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FIC WITEMEYER. Four brothers. Four straws. One bride. Despite the fact that Travis is no longer the gallant youth Meredith once dreamed about, she determines. Results 1 - 20 of 43 Explore our list of Christian Romance - Contemporary NOOK Books at Barnes & Noble®. Shop now & receive FREE Shipping on orders $ A historical western cowboy romance novel about a mail order bride. A heartwarming holiday romance with Christian themes sure to get you ready for the.

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When she meets Henry Dobbs, a strong Christian man, will she share her secret A heartwarming holiday romance with Christian themes sure to get you ready. Download PDF books in Christian subject for free. Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress is a novel aversion of the Christian allegory, The Pilgrim's Progress from this. Christian Romance Novels: Are They Our Harmless Little Secret? Susan Verstraete. She was an intimate friend, and I was in her confidence from the beginning.

Can a kindred friendship between two single parents lead to marriage? Desperado - pages. Bride-to-be Josie had been tricked into accompanying her brother on a journey, Simon assuring her that he knew the perfect honeymoon spot.

But that wasn't the extent of Simon's plans as the journey also included a new groom. Scout's Honor - pages. What do you get when you mix ten scouts, a poor librarian, and her rich matchmaking friend? A recipe for either love or disaster That Horse Won't Run pages. There's one tiny hitch. The ranch owner, Makenna Jones is very picky when it comes to women taking up permanent residence on his property.

But sly Uncle Quint has a solution. Lace will pose as his nephew, Larry, a greenhorn cowboy with a yen to learn the ropes as Mak's new errand boy.

The England vacation was supposed to have relaxed and fortified Cie. However, her sister Paige had other ideas in mind; matchmaking ideas. Catch a ride and grab the magic today! Rance squinted the dark eyes at Jezzy, his ninety-two year old neighbor. Kumquats Are People Too - 23 pages. This was exactly why she had avoided being alone.

Alone meant time to think and remember. Her thoughts bounced back and forth until they found a resting place on the events of the previous evening.

She willed the thoughts away, but nothing would replace them for very long.

Finally she gave in and let them take her. Had her mother really said those things to her? Had she really said those things to her mother? Jenna shook her head at the thought as the familiar tears threatened.

Why did her mother have to be so clingy? Why did Jenna have to be so stubborn? They were questions that would never be answered, but they plagued her just the same.

She could still see her mother standing in the kitchen, the hurt and the anger in her eyes, yelling at Jenna that she was throwing her life away by leaving. Do you understand that? Nothing I can say or do is going to bring them back. Just like that. This is your solution? To run away? I have to find a place to start, and then maybe I can go on with my life. She stood, pulled her purse to her shoulder, and looked her mother square in the eye.

Now, here she was flying somewhere high over Missouri—headed who knew where, and strangely for the first time in a long time, she felt almost free. The final hour of the flight had been mostly uneventful.

Scott had regained some of his confidence in his own parenting abilities, which was saying something. Lane was now sleeping peacefully in his arms, and the man across the abyss of the seat next to him had long since ceased the dirty looks. Okay, apparently she was serious. Just sleep.

Scott breathed a sigh of relief. One more flight and she would be in New Jersey—far, far away from Texas.

If she could just get there, surely everything would be better. She glanced out the window once again, and apprehension rose in her. The rain outside zigged and zagged down the windows in crazy patterns.

Flying was bad enough, but flying in the rain was worse. Her courage was harder to gather up than her luggage. It was all she could do to keep her eyes from wandering back to that window—back to the dismal scene outside.


With one hand on his son, he pulled the bag out from under the seat and fished through it trying to get an accurate assessment of how many snacks they had left.

The sad and terrifying truth was he would have to be very sparing in his snack offerings this flight. He was already dreading the next three hours.

PDF And the Greatest of These Is Love A Contemporary Christian Romance Novel EBook

This trip was murder on him. Jenna stowed her purse under the middle seat about halfway from the front of the plane. She had no desire to sit by the window and watch it rain so she chose a seat next to a man who was busily reading a magazine next to a closed window. The plane around her filled quickly. She surveyed her fellow passengers.

Hundreds of Free Christian Ebooks

They all looked much like she was sure she did—harried, tired, and frazzled. Traveling like this was one of her least favorite things to do, and she contemplated simply driving home when that time came, if it ever did. A nice-looking, young couple passed her on their way to the back.

She smiled to herself—probably on their honeymoon. The thought slid through her mind, and it snagged in the deep dark webbing that now surrounded her heart. There was something about honeymooners that set them apart from everyone else. She thought of Jeff again. He was never far from her thoughts.

Tall, lean, dark and very handsome. They had made such a great couple. Finally she saw an aisle seat toward the back of the plane. She headed for it and smiled to the young man and little boy sitting there. She pushed her purse under the seat ahead of them. The flight attendant requested that seatbelts and tray tables be readied for take-off.

But as Jenna reached for hers, there was an un-Godly scream from right next to her. Instinctively she put her hand out to sooth the child.

Suddenly she stopped and looked up in embarrassment. Nothing moved. All she could see were the incredible blue eyes gazing right through her soul.

The squirming between them brought them both back to reality.

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She unwrapped it and handed it to him just as she realized what she had done. Do you mind? It was all she could do not to reach out and touch him. He looked like a tiny angel that had alighted on earth. More most read this week Popular Christian Romance Books. More popular christian romance books Related Genres.

If something stuck, it was easy to keep gathering up more worries. He opened his palm, allowing the babe to kick his hand.

Yes, I'm afraid she will. As soon as the sun touches her skin, the freckles will appear. I find I'm rather partial to frec Their daughter scrunched up her hands and legs, waving them wildly in the air.

I find I'm rather partial to freckled redheads. Groups Tagged "Christian Romance". Ask Ismail Taher.Over k words Books in Series Box Sets. A heartwarming holiday romance with Christian themes sure to get you ready for the holiday season. Maybe if she brings her little brothers on a date, he'll get the idea that they'll only ever be friends. The opening strains of St.

If one discounted his square, uncompromising jaw, he looked a cross between a popular germophobe on cable and a dark-haired elf she had just seen in an old movie, and he wore all black. Includes stepbrother, stepsister and step-anyone.

He was so short that she could easily see over him in her three-inch heels. They must learn to live as a family while learning to let go of their past career or let their self-righteous cause be their doom. Scott gave him a few crackers, hoping they would get the chance to get some more at Chicago.

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