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My Best Games of. Chess. by. Alexander Alekhine. Foreword by Igor Alekhine's Best Games . This is provided at no charge as a PDF. Alexander Alekhine's Best Games Alexander Alekhine Additional material by C (1 ) My Best Games of Chess · (1 ) Alekhine's Best Games of. My Best Games of Chess, by Alexander Alekhine is a collection of games annotated by the renowned World Champion. All these elements combine to make Alekhine’s chess some of the most exciting, interesting, complex and beautiful ever played ”.

My Best Games Of Chess Alekhine Pdf

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The Genius of Alekhine In chess literature, there have only been a very few chess books There are of course others, among them My Best Games of Chess, by the ChessCaissa wrote: PDF ( mb unpacked). Alexander Alekhine's Best Games Alexander Alekhine Additional material by Foreword by Garry Kasparov Ask any chess fan to give a short list of his In view of my early acquaintance with Alekhine's books, I was excited. Alexander Alekhine - My Best Games of Chess Ed - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online. Alexander Alekhine.

Alekhine -Marshall 25 9 i. Black must first play On the other hand, 19 tDg5 was insufficient, on account of Now Black is going to lose a pawn by force. Petersburg International gxh5 White would establish a passed pawn.

White, as we see fromthe sequel, proposes to sacrifice a pawn in order to occupy the 7th rank with his rook and thus to obtain a dangerous passed pawn.

Not at once 32 l: D A veryimportantmove. The white knight is going to be posted on b7, where it will support the advance of the passed d-pawn by covering d6 and dS. The coup de grttce. White's rook cannot be captured on account of Similarly, after But this manoeuvre is foredoomed to failure. Recently, however, Dr.

The correct line of play, demonstrated by Dr. Tarrasch in the game mentioned above, is After the natural reply 35 d5, it isn't easy for White to evade the checks, for example Petersburg International 8 g4?

My Best Games of Chess, 1908-1937

Bringing about a simplification which is advantageous in view of White's extra pawn. Black cannot reply 1O Black is forced to Now Black cannot play Against Such a finale would have given the game a good chance of a brilliancy prize. Threatening both 1 1 'l'xg7 and taking on d5. In order to tie up Black's pieces still more, on account ofthe pressure on his f-pawn.

From now on all Black's moves are forced. An essential preliminary for the ensuing sacrifice. Blackcannotplay This sacrifice, which must be accepted by the opponent, wins the game in a few moves. If 20 tDd6 Black could still have defended himselfby But after the text move he has no longer an adequate defence.

Forcing the win of the queen, or else mate, e. There followed: D -an ingenious resource which verynearly saves the game. White's only winning move He therefore prefers to give back the pawn in order to complete his devel- opment.

It is clear that Black cannot play 1 Its object is to keep the g4-knight away from f6 by forcing the black king to occupy that square. The only resource. If Thesamemove as in the variation referred to after Black's 18th move, but with an entirely different aim. An important developing move; if 1 1 g3, then 1 Rabinovich - Alekhine 35 This temporarily increases the range of action of White's bishop, yet by thisreasonthebishop later on becomes an object of attack.

White cannot play 27 i. Undoubtedly the best chance. Whiteintendsto answer The key line is 2S: The text move appears full of promise, seeing that the black rook cannot leave the f-file, e.

As a mere defensive move, If 33 Ile3, then A pretty final combination. Now Black's next move wins the queen or mates.

Tarrasch, Pistyan On the other hand With the double threat This threat to win a piececompels Black to weaken his position still more, thus enabling White's rook to break through into his game. Putting an end to all resistance, for if Its only defect is that c6 may eventually become weak--a weakness, however, which does not present very great drawbacks.

S b3 1L1bd7 6. Otherwise White, by playing 9 a4! Absolutely correct. White plays a strong move, the value of which was not appreciated in good time.

IfBlack replies to it by Or if After 25 "it'xd3 dxc5 Black's two passed pawns would soon decide the game. The text move parries this danger, whilst opening the e-file for White.

On the other hand there is the drawback, very slight though it may be, of weakening the king's position, and particularly the square f3, a weakness which Black will exploit later on. Why not Selezniev - Alekhine 41 29 d4 lbg4 30 lIe4 If 30 dxc5 lbxe3 3 1 fxe3, then 3 l Now Black's queenside pawns become very threatening.

D w In order to occupy the h-file with the rook. This is the only means of securing the win. It follows that Black should play 38 cxb2 which leads to a draw. Black's rook was brought to the h-file solely in order to force the entry of the queen into White's position. With D The continuation which Black had in view when playing Now White willfind it impossible to defend his pawns.

As the sequel will show, White follows a plan which promises him an illusory salvation. LJxa5 c!

LJc4 c! LJf3 c! LJr6 2 c! Black's defeat in the current game cannot therefore be attributed to the opening, but solely to his inaccurate fifth move. See note thereto. Besides 6 dxc5, as in the present game, White can also continuewith 6 d5 exd5 7 c! Compare, however, the game Alekhine-Capablanca from New York The correct move for Black is LJc3 d5 8 c! Less good however, would beeither LJbd7 9 cxd5 c!

LJxe5 LJbd7 10 c! LJxc6 i. Relatively better is LJa6, Not 9 lDe5 because of the reply With the text move Black hopes to exchange one of the white bishops by a discovered attack on the 15th move. Alekhine - Bogoljubow 45 This unexpected capture which, at first sight, seems to expose the rook to an attack by Black's bishop, is fully justified by the sacrificial lines following White's next move.

The reader will clearly perceive a similarity with other games which also gained a brilliancy prize namely: The leading characteristic in these games is an unforeseen but immediatelydecisive Black is quite helpless, and can only hope for a miracle! A risky move which White does not exploit in the most energetic manner. Black obtains a satisfactory game by the more solid variation The text move is intended to prevent Black, as can easily be seen, has been fortunate enough to surmount all the difficulties of the opening.

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A very good move which puts an end to all the opponent's fond hopes. This move marks the critical phase. What is he to do? After 1 6 1Iacl 16 e5 tDg4 is also bad The saving move, because if Black now plays Black's bishop no longer attacks White's rook on f1 If, for example, The only move!

White replies to it with a new surprise. The necessary corollary to the preceding move.

Black's 17th move is really just a blunder. After the text move the variation 25 l: Simple and decisive. White could have frustrated this plan by 9 l: Alekhine - Bogoljubow 49 D Taking advantage of the exposed position ofWhite's queen, forifnow 1 1 dxe5, then l l By this move, which prevents Black from gaining time later on with The sacrifice 1 1. After thetextmove the superiority of White's game is clear.

As against this, the notorious 'majority ofpawns on the queenside' is not, at the moment, of any value, for their advance, as is shown in the present game, will give rise to new weaknesses, which the opponent will turn to advantage.

The game is already virtually decided. It would have been rather better now, or on the 22nd move to take measures against the advance of White's e- and f-pawns by playing, for example, Black has no adequate defence against the threats 26 f5, or 26 e5 followed by 27 f5. Here Its correctness now seems perfectly established. One of the most searching proofs of its vitality lies in the fact that Dr. Lasker and Dr. Tarrasch, Black obtained a clearly superior, if not a winning, gamein the following way: The most dangerous line of play for Black is undoubtedly 4 c4 followed by 5 f4.

Black is not concerned about the possibility of doubled pawns. The win of a pawn by this last moverequired a minute examination of all its consequences. For example, here are two plausible suggestions which give no satisfactory result against a correct defence: Therightreply, permittingWhite to force a favourable exchange.

It is clear that Black's g-pawn cannot be taken at once, owing to How is he to secure the defence of his weak pawns on both wings? His lone bishop is insufficient for this task, since if it be brought to b6 via a5, thereby adequately protecting his queenside, Whitewouldtransferhis attack to the opposite wing and would eventually win at least a pawn by l:. On the other hand, if Black withdraws his The coup de grdce. The former game continued 4 cxd5 exd5 5 lbc3 lbf6 6.

A moveratherout ofthe ordinary! White, while preventing The question is, in reality, much simpler. Black has given himself over to several eccentricities in the opening You just clipped your first slide! Clipping is a handy way to collect important slides you want to go back to later. Crosstables also grace the pages of the book. Editor Taylor Kingston has done a superb job with this project.

Alekhine Alexander. My Best Games of Chess: 1908-1937

A part of the genius that was Alekhine is recognized by viewing his command of opening theory. His versatility in handling the one hundred thirty plus openings on display in this book testifies to his capabilities. Kingston points out that Alekhine was an innovator with opening theory. Alekhine seemed to relish springing an unexpected approach on his unsuspecting opponents. The chess alone in these games is of the highest quality; and exciting.

He was able to focus on the realities of each board situation and then to indicate further lines of play that could lead to different results than what a player was anticipating and than what actually transpired in the game. Vidmar have generally been full of life and struggle. Euwe has the same peculiar tendency to exchange queens at inappropriate moments. Because, if a champion, being human, cannot sometimes help adopting inferior opening moves, he must at least avoid those that he himself considers as not quite satisfactory.

Alexander Alekhine's Best Games: Algebraic Edition

Neither before nor since have I played such decidedly unsound chess, especially in the openings!Rumors appeared in the West that he had been killed by the Bolsheviks. B y his last move Black frustrates this plan, and, if necessary, aims at posting a knight at d 3 , supported by. Vb7 20 'it'b5 D 21 l: This temporary pawn sacrifice will allow the black pieces to break through into the hostile camp, and to co-operate in a direct attack against White's king, an attack which will become irresistible thanks to the passed c-pawn, which fixes the white pieces far away on the other wing.

Crosstables also grace the pages of the book. If Black had now tried his best practical chance Indicated was first 14 c3. S b3 1L1bd7 6.

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