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Dazed & Confused Magazine by Nicole - issuu. Final Project for Trends and Forecasting at SCAD. Report Document as copy-rights infringement. For its March issue, Dazed & Confused presents the freshest of the London art collective Lucky PDF kick off a three-month in-magazine art. Read your favourite magazine subscription on the Exact Editions Reader. DAZED. The front 26 Rineke dIJKSTRA 28 ppti.info 30 Mathew Harding 32 IneZ +.

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Viktor and Rolf perfume shot for Dazed and Confused Magazine. Pringle of Scotland t-shirt shot for Dazed and Confused Magazine. Levis hoodie for Vice . figure because he founded Dazed alongside. photographer Rankin different sources of media – magazines and . Dazed & Confused, the audience. can see . Finally [PDF] Where to Buy Dazed and Confused Magazine PDF is available at our online library. With our complete resources.

This could contribute to a change in consumer behaviour and motivation alongside a possible shift in target market, audience and segments. By focussing on the three main demographic shifts: In an age of shifting social dynamics and a fragmented media landscape these demographic shifts could have a profound effect on media organisations, the consumer target market and audience segmentation.

Scenarios and Narratives See Appendix I: Figure 2: Options consideration — narratives, early indicators, strategic options and implementations explored. Scenario 3.

And therefore, partnering with Snapchat one of the largest growing social media communities , and securing third party distribution, Dazed Media have cemented their partnership. Through the use of the Discover App, Dazed Media are able to harness distribution of their video and publishing content, reaching a much wider target audience.

Early Indicators: The youth market is stable and target audience are predominantly early adopters and influencers but this is juxtaposed against an increasingly ageing population OECD Digital media companies are focused on social media channels and this has been a strong influence on the media industry Kung Populism and social activism is relatively stable at this time yet the youth market is still highly participatory in nature when engaging in online content, including: Strategic implications: The strategic implications in this scenario are that Dazed Media are youth focused and are concentrating more on their video content than publications to generate revenue.

Aimee Mullins for Dazed & Confused, 1998

They previously gave up some control of their distribution to compete and survive online The Drum , however in this scenario Dazed Media regain some ground as a content distributor, partnering with one of the largest growing social media online communities, by focusing on their core youth market at a local level, global growth is a secondary focus. In this scenario Dazed Media adopt a digital age approach by focusing on content and platforms.

This would give Dazed Media the ability to locally-target content and improve user experience seeing a rise in advertising revenue and monetisation.

Dazed could provide key demographic and targeting statistics, optimising niche audiences, and providing geographic-focused value to both users and advertisers.

Strategic options: In this scenario a shaping approach is identified by assessing current practice Reeves et al. In this next scenario the Media, Culture and Society Journal outlines the rise of the boomers and upcoming Generation X as an affluent and educated dominant customer segment of the consumer market; most likely to have a significant impact on the media industry Claydon With low birth rates, an ageing population and higher life expectancy, the youth market is decreasing and customer segment dominance is being re-thought.

A culturally, socially and politically aware, digitally connected older audience are at large and new markets are actively being explored. The implications of this scenario are that Dazed Media now have an overlap in target consumer groups and lifestyles brought about by a macro environmental change through demographic shifts of higher life expectancy, falling birth rates and a significant ageing population.

Widening their focus away from early mover segments, Dazed Media are addressing emerging market potential. In the past they may not have considered re- evaluating their wider market potential and were focused on their core youth market. In the Dazed team have grown up and with it has their customer, they are providing content to reach a wider audience demographic, with its tone and outlook aligned with the culture and readership of the time.

Jefferson Hack

Euromonitor Boumphrey et al. With the high predictability of an ageing population Dazed Media would need to consider the early warning signals and integrate an approach to develop their core portfolio competences. This affluent and growing market already includes competitive rivalry Porter from publications Cereal and Kinfolk With Dazed Media forging stronger, more valuable relationships with a wider demographic a planned adaptive approach could increase their market share.

In this scenario Dazed Media is taking advantage of its range of digital capabilities and expanding future technology.

With the internet having the strongest influence in the media industry Kung Dazed Media is investing in immersive technology which could replace mobile computing in the future. There is a high level of participatory engagement and opinion sharing through a citizen-initiated approach to digital communication.

Interactive advertising is on the increase and there is a plethora of increased niche content across independent media companies off and online.

With a buoyant youth market, the environmental focus is very much on digital communication platforms. In Managing Media Companies, Aris p.

Dazed are exploring this untapped market, nevertheless in a hyper competitive market, whilst Dazed can pursue differentiation and be competitive for now, it may not be long before technology and their competitors catch up See Appendix H. Dazed Media is not new to building relationships with China, and in partnered with Chinese online media giant, Modern Media Holdings in order to gain greater distribution of their video content through Nowness channel globally.

Today Baidu Inc. The morality and political correctness of has watered down what was once revolutionary editorial to what will now become an emphasis on personal and governmental morality, political correctness, traditional social values, justice and sincerity. Regressive and ultra-conservative politics have seeped into the social and political global environment.

China, who are one of the fasted emerging markets, with massive global investments, dominate an institutional landscape of corporate governance and strict regulatory content of the media. With falling birth rates, an ageing population and higher life expectancy, the youth market has decreased significantly with a sudden decline in consumer demand of innovators and early adopters.

Strategic implication: This scenario explores the most changed environment in which Dazed Media could find themselves and threatens their key focal issue of remaining an agenda-setting publishing powerhouse by Similarly, the second critical uncertainty: With China identified as one of the fastest growing emerging markets by PwC with a rise in their middle classes; widening target market opportunities would connect Dazed Media with a new generation of Chinese consumers.

However, often there is a risk that aggressive Chinese investment and expansion with the expectation of high targets and fast returns is an unsustainable strategy across the longer term and a high risk of failure from not understanding the market. In this final scenario, where Dazed are part of an acquisition strategy by Baidu Inc.

Chinese investment could bring distinctive digital capabilities and value creation, however cultural differences would need to be addressed in order to achieve a successful transformation.

Dazed could look at strategic innovation through a re-brand or targeted product development to improve viability whilst conserving their resources and negotiate merger with Baidu Inc. Without investment and intervention, the family like culture of camaraderie associated with the Dazed business could disappear and the open and creative ethos which is the cornerstone of Dazed culture would be eradicated.

Stage Five: If Dazed Media as part of their corporate strategy implemented scenario planning to identify early warning signals it could enable them to react effectively and plan ahead for any turbulent environments in the future. In terms of the signals that would have most impact on the key focal issue, the following are the early warning signals that would have the most significant impact See Appendix I on Dazed Media.

The second signal of an increasingly older generation could have negative and positive implications.

Documents Similar To Guitar World 2003-07 (Led Zeppelin - Immigrant Song, Dazed and Confused)

Thirdly, a move towards regressive politics could signal the inflexibility of free speech, the reduction of interactive participation and restricted communication across platforms.

This would result in a loss of identity as an independent publisher, and with provocative and diverse content, Dazed Media would lose its voice. The School of Dazed [online]. The Business of Fashion. Available from: Aris, A. Managing Media Companies: Harnessing Creative Value. Chapters 3, 7, 8. Management Tools - Core Competencies [online]. Boumphrey, S.

Burrell, I. The Independent.

Cereal [online]. Jefferson Hack Rankin. The Cut. The Guardian. Retrieved 19 April — via The Guardian. Contemporary Niche Fashion Magazines". Fashion Theory. Archived from the original on 18 April Retrieved 19 April Teen Vogue. Dazed Digital.

Retrieved 21 May Other print zines have enjoyed similar success. It is also evidence of a huge gap 6 in the market for intersectional voices.

As important as outward representation is, increasing diversity in newsrooms is also essential in order to change the face of the media. Alemoru, K.

Accessed: 6 December Behr, R. New York: HarperCollins Publishers. Delwiche, A. Fischer, G. Gamble, I. Hope, C.


Malton, K. Morgan, I.So from that standpoint you get what you pay for — no enhanced edition, but the advertisers get added exposure and the magazine gets extra marketing.

Available at: www. No Agencies please. Scrolling down the page I found the link which — after a long pause — took me to the Exact Editions site and the flipbook of the same issue. With the vast number of magazine titles available, newsagents have limited shelf space. Yet in the shadows of this explosion of digital-led creativity and media making, there has been a resurgence in the production of one of the oldest forms of media, the small-scale independently owned printed magazine.

Media Management Tools: Desktop publishing has made typographical layout and font selection matters of everyday expressive concern. Secondly, Dazed Media are well placed to avoid imitation Frey P.

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