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by Eve Vaughn on November 30, File Nameholiday-hell-by-eve-vaughn. epub; Original TitleHoliday Hell; CreatorEve Vaughn; Languageen. After seven years of a self-imposed exile from family and friends, fashion designer Jocelyn Winters is home to celebrate her father's upcoming. From the outside looking in, Kaia Lundgaard has the perfect life. Married to a handsome man of means, with a baby on the way, is the happily.

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She was his light Jamie Harrison knew a great deal about pain and suffering. Having survived a traumatic childhood, she takes life one day. Eve has enjoyed creating characters and making up stories from an early age. As a child she was always getting into mischief. So when she lost her television. Forever - Kindle edition by Eve Vaughn. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks, note taking.

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There was no pleasing them.

Forever by Eve Vaughn

It wasn't enough that she'd gotten good grades, graduated at the top of her class, held a law degree and a respectable job, or that she'd done everything they'd ever asked of her. No matter how hard she tried to be what they wanted, she couldn't.

India's parents had let her know in none too subtle ways she'd been unwanted-an "oops" who'd come along in their lives when they should have been enjoying their golden years together. Trevor and Leila Powers had been happy in their family of three until she'd come along.

They'd already had their one perfect child in Jack. He could do no wrong. She on the other hand could do no right. Growing up, it had hurt seeing how much more they cared for her unappreciative brother, beaming at every single nonachievement in his life, while she had to do headstands to get their attention. They'd gone out of their way to attend all of Jack's events, but found excuses not to do the same for her.

Even when she'd gone through her rebellious stage, they barely batted an eye. In adulthood, it was India who ran errands for them and who was there when they needed a favor, but was it even acknowledged?

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When Jack decided to grace them with his presence, which was rare, her parents were all smiles. It was one thing to feel one's parents loved their sibling more than them, but it was quite another to know it was true.

Only when she'd begun dating Steven Cartwright did they seem to take an interest in her life. Besides Jack, there was nothing her parents loved more than one-upping their friends and family. They had to have the best house, buy the most expensive cars and go on the most exotic vacations, even if their incomes didn't always support their extravagance.

India's engagment to such a prominent up-and-comer had been a feather in their caps. Of course she'd been flattered to have someone like Steven take an interest in her.

He was good looking, polished and smart-all great qualities. It was too bad he couldn't keep it in his pants.

Catching him cheating brought all the uncertainties she'd dealt with throughout their relationship to the forefront. It made her wonder whether she would have gone through with the wedding had she been none the wiser. If India was being completely honest with herself, she wasn't sure if she'd agreed to marry him because she loved him or because her parents liked him so much.

Regardless, they were through. Her mother may be willing to accept infidelity to maintain her way of life, but India wasn't prepared to do the same.

When she made it to her apartment there were three messages on her answering machine.

Against her better judgment, she checked them. You embarrassed me in front of my friends, colleagues and family. Once I calm my parents down, who have been nothing but nice to you by the way, I'm coming over to straighten this mess out. Was he kidding?

His mother was a holy terror. Sure she was nice to her "baby", but when no one was around Mrs. Cartwright let her know in no uncertain terms India wasn't good enough for her precious Steven. Cartwright was no better, constantly talking to her in a condescending manner, and putting down her job as a public defender.

What bothered her most about him were the "accidents". The first time he touched her booty, his hand supposedly slipped, but the second and third time was beyond enough. Telling Steven about it had done nothing to change matters. Good riddance to the lot of them. Anyway, Steven was sadly mistaken if he thought she'd allow him to cross her threshold.

The cheating bastard.

I'm just checking in to see if everything is alright If you're up to it, give me a call and let me know if you're okay. Good ole' Aunt Val, always there when India needed her. She didn't need this. The only person she was inclined to call back was her aunt.

Picking up the receiver, she punched in Aunt Val's number. I'm glad you called. I was worried about you. How are doing? And she appreciated it. India sighed. They weren't happy about what I did. I'm sure you had a good reason though. It's not my place to judge. To have someone in her corner meant so much to her after all she'd been through today. She sniffed. And yes, I did have a good reason, although Mom and Dad don't think so.

I remembered I left my jacket at Steven's place and when I went over, I spotted his car in the driveway, but he'd told me he'd be in court all day. I don't know why, but I got a funny feeling, so I let myself in with his spare key. I heard noises coming from his bedroom and to make a long story short, I saw Steven in bed with some woman.

What did he say when you caught him?

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He didn't see me standing in the doorway. I left the house before he could. I probably should have told him before the dinner, but,,," "But what, baby? Leila has been putting on airs since we were kids. If we didn't look so much alike I would wonder if one of us was adopted. The rest of her family was so down to Earth. Eve has enjoyed creating characters and making up stories from an early age.

Wedding Stud Gypsy Witch.

Holiday Hell by Eve Vaughn

Because this was the first non-James story, the strands title appears on screen for the first time. Bridge took place in and is now on the eve of its March. Trinity Strand Trail embodies these.

Duration: 2h 30m. Wisconsin National Guard photos by 1st Sgt. Bio: Eve Vaughn has enjoyed creating characters and making up stories from an early. Tues, Dec.

Written By: Vaughn Bender readers.I went through several emotions while reading this book , I felt Skylar's devastation at being left at the alter , her determination to make the best of her life and her caution on seeing Ashley again for the first time years later.

Be the first to reply. Of course she'd been flattered to have someone like Steven take an interest in her. Virginia in , respectively , were made about 13 years apart, much like the ruling holding bans on same-sex sexual activity unconstitutional and the eventual ruling holding bans on same-sex marriage unconstitutional Lawrence v.

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