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The Secret Language of Birthdays offers detailed personality reports giving you endless hours of fun. The Secret Language of Birthdays. Learn who you are and why you do what you do in your relationships. With millions of hardcover books printed in 19 languages, Secret Language Network is the world's leading personality and relationship reference.

The Secret Language Of Birthdays Pdf

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The secret language of birthdays by Gary Goldschneider, , Viking Studio Books edition, in English. Register Free To Download Files | File Name: Secret Language Of Birthdays PDF. SECRET LANGUAGE OF BIRTHDAYS. Download: Secret Language Of. Combining astrology, numerology, and pure psychic intuition, The Secret Language of Birthdays is a wholly unique compilation that reveals one's strengths.

Numerology informs us of our assets and shortcomings so that we can make the best of the former and improve and control the latter.

The secret language of birthdays

It suggests suitable employment and pastimes and examines how we handle nancial resources. It reveals our social habits and reactions in various relationships. Numerology can play a considerable part in establishing a harmonious relationship in ones personal life as well as in business.

In all types of relationships, it is helpful to do numerological research on the person or persons involved. Numerology can help us by providing some insight into the personality, motivations, and likely actions of people.

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As many of us are not skilled judges of character and wish we had the patience and ability to develop greater psychological intuition, the principles of numerology could aid us in many aspects of human activity. If people work toward making a positive contribution by pursuing the fulllment of their destiny, they will be less frustrated and more satised with life and reap greater rewards.

Numerology can help them achieve this. There may be conict between the personality type, the directions of destiny, and the natural talents of an individual. The personality may be dominant and make one hesitate in adapting to meet the requirements of inherent talent and destiny.

Or the destiny and talent may pull the person in a certain direction, while the personality may lack the enthusiasm and resources to fulll that destiny.

Recognizing the conict is halfway to solving the problem, and an objective party, armed with a numerological interpretation, may achieve a breakthrough in understanding. Lack of harmony within the personality may surface in unsettled and unsuitable behavior. People in guiding roles may develop strategies to address and neutralize these conicts. This may help their clients or friends gain the personality strength they need to resolve their own dilemmas.

Numerology could be one more tool in helping others in their personal healing process. It is said that we choose our friends but not our relatives. We also cant always choose the people in our workplace, with whom we may nd ourselves in conict on occasion.

Applying what we learn from a numerological perspective does more than help us defuse potential conict as well; it can also show us how to recognize the assets of individuals and build on them. A study of numerology will also describe the personality potential of a child and can give us guidance when guring out the best directions to steer them to fulll that potential.

It can provide some answers as to why children behave in certain ways, and if it is behavior we do not wish to encourage, we may analyze the personality differences between ourselves and our children and try to judge whether the desired behavior is compatible with their personalities or simply something our personalities cause us to prefer.

When this knowledge is unearthed and recognized, a greater rapport can be established within the family.

We may often set goals for our children that merely reect our own unfullled ambitions. Numerology can help us objectively assess whether their behavior is really unacceptable and deserving of discipline and correction or whether it is behavior we are personally ill equipped to understand and tolerate.

A unique feature of this book is the focus on names and how both birthdate and name affect our lives and our numerological vibrations. Traditional name books focus on the historical meanings taken from, among others, the Celtic, Anglo-Saxon, Scandinavian, Greek, and Latin tongues, and traditional numerology books focus on either birthdates or names, often not explaining their complex interplay.

The Secret Language of Your Name -- Ch. 1

We would like to suggest that while we may be curious about the historical meanings of names, this knowledge will not be useful to a child. However, if names are chosen with regard to their vibratory powers, keeping in mind their relationship to the birthdate, there is every chance that the characteristics connected to that names vibration will blossom in a persons personality and support their life path.

The name, especially the given name, plays an important role in balancing and strengthening the features of the childs birthdate. Numerology interprets the fascinating interrelation of these numbers and describes the multidimensional facets of individuality and potential. The chapters that follow are a step-by-step guide on how to obtain information through numbers and how to gain a good understanding of this information. We examine the six principal Spheres of Inuence that combine to form our personality complex.

Two of these spheres are found in the birthdate and four in the name. Once a working knowledge of each sphere has been attained, the next step is to learn how to see them all at once.

We cannot expect to immediately make wise decisions based on numerological insights, but with patience and enthusiasm we can gain remarkable insights into personality and potential. This book is designed for the general reader; it is not a definitive textbook.

Many intricate aspects of numerology have been intentionally omitted for this reason. For readers keen to develop further knowledge, we recommend continued study accompanied by constant observation of the various vibratory influences on themselves and others. This section can be used as a quick reference for calculating the numbers of the Six Spheres of Inuence. As mentioned in the introduction, the symbols of numerology are the numbers 1 to 9.

This means that any number beyond 9 needs to be reduced to a single digit to arrive at the numerological symbol of that number. This is done by simple addition. The numerological symbols of 33 and 19 are 6 and 1, respectively. Once the nal digit, or numerological symbol, has been determined, we consider its characteristics as well as the characteristics of the numbers that serve to form this digit.

The Secret Language of Birthdays: Personology Profiles for Each Day of the Year

There are two exceptions to this rule, however, and these are the numbers 11 and They are known as Master Numbers. More information on these Master Numbers is given below and in chapter 2. These complex forces require careful interpretation and application they are, in fact, maximized versions of the 2 and 4 vibrations , and much is demanded ofand awarded topersons under their inuence.

Unlike the Third, Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Spheres, where Master Numbers are reduced to a single digit in their calculations, the First Personality Sphere and the Second Destiny Sphere experience the maximum strength of 11 and 22 when they appear. Master Number calculations are discussed further on page 5.

First, there is a small minority who are able to contain the high frequencies of a Master Vibration, but they revert from time to time to their base of 2 and 4 to gain some respite from their elevated condition.

Second, there are those who function for the most part as superior Two or Four personalities, occasionally reaching their high potential. Last but not least, there are those who remain superior Twos or Fours and may comprise the majority of Eleven and Twenty-Two personalities.

However, few individuals are given the opportunity to reach the elevated heights of these Master Vibrations. Therefore, the single digits 2 and 4 should be taken into serious consideration. When individuals feel a pull toward the powers of these Master Vibrations, they should endeavor to cultivate their attributes.

You can read more on Master Number characteristics on pages It is important to know the exact date, as in the following examples: A. It indicates an individuals personality. In example A, this sphere is wholly controlled by the 7 vibration.

Interpretation of this personality will rely heavily on the characteristics of this number.


In example B, we have a double-digit birthday, which indicates that this sphere is controlled by three vibrations. The 17 is reduced to 8, which makes this individual an Eight personality; however, the 1 and 7 vibrations will continue to operate, usually in more observable ways, while the 8 vibration is at work in the background.

A careful examination of the three interchanging and interpenetrating vibrations is required here. Prefer the physical book?

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This total, which is always a multiple-digit number, is then reduced to a single digit. When this knowledge is unearthed and recognized, a greater rapport can be established within the family.

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