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Tea for Two and a Piece of Cake book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Alternate cover for this ISBN can be found hereW. Nisha's life is far from perfect. At 26, she is plump, plain looking and without a boyfriend. A chance date with the office hunk and a bizarre twist of events sees her. Book – Tea for two and a piece of cake Author – Preeti Shenoy Publication – Random House India Pages – Price – Rs. Genre.

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Tea for two and a piece of cake by Preeti Shenoy, her third novel is a story of a plain-Jane Nisha and her turmoils in life due to the vagaries of. Tea for Two and a Piece of Cake [Preeti Shenoy] on ppti.info *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Please Read Notes: Brand New, International Softcover. About The Book. Tea For Two And A Piece of Cake is the story Nisha who is a girl -next-door with an average appearance and a plump stature. She has no.

The story revolves around Nisha, an ordinary nobody who has a chance encounter with a tall handsome rich man at a party that changes the course of her life. What starts as a whorl-wind romance results in a bitt Protagonists: What starts as a whorl-wind romance results in a bitter separation leaving Nisha with two small kids in tow.

Somehow, the book came across to be rather juvenile. Some incidences are however heart-warming and save the book from being classified in the trash category. The narrative in many instances makes you wonder how does a simple girl like Nisha get so lucky that too twice. It also gives a rather happy if not illusionary picture that life can be a bed of roses even when your husband of eight years decides to move on. Would have appreciated more had the writer dwelled more on the childhood phase of the main protagonist for the readers to appreciate the character.

Even though the book is quite predictable; it is indeed page-turning. Jul 09, Sundeep Supertramp rated it really liked it. Preeti Shenoy is, officially, the first author I ever read and I was swept off my feet.

Her second novel, Life is what you make it, was really a read, which I will never forget in my life. In fact, that book is the reason now I am addicted to reading This piece of work is a masterpiece. It is so well written. Every page hooks you to it. It could be a one-go, if you a good reader, unlike me.

I enjoyed each every page of the story. It takes, for you, to only read the prologue to get you hooked. The story is so unique to what I read now-a-days. The prologue runs like this. Nisha is bathing her seven month old baby boy, Rohit.

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She gets a call from his husband, Samir. The first half of the story deals pre-incident - how Nisha met Samir, how they fell in love - and the second half deals with the post-incident scene - how she copes up with the life A very good page turner View all 4 comments.

Jul 17, Vaidehi Sharma rated it it was amazing.

No need to mention it is another story of a brave female character named Nisha who walks out of her husband's house after a seperation, with her two kids! The story is a small outlook of how her life changes with the introduction of few more characters. Story is soul stirring and it filled me with hope, as it made me believe that things fall in place even after the worst disasters. I think I have read this book really late as I expect bynow everyone of you must have read this but I could'nt stop myself from displaying my gratitude as this book is actually a page turner.

I find myself really small to rate this book! Mar 31, Privy Trifles rated it really liked it Shelves: This book comes across as a rare love story, very much relevant in today's times. With the success of her last two books, the expectations were very high this time.

Preeti had a huge responsibility on her shoulders and she does not disappoint us. You may be tempted to ask 'How do you outp "At the end of it all, only love wins To read the full review pls visit: Sep 03, Jignasha rated it it was ok. What could have been a compelling plot is handled in a callous manner, with superficial characters and below average prose.

Can easily be given a miss. Or, if you read it with zero expectations, on a day you don't have anything else to read, you might just like it. I skimmed through it for the most part, having finished it in less than an hour. Oct 12, Sreeramprasath R K rated it liked it. As usual Preeti Shenoy nailed it.

Life is not what you expect.

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It won't be perfect as you planned nor the worst scenario you would not be expecting. What ever happens, it just a speed break on a highway. The way you handle it matters, you can bump onto it without brakes or slow down steady your vehicle and drive. Just my review in a different way without exposing the story.

Jul 30, Shrinidhi Venkat rated it it was amazing. Who said marriage is the only reason for long lasting relationships?

It is the love behind! Apr 11, Ashwinn Muttharasappaan rated it liked it. Not bad, yet liked the emotional part. A tad bit more than the usual love life. Dec 05, Sia rated it liked it.

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I must say that the writing is as interesting as the name of the book. And it was a smooth read which I did enjoy. I like it the way writer has left her style in her writing. The way she hits about story. Also I like it instead of numbering the chapter she has actually named chapter after songs which is thoughtful and interesting.

Something that I have come across for the 1st time. About the story well I like the way she has changed the tense like present and then she is taking it to past and ex I must say that the writing is as interesting as the name of the book. About the story well I like the way she has changed the tense like present and then she is taking it to past and explaining the whole story and again to resent.

Also I like her narration and the way of writing. If I talk about story it went well when Nisha starts her own business but then going to Pondicherry and later part where she agrees to stay with Aakash is interesting. I wonder if Writer is interested to write sequel of this story because it would be really interesting. This is my 1st book by Preeti Shenoy and I guess I will like to read her writing more.

Nov 29, Jayeshrama rated it it was amazing. I am really interest about the stories too know your books and read more values and passionate reading articles on these topics I will be very interested about Indian view and being pure Indian leave on USA continental of Florida States, Lake City.

Jayesh Rama May 26, Aparajita Shorey rated it really liked it. Tea for two and a piece of cake is the story of plain jane Nisha who had her happily ever after when she met and married Samir, a handsome and wealthy guy.

For Nisha, her life was perfect, she had a whirlwind romance, got married, had two kids but this perfect world comes crashing down when Samir abruptly ends their 8 year marriage. Unlike most chick -lits which end at the happily ever after…this book begins there. The thing that I loved most about this book is that it though the story feels Read complete review here: Jul 24, Himani Lalwani added it. I was never into novel reading. I was more into self help or motivational books.

By now I have read your two books - 'Tea for Two and a Piece of Cake' and 'Life is what you make out of it "eager to read more. I just love your work. You somewhere touch the soul and we can relate to your stories. Keep doing good work. Was going to order another book but then thought to appreciate you first Nov 28, Abhinayam ganesh rated it really liked it. Just beautiful love and friendship. I felt the true love of akash towards nisha. Beautiful story.

Story wise it is great. Sep 04, Vanshikha Kanojia rated it liked it.

As a reader of light reads when I need to quiet my mind, I was catered immensely by this novel. There is always that ONE friend you can depend. Thoroughly enjoyed reading the book. I seem to find a fondness reading Preeti's books and the way she narrates the stories.

Wish everyone had that ONE dependable friend. Feb 25, Keondra Freemyn rated it liked it Shelves: Readers also enjoyed. About Preeti Shenoy.

Book review: Tea for two and a piece of cake by Preeti Shenoy

Preeti Shenoy. Preeti Shenoy, among the top five highest selling authors in India, is also on the Forbes longlist of the most influential celebrities in India. She is the highest selling woman writer in India. Her work has been translated to many languages. India Today has named her as being unique for being the only woman in the best-selling league. She is also an artist specialising in portraiture and illustrated journalling.

Her short stories and poetry have been published in various magazines such as Conde Nast and Verve. A perfectly acceptable decision from his viewpoint.

I shall not spoil the story for you. But this seemed to be a realistic ending which I appreciate. An element of interest to a story which is otherwise sparkless.

This is exactly that. I am of the opinion, that the more we write, act and create such stories, the more the concept gets reinforced.

Neither does a woman have to forget to hold her own self once she marries, nor does she have to find her world collapsing when the man leaves her. One more stereotype to the already commonplace sob-story is that Nisha cooks her way to success. Give me a break!

I expect something better from PS. Be the first one! About the Author. The more that you learn the more places you'll go. Reading books is not just my Hobby but also my passion. Social Media Specialist by profession, Books are my first love.

A total Workaholic by nature, Books are my source of rejuvenation I need a book with me every night and every weekend.

Tea For Two And A Piece Of Cake

My love for books goes back to school time, when books were my companion in Summer Vacations. I always wanted to write reviews for books, but never got a chance, but now here I am, reviewing my favorite books for all the readers.

Join me in my world of Books, as I give you an insight of my favorite books! Stay Connected Stay Blessed. Share this. Related Articles. With laughs and scares, Stree delivers an important message September 13, The Nun movie review: August 28, How is this better than marriage? I am intrigued and shall be picking this one! The story clearly shouts that marriage is not the bend of roses like we think of it to be. Also I like her narration and the way of writing.

Nisha cannot believe her luck when Samir asks her out for a date.

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