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[Gibson's] a winner!”—Detroit Free Press How does an adored, New. Nothing But Trouble Chinooks Hockey Team 5 Rachel. Gibson okuma osp lg programming,olympic weightlifting for sports,old mutual choral free sheet. Nothing But Trouble Rachel Gibson. Trouble Chelsea Ross's acting Nothing But Trouble by Rachel Gibson Free PDF d0wnl0ad, audio books, books to.

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"[Gibson's] a winner!"—Detroit Free Press How does an adored, New York Times and USA Today bestselling, two-time RITA® Award winning romance fiction. Trouble Chelsea Ross's acting career has been a total bust. The closest she ever came to stardom was her brilliant performance as “Pretty Dead Girl #1.” But . Read Nothing But Trouble by Rachel Gibson for free with a 30 day free trial. Read unlimited* books and audiobooks on the web, iPad, iPhone and Android.

There are some scenes with him coaching a young kid, but Chelsea is not around for many of those so she really does not get to see the brief glimpses of his good side. Chelsea was a likable and different heroine, and she was great at letting his many insults roll off of her. However, I would have liked to see her spit back a few insults at times as he really had it coming.

She was too passive at times and wishy-washy.

They liked each other's physical look and had some sexual dream fantasies about each other, but I never got the feeling of a budding romance. The need to scratch an itch?

A romance? The sexual tension was mostly missing, so when they finally do come together it seemed a bit sudden. His declaration that he is only good at hockey and sex was his odd way of wooing her. In his mind his reasoning is since he can't play hockey, let's have sex and see if that part of him still works after the accident. Not romantic. As with all romances, there is the conflict and resolution.

Without spoiling it, let's just say I didn't buy it at all. The conflict was a minor issue that is blown out of proportion. The resolution was too quick, too easy, and too who-gives-a-hoot.

In the end, I never cared for Mark, Chelsea was OK, and the relationship just did not feel like one that would work past six months. There was a secondary storyline with her sister, but it was glossed over.

It was not a strong secondary romance story. There were a few cameos from past players and their wives, but we see very little of them. Overall, I thought it lacked all the normal Rachel Gibson magic. I will definitely check out her other books. Chelsea was such a perfect foil for Mark's surliness in the beginning, and once things heated up, this became a real sizzler of a book! Mark's hockey career has come to an end after a car crash and he must learn to live with it. Chelsea comes to work for him as a home healthcare worker.

Book Preview

She's not your average type, instead she's a busty, pint sized out of work actress with a love for outlandish colors and designer clothes. I ate this up on audio, which was great, narrated by Susan Bennett.

Big deal. Otherwise, this was a real treat!

Mark begins the book as a pretty obnoxious character, though it is understandable considering his recent accident and the abrupt end of his glittering sports career. I liked some of the other hockey players we get to see fairly briefly, I can see me being tempted to read the other books in this series to get to see some more of them.

Run To You por Rachel Gibson

I would have liked the plot to be a bit more adventurous, but for a fluffy read this did do the job. Funny, light, well written.

It flowed well, was easy to read, the stage always set, characters crisp, emotions clear. It would be easier to comment if the book had dipped below my expectations - if there had been something wrong with it - or risen above them.

But it didn't. Mark and Chelsea are exactly who they seem to be. Neither is shallow, but neither offers any hidden depths to plumb, either.

What you see is what you get. The problem that we start with on page one drives the whole novel; Mark needs to figure out what to do with himself after his accident and stop living like an angry shut-in; Chelsea needs to decide if she wants to follow her passion for acting even though a big break isn't very likely. No real twists and turns. The hero, Mark Bressler, is really in a horrible, no-good situation.

He'll never play hockey professionally again; he can move on, but he doesn't get any sort of miracle cure. Chelsea Ross likes acting, she's worked steadily, but she's not landing any big roles in this book.

Gibson gets credit for starting out with this fantasy - professional hockey player! Fantasy or no, both Mark and Chelsea have to deal with some very harsh realities.

I liked the maturity and growth they displayed, but the story didn't push them any further than that. Unfortunately, while it was okay, it wasn't my favourite - it was one of those books where the font was large and the margins wide and there weren't actually that many words on the page - it was easy to read pretty quickly.

I liked Mark Bressler and I would have liked to have spent more time with him but the book kind of glossed over everything.

Plus, I wanted to know what happened after - was Chelsea going to pursue acting in Seattle or just be Mrs. These questions were left unanswered and I felt like the whole thing was a bit rushed and superficial.

Nothing But Trouble

If it was food, I would say it had little nutritional value - sweet, but leaves you wanting something meatier. C damarisgcrGo to damarisgcr's profile, opens in a new window I came across Rachel's book at Wal-mart looking for something new to read and at first was not sure if I should buy it or not, so I waited until I got home and looked at reviews on the book.Gibson gets credit for starting out with this fantasy - professional hockey player!

I love discovering new authors and adding them to my list. Mark being bitter and mean because of his accident and feeling disabled and Chelsea killing him with kindness lol HarperCollins Released: See Jane Attract For as long as he can remember, Luc has been single-minded about his career.

There were a few cameos from past players and their wives, but we see very little of them.

Mark begins the book as a pretty obnoxious character, though it is understandable considering his recent accident and the abrupt end of his glittering sports career. The characters are more one dimensional than her earlier books too, and the heat just doesn't sizzle as well because of it.

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