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Practical Programming in Tcl and Tk. Brent Welch. DRAFT, January 13, Updated for Tcl and Tk THIS IS NOT THE PUBLISHED TEXT. THE INDEX . Title Practical Programming in Tcl and Tk, 4th Edition; Author(s) Brent Welch, Ken Hardcover/Paperback: pages; eBook: Online, HTML and PDF files. Practical Programming in Tcl and Tk 4th Edition - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online for free. really helpful for people.

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AspectJ in Action: Practical Aspect-Oriented Programming. Read more · Thinking in C++, Volume 2: Practical Programming. Other Courses s Effective Tcl/Tk Programming. 2-day Advanced Topic s Object- Oriented Programming with [incr Tcl] -command exit pack.b -padx 4 -pady 6. Tcl. (scripting language). Tk. (GUI toolkit) Practical Programming in. Tcl and Tk. A practical guide to help the beginner as well as the expert to get the most out of Tcl and Tk.

Prentice Hall License: Book excerpts: Practical Programming in Tcl and Tk is meant as a practical guide to help the readers get the most out of Tcl and Tk and avoid some of the frustrations. It assumes that the readers have some programming experience, although they should be able to get by even if they are a complete novice.

Knowledge of UNIX shell programming will help, but it is not required. This book is meant to be useful to the beginner in Tcl as well as the expert.

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For the beginner and expert alike, a careful study of Chapter 1, Tcl Fundamentals, is recommended. The following words are arguments.

So we have: commandName argument1 argument Formally, words are either written as-is; with double-quotes around them allowing whitespace characters to be embedded ; or with curly-brace characters around them, which suppresses all substitutions inside except for backslash-newline elimination.

In bare and double-quoted words, three types of substitution occur once, in a single left-to-right scan through the word : Command substitution replaces the contents of balanced square brackets with the result of evaluating the script contained inside. Variable substitution replaces a dollar-sign followed by the name of a variable with the contents of the variable.

The variable name may be surrounded in curly braces so as to delimit what is and isn't the variable name in otherwise ambiguous cases. Backslash substitution replaces a backslash followed by a letter with another character.

From Tcl 8.

As a consequence of these rules, the result of any command may be used as an argument to any other command. Also, there is no operator or command for string concatenation, as the language concatenates directly.

Note that, unlike in Unix command shells , Tcl does not reparse any string unless explicitly directed to do so, which makes interactive use more cumbersome, but scripted use more predictable e.

Both of those commands are just part of the standard library; they have no particularly special place in the library and can be replaced, if so desired.

Table of Contents

It not only gives accurate details, but includes extensive examples that demonstrate the best way to use the toolkit. The authors are experts that have both developed the technology and used it to solve problems, so they have many valuable insights to relate to the readers.

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English ISBN He served as senior webengineer at Scriptics, and has been involved in Tcl and Tk from theirearliest days, developing major Tcl applications such as the exmh email userinterface and TclHttpd web server. Ken Jones has provided training and documentation for software developersfor almost 20 years.

Reviews and Rating:The is operation that test for kinds of strings.

Color, Images, and Cursors Color attribute resource names Windows system colors Macintosh system colors Visual classes for displays Summary of the image command Bitmap image options Photo image attributes Photo image operations Copy options for photo images Read options for photo images Write options for photo images Cursor attribute resource names The next few chapters describe basic Tcl commands and data structures.

Sine of x. Binding Commands to Events Tk Fundamentals

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