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Interesting Advices of Min Thane Kha and Shwe Ya Min Oo. Author: Min Thane Kha · Knowledge Mystery.: May; View: ;: MB. Detail · Read. Feb; View: ;: MB. Detail · Read. White-robed Deacon and Me. Author: Min Thane Kha · Novels.: Jan; View: ;: MB. 22 ဧပြီ 14 | Myanmar Online Story Books | Min Thein Kha. The title . Writer Min Thein Kha, Min Thein Kha Myanmar Writer, Myanmar Novel PDF Files.

Min Thein Kha Pdf

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Min Thein Kha- Short Stories Collection - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf) , Text File .txt) or read book online for free. Min Thein Kha. Min Thein Kha - Myaning Yar Zar Tar Tay - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. Sar Pa Lin Hnin Maung Hnit Myaing Yar Zar. min thein kha pdf files for free download. Min Thein Kha Pdf Files For Free Download. 0 Reads 0 Votes 1 Part Story. riedropmentbi By riedropmentbi Ongoing.

Aanasin an ti zong ah mifim aanasin nih ram an ser khawh bik i a qha ko.

Hi lungput hi tulio Laimi mi tam-u ramkhel lungput si dawh ngai in a hung lang. NLD nih a tei cikceknak le Chin Party nih arti zong an khuai khawh lonak kha DASSK pumpak thazaang huham lianhnak le laarnak nih a kan iap khawh tuk caah khin a rak si. DASSK min in cun mithi hmanh nih thimnak a rak tei cu mu.

Tulio Asian ram tampi ah kan hmuhmi bantuk te hi Kawlram ah a hun cang ve, kan ti lai. Mifim cu uar awk kan si hna.

Sonia Gandhi le Rahul Gandhi hna Aizawl an hun tlawng i zoh zong khi an zoh theng hna lo. Chief Minister hlun T.

Asia ram zong ah chungkhar hrinsor uknak phun cu a ram a bi chin lengmang ve cang——India, Thailand, Indonesia, Pakistan ah an tla cang. Malaysia, Philipine, Korea ah doh an tong cuahmah.

Moe Ma Kha Plant

Luatnak hmuhka hrawng Chinram ah politics lei in milangsaar deuh cu ramukbawi hrinsor an rak si. Vum Son nih "ramkhel tlaihtung le dirhmun ruahnak political ideology an rak ngei set hna lo. Zo History, p. Cuticun ramkhel ruahnak dirhmun principle and political ideology ah hram thukpi in a rak thlami a rak si lo caah rawn lei hruaitu hna nih duh poh in thui chukcho khawhmi ah Chin ramkhel hruaitu micheu cu an rak cang tawn.

Use of Section 66(d) Against Journalists

Mahatma Gandhi nih "seven deadly sins" tiah a timi chung ah pakhat cu "politics without principle is deadly sin" tiah a ti. Zeitluk pumpak in an fim, an rum, an thiam i an lianh zongah ramkhel dirhmun "principle" a ngei lomi "politician" cu zumh awktlak le bochan tlak ngaingai ah an chuak tak bal hna lo.

Thli a hrannak poh ah an i thui. Ram le miphun an ser kho taktak lo.

Hruaitu thimnak kum 5 dan ah a um lengmang lai. Rawnlei bawi hna khuang an tum poh ah a laam sawhsawh ve lomi ram hruaitu phun kha Chinram nih kan herhmi cu asi. Cu bantuk lawnglawng nih ram le miphun an ser khawh lai i an humhak khawh taktak te lai. Related Papers. Aung San Hodah That? By S C A Ceupi.

Use of Section 66(d) Against Journalists

Beautiful sunlight under trees. Moe Ma Kha plant spreads dangling leaves. Moe Ma Kha plant a little broken a little, crooked. Little things, minor things let them all be washed away. With wounds, with scars, with marks Smiling I look up at sky. Universe far away. Share this: Naing Win Swe was a prominent Burmese writer and poet. Spam Control Text: Please leave this field empty. Their idea of the American dream.

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Min Theinkha

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