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Read Thiruvilaiyadal Puranam book reviews & author details and more at ppti.info Divine Games of Lord Shiva Thiruvilayadal Puranam - English. Thiruvilayadal Puranam Book - Buy Religious Books at best price of Rs / piece from Pappa Publications. Also find here related product comparison. Thiruvilayadal puranam is nothing but thepuranam of Madurai city that describes about thegreatness of Lord Shiva The Thriuvilayadal Purana describes about.

Thiruvilayadal Puranam Book

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Book Source: Digital Library of India Item ppti.info: Paranjothi ppti.info: Hindu Theological Printing. Thiruvilaiyadal puranam (THE SACRED SPORTS OF SIVA) . When the bench of learned brahmins were disagreed concerning the merits of different books, the . Thiruvilayadal Puranam Yennum Shivaleelaigal: Buy Thiruvilayadal Puranam Yennum Shivaleelaigal online - ppti.info

Rarely do we see this caliber of art in modern times. Good selections. Thank you. Thank you for having books on such rare topics as Samudrika Vidya, keep up the good work of finding these treasures and making them available. Received awesome customer service from Raje. Thank You very much. Just wanted to let you know the books arrived on Friday February 22nd. I could not believe how quickly my order arrived, 4 days from India.

Seeing the post mark, touching and smelling the books made me long for your country. Reminded me it is time to visit again. Thank you again. Thank you for beautiful, devotional pieces. Received doll safely and gift pack was a pleasant surprise.

Thiruvilayadal Puranam Yennum Shivaleelaigal - Tamil

Keep up the good job. Thank you very much. Such a beautiful selection! I am very pleased with my chosen piece. I love just looking at the picture.

Praise Mother Kali! I'm excited to see it in person. Thank you so much, I am so happy with them and the service you have provided. I am sure I will place more orders in the future! Excellent products and efficient delivery. By virtue choultries, parks and ponds. There was a beautiful palace for the king of his trade he used to travel a lot. One day at dusk he was returning also. When he reached the fringes of the kadambavanam it had become dark and he was sure that it would not be possible to cross the When all the works were completed, the king prayed Lord forest in darkness.

At that very moment, he sighted the beautiful Somasundarar to bless the city. The Lord was amused and made a few vimanam and the golden- lotus pond nearby.

He rushed there and to his drops of the nectar Amudham be sprinkled from the crescent on His immense joy, found Lord Sivalingam under the fabulous vimanam.

The city was instantly purified and came to be After worshipping the Lord, he decided to spend the night there itself. At midnight, what unfolded in front of his The king arranged to get Adhisaiva Brahmins from the city of eyes was stunning.

All devas descended at the spot and started Kaasi, provided them with homes at Maduranagar and directed them performing elaborate sivapooja to Lord Somasundarar. Dhananjayan to perform daily pooja and rituals at the temple of Somasundarar. The was so lucky that apart from witnessing that pooja, he was assisting the city flourished well and became a symbol of prosperity and divinity.

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It was a great privilege bestowed on him because of his devotion. The pooja went on throughout the night and the devas After Kulasekhara pandian, his son Malayathuvaja pandian disappeared at dawn. Dhananjayan returned home and he was took the reins of the Pandian kingdom. People were extremely happy.

She quickly learnt whatever taught compassionate towards his subjects and above all a true devotee of to her. She attained proficiency in Vedhas and other sastras.

She could Lord Somasundarar of Madurai. His wife, Kaanchanamaalai was the learn all the sixty four art forms very easily. The King arranged to train daughter of the Chola king. The Royal couple was happily married. She mastered the handling of weapons, horse ride, But there was an undercurrent of sorrow in their lives, as they were not elephant ride and chariot ride. Thadaathagai's matchless beauty, blessed with a child.

Not having a successor to the throne worried the excellent wisdom, fine character and immense courage were the talk king very much. So he decided to perform a number of of the Pandian Kingdom and beyond. People were very proud of their Aswamedhayaahams. He completed ninety nine of them. In the event princess.

This fact was not palatable Malayathuvaja Pandian was very much pleased by to the then incumbent Indiran. He did not want a competitor to his Thadaathagai's achievements and decided to handover the throne to position. If her. All arrangements were underway. The city of Madurai was you perform Puthrakameshti yaaham you will be blessed with a bedecked so nicely that it resembled Devalokam.

Thiruvilayadal pranam by Paranjothi Munivar

Invitees poured in child. He abandoned the th from all directions. On the auspicious day chosen, the princess Aswamedha yaaham and started Puthrakameshti yaaham instead.

Thadaathagai was crowned as the Queen of Pandian Kingdom.

She ruled the Kingdom admirably. All of the people were very happy.

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After As the yaaham was in progress, one day there appeared some time, Malayathuvaja Pandian passed away. Everyone around including the king and the queen watched in awe.

To their utter surprise a beautiful girl of three years stepped out of the flames.

She went and sat on the lap of the queen. The royal couple was overwhelmed by emotion. Their prayers had been answered. Goddess Umadevi herself had willingly appeared as a child to alleviate their sorrow. But, then there was a discomfort. The girl child was having three breasts on her bosom instead of two.

The king and queen were upset over that. At that time, there arose a divine voice from the sky. Do not worry. Bring her up and teach her everything befitting an heiress.

The King heaved a sigh of relief and ordered to celebrate the arrival of the child. He went to the temple with the queen and the child to worship Lord Somasundarar. He showered gifts lavishly on everybody. He ordered release of prisoners and abolished several taxes levied on 8 9 Episode 5: The marriage of Thadaathagai Pirattiar Arrangements were underway for the marriage. Invitations were sent out to various kings and dignitaries in all directions.

They Under the rule of Queen Thadaathagai, the kingdom flourished were too happy to participate in the wedding and arrived in large very well. Meanwhile she attained marriageable age. Her mother numbers. People of Madurai decorated the city in every conceivable Kaanchanamaalai, as every mother would, became concerned about manner.

They felt as if it was a marriage in their own household. It was finding a suitable bridegroom for her daughter. But Queen the most luxurious wedding arrangements ever made, befitting the Thadaathagai had different plans. She wanted to conquer all other divine couple.

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Product Image. Company Details. About us.Siva cuts down limb by limb a young Siddha who made love to the wife of his aged master. But now we are exactly following the one that is written by the Paranjothi Munivar.

I love just looking at the picture. All rights reserved. Their daughter Tatakai had three breasts, otherwise is very beautiful.

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