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In Lead the Field, Earl Nightingale will lead you down new paths and old, familiar trails. This printed guide complements the audio version of Lead the Field. It was after years of serious study that I stumbled upon this beautiful truth. Without an image of the mind, your understanding of attitude will very likely be distorted. Vintage Earl Nightingale audio application. three CD's. Show description. Read Online or Download Lead the Field PDF. Similar personal transformation books.

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Read Lead the Field PDF - An Official Nightingale Conant Publication by Earl Nightingale Sound Wisdom | The only official print edition. You will learn how to recognize and remove the “weeds” in your mind that have chokedthe growth and success in your life. lead the ppti.info - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free.

If we are cheerful, happy and enjoy the miracle of life, others will return this cheerfulness and good humor. We will be the kind of person that others like to have around them.

Test it: treat each person that you come in contact with as the most important person on earth. You will quickly see the difference that it creates. Acres of Diamonds In the 19th century, an African farmer heard stories about the success of other farmers who had made millions by discovering diamond mines.

Excited by the prospect, he sold his farm and took off in search of diamonds, a long and fruitless search that left him alone and penniless in the end. He threw himself into a river and drowned.

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The man who bought the farm noticed a blue and red shiny stone one day at the bottom of a brook, he picked it up and, finding it very pretty, he placed it on the mantle. Some days later, a visitor picked it up, went pale and told the farmer that the stone he had picked up was an enormous diamond.

The farmer, astounded, told the visitor that his brook was full of stones like that. The farm that the first farmer had sold to go in search of diamonds, turned out to be one of the most productive diamond mines on the African continent. He had sold it for a mouthful of bread to search elsewhere for something that was in front of his nose. He would have known that had he taken the time to prepare himself and to learn what a diamond in the rough looks like.

What does that tell you? That we all have diamond fields, we only have to recognize them and exploit them.

All you need is the patience and wisdom to explore intelligently and effectively the work you are already doing. Everything we do is rich with opportunity. In order to spot them you have to look with new eyes.

To put it into practice: Begin by taking an hour a day with a notebook to sketch out your work.


Try to see with new eyes and examine all the ingredients. Opportunities are there — fields of diamonds. A Worthy Destination The United States is overflowing with immigrants who come here to escape appalling conditions in their countries. They all started over from nothing with everything against them — without wealth, without knowing the language, without material possessions.

And they have succeeded in a remarkably short amount of time. This was a wonderful experience for them filled with happiness.

The New Lead the Field Coaching Program Overview

Because freedom is the most precious thing — and the most rare — on earth. By coming to the United States, they have been able to taste it and intoxicate themselves on something that is taken for granted by most Americans. So it is with all our desires: once we have realized them, enjoying them on a daily basis becomes something we take for granted, and they lose a great deal of their interest and their magic. It is desire, more than realizing desire, that makes us happy. Children are happiest on Christmas morning when the wrapped presents await them under the tree than once the surprise and the suspense is over; we are happier going to the restaurant than coming home; happier when we are leaving on vacation than when we return.

And we are happier when we are pursuing our goals relentlessly than when we have reached them. What is Success Success is the progressive accomplishment of an objective that is worth the effort.

The success lies in the journey towards the objective — the desire — rather than the objective itself — the accomplishment. For the rest, average is a good thing. Therefore it is important to set worthwhile goals , and to set more once you reach them. Every day of our lives we should be engaged, advancing, and learning and looking out for higher heights from which to set out again. But in order to do so you must know what you want. You will become whatever you think of yourself.

Miracles of Your Mind We are the only species on earth to be endowed with the power to shape our lives in accordance with images we see in our mind. Everything that has been done by humans is the result of following goals and objectives. On a more individual level, everything we have — our work, our relationships with our family and others, our philosophy of life — is the result of the use we have put our mind to.

Note: I am not in agreement with this statement by the author.

Lead The Field Earl Nightingale

And does not really reflect what we know today about how the brain works. Look here for that information.

Use of our brain There is a simple way to make better use of our brain: every day, take a piece of paper, write at the top our primary objective, then write underneath all the ideas that come into our head to help up reach this goal. Do this for an hour. We can easily come up with about 20 ideas a day on paper.

And this will only have taken us hours, out of 8, If we subtract about 2, hours for sleep, and about 1, hours for work, that leaves us 3, leisure hours. Never in the history of humanity have we had so much time to devote to things other than work. One out of 4, Or 40, — one big idea every 10 years would be more than enough! Destiny in the Balance Our rewards in life are always in accordance with the services we perform.

It is a universal and general law, the law of cause and effect. Services include our thoughts, our work, our actions, our words. Before looking for rewards, we must reflect upon our services and improve them. This law appears simple and yet it is, for the most part, misunderstood and ignored by all. There are so many people who lean against a mantle where the fire has gone out in a freezing room.

When the problem comes from their service to themselves, which is not worthy of the rewards they expect. Rather than worrying about what the future will bring, we would be better off using our wasted energy to find and improve our services — to improve ourselves — by thinking of the best ways to do so. Days 81 — 90 — Chapter 9 — The only 3 aspects that determine how much money you will ever earn.

I know. Days 91 — — Chapter 10 The unfailing almost unbelievable correlation between this one item and executive level salaries.

Days - — Chapter 12 — Are you following a follower or following a leader? R 12 Audio Lessons Every 10 days, we send you a new audio lesson with the downloadable transcript to follow along. R Exercises Within each lesson packet, you have quick-moving exercises that open your mind, stretch your imagination and map your path to living life on your new terms R 24 Videos Sandra Gallagher and I have created introductory and mid-point videos that summarize key lessons, point out hidden contexts you want to look for, and offer real-life examples and suggestions to enrich and accelerate your learning.

In fact, Lead the Field has often been referred to as the "Program of Presidents" because so many top executives have incorporated Earl's guidance and wisdom into their management philosophies. When you listen to this landmark program you'll be awestruck by the simplicity and timelessness of Earl Nightingale's words and ideas. In this Earl Nightingale classic program, you will learn to: Double your mental capability Recognize and easily overcome the biggest stumbling block to high achievement Dramatically improve your luck by changing one simple thing Make success unavoidable with an easy 3-minute-a-day exercise Assess your potential worth, and start increasing it now Earl Nightingale grew up in California during the Great Depression.

Because his family was very poor, Earl educated himself in his local library. His main focus: what makes people turn out the way they do, in terms of their wealth, their career achievements and their happiness. He eventually became a popular daily broadcaster for CBS.Fortunately, a book offering an exact transcription was published, which allowed me to read it and to offer you a review.

How can you see more people every day? He would have known that had he taken the time to prepare himself and to learn what a diamond in the rough looks like. Youve prepared the ground; youve only to plant the seed.

Life is impersonal. Every day, we put in place actions and ideas that will determine the shape and substance of our tomorrows. You do not raise morale, it filters down from the top. Develop and project an attitude that says yes to life. When some less-informed person gives you a bad time, dont let his poor attitude infect yours.

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