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Scan recipes from physical books, import recipes from the web or create them from The first mobile application with real-time OCR for recipes; Automatic. Cooking made easy with Hundreds of recipes available on a smart platform built with Artificial Intelligence! RecipeBook app built with Artificial intelligence and. Store all your favorite recipes in one place! My CookBook is a recipe manager with search and import features. My CookBook lets you create your own digital.

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Recipe Keeper is the easy to use, all in one recipe organizer, shopping list and meal planner that's available across all of your devices. Quickly and easily enter . Recipe apps are the next step in the complete mobile takeover, offering step-by- step instructions on how to make a fine oven-fried chimichanga. Whether you love to cook or you just love to eat, odds are you have a BigOven (Web/iOS/Android/Windows Phone) is the service for you.

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Visit website. Privacy Policy. See more. My Recipes Cookbook: Store all your recipes in one application! Recipe Keeper. Tudorspan Limited.

Keep all your favorite recipes organized and share them across all your devices. OrganizEat LTD: CookBook - The Recipe Manager. I love this app so much!

This app is phenomenal. I was brainstorming features I would want in a recipe, meal, and shopping list planner app of my own creation when I came across this app. To see each idea and more come to life in a sleek, well-designed, intuitive, and powerful manner in this app was euphoric. It is better than I could have ever dreamed of!

Everything I wanted and more. Amazing app, couldn't be happier with it. Does everything I need - can add recipes from websites just by copyng the link, can scan recipes from books or magazines, can scale the number of portions, plan your weekly menu, you name it. Love the layout too, especially on the tablet - it displays the list of ingredients and the steps in two columns next to each other.

Just a perfect app and well worth the money. A fantastic recipe manager app which I can highly recommend and well worth the few dollars.

The best recipe apps for Android and iOS

Very flexible in the manner in which recipes can be added to your own database. Adding recipes using a web url is super easy. Ticks all the boxes of what a recipe app should do, and then some Great work, devs!

Using it daily now I have just spent an enjoyable morning adding all my favourite recipes to this app from various cook books. Great to have everything in one place and to be able to plan meals and shopping lists in one place. Such a time saver and space saver least used cookbooks now in the shed!

This app is that! This is the first app that I saw allowing access to recipes offline.

Love, love, love this app. Paprika recently launched an Android version of its well regarded iOS and Mac apps.

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Clipping recipes from the web thanks to its built-in browser is easy, and then syncs those recipes to the cloud so you can get back to them on any of your devices.

Organizing your recipes into folders or notebooks is a drag-and-drop affair, and Paprika can even make grocery lists out of those recipes that you can take to the store with you.

The only downside to Paprika is its price. You'll have to buy a version for each device you want to use it with. It's also designed to be used in the kitchen, with bright backgrounds and black text, built-in timers, and large photos.

Pepperplate includes built-in kitchen timers, large, easy-to-read displays while you're cooking, and offline access so you don't need connectivity while you cook. Basil doesn't just clip your recipes, it also organizes them by ingredient, tags them automatically, and makes them easy to find. In effect, it turns your recipes into a personal cookbook that's easy to browse and search whenever you're in the mood for something or you have a specific ingredient you have to work with.

It even converts units, scales recipes up or down for you, and any step in a recipe with a time attached automatically becomes a timer.

Pepperplate on the other hand supports a broad variety of devices, and has huge tablet views and built-in timers to help you out while you're in the kitchen trying to make your mom's chicken soup from the recipe you just digitized. It goes beyond recipes though, and includes a fully-featured meal planner, recipe search tool, and tools to build grocery lists based on your meal plan or the recipes you want to make on a given week. While other methods focus on building cookbooks and specifically organizing recipes, these tools work for a variety of other things as well as food, and make your data a bit more portable, available on more devices, and cost less to use.

Evernote is already a great place to save your recipes, since you can enter text or clip items from the web extremely easy thanks to its web clipper. You can organize your own notebooks however you choose. Evernote Food for iOS and Android takes this up a notch by encouraging you to take pictures and upload your own recipes to your personal "cookbook.Recipe Book is also available in Hindi, a feature that makes it more user-friendly in large parts of India.

Then I found this app and it has changed my life! It is also useful for users who want to follow a specific diet, or want to up their cooking game, or simply want to learn how to cook. You can even buy the ingredients from in the app and have them delivered to your door.

The best recipe apps for Android and iOS

Each recipe has a brief description, directions, a list of tips, and nutritional information. Pepperplate on the other hand supports a broad variety of devices, and has huge tablet views and built-in timers to help you out while you're in the kitchen trying to make your mom's chicken soup from the recipe you just digitized.

Recipe Binder - Your magazine recipes organized. Languages English. Newegg is offering a fabulous open-box deal on the iPhone X 64GB that you may want to consider.

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