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Detailed and high-resolution maps of Bombay, India for free download. Travel guide to Mumbai City Tour with Ferry Ride and Dharavi Slum. Likely to sell out. Mumbai, capital city of Maharashtra and a financial center of India. Find Mumbai city map that guide you about major roads, railways, hotels, hospitals and other. This map is schematic and does not purport to be an accurate representation of the area depicted or of the territorial boundaries of India. No warranty is made as .

Mumbai Map Pdf

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About Mumbai. Formerly known as Bombay, Mumbai is the capital of the western state of Maharashtra. The city is a natural harbour lying at the mouth of the. Charismatic, electrifying and open- hearted, Mumbai is the city of dreamers. A vibrant combination of seven islands on the Konkan coastline join together to. Preparation and publication for the first time of such a comprehensive 'Mumbai's Slums. Map' is for the purpose of Re-Visioning Mumbai with an integrated.

Located at Jogeshwari, Fantasy Land provides many entertainment rides for those with appetite for adventurous rides. It is another amusement park made up of modern mechanism games for children and adults like Essel World. It is also a venue for fun and games for visitors of all ages.

Fantasy Land, a fun park within the city limits of Mumbai, is enveloped in lush green landscape, spread on an area of 30 acres. Sighseeing Outside Mumbai City. These caves consist of temples carved from rock which date back to the 7th century. The chief attraction is the three headed bust of Lord Shiva, popularly known as "Trimurti".

Mumbai Printable Tourist Map

Lonavala,Khandala Karla Caves. During monsoon the beauty of Khandala is enhanced when the clouds envelope them and several gushing waterfalls can be seen from the lush green hills. At Lonavala the Valvan and Bushy dams are worth visiting.

When you drive a little further towards Pune from Lonavala, you reach Karla, where the famous Karla, Bhaja and Bedsa Caves are situated. Menu Toggle navigation.

Babasaheb Ambedkar Vidyalaya Dr.

Augustine's High School St. Anthony's High School st. Blaise High School St.

Columba High School St. Francis High School St. Ignatius high school St. Isabel's high school St. Joseph High School St. Jude School St. Lawrence High School St.

Marys High School St.

Metro Map of Mumbai

Micheals High School St. Peters High School St.

Theresa High School St. Teresa's Convent High School St. Thomas High School St.

Detailed hi-res maps of Bombay for download or print

Mumbai city is known as the business capital of India, it being the country's principal financial and communications centre. The city has the largest and the busiest port handling India's foreign trade and a major Interntional airport.

India's largest Stock Exchange which ranks as the third largest in the world, is situated in Mumbai. Here, trading of stocks is carried out in billions of rupees everyday.

Places of Interest in Mumbai City. The old temple was consecrated on Thursday, 19th November This temple is on the corner of Kakasaheb Gadgil Marg and S. Bole Marg in Prabhadevi.

Map of Mumbai

This is rather unusual appearance of Lord Ganesh. As it resembles the sacred thread, a snake appears on the left shoulder to right side belly.

On the forehead of deity is an eye, which almost looks like the third eye of Lord Shiva. On both sides of the Lord Ganesh idol, are placed one idol each of Riddhi and Siddhi goddesses who are appearing like peeping out of the Ganesh idol from behind. Because of these two deities along with Lord Ganesh, this temple is known as the Siddhivinayak Ganapati Temple.

The Bombay Stock Exchange is one of the largest in the world. Also referred to as the entertainment capital of India, Mumbai is home to Bollywood which is one of the biggest film industries in the world, where thousands of people are employed.

History of Mumbai The name Mumbai has been derived from the name of the local Goddess called Mumbadevi. Mumbai has a rich past and cultural heritage. Originally it was a group of seven islands, and was a part of the Maurya Empire during the reign of Ashoka.

Later it came under the control of many dynasties till the Silharas wrested the region in early s. In AD, the region was captured by the Kingdom of Gujarat in whose possession it remained for the next years. In , the isles came under the control of the Portuguese and in ceded as dowry to Catherine de Braganza upon her marriage to Charles II of England. After India achieved independence in , Bombay presidency was reconstructed into Bombay state.

In , it became the capital of the newly created state of Maharashtra. Presently, it is the global financial, information, entertainment and industrial hub and has become the largest city of South Asia. Mumbai Geography and Climate Mumbai is surrounded by the Arabian Sea to the west and is one of the major trading hubs in the world.

Travel to Mumbai

The city has a tropical climate according to the Koppen climate classification. Weather remains dry for at least seven months and heavy rainfall shows up in July. December to February mark the winters followed by summers from March to June. From June to September the city experiences the south west monsoon and the months from October to November are post monsoon season.The airport and many of Mumbai's best restaurants, shopping and nightspots are here, particularly in the upmarket suburbs of Bandra, Juhu and increasingly, Lower Parel.

Is is situated on a peninsula that extends southward parallel to the mainland. It has a computer laboratory, mobile science exhibition units, a heritage hall, an auditorium, inflatable dome planetarium, science library and a children's science park. Local residents hurry to night markets, supermarkets and on business day and night. Mumbai city can be located on the map on the western coast of India. During Navaratri festival, devoted Hindus throng this temple in great numbers to offer coconut, flowers and sweets to the goddesses.

The contribution of the city to the country's GDP is around 6. Bole Marg in Prabhadevi. Its territory also … Open Cuisine and top restaurants One of the most prestigious eating destinations of the city is considered to be The Taj Mahal Palace restaurant.

The eating house stuns its visitors with luxurious design of the interior and a vast choice of dainty dishes.

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