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Warm Bodies is a novel by author Isaac Marion. The book was described as a " zombie romance" by the Seattle Post-Intelligencer and makes allusions to William. Warm Bodies book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Now a major motion picture from Summit Entertainment.R is having. Warm Bodies: A Novel (The Warm Bodies Series Book 1) and millions of other books are available for instant access. view Kindle eBook | view Audible.

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Warm Bodies book cover. Buy. #5 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER. NOW A MAJOR MOTION PICTURE. “A mesmerizing evolution of a classic contemporary . Gory but sweet romance of teen girl and zombie. Read Common Sense Media's Warm Bodies review, age rating, and parents guide. Warm Bodies (The Warm Bodies Series) by Isaac Marion, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

Warm Bodies (Book)

The Boneys' Leadership In the movie, the Boneys are only described as old zombies, so old that they had lost all their flesh. Sure, they weren't pleased when R took up with human Julie, but they weren't much more markedly upset than their less-decomposed counterparts.

In Marion's novel, the Boneys are full-on foreboding elders, chastising, proselytizing and ruling over the zombie colony with an iron bone? The Boneys have church and school, and enough conscious though on top of that to argue opinions.

Though they can't talk, they make their opinions clear, like when they handed a series of Polaroids depicting the Living massacring zombies to R in an attempt to stop him from falling in love with Julie.

The guy gets offed almost right away in both versions of the story, but in the book, he is far more present throughout the story. Though movie R munches on Perry's brains a few times throughout the film, experiencing bits of his life and learning about Julie, Perry is essentially R's spirit animal in the book.

As much as the story is about R becoming human, it's also about the dead Perry learning through dead R how to live. He challenges and goads R, then later guides him, finally ending up at peace in death. Compared to just a few flashbacks in the film version, he's a totally different, evolving character.

In the movie version, R tells Julie that, oops, he ate her boyfriend and has been snacking on his remains for weeks, when they are squatting in an abandoned house on the way back to the stadium colony that Julie and the other living humans call home. She says she gets it In the book, however, it's not until the closing chapters that R makes his big reveal. He leads Julie to the bleak foster home that her ex-bf lived in and uncovers Perry's secret manuscript dedicated to her, of course , things that he would only know if he'd chowed down on some grey matter.

She forgives him immediately, no hasty exits required. General Darkness Marion's book is heavy where Levine's film is lighthearted, not that either of them are soul-crushing in tone. It's the little details that lend shade to the novel: Julie is briefly mentioned to be a cutter, and reveals that she had sex for money at a young age.

Nora, an orphan who lived on her own for years, had sex with Perry shortly after finding her way to the stadium.

Julie's mother couldn't take the pressure of post-zombie life and walked clear-eyed into a pack of zombies, leaving her daughter to bury an empty dress. General Grigio, Julie's father, is an alcoholic who can't deal with the dual loss of his wife and humanity.

Perry's father is killed by a falling brick at a construction site, a random, senseless accident, instead of being turned while grappling with the undead. Oof, lighten up, book! Horndog M A tick in the lighthearted column for the novel, however, is R's friend M. In the film, he's just a sort of nice zombie guy who grunts with R occasionally at the airport.

In the novel, he's a giant horndog of a man, fleshy though losing flesh, due to the whole zombie thing and six-and-a-half feet tall. He fantasizes about sex and women, and uselessly dry-humps any zombie lady who's around several times throughout the book.

He asks R what it's like to have sex with Julie nope. Goes with the whole "hunger for flesh" theme, though, so we can't really blame the guy. Attacking with unusual energy, R feeds on the brain of a young man named Perry. After experiencing his memories, R sees Perry's girlfriend Julie, and in a moment of mercy, saves her from the others.

He disguises her scent with zombie blood, and takes her home where he hides her in a airplane.

He slowly gains Julie's trust, and convinces her to stay for a while until the others forget about her though in reality, he just really likes her. Throughout the week, R feeds her food from the airport's restaurant, entertains her with his treasures, including a record player, and Julie tries to teach him to drive a car which R has managed to get started.

She also tells him a little bit about her life. Despite his guilt, R continues eating the remains of Perry's brain, seeing it as a rare treasure. One night, R eats the last of the brain, and experiences the last of Perry's memories. When he begins to witness Perry's death however, R's thoughts interrupt the scene in an attempt to halt it. To his shock, memory pauses, and Perry scolds him, telling him to let Perry have this memory.

R complies, and the memory plays through. After it ends, R falls asleep. When he awakens, Julie is being attacked by several zombies, including M, and R helps her fend them off.

M is confused and angry by R's behavior, but R holds his ground.


Suddenly, some Boneys arrive. Although they do not attack, one of them shows R some old photos of Dead and Living fighting each other, telling him that they need to maintain the status quo. They leave along with the rest, and R takes Julie back to the airplane. In the morning, Julie convinces R to take her home, and they attempt to leave while the Dead watch them, half-fascinated and half-afraid.

However, the Boneys attack and try to kill Julie, but with M's help, they get away in R's car. On the way to the city, it starts raining, and they are forced to stop in the suburbs.

They camp out in one of the houses, and Julie allows R to share a bed with her. The next morning, Julie calls her father, and sends R out for fuel.

When he returns however, Julie is gone. On the road, R runs into M and some other zombies who have been chased out by the Boneys.


The zombies have been changing like R, and experiencing things such as dreams and old memories. The soldiers let him in, and R sneaks through the stadium following Julie's scent to her house. R sees Julie on her balcony, and they reunite.

R also meets Nora, Julie's best friend. With no other options, the girls let him stay the night, and R has another Perry dream. The next morning, the girls give R a major make-over to make him look human, and take him on a tour of the city. They take him to the cemetery where they visit the grave of Julie's mother, and Julie tells him how her mother died.

While there, R finds Perry's grave, and has a waking vision of Perry. By now, it's become apparent that some form of Perry's soul is living inside R, and has intertwined with R's own.

Perry warns him of the changes to come, saying R needs to take control or be swept away.

Warm Bodies

The vision ends, and the three of them leave the cemetery. After a tense run-in with Julie's father, Grigio, they take him to a pub where Julie spikes their drinks with real alcohol, and R gets drunk. He goes for a walk to clear his head, but runs into a soldier who realizes what he is, forcing R to attack him. As R begins eating him, he regains control and stops, causing the soldier to reanimate as a zombie.

R runs back to Julie, and finally tells her that he killed Perry. The Dead soldier is found and killed, but Grigio orders a widespread search to find the second zombie. He arrives at the house, deduces what R really is, and attacks him despite Julie's protests.

Nora holds a gun to Grigio, and Julie and R escape from the stadium. Outside, the crowd of zombies has grown.M is confused and angry by R's behavior, but R holds his ground.

He points at my tie and tries to laugh, a choked, gurgling rumble deep in his gut. Something about Perry was that catalyst, but Perry and Julie's relationship is downplayed forever after as being 'almost over' and his life as something he was pretty much ready to forfeit.

R and Julie's romance meant absolutely nothing to me. In Isaac Marion's world zombies enjoy brains because it gives them brief flashes of human memory.

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