The explanation of modern physical evolution, however, can never fully satisfy us,.

These early Seers realized that there can be no evolution without involufion. The fact: The wise ones who have been brave and strong enou: What brings the distinction? The gross body is not all. There is another know,n as the subtle body, which is composed 01 finer and less destructible material. This subtle bod: In it are stored up alii the impressionsgatthered through our different lives. We create for ourselves these differences either consciously or unconsciously.

Our destiny ls not governed, as we imaqme, by a supernaturat power.. The happiness and misery which we experience Ihere are not forced upon us by an arbitrary Providence, but are the inevitable result of our own thoughts and deeds. We must reap what we have sown. No one can give us what we do not deserve, nor can anyone keep from us the blessing we have earned. We ourselves have the power to make and unmake our destiny.

Therefore [f we are born with certain defects in our character', if we are placed in an unhappy environment, although these are due to our own past errore, auch 'Conditions are by no means unalterable, but can be counteracted by our present mode of living.

When however, a person dies without cornplefinq his task in life, with his goal unattalnoc, is everything ended for him? Has he no further chance? Sri Krishna answers in the Bhagavad Gita: In Ihis new birth he regaineth the knowledge acquired in his former incarnations and strivath aqain for his end.

He is irresistibly led by his previous tendencies. Thus purified by many births and rebirths, he reacheih the Supreme Goal. What is the explanation we require? The sides of a righi-angled triangle are in geometric progression. What is the ratio of the sines of its acute angles? Answer tlile cusstions on the basis of the information given be[ow.

However, Suppandi got confused and he poured hatf the milk from the milk drum into the water drum and brouqht out a full can of the contents from the latter for his master to seili. The concentranon of the milk in me can that Suppandi brought was lIn times that intended by GopaL. Find n, given that initially thetotall quantity of pure milk in ithe milk drum was 4. A group of boys decided to contribute equally to Ibuy a football costing a whole number of rupees between RS.

At the last moment, two boys backed out and as a result each boy had to contribute three rupees more than what they had. An infinite plane has to be tiled wlthout gaps or overlaps using identical tiles, each in the shape of a regUilar n-sided polygon, How many values are possible for n?

Gattu randomly broke two sticks of lengths p andl q into two pieces each - the len piece and the right piece. The lengths of the left pieces of the two sticks are x and y respectively. A can do a certain piece of worik in 18 days more than the time taken by A and B together to do the same work. B can do the same work in 8 days more than lhe time taken by the two to complete the same work. They agree to do the work for a total compensation of AS, and with the help of C complete it in 10 days.

How much money will C get as Ihis snare? Siddarnsetty Complex, Secunderabad - He wanted to sell a minimum of orchids and roses using t'hem in bouquets of two types A and B. He seus each bouquet of type A for RS. What could be the least amount realized by him by selling the bouquets?

A certain number 01 cats eat a certain number of mice over a period of several days. All the cats eat the same number of mice.

This number is greater than the number of cats. If there are at least three cats and the total number of mice eaten'! There are two dnrns 0, and D2, each of which iis filled to the brim with water. Find the total number of ways in which one can wear three distinct rings on the mve fingers of one's right hand, given that one is allowed to wear more than one ring on a finger,. Tel , Fax: Key This problem is based on the concept of dividing N coins into the minimum number of group's sud'!

ToO give one coin, one has to have a group with only one com. To give two coins, one has [0 have another group of one coin or a group of two coins.

If it is a sroup of two coins we can also give three coins by giving both the groups [1 coin The number of coins il1l the groups, where the value of N is the maximum possible, are 1, 2,4,8, 16, and so on. In the above distnbuuon, the number of coins in each group is twice the number of coins in the previous group,. Also, the number of coins in ea. In the given question. ToO min'imize the number of cuts for a given value of N, we first find out the maximum value of N for different number of cuts.

From the earlier explanation given for the case 01 dividing coins and as with aile cut we can gel tllree sets, these three sets must have 1, ,2 and 4 links to maximize tim value of N,. For two cuts, we get five sets. With these two sets we can give 1 lin! The other three sets must be In the above distirilJution trom the 4tru set onwards the number of links in a set is twice the number of links in the previous set.

With these n sets of one link each, we can give any number of [inks from 1 to n. In thls dlstnbutlon also, the number of links in 91 set [from the I-n Number of cuts 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 1 8 1 n Maximum value 7 23 63 of N 1.

As with 6 cuts the maximum value of N is , number of different values of N tor 7 cuts is - i!. To, minimize the number of tile fifth link to be cui, the value of N to be as minimum as possible.

N" The maximum number of links in a set can be , '" , provided the remaining links should be cut in such a way that. Similarliy, the second highest number of links in a set cam be '" 96, provided, from the remaining 96 links, one must be 2.

Iff we apply the above concept, we get the least number of the fifth link. No pan of this material may be reproduced" in uny form or by any means, without permission in writing. This course material is only for the lise of bonafide students of Triumphant lnsfifuts of Management Education Pvt Ltd.. From the above solution, the maximum number of links. For the sum of the links in this set of to be the maximum possible, Ihe numbers of these links must be trom to From the given information we can say that, nine matches took place in the first stage and six matches took place in the second stage..

Also, from the details of second stage matches we can say that a match between Band C was drawn and B lost a match wiHl a goal difference of 2 and C lost a match witth a goal difference of 1. Also, in second slage matches, in either oltne matches thai F played, it's opponent scored exactly one goal.

In either of the matches that E played, it scored exactly one goal. Also, a match between [ and E was drawn in the first stage. E played against A and F in lhe second staqs. Also, in the second stage, A and ;:: From the second table, we can say that team A scored 1 goal more' than the opponent in either of lhe matches in the second stage.

A and C pl! Also, 0 scored 1 g. Among two matches played by each of these teams - A, B and F, A scored 5 goals and conceded 5 goals, B scored 4 goals and conceded 7 goals, and F scored 6 goals and conceded 3 goals.. School, SI. Mary's Convent School and SI. Francis is 8, 7,6 and 5 respectively. The number of students ffrom the remain'ing four schools who participated in Painting is 1 each. From 2 and 13 , tihe number ou sludents off St Fwancis, who participated in Debate, Dancing and Essay Writing are 2, 1 and 1 respectively.

From 2 , students of different schools other than Francis who participated in Singing is 1, 1, 1, 1. From 7 , and above results, from Ramkrishna High School, exactly two students participated in each of Dancinq, Essay Writing and Debate events.

From 6 and above results, 5 students participated in essay Writing from Mary's and Ann's and at least one student of each school participated in Dancing and Deba. Mary's and. Ann's, and in Essay Writingl 2 andl 3 students are participated from Mary's and SI. Ann's respectively. Marts Convent Soh 1 j 2 ; 1 6 St Ann's f-l. Francis 5 0 1 1: In Essay Writing, the maximum number of students of SI.

Mary's Convent School participated. Choice 1. We can get the number of questions answered by them in each of the sscnons.

He scored - 56 l. Among them, Harnslni, Ivan, Kartik, iMadhu,. As the sum of the ranks of 0 is the hi'gilest i. Let the rank of Deepak in P or the rank of B in Q be a The rank of D ill amy subject cannot be 1. Since Jyothi answered lesser number of questions correctly in Arithmetic than the person who is fifth among the students whose total score is given i.

Tel; ! From B alone, as B always 'got a better rank than D, B never got 4th rank and Deepak never got l't rank. Room Lock. Kev Fl. But still we cannot conclude the corresponding lock and k. A allone is not sufficient,.

Difficulty level wise summary - Section I Level 01 Diffi: Obsequiousness is a quality which can be attributed to a sycophant a person who seeks favour by flattering people of wealth or influence ,. Cantankerousness bad-temperedoess is a qu.

Hence the words in option 3 are analogous to the words in the question pail'. The remaining options can be eliminated because a Poltroon a coward need not be diffident bashful , a hypocrite is not bombastic pompous , a sybarite a hedonist is not abstemious selt-disclpllned. The relationship between the' two question wordsis one of collocation. Fears are allayed, similarly myths are dispelled.

Claims are not rebuffed declined; spurned , Ego and placate may seem probable but option 3 can be ruled out because the order of the words is reversed here. Option 1 does not malke any sense in the given.

The words in the question pair share an antonymous relationship. The words demotic common; informal and formal are antonyms. Similarly prolix verbose and laconic terse: The words articulate communicative and eloquent are not antonyms, they actually share a synonymous relationship. The words prolific creative; innovative and productive are also synonyms and hence can be ruled out.

The words recondite little known and esoteric abstruse are also. Bouquet refers to the characteristic fragrance ot fine wine.. Choice lis analogous to the question pair. Wine has bouquet, slrnllarly, coffee has aroma, Option 3 can be ruled out because flower is part of a nosegay bouquet. The, words salad and garnishing do not: Option 2 may seem probable but it can be ruled out because although it can be said that: Incorrect use of the preposition 'from' makes statement A wrong;: From to Sentence B is also incorrect beeause rthe' is needed befme'suburbarl'.

The adverb 'almost' has been used to indicate numbers, 'nearly', 'approximately' or 'around' are possible alternatives. The other two statements are grammatically correct, which makes option 3 the correct:.

Sentence B needs, 'in him', after 'instill'. Issues are discussed and not discussed about sentence D. Besides, cases publicized in the media is wrong. It is. Option 2, which includes sentences Band C is the correct answer. Itt is, either 'consists of' a wide variety or comprises a wide variety. All the first three statements are in the past tense,. A matches G - the options open are 1 and 3. The meaning in option B is exemplified by sentence E, this narrows down the options.

Option 3 is therefore. In A the meaning of 'niche' is a hollow area iin the wall, in option G the sentence brings out thls shade of meaning. The meaning of niche as giv'en in B is brought out suitably in option E. This rules out all the other options and] renders the first option correct. Statement A relers 10' attacks in five states by' Maoists. This is the reason for the action plan in the ma.

Statement B mentions what the counter offensive will do. This flows from the plan, hence downstream - 0 The additional equipments, mentioned in C, are planned to be inducted. Hence it offers lateral support - L. Had the statement said 'inducted' instead of 'being consldersc for induction' it: Central forces being stretched thin helped the extremists to strike which led to the action plan in the main statement. Hence an upstream argument - U.. The meaning 01 foul in option A is brought out by the sentence in option G.

This rules out options 1, 3 and 4.

The sentence in H brimgs out the meaning in option B. Option A provides the meaning of private. The sentence in G brings out the meaning mentioned in B. Between 1 and 4, 4 is correct as the meaning ln G is brought out by the sentence in F. The maim statement: This is the reason the minister is planning to help the textile sector.

Statement B refers to what is expected consequent to the new policy. Statement C refers to the need to diversify into new market. Hence a lateral argument - L.

Statement D refers to a fibre policy which is quite distinct from a textile policy. Hence it is irrelevant - 1. Statement IE refers to support price for cotton but the focus is still on the tsxtile sector. Statement A gives the example of a fall in sales expenenced by fire insurance and thereby offers lateral support to the main statement - L. Though statement B refers to a problem faced by fire insurance companies, the reason is competition and not cost cutting on part of customers.

Hence, it is Irrelevant - I. What Mr.

Garg says in statement C is consequenlto the decline in demand. Hence a downstream argument-ID. Statement D talks of small businesses which have never been buying insurance, so they are outside the purview of the main statement. Hence irrelevant - I. Statement E presents a picture quite contrary tto what is said in the main statement, hence irrelevant - 1. Tlhe reviewer says the author is 'blunt' and then a 'stern message to the. The words in quote occur at the end of pa.

Choice 1 is true. The reviewer's opinions are found in para 9 and para 13, 14, Choice 3 is not the reviewer's oplnion, they are. The passage refers to the evolution off life. Then it mentions involution as the cause anc evolution as the elleel, which means involution is the process which goes before the evolutionary stage starts.

Thougn 1 , 2 and 3 are also tns meanings of involution, the given context does not give these meanings for. According to tile passage, "We ourselves have the power to make and unmake our destiny' last para, first line , So 1 is the most appropriate choice,.

These lines show that western scientists have given answer for 1 , 2 and 4. The passage poses the question, "Why are not all men alike? So 2 is the correct alternative. Let the total quantities of the water in the water drum and the milk in the milk drum be Wand M respectively. Let C, be the concentration of milk in the water drum after Suppandi done as Gopal asked him to i.

If the roots of the given quadratic equation are real and equal, Ihen the discriminanl should be zero. Since the cost of the football, ill rupees, was an integer, 6 2 - 4 3 - - 2x must be a psrtect square l. But Secunderabad - Now substituting b" 60 k LCM of 5, 4 and 6 we get a " 48 k, b", 60 k; c", 45 k; d", 75 k and e", 50 k. Now, by choosine an appropriate value of k; each of the ihree choices can be made equal to an integer.

This question can be solved using a diagram wherein we can plol values of x o: Since, we are referrirng to the proba. The shaded area 'Would re!

J resent the favourable outcomes. Among these, Ie! Now y will be maximum, when persons who did not know anyone of the six Ilanguages am completely disfinct from the persons who did not know anyone of the remaining five languages.

Since ths number of bouquets that he sellsot each type cannot be a fraction. He still needs to sen at least 4 orchids and at least 8 roses. He can sell them iin either 1 type A bouquet. The nearest pertect square is Now '" 1 - Each cat eats more mice than the total number of cats present. So, there were cats and each cat eats mice. This is the only possible solution as both. UC[- 'r;l: Case I: Now 3 rings can be arranged in those 3 fingers in 3! Case II: Among them the finge: Then the 2 rings on til at finger can be chossnin: JC2wayS and arranged in thai finger in 2!

Case III: Now for each way ill which one' wears the lSI ring, the second ri'ng can be worn in 6 ways, for there are 6 places for the 2nd ring. In each case there are 7 places for the 3rd ring. So total number of ways", 5 x 6 x 7 '" ways.

Alternate II: In each question, there are five sentences or paris of sentences thaI: Then, choose the most appropriate option. D and bolh retained discriminatory formal laws that make it less likely for women to enter the workforce,. B The tense systems are thought of usually 0 as the most basic of verbal inflections. D However this was not always so. E Steinberg says that in primitive lndo-European lang'uages special indicator of the present was usually lacking.

D and that an organism willi range between vi'gorous activity and complete queiscence depending upon the schedules on which it has been reinforced. Them from the options given, choose the best one. Considerinq the statements made by the minister an insult, the opposition irrupted A I erupted B ,.

From the given options, choose the most appropriate one. B, The contention of the two death row inmates in Kentucky State was that the administration of pancuronium bromide, the paralytic, carried the rusk of excruciating pain in the event of inadequate dosage -of the anaesthetic sodium thiopental.

They maintained that the continuation of the current protocol was a violation of the bar on cruel and unusual punishment under the Eighth Amendment to the U.

S, Constitution,. Yet the divergent opinions expressed in the ruling on the constitutionality of the drug regimen and on Ihe deterrent value of the death penalty itselt are hopeful pointers to the ultimate, if distant, goal of the abolition of this barbaric punishment.

D, Moreover, the plaintiffs' plea Ior the anesthetic to be administered in large amounts minus the other two drugs was overruled on grounds that such an alternative, wrnile applied to put animals to sl. Ltd, T. No part of this materia! The judges were not unanimous on the gratuitous harm that could result from the maladiministration of the protocol, or on the preparedness of the KentucKy prison administration to ensure that inmates were rendered unconscious before the paralytic and cardiac drugs were injected.

The most comprehensive study yet of the status of mammals on land and in marine environments, published recently in a popular' science journal, has revealed that, 1, species, representing one in four, ar-e threatened with extinction worldwide. Data for many others are deficient, but they are also at considerable risk.

The Western Ghats in India with their hi: The major tool it has crafted for biodiversity protection is the Red List, which flags indlvtdual species as vulnerable, critically endangered and so on.

Yet, the effects of key Iactors - habiitat fragmentation and loss, hunting, and climate change - on listed species are growing more serious. The IUCN resolved at the World Conservation Congress in Barcelona recently that it would work with governments, civil society and the private sector towards a sustainable future.

This is unambiguous evidence emerging from the five year study led by the lntemafional Union for Conservation 0,1 Nature and. Natural Resources, better known as the IUCN which has the monumental task 01 helping governments take the right steps to avert more extinction..

The medieval period saw significant changes in the art and architecture dedicated to eternal concepts. By the 7th and Slh centuries, it was the intellectuall quest that came to the fore. The eternal concepts and qualities within people wefe stucreo in detail and complex pantheons of deities were created in different faith to personify these.

The purpose of ancien! By the s" cernury, a few portraits 0'1 kings had been made under the Pallavas ln what is present day Tamil Nadu. Earlier art: Imperial history is replete with revelations about the evil capabilities of the human race, as is evident in the genocide of the natives in Africa and America, the holocaust accompanied by unimaginable fascist brutalltles, the two world wars and now the violence unleashed in West Asia.

This crisis in imperial history Js stubbornly located in the structures of technoloqical dominance, military violence and ideological legitimatioll. European violence is evident in its poliitical and economic adventures, in the very savagery that lies under the veneer off civilization as is apparent in the art of Picasso and Gauguin, which reflects the dark side of the European man.

Read the following passage and answer' the questions that follow it. S, governmel1lt "is financial socialism, it 'is un-American". They are wrong. Any subsidies eventually given to the monster banks of Wall Street will be as American as apple pie and obesity. The sums demanded may be unprecedented, but there is nothin! Only one thing has changed: Congress has been forced to contront its contradictions.

One of the best studies of corporate welfare in the U. Every tew years, Congress or the administration promises to stop this swindle, then hands even more state money to agribusiness. The middlemen do even better, especially the companies spreading starvation Iby turning maize into ethanoll, which are guzzling billions of dollars' worth of tax credits.No two of them got the same rank in any subject and none of them got the same rank in any two subjects.

Consider the followin,g figure. Aastha Khemka 28 November at Also, in the second stage, A and ;:: While others may care them callous, the author. Here three of the faces are not affected by the removal of the 3 x 3 cube and the subsequent repainting.

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