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Positive Intelligence is the science and practice of developing mastery over your own mind so you can reach your full potential for both happiness and success. “Positive Intelligence has had a lasting and transformative impact on me and others in my organization. It is a powerful framework for bringing. The Impact of. Positive Intelligence. Positive Intelligence (PQ): Why only 20% of teams and individuals achieve their true potential and how you.

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New York Times Bestseller! In his popular Stanford University lectures, Shirzad Chamine reveals how to achieve one's true potential for both professional. Chairman, Coaches Training Institute. Author, Positive Intelligence. Robert Katayama. Program Manager. Stanford Center for. Professional Development. This books (Positive Intelligence: Positive Intelligence: Why Only 20% of AND HOW YOU CAN ACHIEVE YOURS [PDF] Positive Intelligence.

Your PQ indicates how much mastery you have over your own mind. Research has shown this to be the greatest predictor of how successful you will be, and how fulfilled and happy you will feel along the way.

The great news is you can dramatically improve your PQ using simple, scientifically validated tools within six weeks. Saboteurs are your invisible agents of self-sabotage.

Your Saboteurs cause all your stress, unhappiness and negative feelings. You can learn to meet your challenges by activating a different voice and region of your brain that performs far better while producing positive feelings like curiosity, empathy, creativity, and peace, with a laser focus on action.

Taking charge of your mind requires building powerful new muscles in your brain, not just insight.

Combining weekly live virtual sessions and an exclusive App, Shirzad Chamine guides you step-by-step over a six-week period to build permanent new habits of your mind. Embed Size px. Start on. Show related SlideShares at end. WordPress Shortcode. Published in: Full Name Comment goes here. Are you sure you want to Yes No.

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Positive Intelligence

Actions Shares. Embeds 0 No embeds. No notes for slide. Book details Author: Research shows that when people work with a positive mind-set, performance on nearly every level—productivity, creativity, engagement—improves.

See a Problem?

Yet happiness is perhaps the most misunderstood driver of performance. For one, most people believe that success precedes happiness.

In fact, it works the other way around: People who cultivate a positive mind-set perform better in the face of challenge. Another common misconception is that our genetics, our environment, or a combination of the two determines how happy we are.

To be sure, both factors have an impact. The habits you cultivate, the way you interact with coworkers, how you think about stress—all these can be managed to increase your happiness and your chances of success. Develop New Habits Training your brain to be positive is not so different from training your muscles at the gym.

Positive Intelligence

Recent research on neuroplasticity—the ability of the brain to change even in adulthood—reveals that as you develop new habits, you rewire the brain. Engaging in one brief positive exercise every day for as little as three weeks can have a lasting impact, my research suggests.

I am an optimistic person, clearly. I asked them to choose one of five activities that correlate with positive change: Jot down three things they were grateful for. Write a positive message to someone in their social support network.

Meditate at their desk for two minutes.

Develop New Habits

Exercise for 10 minutes. Take two minutes to describe in a journal the most meaningful experience of the past 24 hours.

The participants performed their activity every day for three weeks. Several days after the training concluded, we evaluated both the participants and a control group to determine their general sense of well-being.We have a broad range of customers that include teachers, psychologists, life coaches, HR specialists, business leaders, and fitness coaches, etc.

Bonus 3: Extended Usage Rights You will receive the Extended Usage Rights allowing you to use all the client- or student-oriented materials workbook, exercises, illustrations, and PowerPoint slides under your own brand, logo, and name. For instance, if you are a certified clinician, you are advised to use the training within your field of expertise clinical psychology. Take all the time you need to try this masterclass for a full 30 days. Meditate at their desk for two minutes.

Is this a certification course?

In this kind of high-pressure situation, many leaders pester their deputies with frequent meetings or flood their in-boxes with urgent demands. The problem is, people then get stressed-out about being stressed-out. Needless to say, the more experience you have in coaching or practicing positive psychology, the better the foundation you have to build on during and after this training.

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