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MASTER OF THE GAME. SIDNEY SHELDON. Copyright © by Sheldon Literary Trust Master Robert." Robert squeezed his great-grandmother's hand, . Master of the Game PDF. Memories of Midnight The Doomsday Conspiracy PDF · The Naked Face Free download Sidney Sheldon Books. Master of the Game is a novel by Sidney Sheldon, first published in hardback format in . Sheldon, Sidney (April ). Master Of The Game. HarperCollins. ^ "The New York Times Best Seller List - Fiction: September 5, " (PDF).

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Kate Blackwell is the symbol of success—a beautiful woman who has parlayed her inheritance into an international conglomerate. Now, celebrating her 90th bi. One of Sidney Sheldon's most popular and bestselling titles, published in ebook format for a new generation of fans. Kate Blackwell is one of the richest and. Where can I download the Angel of the Dark Novels by Sidney Sheldon to read? Where can I find free e-books by Sidney Sheldon? Master of the Game.

Top 5 Sidney Sheldon Books

If Tomorrow Comes Lovely and idealistic Tracy Whitney is framed into a fifteen year sentence in an escape-proof penitentiary.

With dazzling ingenuity, she fights back to destroy the untouchable crime lords who put her there. With her intelligence and beauty as her only weapons, Tracy embarks on a series of extraordinary escapades that sweep her across the globe. The Best Laid Plans He wanted power. Oliver Russell is fated to rise to the pinnacle of power, the office of President of the United States. She wanted revenge. Jamie's wealth and business helps the town thrive.

Jamie secretly takes control of the local bank and ruins van der Merwe financially, driving the latter to kill himself. Margaret gives birth to a son, and after leaving the baby on Jamie's doorstep after trying to reconnect with him, Jamie grows to love Jamie Jr. One night Jamie drunkenly mistakes his wife for his mistress, which results in Kate's birth. News of this causes Jamie to have a stroke, leaving him helpless in the care of Margaret, who runs Kruger-Brent with Jamie's right-hand man, David Blackwell.

While captured during the Boer War, Kate realizes the need for power so she will never feel helpless again. Kate grows up stubborn and obsessively in love with David, who is about 20 years older, but after her mother's death becomes serious about running the company and goes to business school. Upon her return, she learns of David's engagement to a woman whose family wants him to leave Kruger-Brent and run their company.

Kate manipulates David into breaking off his engagement and eventually they marry. During World War I, Kate sees an opportunity to manufacture weapons.

David is against it and stops her, but when he enlists for the war, she starts production, which causes a strain in their marriage upon his return.

She becomes pregnant with his child but also begins to realize her obsession with Kruger-Brent and wonders if the company is becoming more important to her than her marriage.

9. The Best Laid Plans

David is killed in an explosion in one of the company's mines, causing Kate to prematurely give birth to Anthony "Tony" Blackwell.

Kate makes Kruger-Brent a global success, though her demanding nature causes Tony to stutter in her presence.

Tony opts for an art career and goes to an art school in France. He shows promise, but Kate pays a critic to negatively criticize Tony's work, leading him to give up his art and join Kruger-Brent.

While working, he learns that Dominique, his French girlfriend, was actually a model working under one of Kruger-Brent's smaller companies and was paid by his mother to spy on him, and he gains the courage to cut Kate out of his life. Kate uses his hatred of her to manipulate him into marrying Marianne Hoffman so Kate can obtain the Hoffman electronics empire as well as grandchildren to inherit the company.

Despite warnings from Marianne's doctor about her health, Kate persuades her to have children, and she dies giving birth to twins. Jamie is so heartbroken over the death of his son that he suffers a stroke.

For a year, Margaret finally has her husband's full attention. Margaret takes over Jamie's company and runs it with his manager, David Blackwell.

Together they attempt to make a young woman out of Kate, but when she resists their efforts, Margaret sends her to a boarding school.


During Kate's final year at school, Margaret develops cancer and dies. Kate goes on to business school and then begins to run the company with David.

Kate is in love with David, and upon learning that he intends to marry someone else, Kate schemes behind his back to end the engagement and marry him herself. Kate and David have a happy marriage for several years, but David dies days before the birth of their only child, Tony.

Kate adores her son, giving him everything a child could desire. Kate hopes that Tony will take over the reins of Kruger-Brent, Limited one day, but Tony wants to be an artist.

Kate relents and allows Tony to study in Paris with the understanding that if he fails, he will come back to run Kruger-Brent. When Tony feels confident enough to have a showing of his work, Kate arranges for an art critic to attend.

Master of the Game Summary & Study Guide Description

The critic writes a scathing review, calling Tony's work amateurish. Tony returns to New York to work with his mother, but refuses to allow her to influence his life any further. When Kate attempts to pair Tony with the daughter of a Texas businessman, Tony chooses to marry the less exciting daughter of a German businessman, unaware that this lovely woman had been Kate's choice for Tony all along.

Tony's wife learns that a pregnancy can kill her and shares the news with Kate. Kate encourages the girl to get pregnant anyway. The same night Tony's wife dies giving birth to twins, he learns not only did his mother know about the possibility of death for his wife, but that she hired the art critic to pan his work and his girlfriend during that time to date him.

Tony has a psychotic break and tries to kill his mother.

While receiving treatment, Tony is given a lobotomy that leaves him unable to be a participating member of society any longer.

Kate raises Tony's twin daughters with the hopes that one of them will someday take over the reins of Kruger-Brent.

Eve seems to be the ideal candidate, but Kate is unaware that Eve is a cruel girl, often plotting to kill her sister.May 02, If this love match wasn't complicated enough, she also finds herself attracted to Michael Moretti - leader of one of New York's largest Mafia families, and also the defendant of Jennifer's first case. While working, he learns that Dominique, his French girlfriend, was actually a model working under one of Kruger-Brent's smaller companies and was paid by his mother to spy on him, and he gains the courage to cut Kate out of his life.

Sidney Sheldon had this amazing quality of making you so much stuck to the story, you won't feel leaving it aside.

Master of the Game has been translated into numerous languages, and reprinted seven times.

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