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You can download it from this Website, Rich Dad Poor Dad Tamil Disclaimer: I don't own the rights to that site. Just got it through Google Search Result. Update: . This is the Tamil translation of RICH DAD POOR DAD. The book brings forth the importance of financial literacy, and propagates the need of taking the right. Rich Dad Poor Dad teaches you to think like the rich, and explains how money works – giving you the secrets about money that rich teach their children.

Rich Dad Poor Dad In Tamil Pdf

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PDF Drive is your search engine for PDF files. As of today we have 78,, eBooks for you to download for free. No annoying ads, no download limits, enjoy . Rich DAD Poor DAD - Tamil PDF books-notes Think and grow Rich (original Edition version). The Business of the 21th century. Description. Rich Dad Poor Dad (Tamil Edition) by Robert Kiyosaki Written by Robert Kiyosaki and Sharon Lechter in , Rich Dad Poor Dad is based mostly .

The book focuses on how an individual should have good knowledge of money and the rigid faith that an individual's upbringing obstructs their economic goals. The book has sold more than 26 million copies and is also a New York Times Bestseller. The book has been endorsed by Oprah Winfrey and Will Smith.

About the Author Robert Kiyosaki is truly a multi-talented personality. He is an entrepreneur, investor, motivational speaker, author and also a financial knowledge activist.

Rich Dad Poor Dad Books

He is a Japanese American who was born in Hilo, Hawaii. Having printed over 15 books, with joint sales of over 26 million copies, he also has a blog and keeps up a regular column on Yahoo Finance.

He writes about his newest opinions on worldwide economics, investing, business, world financial markets and personal business on Yahoo. Also if candidates who are can not study from PDF can also download the Hard copy book from the below image link we have provided. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later.

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Paperback Verified Purchase. When i was studied this book i was worked as employee, After completing this book i was decided to quite my job and started a business, It will make a major impact with You, Everyone must read, Dont miss it..

Thank you amazon for the fastest delivery Teaches one important thing that we are missing in school. Amazing book. I initially felt it is a bad translation bcoz the first few lines were not properly adopted from English to Tamil. Apart from few bugs like that, the book is an excellent read. I am planning to by 5 more of this book and gift to my younger cousins.

I bought this wounderful book for Rs. And I have sent this book to myfriends by Amazon. Difference between loan , property, income, clearly it is an above average book to read ,,,,but. Loved the English version.

Hence wanted to share this with my mom who does share my hobby of reading. The quality of the paper and the print is amazing and I never expected it would be this good. Semma book..! Don't but in Tamil edition.

Paper quality is too bad. Even I can't underline some points with pen, because of low quality paper.

One person found this helpful. Good to read in my mother language. See all reviews.

Rich Dad Poor Dad (Tamil): Panakkara Thanthai Ezhai Thanthai Book Information:

Would you like to see more reviews about this item? I like money, don't get me wrong. Like most people reading this review, I'd like to be a millionaire. But, I think, there is an underlying current of meanness in Kiyosaki's book.

For the most part, it seems that people either love or hate the book and now having read it, I think I understand why. Most likely it seems that it depends on your personal situation and knowledge prior to reading the book.

I think that if you were someone who was just making ends meet, using all of your salary to support your lifestyle in Kiyosakian parlance, buying "liabilities" and doing little to save and invest buying "assets" , I can see that this book might serve as a wake up call and can inspire and motivate people to look for ways to possibly change their situation.

Furthermore, the book's various claims, however misleading or unrealistic as I point out below plays right into such people's desires to learn the "secret of success" of the rich that if only they knew, they could quit or abandon their plans to go to school, quit their jobs and just invest and live off of investments the rest of their lives without working. For us, you don't need inspiration and what specific info the book provides is either dated, incorrect, or misleading.

Rich Dad Poor Dad Books

Also for many of us, we didn't read it realizing ahead of time that it was entirely a motivational book rather than a "methods" book since the title alludes to "methods" that that rich possess that we of humbler backgrounds lack.

This book makes fantastic claims. Kiyosaki developed his unique economic perspective from two very different influences - his two fathers.

This text lays out Kiyosaki's philosophy and his relationship with money. Rich Dad Poor Dad for Teens This special just-for-teens edition builds a foundation of self-confidence from which readers can realize their dreams of financial security in an increasingly challenging and unreliable job market.

Reveals how to actually speed up and maximize the return on investments to achieve total financial independence. Rich Dad's Retire Young, Retire Rich This book is about how we started with nothing and retired financially free in less than ten years. Find out how you can do the same.

If you do not plan on working hard all of your lifeBogle, founder of the Vanguard Group and creator of the world's first index fund, details the simplest and most efficient investment strategy: Investing in low-cost index funds. David J.

If you do not plan on working hard all of your life Tamil ASIN: A Brief History of Humankind By: Also we have provided some other books links too you can check them all and prepare yourself for the written examinations. Product Description posted here by sellers would be updated based on the Customers feedback, if the details are not accurate Customers who bought this product can write your best reviews and suggest the product if the item's price is low which would be helpful for the buyers interested to purchase.

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