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Die Menge-Bibel ist textgetreu und gut verständlich. Fast 40 Jahre arbeitete Hermann Read Online Die Bibel: Übersetzt von Hermann Menge (German pdf. Die Bibel by Hermann Menge is Bible Studies Die Menge-Bibel ist textgetreu Die ausführlichen Überschriften erleichtern das Bibelstudium. Die Lesebibel by Hermann Menge is Bible Studies Diese lesefreundliche Lesebibel ermöglicht mit einem minimalistischen Design und einer.

Menge Bibel Pdf

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Verlag Katholisches Bibelwerk GmbH, Stuttgar. the module last changing: Mb. ESS Die Bibel. The words of Jesus are highlighted in red. Johann Heinrich van Eß. the module Menge-Bibel .. Print Friendly and PDF. Der Bibelübersetzer Hermann Menge by Paul Olbricht is Biographies & Memoirs Die Biografie über Hermann Menge (–) ist eine. Version) and Lutherbibel () and Elberfelder () and Die Bibel: James Bible and Lutherbibel and Elberfelder and Die Menge-Bibel.

Thus, at clause level attention has to be paid to the position of the verbal form relative to other non-verbal constituents, while at discourse or text level connections between clauses will prove to be of vital importance.

Since at both levels it is not the verbal form, but rather the clause that forms the central linguistic unit, in the remainder of this article we will be referring to functions of clauses or clause types rather than to functions of verbal forms. In the next sections we will elaborate on the role of syntax in determining these clause functions, thereby concentrating on the use of the computer and linguistic databases as helpful instruments for the identification and analysis of syntactic patterns.

Clause-level syntax As we already mentioned, at the level of the individual clause the position of the verb with respect to other non-verbal constituents has a crucial impact on the functions fulfilled by that specific clause. More specifically, the position of the verbal yiqtol form helps us to distinguish between volitive jussive, cohortative, desiderative and non-volitive functionalities. Thus, one of our central claims is that a volitive meaning is expressed by all yiqtol clauses in which the yiqtol form takes initial position4 and is not preceded by any other, non-verbal element 0-yiqtol and weyiqtol clauses.

On the other hand, clauses having a yiqtol form in non-initial position x-yiqtol and we-x-yiqtol clauses5 should be assigned the default function of expressing non-volitive meaning.

Because of the non-initial position of the verbal form respectively [m;v. In other words, both in 0-yiqtol and in e w yiqtol clauses, the verbal form of the type yiqtol takes initial position. The label x-yiqtol, for instance, refers to a clause in which a verbal form of the type yiqtol see note 1 is preceded by another constituents, such as an subject, an object, an adjunct, etc.

Compare, for instance, Niccacci and Niccacci , pp.

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As a consequence, both clauses can be assigned the default function of expressing volitive cohortative meaning. It should be noted that the volitive interpretation based on syntax here is supported by morphology, since to both yiqtol forms respectively hq"T.

These queries have enabled us to systematically develop our hypotheses with regard to the influence of clause-level syntax on the functioning of a clause. However, an even more significant role has been fulfilled by the database in the context of text level analyses of syntactic patterns. However, this short form is only available for a limited set of verbs and therefore cannot be used as an absolute criterion for the distinction between volitive and non-volitive functionalities.

Moreover, analyses on the basis of several queries in the ETCBC database have revealed that st contrary to what is true for 1 -person yiqtol forms even when a verb is used for which a short yiqtol form is available, the morphological distinction between short jussive and long indicative form is not always maintained and the job of marking volitive and non-volitive meaning is fully left to syntax.

Thus, if a yiqtol form takes initial position in its clause, the clause, independently of morphological features, should always be st assigned a default volitive meaning. The same is true for 1 -person yiqtol clauses like the ones attested in Ps 2.

However, our analyses of similar clauses have shown that such clauses do not form an exception to the syntactic rule that clauses which are opened by a yiqtol form have the default function of expressing volitive meaning. Hebrew poetry in particular contains quite a lot of examples of yiqtol clauses which do have the yiqtol form in initial position, yet do not have a volitive meaning.

Such instances can be accounted for by moving on to the study of syntactic patterns attested at a higher linguistic level.

More specifically, the function of a clause can only be correctly determined if one takes into account its connections with and its position with respect to other clauses. It is of crucial importance for a correct ascription of functionalities to clauses to identify and analyze patterns of clauses making up a text.

One of the syntactic patterns to be studied is that between mother clause and daughter clause.

The importance of studying such connections between clauses becomes obvious in clause pairs containing a yiqtol daughter clause. In other words, instead of always having its own fixed function to be determined on the basis of clause-level syntax a daughter clause often inherits specific functions from its mother clause. As the following examples show, both volitive and non-volitive functions can be inherited by daughter clauses.

In Ps we encounter a sequence consisting of a 0-yiqtol mother clause and an x-yiqtol daughter clause. On the basis of the non-initial position of the verbal form the x-yiqtol clause is to be assigned the default function of expressing non-volitive meaning. However, the clause is connected to a mother clause expressing volitive meaning. Here an x-yiqtol clause is connected to an imperative mother clause.

Again, the process of inheritance of functionality is activated and the default non- volitive function of the daughter clause is overridden by an inherited volitive jussive function:!

In Ps 5.

Though having a default function of expressing volitivity, the weyiqtol daughter clause here is prevented from fulfilling this default function and adopts the non-volitive functionality of its x-yiqtol mother clause: hw"h. Indeed, continuation of the same subject proves itself to be an important parameter frequently enabling inheritance of functionality to take place.

The computer as Research Instrument In our type of linguistic research, the computer proves itself to be a very helpful research instrument.


We already referred to the use of the computer and the ETCBC database for conducting queries enabling a systematic investigation of the influence of clause level syntax on the functioning of clauses.

When it comes to the study of text level syntax, however, the need for assistance of the computer becomes even more obvious. First of all, the linguistic database of the ETCBC helps us to detect in the Hebrew Bible all occurrences of specific sequences of clauses and to examine them within their textual environment.

Second, the computer can force us to be systematic in our analysis of syntactic patterns and their effect on clause functions.

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Both aspects will be dealt with in the next sections. Analyzing clause sequences and chains with the help of the ETCBC database One of the characteristics of the ETCBC database most valuable for our type of research is that for every chapter of the Hebrew Bible it contains a syntactic hierarchy of the clauses in which relations between mother clauses and their daughter clauses are identified and visualized.

The design of the database makes it rather simple to perform queries on the basis of the data referring to these clause connections.

Several queries were developed9 to detect in the texts included in the database all occurrences of specific clause sequences, like the sequence of an x-yiqtol mother clause and a weyiqtol daughter clause attested in Ps Instead of taking the two clauses making up the clause pair of mother and daughter out of their textual environment, the database, by providing a visualization of the complete hierarchical structure of the clauses making up a text, allows the researcher to investigate each occurrence of a sequence within its larger domain of discourse.

The importance of this feature of the database becomes obvious from the observation that the processes of inheritance discussed in the previous section are of an iterative or recursive nature. Sikkel, who helped me to adequately formulate and conduct the queries.

Thus, clause sequences have to be studied in the context of longer clause chains in which mechanisms operating at the beginning of a chain may influence the distribution of functions in clause sequences included further down in the same chain. Instead, it is only by moving on to the higher level of discursive domains and text-syntactic hierarchy that one can correctly analyze the often recursive distribution of functionalities in longer chains of clauses.

The importance of looking beyond the boundaries of a specific pair of mother and daughter clause can be illustrated by the following examples.

2.3. Weitere Begriffe

Mk 16, und Joh 7,,11 , nicht einmal ein entsprechender Hinweis. Fazit: Steht zwischen alter und revidierter Elberfelder. NT seit , AT seit Leider sind neben Korrekturen auch Fehler hinzugekommen, vor allem im AT. Hier ist die alte Elberfelder Bibel oft besser als die revidierte, die zudem an einigen schwierigen Stellen die Septuaginta d.

Konkordantes NT.

Pforzheim: Konkordanter Verlag, Neuausgabe in Antiquaschrift. Stuttgart: Deutsche Bibelgesellschaft, Fazit: Von o. Schwachpunkten abgesehen hervorragend; sehr empfehlenswert!

Revision von Bibeltreu, wortgetreu; elegante und kraftvolle Sprache. Meist treffend, gelegentlich ein wenig ungenau.

Schlachter, Version Ansonsten sehr empfehlenswert.Taking this sequence out of its context would lead us to the conclusion that the 0-yiqtol clause inherits non-volitive functionality from its mother clause. DHSAT The text of these editions was adopted as far as it was available, after being rigorously examined and where necessary improved.

Kautz At the moment, I am myself developing a computer program which takes the data included in the ETCBC database, especially those referring to the syntactic relations between clauses, and subsequently performs calculations on the basis of these data in order to determine the distribution of functionalities in the clause chains making up the text of a chapter from the Hebrew Bible.

For our purposes, it is mainly the column labeled ModalFunctionClauseType which is of interest. Based on the clause functions that are calculated in this way, the program also makes a proposal with regard to a provisional translation of the verbal forms. Compare, for instance, Niccacci and Niccacci , pp. Hier ist die alte Elberfelder Bibel oft besser als die revidierte, die zudem an einigen schwierigen Stellen die Septuaginta d.

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