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AD Corebook - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online. The AD CD-ROM preserves the essential AD game materials in one place for the Each PDF here includes the magazine cover, table of contents. This CD-ROM includes all of the AD titles published by Game The majority of the files on this disk are PDF files; you will need a PDF.

Browsing through it, it looks kind of like the sort of "hard-ish", vaguely Firefly-esque RPG that I'd probably really like.

It is rather rules light, with enough "Tasks" for the combat system, but requires the GM to make tasks for most other things sneaking past guards, etc. Originally Posted by buzz What's the difference between these two?

There are quite a few! Indirect Fire skill disappeared, and several new ones popped up. The basic mechanics pretty much remained constant. Characters are now able to advance in skills, past character generation Originally Posted by buzz I think so as you can probably tell by my.

Tastes vary. Originally Posted by buzz What products in the line were worth buying? Pretty much all of them, except Kafer Dawn, in my opinion.

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I have copies of everything. It depends upon what you like.

The Colonial Atlas has all the info on the inhabited "Garden" worlds. There are a couple of Cyberpunk adventures one of which is not available in. There are quite a few adventures, of various types. More on my site.

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Setting[ edit ] The game setting follows on from that of GDW's military role-playing game Twilight: , in which a worldwide conventional war with limited nuclear exchanges at the end of the 20th century nearly brought about the end of civilization. In the intervening three centuries, mankind has rebuilt and returned to space. A Space Elevator orbital interface has been constructed, connecting the city of Libreville, Gabon to a satellite in geosynchronous orbit.

Also, practical means of faster-than-light FTL travel have been discovered, leading to the exploration and colonization of planets orbiting nearby stars. The post- Westphalian nation-state remains dominant, and most space colonies are considered the territories of various nations back on Earth, resembling the European colonial era of the 18th and 19th century.

The dominant power, both on Earth and in space, is France , recently reorganized in as the Third French Empire, and incorporating much of Africa.

France was able to survive the nuclear war relatively unscathed by abandoning its NATO allies and officially withdrawing from hostilities at the start of the Third World War , retaining enough assets and skilled people to develop a significant head-start in the race for postwar rebuilding, political leverage, and technological development.

All of these control certain extrasolar planets themselves. There are three major lanes of explored space, called Arms, named after the nations which dominate them the French Arm, the American Arm, and the Chinese Arm. Lesser routes leading off the arms are called "Fingers". It is still early in mankind's expansion into space, and exploration has reached little beyond 40 light years from Earth.

As of the time period of the game, each of the three Arms is saddled with a particular difficulty. The French Arm is the route along which the alien Kafer are pushing an aggressive invasion into human space. The Chinese Arm is beset by an insurgent terrorist faction. The American Arm has reached a dead end, further expansion along it impossible under available technology. Mankind has met with several intelligent alien civilizations, all of which are decidedly strange and non-human, from the genetically-engineered Pentapods to the reflexively bellicose Kafers.

It's just a dead end nobody else wants. Until the adventure in Challenge magazine where a brown dwarf gives humanity a back door into Kafer space. Humans Are Special : Humans are one of the first races to develop the Stutterwarp drive in our part of space.

Most of the other alien races encountered in the printed adventures and background are more primitive, like the Sung, or have regressed to a pre-spaceflight technology, like the Eber. Humans also control the largest number of worlds of all the races they've encountered. Humanity isn't too special though: the Kafer and Pentapods have also developed Stutterwarp and the Kafer control a small interstellar empire. Innocent Aliens : The Xiang and the Klaxun are both stone-age primatives and relatively peaceful.

The Xiang were enslaved by the Sung until the humans fought a war on their behalf and the Klaxun world is being scouted by the Kafer when humans first meet them. The Ylii in the Kafer sourcebook and Challenge magazine, technically several related races and species forming a society together, have made themselves almost incapable of aggression after having nearly wiped themselves out in a genocidal war.

It's this pacifism that has saved them from being completely eradicated by the Kafer.

Kafer find it literally mind-numbingly boring to kill them and therefore find no urgency in killing or subjugating them. ISO Standard Human Spaceship : Most human ships are indeed blocky, gray, utilitarian vessels, often with large spinning sections for gravity. In a possible subversion, Kafer ships are generally like this too.

Kinetic Weapons Are Just Better : Most of the nations of Earth use high-tech assault rifles as their primary weapons, though they also have lasers. Living Ship : The Pentapods have these.

Mega-Corp : Several are in the game, and some are more or less beneavolent. Meta Plot : The Kafer war. In they are still part of Mexico. Texas was conquered by Mexico too but successfully rebelled in , becoming independent.

Mexico also annexed all of the central American nations north of Panama during the 22nd century.

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Military Science-Fiction : A strong influence on the game, with several of the printed adventures centering around the Kafer War and putting the players in the roles of mercenaries or soldiers. Mirror Chemistry : Many garden worlds have dextro-based biospheres, rendering their plants and animals inedible if not poisonous to humans.

Colonists get around this by importing "pay dirt" from Earth; they isolate and sterilize patches of ground, mix in the pay dirt, wait for the flora, fauna, and fungi that came with it to establish themselves, and start planting vegetables.

Until the crops start coming in, however, it's food packs for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. In the Bayern module, characters who enter the cluster nodes created by the AGRA Intelligence may end up mirrored due to accidentally being rotated through the fourth dimension; fortunately, the Bayern's labs can provide dextro food to sustain them.

In order to engage in combat they must be physically abused, which stimulates them into increased intelligence and combat ability.

This abuse is provided by the Kafer officers who are more intelligent. Naming Your Colony World : Earth's colonies include just about all the variations. No Warping Zone : The stutterwarp's efficiency drops off greatly in a gravity well, meaning stutterwarp ships are still going really fast within a solar system, but no longer exceed the speed of light. They can just barely maintain orbit around a world. Organic Technology : The Pentapods are big on it, since their species evolved underwater and never had the option of using metal or fire in their industrial development.

This leads to a good deal of human-Pentapod trade, as each species is fascinated by the other's way of doing things. Poison Is Corrosive : The animal life on Aurore and some of the plants make use of acids in attacking their prey. Because of incompatible biology these acids are also poisonous to humans.

Powered Armor : The major nations all have their own designs with a few crossing over to the Mini-Mecha end of the scale. Proud Warrior Race Guy : The Kafer only really feel alive when they are in combat, and it actually makes them smarter. Their whole society is constructed around giving their citizens regular adrenaline jolts. Psychic Powers : Humans don't have them apparently , but some of the aliens in the adventures do.

Rancher : Many colonists are this. Reporting Names : All of the Kafer technology encountered by humans have reporting names, since very few humans even know any Kafer words, let alone the names of their gear. Alpha, Beta, and Delta are Kafer battleships. Golf and Foxtrot are fighters, while Whiskey and X-Ray are missiles.

Kafer vehicles are called things like "Crawler", "Bugbus", and "Deathsled". Even Kafer gear has descriptive names like "Flashlight" for a laser rifle and "Thud Gun" for an assault rifle, or "Worry Thing" for what turns out to be the equivalent of a Kafer toothbrush. Scary Dogmatic Aliens : The Kafer believe in using violence and pain to reach enlightenment, and it actually works for them.

Unfortunately they think it works for everyone else too. Science Fiction : Intended to be on the hard side. Settling the Frontier : A major theme of the game, with a lot of new frontier to settle.

Slave Race : Until we straightened them out, the Xiang to the Sung. And the Ylii, to the Kafer. Space Fighter : Handy in battle as launch platforms for missiles.

All Earth nations and the Kafer use them. Space Marine : Most nations have some, and the movie Aliens was an obvious influence on the game. American space marines are especially prominent in the adventure Mission Arcturus.

Space Navy : Also several. The board game Star Cruiser is all about space battles between them, usually involving humans fighting other humans. Space Battle : Until the Kafer war humans had only ever fought each other in space, except for that curbstomp of the Sung.

The Beta Canum elevator is the prototype which proved it could be safely done on Earth. Space Plane : Quite common, since the Stutterwarp drive can't be used too close to a gravity well.Personal Communicators Most people carry a small communicator linked to the global communications net and can be reached by phone anywhere except in remote wilderness areas.

ISO Standard Human Spaceship : Most human ships are indeed blocky, gray, utilitarian vessels, often with large spinning sections for gravity. The Klaxun are Plant Aliens who hibernate during the long winter on their planet, and sight is a new evolutionary development that hasn't yet spread through the whole population.

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In addition, ships must "discharge" their drives in a gravity well every 7. Their thought processes are quite slow by human standards. Zone 2: This is the older residential area of large, once-imposing houses which were owned by affluent people who have since moved away.

Cybernetic Replacements is just what you expect it is. See the NPCs section for more details.

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