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working with objects using php's built-in OOP capabilities. At the same time you Classes are the blueprints for php objects - more on that later. One of the big. performed in PHP. PHP has traditionally not been an object-oriented programming objects and classes were introduced into PHP 3 in In , PHP 4. You will learn PHP Built-in Function, Predefined Variables Examples, Object Same way there is object oriented programming concepts which assume.

Oops Concepts In Php Pdf

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10 items Chapter Advanced Object-Oriented Programming Concepts. the relative simplicity of OOP in PHP makes it an ideal language for a general. PHP is an object oriented scripting language. The three basic principles of OOP are Encapsulation, Inheritance, Polymorphism. PHP Advanced and Object-Oriented Programming. Larry Ullman . Advanced Database Concepts. .. uses objects instead of procedural code. Of course, all of.

1.0 Overview

An object is an occurrence of a class. The three basic components of object orientation are; Object oriented analysis — functionality of the system Object oriented designing — architecture of the system Object oriented programming — implementation of the application Object Oriented Programming Principles The three major principles of OOP are; Encapsulation — this is concerned with hiding the implementation details and only exposing the methods.

The main purpose of encapsulation is to; Reduce software development complexity — by hiding the implementation details and only exposing the operations, using a class becomes easy. Protect the internal state of an object — access to the class variables is via methods such as get and set, this makes the class flexible and easy to maintain.

The internal implementation of the class can be changed without worrying about breaking the code that uses the class.

Inheritance — this is concerned with the relationship between classes. The relationship takes the form of a parent and child. The child uses the methods defined in the parent class.

The main purpose of inheritance is; Re-usability— a number of children, can inherit from the same parent. This is very useful when we have to provide common functionality such as adding, updating and deleting data from the database. Polymorphism — this is concerned with having a single form but many different implementation ways.

The main purpose of polymorphism is; Simplify maintaining applications and making them more extendable. Procedural programming A procedural programming includes functions methods that can be called from the main flow of the program. The flow of the program jumps to the function method , executes the code within the module, and then returns to the next statement in the main flow of the program.

Object-oriented programming OOP OOP is a design philosophy that uses objects and methods rather than linear concepts of procedures and tasks procedural programming to accomplish programmatic goals. An object is a self-sustainable construct that enables re-usability of code.

A method specifies one operation without providing any details to describe how the operation should be carried out. Advantages of OOP Object-oriented programming OOP has some advantages over procedural programming: modularity, code re-usability, information hiding, and debugging ease.

Modularity OOP provides a clear modular structure for programs. Modularity refers to the concept of making multiple modules first and then linking and combining them to form a complete system. Modularity enables re-usability and minimizes duplication.

Reusability Code can be re-use, without modification, to perform a specific service regardless of what application uses the code.

Information-hiding The detail of internal implementation of a module class remain hidden from the outside world.This button, when clicked, will let us go back to the records list.

It is not legal to have abstract function definitions inside a non-abstract class.

Download preview PDF. Create a config folder and inside that folder, create a database.

Put the following code before the "set page header" comment of section 6. In the following example getPrice and getTitle functions are overridden to return some values. Create custom.

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